100+ Classic Hollywood Names For Baby Boys And Girls

Every year, new and creative baby names come into trend in various cultures, while many others fade away. However, some stay evergreen even after decades, such as classic Hollywood names. Inspired by stars of the Golden Age and contemporary personalities, these names take you on a journey of Hollywood’s glitz and glamor. Hollywood names reflect the popular appeal of actors and actresses who touched the hearts of millions with their performances. Besides their association with the celebrity world, Hollywood names are great choices for their variety of meanings and origins, which can appeal to parents of diverse backgrounds and cultures due to their global reach. If you are eager to explore a rich assortment of timeless names, this list of famous Hollywood names is for you. Take a look to learn more.

100+ Famous Hollywood Names

Are you ready to explore some star-studded names for your munchkin? Scroll through this list to find classic and modern gems.

Top Hollywood Names For Girls

These names exude charm, elegance, and confidence. Explore the following Hollywood names for your little girl.

1. Audrey

Audrey is a classic Hollywood girl name that means ‘noble strength.’ British actress Audrey Hepburn, notable for her roles in Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Roman Holiday, is a famous bearer of this name.

2. Ava

With Latin origin, Ava means ‘birdlike,’ ‘voice,’ and ‘sound.’ Ava Lavinia Gardner, who is known for her role in Robert Siodmak’s film noir The Killers, is a noteworthy bearer.

3. Barbara

Meaning ‘foreign’ or ‘strange,’ Barbara is another popular celebrity name. Barbara ‘Barbra’ Streisand is an American singer-songwriter who has won the Emmy, Oscar, and Grammy awards. She is most known for her Billboard-topping albums, People (1964), The Way We Were (1974), Guilty (1980), and The Broadway Album (1985).

protip_icon Did You Know?

Barbara Streisand’s song ‘Evergreen’ from her film A Star Is Born led her to become the first female composer to win an Academy Award.

4. Billie

Billie means ‘determination,’ ‘will,’ ‘desire,’ and ‘strength.’ A noteworthy example is actress and singer Billie Paul Piper, who is the youngest female singer to enter the UK Singles Chart at number one for her song ‘Because We Want To.’

5. Blake

Originally used as a nickname for a person with dark hair, Blake is also a timeless Hollywood name. Blake Lively, the American actress known for romantic comedies like New York, I Love You (2008) and The Private Lives of Pippa Lee (2009), is a famous example.

6. Cameron

Cameron means ‘crooked or bent nose.’ American actress Cameron Diaz is a popular bearer of this name. She is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood and has won several awards.

7. Carole

Meaning ‘joyous song’, Carole has an old Hollywood charm. Carole King is one of the most successful American singer-songwriters. She has written and co-written 118 pop hits on the Billboard Hot 100.

8. Carrie

A short form of Caroline, Carolyn, or Carol, Carrie means ‘free man.’ A famous example is Carrie Underwood, the American singer who won the fourth season of American Idol in 2005.

9. Courtney

One of the most famous Hollywood names, Courtney means ‘short nose’ or ‘from the king’s court.’ It is also a variant of Courtenay, an aristocratic Norman surname. Courtney Healy Henggeler, known for her role in Netflix’s Cobra Kai, is a well-known bearer.

10. Curtis

Curtis has a variety of meanings. It means ‘polite,’ ‘courteous,’ and ‘well-bred.’ It is also used as a surname, with Catie Curtis, the American folk rock singer and songwriter, being a noteworthy example.

11. Daisy

Arising from the Old English dægeseage, Daisy means ‘day’s eye.’ British actress Daisy Edgar-Jones is a great example. She was nominated for the Best Actress award in the British Academy Television Awards and Golden Globe Awards for her role in Normal People.

12. Dakota

Dakota means ‘friend’ or ‘ally.’ American actress Dakota Fanning is a key bearer. She is the youngest actress to receive a Screen Actors Guild Award nomination for her role in I Am Sam.

13. Della

A variant of Adela or Adelaide, Della is a short Hollywood name for girls that can also be considered as a nickname. It means ‘noble.’ American jazz and gospel singer Della Reese was a renowned bearer of this name.

14. Donna

Donna is a unique Hollywood name that means ‘woman’ in modern Italian. Donna Reed was a famous American actress known for her role in the fantasy holiday film It’s a Wonderful Life.

15. Elizabeth

Elizabeth means ‘God’s promise’ or ‘God is my oath.’ Elizabeth Olsen, most recognized for her role as Wanda Maximoff or Scarlet Witch in the MCU franchise, is a well-known example.

16. Emma

Another classic Hollywood name, Emma means ‘universal.’ A renowned bearer is Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson, famous for her role as Hermoine in the phenomenal Harry Potter franchise.

17. Florence

Originating from Latin, Florence means ‘flourishing.’ Canadian-American actress Florence Lawrence is considered Hollywood’s first movie star. Her career spans over 300 films.

18. Gianna

Gianna means ‘God is gracious.’ One popular example is Gianna Nannini, an Italian singer and songwriter, who is known for her songs America (1979), and Fotoromanza (1984).

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19. Ginger

Meaning ‘pure’ and ‘chaste,’ Ginger is a good example of a simple old Hollywood name. Ginger Rogers was a famous American actress, singer, and dancer during the Golden Age of Hollywood. She had also won an Academy Award for her performance in the film Kitty Foyle.

20. Grace

Grace means ‘goodness’ and ‘generosity.’ It also signifies elegance and beauty. American actress Grace Kelly is perhaps the most renowned bearer of this name. She is also known as the Princess of Monaco.

21. Greta

One of the top Hollywood girl names, Greta means ‘pearl.’ Greta Gerwig is an American actress and director famous for her films Barbie and Little Women.

22. Hannah

Hannah is a Hebrew name for girls that means ‘grace of God.’ Although many celebrities bear this name, it was popularized by the Disney character Hannah Montana from the sitcom of the same name.

23. Hattie

A German origin name, Hattie means ‘home or estate ruler.’ Hattie McDaniel was an American actress, singer-songwriter, and comedienne. She won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her role as Mammy in Gone with the Wind (1939).

24. Helena

Helena, a Greek name, means ‘shining light’ or ‘torch.’ Helena Bonham Carter is a remarkable British actress known for her performances in blockbusters and period dramas. Some of her famous works are Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) and Alice in Wonderland (2010)..

25. Holly

Referring to the holly tree, Holly is a pretty popular name for girls. American actress Holly Hunter is a key namesake, winning an Academy Award for her role in the 1993 drama film The Piano.

26. Ingrid

Ingrid means ‘goddess of fertility’ or ‘godlike beauty.’ Perhaps the most significant bearer of this name is Ingrid Bergman, the Swedish actress who won three Academy Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards, and a Tony Award. She is best known for her roles in movies such as Casablanca (1942), Joan of Arc (1948), and Notorious (1946).

27. Irene

Derived from Greek, Irene means ‘peace.’ American actresses Irene Dunne and Irene Ryan are popular namesakes who gained fame during the Golden Age of Hollywood.

28. Isla

Isla means ‘island’ in Spanish. It may also be derived from Islay, an island off the west coast of Scotland. Isla Fisher is an Australian actress known for her roles in mainstream films such as Confessions of a Shopaholic (2009), The Great Gatsby (2013), and Now You See Me (2013).

29. Janet

Derived from Yohanan, Janet means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ Janet Jackson, the American singer, dancer, and actress, commonly comes into the minds of many when they hear this name.

30. Jean

An old French form of Iohannes and the modern French form of Jehan, Jean means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ A famous Hollywood namesake is Jean Elizabeth Smart. She starred on Broadway in 1981 as Marlene Dietrich in the play Piaf. She has received several prestigious awards over the years.

31. June

June is one of the cutest Hollywood names that mean ‘young.’ It also refers to someone born in June or the Roman Goddess Juno. June Allyson was a famous American actress who rose to prominence after starring in Two Girls and a Sailor.

32. Kelly

Kelly is an Irish name that means ‘warrior’ and ‘bright-headed.’ Kelly Clarkson, the American singer and actress, is a notable bearer. She rose to fame after winning the first season of American Idol.

33. Kristen

Meaning ‘follower of Christ,’ Kristen is a popular name for girls. Cristiano, Karsten, Christina, Christine, Cristina, and Kristin are some of its many variations for boys and girls. American actress Kristen Bell is most recognized for her role in The Good Place, earning her a Golden Globe Award nomination.

34. Lauren

Lauren means ‘laurel tree’ and ‘wisdom.’ You may be familiar with Lauren Graham, an American actress and author, famous for her performance in the TV series Gilmore Girls.

35. Lana

With Slavic origins, Lana means ‘shining’ and ‘light.’ The Irish-Gaelic meaning of this name is ‘small rock.’ It is a unique Hollywood name for girls.

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36. Lillian

Meaning ‘lily,’ Lillian is a famous Hollywood name with many singers and actresses bearing it, like Lillian Russell, Lillian Gish, and more.

37. Lourdes

Derived from a French place name, Lourdes means ‘craggy slope.’ It is a pretty cool Hollywood celebrity girl name; pop star Madonna named her daughter Lourdes.

38. Maeve

Maeve means ‘purple flower’ in Latin and ‘one who rules’ in old Irish. American actress Maeve McGuire is famous for playing Nicole Travis Drake on the soap opera The Edge of Night from 1968 to 1974 and from 1975 to 1977.

39. Margot

Margot is derived from the Greek term margarites, which means ‘pearl.’ A significant bearer is Margot Robbie, an Australian actress and film producer, who is perhaps most well-known for her role in the film Barbie (2023).

40. Marilyn

Marilyn is a sweet Hollywood name for girls, which means ‘star or drop of the sea.’ From Marilyn Monroe to Marilyn Cooper, this name is intimately associated with Hollywood’s famed personalities.

41. Melissa

Meaning ‘honey bee’ or ‘servant of the Christ,’ Melissa has been mentioned in the works of many famous writers like Charles Dickens, Rudyard Kipling, and Lawrence Durrell. American actress Melissa Fumero of Brooklyn Nine-Nine (2013-2021) fame is a famous example.

42. Monica

Monica means ‘advisor’ and ‘truth.’ A popular namesake is the fictional character Monica Geller from the renowned American sitcom, Friends.

43. Nancy

Nancy, a short and sweet Old Hollywood name, means ‘grace,’ ‘favored,’ or ‘beautiful.’ American singer Nancy Sinatra and the First Lady of the US Nancy Reagan (1981-1989) are some important examples.

44. Natalie

A beautiful feminine name, Natalie means ‘child born on Christmas.’ This Latin origin name is intimately associated with Hollywood. Some famous examples are Natalie Portman and Natalie Wood.

45. Olivia

Olivia traces its roots to the 13th century. It means ‘peace’ or ‘olive tree.’ Liv, the Scandinavian variation of this name, means ‘life.’ Hollywood stars Olivia Wilde, Olivia Munn, and Olivia Rodrigo are famous bearers of the name.

46. Penelope

A Greek origin name, Penelope means ‘weaver’ and also refers to a type of duck. Penélope Cruz, the Spanish actress, is most commonly associated with this name.

47. Rebecca

Rebbecca, or Rivkah in Hebrew, means ‘to tie firmly.’ It is one of the best Hollywood girl names with many namesakes, the most famous ones being actresses Rebecca Hall and Rebecca Ferguson.

48. Rita

Rita is a Spanish and Greek name, which means ‘pearl.’ This name is not only associated with Hollywood but also ancient Greek and Roman mythology. Rita Hayworth was a popular American actress belonging to the Golden Age of Hollywood. Her career spans over 61 films.

49. Rose

Derived from the Latin term rosa, Rose refers to the beautiful flower. It is usually associated with the Virgin Mary. Rose is also a popular middle name in Catholic families. Australian actress Rose Byrne is a well-known bearer of this name.

50. Ruby

The Latin name Ruby means ‘red gemstone.’ A famous bearer of this name is Ruby Keeler, an American musical actress, singer, and dancer.

51. Saire

Meaning ‘uncommon’ and ‘unique,’ this name appears more as a surname. An example is Rebecca Saire, the English actress known for Vanity Fair (1987) and The Crucible (2014).

52. Samantha

Samantha is one of the most classic Hollywood names. It means ‘God has heard’ or ‘name of God.’ An important namesake is British actress Samantha Bond, who is known for her work in the James Bond franchise and Downton Abbey (2010-2015).

53. Sidney

This name became very popular among English-speaking countries in the 19th century and is still a common baby girl name. It means ‘broad water meadow’ or ‘south of the water’. Primetime Emmy nominated actress Sidney Sweeney is a popular bearer.

54. Skylar

Skylar is an adorable Hollywood name for both boys and girls. It means ‘scholar.’ As a feminine name, it translates to ‘eternal life, love, strength, and beauty.’ American singer-songwriter Skylar Grey is a well-known example.

55. Violet

Derived from viola, meaning ‘purple,’ Violet is the name of both a color and a flower. A melodic Hollywood name for girls, a renowned bearer of this name is Violet Macmillan, an American actress known for her Broadway theater productions and silent films.

56. Vivien

Vivien means ‘lively.’ It is a Latin-origin gender-neutral Hollywood name for babies. Vivien Leigh was a famous British actress who won the Academy Award for Best Actress twice. She is known for her roles in Gone with the Wind (1939) and A Streetcar Named Desire (1951).

Best Hollywood Names For Boys

Your baby boy deserves a name that is as attractive and dashing as the heroes of Hollywood. The following section will give you a list of the most popular names associated with male Hollywood actors.

57. Adrian

A Latin-origin name, Adrian means ‘son of Adria.’ British actor Adrian Schiller is a noteworthy namesake.

58. Alexander

Alexander is one of the top Hollywood names for boys. It means ‘defender of men.’ Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård is a famous bearer.

59. Alfred

Meaning ‘wise counselor or elf counsel,’ Alfred has Old English origins. A significant namesake is Alfred Hitchcock, one of the most famous English film directors known for works such as Rebecca (1940), Notorious (1946), and Psycho (1960).

60. Andrew

Andrew means ‘strong’ and ‘brave.’ This name has many variations, such as Andre (French), Andres (Spanish), and Andrei (Russian). British actor Andrew Garfield is most known for his work in the Spider-Man series and has received several awards.

61. Benjamin

Benjamin means ‘son of the south’ and ‘son of the days.’ In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the youngest of the twelve sons of Jacob. Benjamin Bratt, the American TV actor is a great contemporary example.

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62. Brandon

An Old English name, Brandon means ‘prince’ or ‘chieftain.’ Brandon Lee, the American actor and martial artist, is commonly associated with this celebrity name.

63. Broderick

Broderick means ‘brother, ‘son of Rhydderch,’ and ‘reddish-brown.’ It is a classic Hollywood name, with a famous example being the Old Hollywood actor Broderick Crawford. His most famous work is All the King’s Men (1949) for which he received an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award.

64. Bruce

Meaning ‘brushwood’ or ‘thicket,’ Bruce is both a Hollywood name and a name associated with nobility. A significant namesake is Bruce Willis, an American actor famous for his work in the Die Hard series (1988-2013).

65. Burt

Originating from the Old English beorht, Burt means ‘bright’ and ‘glorious.’ It is also considered a diminutive of names like Burton and Herbert. American actor Burt Lancaster is a noteworthy namesake, popular for works such as The Killers (1946) and The Rainmaker (1956).

66. Chadwick

Chadwick implies the ‘town of Chad.’ It is also a common surname. A famous bearer was American actor Chadwick Boseman, most popularly known for his role in Black Panther (2016-1029). He was honored with two Screen Actors Guild Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a Primetime Emmy Award.

67. Charlie

One of the best Hollywood names, Charlie means ‘free man’ or ‘army.’ The most well-known namesake is Charlie Spencer Chaplin, the English comic actor, filmmaker, and composer, who is a global icon for his contribution to silent films.

68. Clark

Clark implies ‘son of the cleric,’ or ‘clerk.’ It originated from the Latin clericus, which means ‘wise scholar’. Notable Hollywood actors with this name are Clark Gable, famously known as the ‘King of Hollywood’, and Clark Gregg, who played Phil Coulson in the MCU franchise.

69. Cooper

Meaning ‘barrel builder,’ Cooper is also widely used as a surname. The association with Bradley Cooper, the American actor and filmmaker, makes Cooper one of the top Hollywood boy names.

70. Daniel

Daniel, which means ‘God is my judge,’ is a Biblical name with several stars being popular namesakes. Daniel Craig, the English actor known for his performance as James Bond, is a significant example.

71. Donald

The Scottish-Gaelic Donald means ‘ruler of the world.’ Donald is also a surname and a diminutive of the last name MacDonald or McDonald. Canadian actor Donald Sutherland is a famous bearer of this name. With several accolades to his name, his career spans over seven decades.

72. Douglas

Douglas implies ‘dark water or stream.’ This Scottish name was also used as a surname with the Earls of Douglas, Angus, Morton, and Dukes of Hamilton being its notable bearers. One of the most prominent figures of the silent film era, Douglas Fairbanks is a popular example.

73. Eddie

A diminutive of Edward and Edmund, Eddie means ‘rich guard.’ Hollywood actors Eddie Redmayne and Eddie Murphy are famous bearers of this name.

74. Ethan

Ethan means ‘firm, lasting, and strong.’ American actor Ethan Hawke, known for films such as Dead Poets Society (1989) and Before trilogy (1995-2013), is a notable namesake.

75. Ferrell

A unique Hollywood name for boys, Ferrell means ‘man of courage’ and ‘descendent of Fearghal.’ It is also used as a surname. Will Ferrell, an American actor, comedian, and writer, has won four Emmy Awards and the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2011.

76. Gary

Gary is a well-liked Hollywood name with several meanings, including ‘watchful,’ ‘enclosure,’ and ‘spear carrier.’ The most familiar personality with this name is Gary Oldman, the English actor and filmmaker who has won several awards over the years.

77. Grant

This name means ‘tall,’ ‘large,’ or ‘great.’ The English actor and film producer Hugh Grant is its notable bearer.

78. Harry

Harry has powerful meanings, such as ‘home ruler’ or ‘ruler of the household.’ Singer and actor Harry Styles is perhaps the most famous namesake in the industry at the moment.

79. Humphrey

Meaning ‘peace,’ ‘peaceful warrior,’ and ‘bear cub,’ Humphrey is most commonly associated with Humphrey Bogart, the actor known for his roles in Casablanca (1942) and The Maltese Falcon (1941).

80. Jack

Derived from John or Jacques, Jack means ‘God is gracious.’ Actors Jack Black and Jack Nicholson are key bearers, making it one of the top Hollywood boy names.

81. James

James, meaning ‘supplanter,’ is a Biblical name borne by many celebrities. It has many variations, such as Giacomo, Jakob, Jaime, and Seamus. Scottish actor James McAvoy and American actor James Dean are noteworthy namesakes.

82. Jason

Meaning ‘healer,’ Jason is a well-loved name for boys. Jason Issacs, the English actor who essayed the role of Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter series, is one of the most notable examples.

83. Javier

Javier or Xavier is a Spanish name for boys. It means ‘the new house.’ Spanish actor Javier Ángel Encinas Bardem is commonly associated with this name.

84. Joshua

Joshua is another Hollywood name that originated from Hebrew. It means ‘God is salvation.’ The actor and singer Joshua Bassett of High School Musical fame is a leading example.

85. Jude

A stylish Hollywood name, Jude means ‘praised.’ The Beatles song ‘Hey Jude’ written by Paul McCartney, which is popular even today, maintains the appeal of this name. British actor Jude Law is also a famous bearer of this name.

86. Laurence

Laurence, derived from the Latin Laurentius, refers to ‘laurel trees.’ It is also a notable surname whose major variation is Lawrence. Popular actors Laurence Olivier and Laurence Fishburne are renowned namesakes.

87. Liam

Meaning ‘protector’ or ‘strong-willed warrior,’ Liam is a famous Hollywood name. Actors Liam Neeson and Liam Cunningham are some of the most popular examples.

88. Lionel

Lionel or ‘lion’ has Latin, German, English, and French origins. It is not only the name of famous personalities like Lionel Richie but also acclaimed sportspersons like Lionel Messi.

89. Leonardo

With Italian origin, Leonardo denotes ‘brave lion.’ It is one of the best Hollywood names, with American actor Leonardo DiCaprio being the most famous namesake.

90. Neil

Neil, meaning ‘hero’ or ‘champion,’ is a short Hollywood name for boys. It has Gaelic and Irish origins. Singer Neil Diamond and actor Neil Patrick Harris are major bearers of this name.

91. Paul

Originating from the Paulus Roman family, Paul means ‘small’ or ‘humble.’ The person who immediately comes to mind upon hearing this name is Paul McCartney, the American singer-songwriter and musician who was part of the band, The Beatles.

protip_icon Trivia

Paul McCartney is the only Beatles member who has been nominated twice for the Oscars. He was nominated for Best Original Song in 1974 for Live and Let Die and in 2002 for Vanilla Sky.

92. Preston

Preston denotes ‘town or community where a priest is settled.’ The most famous Hollywood personality associated with this name is Preston Cook. The actor is known for his films Planet of the Apes (2017), Skyscraper (2018) and Cold Pursuit (2019).

93. Richard

Richard or ‘brave ruler’ is an Old German name that has been used by people even before Hollywood came into existence. It became a popular name for nobility and royalty after the Norman Conquest of 1066. American actor Richard Gere of Runaway Bride (1999) and Chicago (2002) fame is a renowned bearer of this name.

94. Robert

The German-origin name Robert means ‘bright fame.’ Robert Downey Jr, one of the highest-grossing actors of all time and most popularly known for his role as Iron Man in the MCU franchise, makes Robert one of the best Hollywood names.

95. Russ

Russ denotes a red-haired person. It also means ‘fox-like.’ The Slovak Rus means ‘brownish red’ ‘blond’ or ‘Russian’. This name is associated with Russ Tamblyn, a famous American actor and dancer of the 1950s.

96. Ryan

Ryan or ‘little king’ is one of the most stylish Hollywood names. Ryan Gosling, a celebrated bearer, is most known for his films Lars and the Real Girl (2007), The Notebook (2004), and La La Land (2016).

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97. Samuel

Samuel is a spiritual name which means ‘name of God.’ This beautiful name has been borne by many in the Hollywood industry, such as Samuel L. Jackson, Samuel Joslin, and more.

98. Tony

With the meanings ‘priceless’ or ‘flourishing,’ Tony is one of the top Hollywood names for boys with American actors like Tony Danza and Tony Shalhoub bearing it.

99. Victor

Associated with the meaning ‘winner,’ Victor McLaglen, the British-American actor and professional boxer, is a major bearer.

100. Vincent

Vincent is a Latin-origin name that means ‘conquering’ or ‘winning.’ The name is best associated with the famous Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh. Vincent Price, the American actor and art historian, is another example.

101. Warner

Warner means ‘defender, ‘protector’ or ‘army guard.’ David Hattersley Warner, the English actor, and Warner Baxter, the American film actor are some of its notable namesakes.

102. Will

The Germanic name Will denotes ‘determined guardian’ or ‘resolute protector.’ It has many variations, such as Willy, Willie, Bill, Wills, Wilco, and Wil. British actor Will Poulter is known for his performance in The Maze Runner (2014) and more.

103. William

William is one of the best old Hollywood names that means ‘protector.’ The name was first popularized with the rise of William I, the first Norman king of England. Today, it is borne by many celebrities and television characters. American actor William H. Macy is a famous bearer of this name.

104. Zach

Zach, meaning ‘God remembers’ is a Biblical-origin name. A popular Hollywood personality associated with this name is Zach Galifianakis, an actor and comedian known for his comedy roles.

1. Are there any cultural or industry trends in Hollywood names?

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of vintage or Golden Age-inspired names like Audrey, Monroe, and Vivien. The trend of Hollywood celebrities adopting unconventional names like Jupiter, Reign, and Lyra has also gained momentum.

2. How do celebrities decide whether to use their real names or stage names professionally?

Celebrities decide to use their stage names professionally for various reasons. It can be because they want their names to sound more mainstream or when they wish to stand out from other stars with similar names. Other factors to consider are whether the name is too difficult to pronounce or spell, is unintentionally amusing or lackluster, or portrays an undesired image.

Hollywood celebrities are recognized and loved globally. Many famous Hollywood personalities are also role models for generations. So, you may want to give a Hollywood name to your child to bestow the glamor, respect, and popularity associated with it. Moreover, Hollywood names for both girls and boys are full of positive meanings and elegance. They are easy to pronounce and remember, making them impactful in the long run. If you like a particular one from our list above, we recommend you research its significance in detail, variations, and nicknames that you can choose for your little one.

Key Pointers

  • Hollywood names have roots in various cultures and languages, such as English, French, Hebrew, and Latin.
  • You may use a classic Hollywood name or explore its modern variations.
  • Some of these names also work as middle names or surnames such as Rose, Farrell, William, and more.
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