150+ Top Ghanaian Last Names Or Surnames, With Meanings

150+ Ghanaian Last Names Or Surnames

Take a peek into Ghanaian surnames that echo their culture and traditions.

Popular Last Names in Ghana

Here are well-known surnames in Ghana that are common across the country. Have a look and see if you have heard of these last names.

1. Ababio

Ababio is a popular surname in Ghana of unknown origins. It is a masculine name that means ‘kid who keeps returning or coming.’ Joyce Ababio is a Ghanaian fashion designer famous for winning multiple awards for her work.

2. Abbey

The surname has English roots and denotes a person who either lives near or works in an abbey. Former professional boxer and politician, Robert Mensah Abbey was a popular namesake for the Ghanaian surname.

3. Aboagye

Meaning ‘one who is powerful and complete,’ this surname is one of the most prominent titles in Ghana.

4. Acheampong

Acheampong is an Ashanti last name, meaning ‘one that gave birth to the King’ or ‘destined for greatness.’ Ghanaian footballer Frank Acheampong is a popular namesake.

5. Ackah

Ackah is a popular surname in Ghana but its origins are not known. Ghanaian footballer Yaw Ackah is a popular bearer and plays for Turkish club Kayserispor.

6. Acquah

The surname does not have any known origin but is considered to be connected to the masculine name Akan or Akwa. American-Ghanaian basketball player Milan Acquaah is a popular bearer of this surname.

7. Addy

The surname is derived from the given name Addy. It could also be a patronym meaning ‘son of Addie.’

8. Adjei

Adjei is a surname popular amongst the Ga and Akan peoples. It could mean ‘messenger of God’ or could refer to a ‘talkative and charming person.’

9. Adom

The surname is inspired by the masculine Hebrew name Adam, meaning ‘man of the earth.’

10. Adomako

Adomako is a well-known surname in the Akan language with its roots in Ashanti. Ghanaian politician and Member of Parliament, Alex Adomako-Mensah is a popular namesake.

11. Adu

The surname is prevalent in Ghana as well as in Nigeria. Its meaning is unknown but is believed to be derived from the Yoruba given name Adu. American footballer Freddy Adu is a popular namesake known for playing for the Swedish football team Österlen FF.

12. Afful

Afful means ‘apple.’ It has German roots but is also a popular title in the Ashanti group. Footballer Harrison Afful from Ghana is a well-known bearer of this surname.

13. Afriyie

Meaning ‘has appeared well,’ it most likely refers to a person who appeared at a good or prosperous time. The surname is derived from an Akan given name.

14. Aggrey

Aggrey means ‘powerful and complete.’ It is also a personal name that is quite popular across African countries.

15. Agyapong

The surname means ‘God’s completeness.’ Ghanaian sprinter Flings Owusu-Agyapong is a popular namesake known for representing the country in multiple international races.

16. Agyei

Derived from a masculine name, Agyei means ‘messenger from God.’ This title is popular with the Akan tribe.

17. Aidoo

Aidoo means ‘from Edu.’ Canadian football player Kojo Aidoo is a popular name bearer.

18. Akoto

Akoto is an Ashanti surname. Its meaning is unknown but it is a common surname in Ghana.

19. Alhassan

Having Arabic origin, the surname is derived from the given name Hasan, which means ‘handsome’ or ‘good.’

protip_icon Did You Know?
Many Ghanaian surnames are rooted in Arab culture because Islam has been practiced in Ghana since the 14th century (1). According to official reports, 20 percent of the Ghanaian population is Muslim (2).

20. Allotey

Allotey is a surname common amongst the people belonging to the Ga tribe. It does not have any known meaning.

21. Amankwah

The surname means ‘free nation.’ This Akan personal name is composed of two terms: aman meaning ‘nation’ and kwa meaning ‘free.’

22. Amoah

Amoah is derived from the Akan term amoa meaning ‘pit’ or ‘trench.’ It is relatively more popular as a masculine name.

23. Amoako

Amoako is a rare Ghanaian surname of unknown etymology. Professional footballer Isaac Amoako is a famous name bearer.

24. Ampofo

Derived from a given name, Ampofo’s meaning is not known but it is still a popular surname in Ghana. Actress Ama Ampofo, footballer Bismark Ampofo, and boxer Francis Ampofo are some of the noteworthy names.

25. Amponsah

Rooted in the Akan language, the surname comes from the term ampom meaning ‘scepter.’

26. Anane

Anane is a known surname in Ghana and other African countries, such as Algeria. Algerian footballer Mustapha Anane was a popular namesake.

27. Anim

The surname is derived from the Islamic name Aẓīm, meaning ‘magnificent.’ It is more common in Ghana than other Muslim nations.

28. Annan

Annan is a Ghanaian as well as a Scottish surname. In Akan language, it refers to the child who is born fourth in a family.

29. Annor

Having Anglo-Saxon origin, the surname means ‘holy’ or ‘pure.’ It is derived from the Greek name Agnes.

30. Ansah

Ansah is a popular surname in Ghana. Its meaning is not known to many people. Film-maker Kwaw Ansah is known for making remarkable movies that have received critical acclaim from the English-speaking people of Africa.

31. Antwi

Originating in the Akan language, the Ghanaian surname Antwi means ‘powerful and complete.’

32. Armah

The surname Armah is an Akan surname adopted mostly by natives of the Nzema group. In some cultures, it is also used as a masculine name.

33. Aryee

Aryee is believed to be derived from a given name, however, not much is known about its etymology. Professional footballer Bernard Aryee is a popular bearer of the surname.

34. Asamoah

Meaning ‘apostles,’ Asamoah is derived from the Twi term Asomafo. The name is prominent within the Ashanti group.

35. Asante

Derived from a feminine name, Asante means ‘thank you.’ It is also the ethnic title for people who belong to the Ashanti group of Ghana.

36. Asare

Popular amongst the Akan people, the etymology of Asare is a mystery. British politician Abena Oppong-Asare is a known name bearer.

37. Asiedu

Asiedu is not a popular surname but is known across several countries. Elizabeth Asiedu is an economics professor famous for heading the Association for the Advancement of African Women and also for being an editor of the Journal of African Development.

38. Assan

Assan has Arabic roots as it is derived from the masculine name Hassan, meaning ‘handsome.’

39. Atta

Atta has Arabic and Akan roots. It is derived from a masculine name meaning ‘twin.’

40. Attah

Inspired by the Arabic name Fattāḥ, the surname means ‘conqueror.’ Apart from Ghana, the title is also popular in Nigeria.

41. Awuah

This is a common surname of unknown origin. Canadian soccer player Kwame Awuah is a popular bearer of this surname. He is a part of the USL Championship.

42. Baba

Baba is a title prevalent in numerous languages. It is not a Ghanaian term but could be a surname derived from the Arabic bābā, which is another word for abū, meaning ‘father.’

43. Baddoo

This is a traditional Ghanaian surname. English TV host Terry Baddoo is a popular bearer.

44. Baffoe

Baffoe is another common surname. TV producer and writer Frank Kojo Baffoe Jr. is a popular name bearer famous for producing shows such as Afro Café, Zwahashu, and Zooming in on Men.

45. Baffour

As a surname, Baffour is mostly found amongst people of the Ashanti group in Ghana.

46. Boadi

Boadi does not have any known origin or meaning but it is a known title in Ghana. Ghanaian actor and comedian Akwasi Boadi, popularly known as Akrobeto, is famous for his comic acts across the world.

47. Boadu

An unexplained etymology has not hampered the popularity of this surname. Football player James Boadu is a known namesake who plays for the New Edubiase United.

48. Boamah

Having Akan roots, Boamah means ‘he who helps nations.’ Ghanaian politicians Edward Omane Boamah and Patrick Yaw Boamah are some popular namesakes.

49. Boateng

A traditional and common Ghanaian surname, Boateng denotes a person who is ‘humble before God.’

50. Bonsu

Bonsu finds its roots in the Twi dialect. It means ‘whale.’ Canadian soccer player Randy Edwini-Bonsu is a popular namesake known for playing in the Canadian Premier League.

51. Cudjoe

Cudjoe comes from the Akan name Kojo, which refers to a boy born on a Monday.

52. Dadzie

Derived from the Akan name Dade, the surname means ‘iron.’ British activist Stella Dadzie is a prominent namesake known for being one of the founding members of Organisation of Women of African and Asian Descent.

53. Danquah

Danquah is likely to be inspired by the Akan given name Dankwa.

54. Danso

The surname could be inspired by a masculine name that refers to ‘someone reliable and trustworthy.’

55. Duah

Duah comes from the Akan term dua meaning ‘tree.’ Finnish-Ghanaian footballer Solomon Duah is a notable namesake.

56. Edusei

The surname has traveled multiple countries because of its famous name bearers that includes German conductor Kevin John Edusei, English former footballer Akwasi Edusei, and Ghanaian footballer Daniel Edusei.

57. Effah

Effah denotes ‘brave person’ or ‘warrior.’

58. Emmanuel

Derived from the masculine personal name Emanuel, the surname means ‘God is with us.’ Tennis player Esmé Emmanuel from South Africa is a popular bearer of this surname.

59. Eshun

Not many people may be aware of Eshun’s etymology as it is an uncommon Ghanaian title. British writer and broadcaster Ekow Eshun is a popular bearer of this surname.

60. Essel

Essel may not have a popular meaning but it is a well-known surname in Ghana and some European countries.

61. Essien

Essien is a surname in Nigeria and Ghana. For the people of Fante, the surname is derived from a given name that refers to the sixth born child in a family.

62. Forson

Although not a traditional Ghanaian surname, Forson is still popular in the country. It could have Scottish roots, with a link to the English name Farson meaning ‘son of Fair(e).’

63. Frimpong

Also written as Frempong, it is a known Ghanaian surname with unknown meaning. Professional footballer Emmanuel Frimpong is a popular namesake.

64. Gbeho

Gbeho belongs to the Anlo Ewe group of people. Musician Philip Gbeho is a noteworthy personality known for composing the National Anthem of Ghana.

65. Gyan

A prominent surname amongst the Fante people, it means ‘not important.’ Gyān and Gyaan are a few of its known variants.

66. Gyasi

Derived from a given name, it means ‘child.’ British actor David Gyasi is a known namesake famous for featuring in numerous English TV shows.

67. Ibrahim

Having Arabic roots, the surname comes from the given name meaning ‘father of a multitude of nations.’

68. Kofi

Derived from a masculine name, Kofi refers to a ‘person born on a Friday.’ The Akan people believe that a child born on such a day is likely to be a ‘wanderer’ or ‘traveler.’

protip_icon Trivia

In Ghana, several surnames are derived from given names, which are based on days of the week. These are called ‘day names.’ Ghanaians believe that such names hold meanings that are connected to the baby’s soul and also define their personality traits. For instance, a child named ‘Kwadwo’ (meaning ‘born on a Monday’) is likely to have a calm and gentle nature.

69. Konadu

Konadu’s meaning is not known but it is a common title in Ghana. Boxer and former world champion Nana Konadu is a notable personality bearing this surname.

70. Koomson

The family name Koomson is a patronym meaning ‘child of Kumi.’ It is common amongst people of the Fante tribe.

71. Kwaku

The surname is derived from the masculine name meaning ‘born on a Wednesday.’ The Akan people believe that those named Kwaku can be evil or mean-spirited and tenacious individuals.

72. Kwakye

It could be derived from the Akan name Kwakie meaning ‘vulture’ or Kwaku meaning ‘born on Wednesday.’

73. Kwame

Derived from the given name, Kwame refers to a person born on Saturday. The Akan people believe the surname is associated with extreme wealth, fortune, and even spirituality.

74. Kwarteng

Having Akan roots, Kwarteng is an uncommon Ghanaian surname. British politician Kwasi Kwarteng is a noteworthy name bearer.

75. Kyei

Rooted in Akan, Kyei means ‘to become great.’ French footballer Grejohn Kyei is a noteworthy namesake who plays for Clermont football club.

76. Lamptey

Lamptey is a Ghanaian surname of unknown meaning. It is found amongst the people belonging to the Ga tribe.

77. Larbi

Having Arabic origin, Larbi comes from the term al-‘arabī meaning ‘Arabic.’ The surname is common in the Ga tribe.

78. Lartey

The surname Lartey is mostly adopted by people belonging to the Ga tribe. Henry Herbert Lartey is a known politician in Ghana.

79. Laryea

The meaning of Laryea may not be known but it is a popular surname in Ghana. Several notable Ghanaian politicians and athletes have borne this surname and helped popularize it.

80. Mahama

Like many other Ghanaian surnames Mahama’s meaning too may not be known to many people. But it is still a popular given name and last name. Former President of Ghana John Mahama is a noteworthy namesake.

81. Manu

Manu refers to a second-born boy in a family. The surname is also known in Romania, where it means ‘God is with us.’

82. Marfo

Not a traditional Ghanaian surname but a known surname in Ghana, Marfo has Spanish roots. It refers to a person baptized or born in the month of March.

83. Mensah

A traditional Ghanaian surname, Mensah is also one of the most common surnames and it comes from the given name that means third-born boy in a family.

84. Mumuni

Unique to the Tonga tribe, Mumuni comes from a given that means ‘light’ or ‘illumination.’

85. Musah

The meaning of this surname may have been lost over the years. However, it is still a known surname in Ghana with various namesakes belonging to the field of sports and politics contributing to its popularity.

86. Nana

In Akan, Nana means ‘grandparent’ or ‘ancestor.’ In certain Ghanaian groups such as Ashanti, Akyem, and Akuapim, the title Nana also signifies monarchy.

87. Nartey

The surname belongs to the Ga group in Ghana. Actor and film director Eddie Nartey is a popular namesake known for bagging multiple movie awards.

88. Nortey

Nortey does not have Ghanian roots and is an English surname that is also common in Ghana. It is a habitational title that means ‘northern enclosure.’

89. Nkrumah

Derived from a Akan given name, Nkrumah denotes a child who is born ninth in a family.

90. Nsiah

Nsiah is one of the Ghanaian surnames with unknown etymology. Track athlete Vida Nsiah is known for holding a relay record in Ghana.

91. Nyarko

Nyarko’s meaning may not be popularly known but it is a known surname in Ghana. Several professional Ghanaian footballers have borne this surname over the years.

92. Obeng

A surname denoting intelligence, Obeng means ‘one who is smart.’ English footballer Curtis Obeng is a notable personality bearing this surname.

93. Ocansey

Ocansey is the surname of the people who belong to the tribe of the same name. This tribe is mostly found in the Ada region of Ghana.

94. Ocran

Ocran does not have any known meaning in the local Ghanaian language. But it has French roots in which it is a variant of Corin, meaning ‘spear.’

95. Odamtten

Odamtten finds its roots in the Ga-Dangme language. It is derived from the given name Odamete.

96. Oduro

The Akan surname may not have a popular meaning but has been passed down from generation to generation in Ghana. Canadian soccer player Christabel Oduro is a famous bearer of this last name.

97. Offei

Offei has Norman roots and is an occupational title meaning ‘goldsmith.’ English actor Michael Offei is a noteworthy namesake.

98. Ohene

Derived from the masculine name, it means ‘king.’ The surname belongs to the Akan tribe who were involved in gold mining.

99. Okai

The true meaning of Okai may have been lost over the years but it continues to be a known surname across Ghana. Former footballer Stephen Okai is a noteworthy namesake.

100. Okine

Okine may be derived from the Akan term okyin meaning ‘adventurer’ or ‘itinerant.’ Ghanaian boxer Joshua Okine is a popular namesake known for holding several boxing titles in career.

101. Ollennu

Ollennu is a patronym common amongst the La people of Accra. It is rooted in Ga-Dangme language.

102. Oppong

Unique to the Ashanti tribe, Oppong is an uncommon surname borne by a few notable personalities. Canadian soccer player Dominic Oppong is a notable holder of the surname.

103. Otoo

A known last name in Ghana, Otoo has varied roots. It does not have any known meaning in Ghana but in Japanese it means ‘sound’ or ‘lower slope.’

104. Owusu

One of the most common surnames in Ghana, Owusu means ‘determined’ or ‘strong-willed.’

105. Peprah

A surname signifying power, Peprah means ‘leader.’ It is also a gender-neutral name in Ghana.

106. Quansha

The surname does not have any known meaning. It could be derived from the given name Kwansa.

107. Sackey

The surname could be derived from the Twi term kɔkɔsakyi, which means ‘vulture.’ It could also be linked to the masculine given name Sakyi denoting a boy born following the conclusion of a battle.

108. Sakyi

The meaning of Sakyi may not be known but it is a known title in Ghana. Footballer Moses Sakyi is a popular namesake who played several international football games.

109. Salifu

The meaning of Salifu is unknown but the Ghanaian surname has been popularized by several famous personalities including footballer Latif Salifu and politician Ameen Salifu.

110. Sarpong

Sarpong is of Ashanti origin. In Akan, Sa means ‘war,’ while pong means ‘supreme.’ The surname could mean ‘supreme warrior.’

111. Seidu

The surname is of Arabic origin. It comes from the word Sa’id, which means ‘happy.’ It is also a known given name in Ghana.

112. Sowa

Sowa has roots in diverse cultures such as Polish, Japanese, and Ghanaian. However, its Ghanaian meaning is not known. In Polish it means ‘owl.’

113. Tagoe

Tagoe is not a common surname in Ghana and its meaning too is not known. Ghanaian actor Eddie Tagoe is a prominent name bearer known for featuring in the British film ‘Withnail and I.’

114. Tetteh

Inspired by a personal name, Tetteh is of Ga origin and it refers to either a second male child born in a family of the younger child of a pair of male twins.

115. Tettey

Tettey is both a surname and a given name in Ghana. However, its meaning is unknown. Norwegian former professional footballer Alexander Banor Tettey gained popularity for being a part of the Norway national team for over a decade.

116. Turkson

Turkson’s etymology may not be known but it is a known title in Ghana. Musicologist Ato Turkson from Ghana earned fame through his original musical compositions.

117. Yahaya

Yahaya has Arabic origins. It comes from a given name Yahya, which is the Arabic variant of Hebrew John meaning ‘God is gracious.’

118. Yakubu

The surname is of Hausa origin and finds its inspiration in the masculine name Yaʿqub or Yaqub, which is the Arabic and Syriac form of Hebrew Jacob.

119. Yamoah

Yamoah’s etymology may be unknown but several famous Ghanaian personalities have helped it gain popularity. Canadian beauty pageant titleholder Adwoa Yamoah is one such name bearer.

120. Yeboah

The Akan family name Yeboah means ‘our helper.’ The surname has traveled the world through various famous name bearers such as American footballer Kenneth Yeboah and Australian former professional footballer Kwame Yeboah.

Common Ghanaian Last names

Some Ghanaian surnames have flourished over time and have become more common than other surnames. Here are the common surnames in Ghana.

121. Abdul

Depicting the influence of Islam on African countries, Abdul is both a surname and a given name in Ghana. It means ‘servant.’

122. Abdulai

Abdulai means ‘servant of the All-high.’ It is mostly borne by the followers of Islam and is relatively more common in Ghana than any Islamic country.

123. Addo

A prominent title across Ghana, Addo means ‘King of the road.’ It is common amongst the people who belong to the Akan and Ga tribes.

124. Agyemang

Inspired by a given name, Agyemang means ‘conqueror or liberator of a nation.’ It is mostly common amongst the people of the Ashanti.

125. Appiah

One of the most common surnames in Ghana, Appiah is also a given name in Ashanti meaning ‘King, Prince and a Fearless leader or Warrior.’

126. Baëta

Common amongst the people who hail from the Anlo Ewe region of Ghana, the surname is rooted in Portuguese language.

127. Baidoo

Baidoo’s etymology is not only popular in Ghana but also worldwide because of international football players such as Ishmael Baidoo, Shabazz Baidoo, and Michael Baidoo.

128. Darko

The Ashanti surname Darko is of Akan origin with no known meaning. Native writer Amma Darko is a popular namesake known for bagging The Golden Baobab Prize for her work.

129. Donkor

Donkor comes from the Akan term dɔnkɔ meaning ‘slave.’ Ghanaian footballer Isaac Donkor is a noteworthy name bearer known for playing for the Turkish club Sakaryaspor.

130. Koranteng

Belonging to the Akuapim dialect, Koranteng’s meaning is not well-known amongst most people.

131. Kumi

Kumi comes from a given name that means ‘forceful.’ Apart from Ghana, it is also a known surname in Turkey and Albania.

132. Osei

Osei means ‘honorable’ or ‘royalty.’ It is also a unisex name in Ghana. Kevin Osei is a French footballer who plays for the Aubagne FC club.

133. Oteng

The last name Oteng belongs to the Akan group with a meaning not popularly known amongst people. Footballer Enoch Oteng from Belgian is a noteworthy personality.

134. Quarshie

Quarshie could be inspired by the masculine name Kwasi, which refers to a ‘boy born on a Sunday.’

135. Quaye

Quaye finds its inspiration in the masculine name Kwei, which denotes a boy born third in a family.

136. Sam

Sam’s meaning cannot be determined for certain but it is believed to be a known surname in the Akan tribe.

137. Sarfo

Sarfo is yet another Ghanaian surname whose etymology is not known. Actress Gloria Sarfo is a popular namesake known for winning multiple awards for her acting skills.

138. Takyi

Takyi is a Akan surname that has been popularized by several personalities bearing this surname. Danis-Ghanaian former football player Prince Nana Takyi is known for bagging the Best African Footballer award in Denmark in 2008.

139. Yao

Yao is a surname common amongst the Akan group of people. It could be inspired by the masculine name Yaw referring to a boy born on Thursday.

140. Yaw

The surname is derived from the given name Yaw meaning ‘born on a Thursday.’ It is believed that individuals born on a Thursday are brave.

Unique Ghanaian Last names

Ghanaian surnames are often unique to their region or tribe. Explore some of the rare and unique titles.

141. Addae

Having Ashanti origin, Addae means ‘the morning sun.’ It is also written as Addai and is a popular given name for boys in Ghana.

142. Ayew

The surname is of unexplained origin but is popular because of its association with legendary football players such as Abedi Pele and André Ayew.

143. Baah

Baah could be derived from the two Akan terms Ba or Baa meaning ‘child’ and ‘branch,’ respectively.

144. Badu

The surname Badu is found in Ghana as well as some other Asian countries. It does not have a known Ghanaian meaning but in Hinduism, Badu refers to a caste.

145. Bediako

Bediako comes from a masculine given name, which refers to a ‘child born during a war.’

146. Coffie

The surname could be inspired by the Akan masculine name Kofi, which means ‘a boy born on Friday.’

147. Poku

Having Akan roots, Poku could be derived from the given name Opoku. English footballer Godfrey Poku is a known name bearer.

148. Quartey

There may not be any specific meaning attached to the surname, but it is a prominent title amongst the people belonging to the Ga tribe. Clement Quartey, boxer from Ghana, is a popular namesake known for bagging the country’s first Olympic medal.

149. Sai

Having Ga origin, Sai is a patronym belonging mostly to the people coming from the Osu region in Accra.

150. Svanikier

Svanikier is a traditional Ghanaian surname whose etymology is not available in the public domain. Entrepreneur and philanthropist Thomas Svanikier from Ghana is a known bearer of this surname.

151. Tawiah

Derived from a given name, Tawaiah denotes a child born after a pair of twins. It is an extremely popular surname in Ghana.

152. Yiadom

Having no known etymology, Yiadom’s history remains mysterious. Footballer Andy Yiadom is a famous namesake.

How do surnames work in Ghana?

Surnames in Ghana often originate in the language of the ethnic groups that exist in Ghana, such as Akan, Ga, Ewe, Mole-Dagombas, and Nzema. They usually depict the clan, tribe, or family group to which an individual belongs. Last names based on first names may also indicate an individual’s birth order. Some surnames may also denote the occupation or habitation of an individual.

Whose surname does a child take in Ghana?

Most Ghanaian societies follow the patrilineal naming system, which means a child inherits their father’s last name.

Ghanaian surnames depict Ghana’s history, culture, and traditions. Native Ghanaians may be living in different parts of the world but are still proud of their country and their African origins. African-American YouTuber Melody Agyenim had an American surname but changed it to a traditional Ghanaian surname to feel more connected to her roots. In her YouTube video, she says, “So the reason why I wanted to change my name is …I read a lot of Malcolm X’s books and speeches and things of that nature, and I feel he had so much valid points of just letting go of that slave mentality and I felt like holding on to that American last name was identifying myself with the horrid history of slavery and I wanted no parts anymore (i).” From the Akan, Ga-Adangbe, Ewe, and many other ethnicities, these surnames are meant to preserve familial lineage, occupation, or significant events in the country’s history. As Ghana evolves, these surnames will continue to hold on to their identity, unity, and pride for generations to come.

Key Takeaways

  • Ghanaian surnames depict diverse cultures blended with indigenous Ghanaian roots. It is influenced by Arabic, Spanish, English, and other languages and cultures.
  • The meanings of many Ghanaian surnames may have been lost through time. However, they continue to flourish in Ghana. Prominent name bearers have also contributed towards their popularity.
  • While some surnames are common across Ghana, certain unique titles are specific to particular ethnic groups or regions within the country. These further highlight the diversity in Ghana’s cultural heritage.

Personal Experience: Source

i. How I changed my American last name to a Ghanaian last name;

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