200+ Adorable And Cute Nicknames For Margaret

A timeless name that has survived centuries, Margaret is a feminine Greek name that means ‘pearl.’ Composed of three syllables, the name has existed since the 4th century and was borne by Saint Margaret. Due to its long-lasting popularity, nicknames for Margaret have been in use since medieval times, such as Meggy, and have led to more contemporary nicknames, such as Mars. If you are looking for a more unique nickname, there are options based on the meaning of the name. These nicknames are derived from various languages across the world. Since the name was also borne by a queen of Scotland and a princess of Hungary, nicknames like ‘little queen’ or ‘princess’ may also be endearing. Explore our extensive list of popular, creative, and unique nicknames to make your Margaret feel special.

200+ Short Names Or Nicknames For Margaret

The feminine and chic Margaret has a plethora of nicknames, ranging from cute and funny to common and unique. Take a look!

Cute Nicknames For Margaret

Margaret may be a sophisticated feminine name but there are many creative ways to come up with adorable nicknames for her. Here are a few suggestions you can try out.

1. Geggie

Geggie is an adorable option for your little Margaret, possibly inspired by the nickname Meggie.

2. Maggie Beanie

Maggie beanie is a cozy and warm nickname that wonderfully describes Margaret’s personality.

3. Maggie Bear

Super cuddly and cute, Margaret is literally an adorable teddy bear. Calling her Maggie Bear can show how lovely and endearing she is.

4. Maggie Bee

If your Margaret is sweet and friendly, she deserves a nickname that says just that.

5. Maggie Berry

Inspired by Margaret’s sweet aura and beauty, Maggie Berry is the perfect nickname for her.

6. Maggie Booboo

This delightful nickname signifies just how cute and comforting baby Margaret is.

7. Maggie Buggy

Just like Bugs Bunny, Margaret is also known for being playful, kind, sassy, and super cute. Hence the nickname.

8. Maggie Cracky

This nickname captures Margaret’s goofy and silly side, bringing joy and laughter everywhere she goes.

9. Maggie Darling

Everyone’s favorite darling, it is a well-deserving nickname for Margaret.

10. Maggie Dolly

As precious and beautiful as a doll, this nickname for Margaret emanates just how precious and adorable she is.

11. Maggie Doodle

Crayons, color pencils, and paint, Margaret is an artist who will doodle anywhere and at any time. Maggie Doodle captures her creativity and artistic flair.

12. Maggie Jane

Made of two classic names that have stood the test of time, this nickname is perfect for a classic and evergreen Margaret.

13. Maggie Macaroni

If your Margaret’s favorite food is macaroni and cheese, why not call her after what she loves? It makes up a silly yet adorable nickname.

14. Maggie May May

We all love rhyming nicknames, Maggie May May is an easy-to-remember nickname that is both rhyming and playful.

15. Maggie Moo

A playful nickname with a cow reference, this one suggests a gentle and cuddly Margaret.

16. Maggie Moondrop

This one’s a whimsical nickname for a Margaret who brings a touch of serenity and calmness in your life, like a gentle moonbeam.

17. Maggie Moonshine

A magical nickname, it showcases Margaret’s ability to brighten your day with her magical smile.

18. Maggie Muffin

Like a delicious muffin that brings warmth and happiness, Maggie Muffin is the perfect way to describe sweet and charming Margaret.

19. Maggie Noodle

Noodle is a classic nickname that goes with any name. It is cute, goofy, silly, and lovey-dovey, just like Margaret.

20. Maggie Poodle

Posh and stylish, Maggie Poodle is the perfect nickname for Margaret when she is all dressed up.

21. Maggie Pooh

Doesn’t Margaret remind you of the sweet, adorable, and cuddly Winnie the Pooh? Yes, that’s why she deserves to be called Maggie Pooh.

22. Maggie Pop

Margaret brings a pop of energy and charm wherever she goes. No wonder the nickname Maggie Pop suits her so well.

23. Maggie Purr

Maggie Purr is for a Margaret who is always playing around and curious like a cat. She seeks attention, daydreams, and stares into space with deep thoughts.

24. Maggie Sweety

She is sweet and only gets sweeter, which is why this is the most suitable nickname for her.

25. Magginator

Just like the Terminator, please be cautious around the Magginator. She will terminate all your sadness and boredom away.

26. Maggylicious

Being around Margaret is like delving into a whole new world. The fun and the laughter is endless. This trendy nickname will surely make her smile.

27. Maggytastic

Isn’t Margaret just fantastic at everything? It is no wonder then that Maggytastic sounds like the perfect nickname for her.

28. Maglet

Some say it rhymes with piglet and others say it rhymes with Hamlet, but either way it is a cute nickname that celebrates the special aura of Margaret.

29. Magpie the Cutie Pie

As adorable and precious as a bird, Magpie is a befitting nickname for Margaret. But then again, Margaret is also a cutie pie who brings happiness everywhere. Hence the nickname, Magpie the Cutie Pie.

30. Magsy

Want something unique but still cute for your baby Margaret? Magsy can be a fun option for you.

31. Maisie Moo

This playful nickname combines Maisie, which is a diminutive of Margaret, with Moo, which signifies a gentle and caring Margaret.

Nicknames for Margaret, Maisie Moo

Image: Momjunction Design Team

32. Margarina

Is your Margaret a little dancer who leaps and twirls all around the house? Fashion a nickname for her by combining her name with the word ballerina.

33. Margarito

This nickname may be a little funny but definitely quirky. Margarito is for a Margaret who cannot keep her hands off Doritos or Cheetos.

34. Margaroonie

Maragaroonie sounds silly and affectionate, just like Margaret. It’s a funny nickname that highlights her chill and jovial personality.

35. Margiekins

You can call her Margiekins because she is a sweet little munchkin all the time.

36. Marigold

This beautiful flower name is inspired by Margaret’s golden and warm personality. If she has golden hair, it makes the nickname even more appropriate.

37. Marjie-pie

A combination of the nickname Marjie and the word pie, this name is for your little girl who is so cute you can just eat her up.

38. Meg Boo

We all know that Margaret is an adorable name as it is. Sometimes a simple nickname like ‘Meg Boo’ is all it takes to capture her simplicity and cuteness.

39. Meggie Woogie

Does your Margaret enjoy dancing to every beat she hears? This nickname is synonymous with Margarte’s fun and spunky nature.

40. Meggy Bugs

When you add bugs to a name, it just makes it sound more cuddly and cute. Meggy Bugs is the epitome of adorableness.

41. Meggy Chops

Make way for the energetic and sassy Meggy Chops. It is the perfect nickname for a Margaret with a lot of personality and sassiness.

42. Meg Chop

Meg Chop is the short and trendy version of the nickname ‘Meggy Chops’.

43. Meggy Muffin

Like a yummy and warm muffin that brings tremendous happiness, the nickname Meggy Muffin is an apt way to describe Margaret.

44. Meggy Munchy

Celebrating the foodie side of Margaret, Meggy Munchy is an apt nickname that captures her love for good food.

45. Megster

Hip and happening, Margaret deserves a modern-sounding nickname like Megster.

46. Megsy

A cool nickname for a cool Margaret, Megsy encapsulates Margaret’s super edgy personality.

47. Megzee

Looking for a short and sweet nickname that is also modern and simple? Look no further, because Megzee is pretty catchy.

48. Mimi Doll

Don’t let Margaret’s cute and cuddly side fool you. Deep down she is chic, modern, and sophisticated, and that’s what Mimi Doll represents.

49. Muggle Maggle

A playful nickname for a childlike and innocent Margaret. If Margaret likes Harry Potter books, this is the perfect nickname for her.

50. Peggy Leggy

What else would you call a Margaret that stands out because she is so tall? Peggy Leggy can also be used for a Margaret who is a fast walker, always making it difficult to catch up with her.

Unique Nicknames For Margaret

These unique nicknames for Margaret have been handpicked from different cultures and languages all around the world. Explore these rare and interesting options!

51. Agie

The beauty of nicknames is you can play around with how you want them to sound. Margaret is sometimes shortened to Maggie, and Agie is a shorter version of Maggie.

52. Arett

Focusing on the last two syllables of Margaret, Arett makes a stylish and classy choice.

53. Argarette

Similar to Arett, Argarette is a nickname for Margaret without an M.

54. Argo

Derived from the nickname Margo for Margaret, Argo is a shortened nickname that carries a unisex vibe.

55. Gosia

Popular in Polish culture, Gosia is a diminutive of Małgorzata, which is another variant for Margaret.

56. Greer

With a little play of words and rearrangement, Greer can be used as a unique nickname for Margaret.

57. Greet

Greet is a Dutch diminutive, serving as an affectionate and concise form of Margaret.

58. Gretchen

Gretchen is the German diminutive of Margareta, a spelling variant of Margaret.

59. Gretel

You may wonder how Gretel fits as a nickname for Margaret. Gretel is the German and Danish form of the name Margaret and it is also found in literature, particularly, in Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale titled ‘Hansel and Gretel.’

60. Grethe

Grethe is another one of those unique nicknames for Margaret. It is the Danish and Norwegian version of the given name.

61. Griet

Griet is the Dutch variant of Margaret that can be used as a shortened name. It may be a diminutive of Margriet.

62. Gyöngyszem

An extremely rare nickname, it has roots in Hungarian. Some claim it means ‘pearl,’ while others say it refers to a ‘gem.’

63. Maarit

The Finnish variant of Margaret, it is usually pronounced as ‘MAH-reet,’ with more emphasis on the first syllable.

64. Madicken

A name popularized by the Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, Madicken offers a playful twist on Margaret through the charming character of Madicken or Maggie.

65. Madita

This is the German equivalent of Madicken, which retains its whimsical charm in the German translation of Astrid Lindgren’s beloved books.

66. Małgorzata

Małgorzata stands as the Polish form of Margaret, adding a distinct Eastern European flavor to the timeless classic.

67. Malgosia

Another endearing diminutive derived from Małgorzata, it offers a variation in form while maintaining its Polish roots.

68. Mare

A nickname that can stand on its own or be used as a nickname for Margaret and similar names beginning with ‘Mar’, it’s short and easy to pronounce.

69. Mared

A traditional name with a Celtic twist, Mared is the Welsh form of Margaret, an ode to Wales’ cultural heritage.

70. Margalina

Ever heard of Thumbelina? This can be a sweet choice for your Margaret if she is tiny and petite.

71. Margarethe

Another German spelling of Margaret, it may be on the longer side but definitely makes your darling stand out.

72. Margette

Margette is a rare spelling variant of Margaret that has been used in the US.

73. Margiela

This one’s a rare and unique variant of Margaret if you are interested in uncommon options.

74. Margaux

Taking inspiration from a renowned French town known for its fine wine, Margaux is a variant of Margot, another name for Margaret.

75. Margje

Margje is a Dutch diminutive of feminine names such as Marga, Margaretha, and Margriet. It is interesting and edgy, which can make Margaret stand out.

76. Margery

You may have seen Marjorie or Marjory as a nickname for Margaret, but what about Margery? This is not as common because this is the Medieval English form of the name.

77. Margriet

The Dutch form of Margaret, it also doubles as the Dutch word for the daisy flower, infusing natural charm into the name.

Nicknames for Margaret, Margriet

Image: Momjunction Design Team

78. Marharyta

In Belarusian and Ukrainian, Marharyta is a form of Margaret. It is a unique nickname that is written accordingly in its specific scripts.

79. Marj

An English shortened form of Marjorie or Marge, it can make an interesting nickname for your baby.

80. Marjie

Inspired by Marj, adding the suffix ‘ie’ elevates the name to a cuddly and cute nickname.

81. Marketta

Hailing from Finland, Marketta is the Finnish rendition of Margaret. A cultural twist to the timeless name!

82. Marsaili

A Scottish Gaelic rendition of Marcella with associations to Marjorie, Marsaili is a beautiful blend of linguistic and cultural richness.

83. Märta

How stylish is this nickname? Märta is the short Swedish form of Margaret.

84. Megi

Megi is a cute and unique spelling for Meggy, a shortened form of Margaret. It is generally used in Albania and Slovenia.

85. Merete

Merete is a medieval Danish variant, adding a classic flair to the elegant name Margaret.

86. Merethe

Merethe, another variant of the medieval Danish name Merete, offers a slightly different spelling option.

87. Molly

It might be a little out of the ordinary, but Molly is a fun and spirited nickname for an energetic Margaret.

88. Mysie

Mysie sounds like a fun and unique nickname, which is derived from Maisie.

89. Neamhnaid

In Scottish Gaelic, Neamhnaid means ‘pearl.’ This is considered to be an extremely rare nickname for Margaret, highlighting the meaning of the name.

90. Paaie

A unique nickname for Margaret, it is taken from the Manx form of Peggy, which is a variant of a popular Margaret nickname, Meggy.

91. Peg

Peg’s a rare but sweet nickname for your cute Margaret.

92. Pegan

Since Peg or Peggy are unique nicknames given to Margaret, why not play around with their letters and sounds? It may also be an alternative to Megan, a common nickname.

93. Pegeen

This nickname sounds a little bit like ‘pigeon.’ Choose this surname for your chirpy bird.

94. Peig

Possibly a shortened spelling or diminutive of Maighread, Peig sounds sophisticated and elegant.

95. Peigi

Peigi is the Scottish Gaelic variant of Peggy. It shares a similar sound and is one of the most common nicknames.

96. Penina

Meaning ‘pearl.’ Penina is a spelling variant of the Hebrew name Peninnah.

97. Perle

A stylish and unique nickname for Margaret, Perle is a Yiddish and French name that means ‘pearl.’

98. Pessa

Another rare nickname for your gem, Pessa is a Yiddish name that means ‘pearl.’

99. Poggy

Similar to Peggy, Poggy is a cuddy and endearing nickname for Margaret.

100. Reetta

Reetta is a Finnish diminutive, often used independently, originating from Margaret.

101. Retha

Retha is the Afrikaans or South African form of Margaret. It is also often seen as a diminutive of Margaretha.

Common Nicknames For Margaret

If you’re someone who does not like straying too far from the original name, we have some well-loved options for you. This list contains some common nicknames you may have heard for Margaret.

102. Ara

A sweet nickname for Margaret derived by shortening the eight-letter name to three letters. Ara is used as a given name with roots in Sumerian mythology.

103. Ari

Ari is another three-letter nickname for Margaret. It is also used as a Hebrew, Armenian, and Slavic given name.

104. Em

Why not focus on the initial letter of Margaret? Instead of M, change it up by using the nickname Em.

105. Etta

Focusing on the last two letters of the name and adding the suffix ‘ta’ gives Margaret a wonderful and catchy nickname.

106. Gaga

This is a cute nickname for a baby who is always mesmerized and fascinated by her surroundings.

107. Gigi

Gigi is a fun nickname for your Margaret. It can be used even when she grows up.

108. Gita

A short and sweet diminutive originating from Czech and Latvian cultures, it is derived from the names Margita or Brigita.

109. Gretta

Gretta may be used as a nickname obtained from Margareta, a variant of Margaret. It gives Margaret a girly vibe.

110. Madge

A shortened form of Margaret, Madge is a fun and crisp one-syllable nickname for your little one.

111. Mae

A lovely and girly nickname fit for your little bundle of joy.

112. Mag

Mag can be used as a nickname for Margaret. It works for all ages.

113. Magali

It’s the Occitan and French form of Magdalene, a name that is pretty similar to Margaret.

114. Maggie

This shortened and cuddly nickname is taken from the first two syllables of Margaret.

115. Maggs

Maggie is quite common if you think about it, while Maggs makes Margaret sound like a cool girl.

116. Maisie

Maisie is not only a Scottish spelling of Margaret but it also carries a sense of childlike innocence and daintiness as a nickname.

117. Mamie

A diminutive of feminine names like Mary and Margaret, it can be a nickname for Margaret who is shy and always clinging to her mother.

118. Manci

Going by the sounds of Margaret, Manci is a nickname for a little ball of fun. Manci is also a rare Hungarian name with obscure meanings.

119. Mappie

Your baby Margaret is unable to say Maggie, so she says Mappie instead. How cute is that!

120. Maple

This name brings images of beautiful maple trees and their vibrant leaves to your mind. It’s a lovely nickname for a happy and colorful Margaret.

Nicknames for Margaret, Maple

Image: Momjunction Design Team

121. Mara

Skipping a few letters in the name Margaret, Mara is a creative and shortened nickname.

122. Marie

Marie is derived by adding the suffix ‘ie’ after the first syllable of Margaret. It is also a common feminine name.

123. Marg

For the boss lady that she is, Marg is a sharp and crisp nickname for Margaret.

124. Margarita

Nicknames don’t always have to be shortened. Margarita is the Latinate name from which Margaret comes from. This can be a unique and special nickname.

125. Marge

This is a common nickname for feminine names that begin with the element ‘mar,’ such as Margaret or Marjorie.

126. Margie

A common diminutive for Margaret that is widely used all over the world.

127. Margo

Margo may be a French variant of Margaret, taken from Margot. It exudes an air of sophistication.

128. Mari

One of the most common nicknames given to Margaret by adding an ‘i’ at the end of the first syllable, it is feminine and sweet.

129. Marjorie

A respelling of Margery, it can be used as an adorable nickname for Margaret. It may be inspired by the herb marjoram.

130. Mary

This one is a traditional nickname for parents who enjoy names that are timeless and meaningful.

131. May

May is a lovely nickname for Margaret, possibly given to a baby born in spring or summer.

132. Mayme

Another popular nickname for Margaret, Mayme may be bestowed upon a little girl who is always sleepy and cuddly.

133. Meg

Since Margaret has several variants across other cultures such as Mégane, Megan, or Meggy, Meg is a shortened version of these names.

134. Megan

In Welsh, Megan is another form of Margaret. It is used in the contemporary world frequently as an independent name.

135. Meggy

Meggy can be an informal and casual nickname for a Margaret you know dearly. It is also the Medieval English form of Margaret.

136. Meghan

Going by the spelling of Megan and adding an ‘h’ in between, Meghan is a stylish nickname. It is also a name borne by the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and American singer-songwriter, Meghan Trainor.

137. Meret

Your baby girl is in play school and most of her friends cannot say her whole name, so they can stick with Meret. How cute!

138. Merit

Margaret is a popular name but it is spelled differently in various parts of the world. Merit is the Estonian and Swedish spelling of the name.

139. Meta

Meta is a common form of Margaret in multiple cultures such as German, Danish, Swedish, and Slovene.

140. Mette

A well-known form of Margaret in the Scandinavian countries of Denmark and Norway, Mette can also be used as an adorable nickname.

141. Mia

Mia is a warm and soft nickname for your Margaret. It almost feels like a cashmere sweater.

142. Midge

Midge is one of the common nicknames for Margaret. It is also a spelling variant of Madge.

143. Mimi

For your cute little cuddle bug, Mimi sounds perfect. It is short and easy to remember.

144. Minx

Minx may not fit a baby Margaret, but when she grows up, Minx can be an awesome nickname for a girl who is smart and a force to reckon with.

145. Mog

Going by the sound of the word ‘hug,’ Mog is a befitting nickname for a hugger.

146. Moggy

Moggy sounds like a cute sock monster name to give to your adorable darling.

147. Pearl

Many names may not have a meaning that can in turn be used as a nickname. However, Margaret means ‘pearl’ and is perfect for your gem.

148. Peggie

Peggie has a sweet and playful touch to add to Margaret’s personality.

149. Peggy

A spelling variation of Peggie, Peggy may have been inspired by Meggy.

150. Pegs

As a child, Margaret may have been called a Peggy or a Peggie, but when she becomes older, she can be referred to as Pegs.

151. Reeta

Reeta is the Finnish spelling of Margaret, but at the same time, it can be a diminutive of Margareeta.

152. Reta

Since Margareta is a spelling variant of Margaret, Reta may be commonly used as a nickname by parents.

153. Rita

A slight respelling of Reta with the same sound, Rita is also used as an independent name in cultures such as Danish, Estonian, German, Norwegian, and more.

Funny Nicknames For Margaret

The beauty of nicknames lies in the creativity of the people who make them. If the nickname can evoke a giggle, it is a success. Below are some amusing nicknames to call Margaret.

154. Magma

Is your little Margaret always fiery and short-tempered? This can be an adorable yet funny nickname for her.

155. Mama

Mama can be used as a nickname for a Margaret who is always taking care of her friends and loved ones.

156. Margalit

Always there to keep the good mood going, maybe this Margaret should be nicknamed Margalit.

157. Margarita Pizza

Is your little darling a fan of pizza? This nickname may suit her well.

158. Megalicious

This is a humorous twist to the name given by combining it with the word ‘delicious.’

159. Margaritaville

Margaritaville is a humorous and easy-going nickname for Margaret. It’s great for a girl whose personality is larger than life.

160. Magaroon

Is your Margaret a lover of crunchy and fluffy macaroons? Here is a nickname with a twist based on their favorite dessert.

Nicknames for Margaret, Magaroon

Image: Momjunction Design Team

161. Margie-Pie

Cutie Pie is a common nickname you hear often. Margie-Pie is a personalized and cuter version of it.

162. Marga-Watt

Sunshine smiles and dazzling white teeth, Marga-Watt is a little play of words on the first two syllables of Margaret.

163. Marge-in-Charge

A sing-songy and rhyming nickname for your boss lady Margaret.

164. Marzipan

A playful and sweet nickname for Margaret. It is adorable because it still retains the adorable ‘Mar’ element in the name.

165. Margalicious

Margalicious is a fun and unique nickname for Margaret as it adds a colorful twist to the traditional name.

166. MegaMarge

Is your Margaret a strong girl? This nickname may suit her.

167. Margarita Mixer

More appropriate for an adult Margaret, it carries an essence of a fun-loving woman who is a social butterfly.

168. Margsauce

A combination of ‘Marg’ and the quirky suffix ‘sauce.’ It makes for a fun and memorable nickname.

169. Marge-a-rita

Inspired by the drink or pizza, you can choose which meaning is more suitable for your Margaret.

170. Maggiemite

Ever heard of Vegemite? Does your Margaret like it? Maybe Maggiemite can be her new nickname.

171. Margatron

A play of words on the character Megatron from the film Transformer, Margatron is a unique and interesting option.

172. Margaritopia

This can be a fun nickname for a Margaret who is easily fascinated by everything around her.

173. Margarocket

Margarocket is apt for your little science nerd who dreams to put her feet on the moon or even Mars someday.

174. Margaritastrophe

Is your little darling a whirlwind, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of mess wherever she goes? Margaritastrophe can be used as a fun yet loving nickname.

175. Margaritastic

If your girl is a perfectionist at every single thing that she does, you can call her Margaritastic.

176. Margarumba

Your Margaret is always down to boogie-woogie. This nickname is inspired by a dancing style called the rumba.

177. Margetron

Similar to Margatron, Margetron is another spelling for the nickname inspired by the Transformers character.

178. Margamazing

Your baby girl leaves you in awe every time she does something silly or cute. Margamazing may fit her beautifully.

179. Margsicle

Some people like the summers while some enjoy the winters. If your Margaret thrives in the cold or loves a good popsicle, she may be a Margsicle.

Gender Neutral Nicknames For Margaret

Margaret may be a feminine name but the nicknames you use don’t have to be. These are a few unisex-sounding nicknames for your Margaret.

180. Arty

Arty may be used as a unisex nickname for Margaret taken from the last four letters of the name.

181. Biser

An interesting nickname for Margaret derived from its meaning. Biser means pearl in Croatian, Serbian, Macedonian, Slovenian, and Bosnian.

182. Dur

An easy-going, one-syllable nickname from the land of Uzbekistan. Dur is an Uzbek term for ‘pearl.’

183. Garet

From the last two syllables of the name, Garet may be commonly seen as a masculine name with two ‘t’s, but Garet makes it unique and usable for both boys and girls.

184. Garr

Garr, a name that comes from the second syllable of Margaret. Garr is an adorable way of referring to a baby boy or a girl.

185. Helmi

Another nickname that means ‘pearl,’ since it is taken from the Finnish word for pearl, it may be used for both boys and girls.

Nicknames for Margaret, Helmi

Image: Momjunction Design Team

186. Inci

Inci is an adorable nickname that can be used for both boys or girls. It is an Azerbaijani word for ‘pearl.’

187. Marlo

Going by the sound of Margaret, Marlo can be a fun and upbeat nickname. It is a unisex name derived from Marlowe.

188. Marty

Another diminutive name inspired by the sound of Margaret, Marty sounds ambiguous enough to be used as a gender-neutral nickname. However, Marty is also used as a masculine name derived from Martin.

189. Mars

Mars sounds like a cool nickname. It may be connected to the planet or the Roman god.

190. Maga

This is a made-up nickname for Margaret that comes from the first two syllables of Margaret. Maga gives off an aura of independence and confidence.

191. Mage

Every child is magical in their own way. Mage offers the possibility of being used as a unisex nickname for Margaret.

192. March

Instead of Marg, why not go for a unique respelling with the same sound? March is the name of a month and can be used interchangeably for boys and girls.

193. Marley

Marley is a unisex name that can also be used as a nickname for Margaret. In its original sense, Marley is an Old English name that means ‘pleasant wood’ or ‘boundary wood.’

194. Mattie

Instead of Maggie, which sounds feminine, you can try Mattie, which carries a gender-neutral tone.

195. Merjen

Merjen is the Turkmen term for coral. It makes an exotic name for Margaret.

196. Mutiara

From the Austronesian language of Malay comes mutiara, a nickname meaning ‘pearl.’

197. Peara

All the way from the island country of New Zealand, peara is a Maori term for pearl. It is a beautiful nickname for both boys and girls.

198. Perla

Perla is an official Italian and Spanish given name that means pearl. It’s also used in several European languages.

199. Pérola

In Spanish, Pérola is the term for ‘pearl.’ This beautiful nickname is apt for both boys and girls.

200. Rett

Based on the last syllable of Margaret, Rett is a lovely name that can be used as a unisex nickname.

201. Rhett

Rhett is commonly seen as a masculine name, but it also makes a cool gender-neutral nickname.

Each name in our curated list of nicknames for Margaret carries a loving tribute to her unique spirit. She is vibrant, diverse, and one-of-a-kind. Thus, maybe one nickname won’t be enough to capture her personality. However, no matter which nickname you choose, ensure it encapsulates how loving and kind she is and how much you enjoy her company. It should make her feel appreciated and should not embarrass or hurt her in any way. These nicknames should reflect your special bond with her.

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