200 Kanya Rashi Or Virgo Baby Names For Boys And Girls

Kanya Rashi Or Virgo Baby Names

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Kanya Rashi is the sixth astrological sign in Vedic astrology. The sign is represented by a maiden and corresponds to the Virgo zodiac sign of western astrology. According to astrology, individuals born under Kanya Rashi are recommended to have names beginning with the sounds of”Pa,” “Tha,” “To,” and “Sha.” In this MomJunction post, we present a list of 200 unique and modern Kanya Rashi names for boys and girls.

100 Kanya Rashi Names For Boys, With Meanings

1. Padam

The name Padam means “lotus.” This short namewould be a greatfit for your little one.

2. Padamjot

A unisex name, Padamjot, means “light of the lotus.”

3. Padmakar

A name with a religious origin, Padmakar, is another name for Lord Vishnu. Padmakar also means “jewel.”

4. Padmesh

A name with a religious origin, Padmesh, is another name for Lord Vishnu, and signifies his form with the lotus in the navel.

5. Pakshaj

The name Pakshaj refers to the Moon. Pakshaj also means “produced in a fortnight.”

6. Palash

The name has its origin from the word “Palash,” which means a flowering tree. The name Palash also refers to “a fruitful person.”

7. Palvish

A unique name, Palvish, refers to “one who is courageous and noble.”

8. Palvit

A name with a religious origin, Palvit, is one of the many names of Lord Vishnu.

9. Panav

Panav refers to a prince or “one who is the heir to the throne.”

10. Panchal

A name with a religious origin, Panchal, is another name for Lord Shiva, and indicateshis presence in the five elements.

11. Pancham

Thename Pancham refers to a musical note. The name Pancham also refers tosomeone intelligent.

12. Pankaj

One of the many names of Lord Brahma, Pankaj, means “born from the mud.” The name Pankaj also means “lotus flower.”

13. Pankil

A unique name, Pankil refers to “a combination of mud with water.”

14. Panshul

A name with a religious origin, Panshul, means “Lord Shiva.” Panshul also means “fragrance.”

15. Panth

It isderived from a word that means “road.” Panth also refers to the “one who is strong like the road.”

16. Paraj

A unique name, Paraj, means “gold.”

17. Parag

The name Parag means “pollen grains.” Parag also refers to “sandalwood” or “nectar.”

18. Parakram

A unique name for Kanya Rashi boys, Parakram, means “one who is born with great strength and power.”

19. Param

The name Param means “one who is the best and supreme.” Param also means “pre-eminent.”

20. Paramdeep

The name Paramdeep refers to the “lamp of the divine.”

21. Paramjit

The name Paramjit means “supremely victorious.”

22. Paranjay

The name Paranjay has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “infinite.” Paranjay also refers to Lord Varun or “Lord of the sea and ocean.”

23. Paras

According to legends, Paras is “a mystical stone that can convert any base metals to gold and precious gems.” The name Paras also means “healthy.”

24. Parav

The name Parav refers to “a name given to a learned sage.”

25. Paresh

The name Paresh refers to “one who is the supreme spirit.”

26. Paresha

One of the many names of Lord Brahma, Paresha, means “Lord of the Lords.”

27. Pariket

The name Pariket means “against desires.” It also refers to someone who has control over their desires.

28. Parikshit

The name Parikshit has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to “the posthumous son of Abhimanyu.” The name Parikshit also refers to “the examiner.”

29. Parimal

The name Parimal has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “fragrance or scent.”

30. Parinath

A unique name, Parinath, refers to “one who is famous.” The name Parinath also means “to praise.”

31. Parineet

A unique name,Parineet, means “marriage.”

32. Parishrut

The name Parishrut means “one who is renowned and popular.”

33. Paritosh

The name Paritosh means “to be content or satisfied.”

34. Parityaj

A unique name, Parityaj, means “he who makes a sacrifice.”

35. Parmesh

A name of religious origin, Parmesh, is another name for Lord Shiva.

36. Parmit

A unique name, Parmit, refers to the “friend of the supreme.” The name Parmit also means “wisdom.”

37. Paroksh

A unique name, Paroksh, means something “invisible” or “unseen.” Paroksh also means “beyond the horizon.”

38. Parshva

The name Parshva is a diminutive of “Parshvanath,” which refers to “the 23rd Tirthankara in Jainism.” Parshva also means “a weaponed soldier or warrior.”

39. Parth

The name Paarth has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to “the name given to Arjuna (one of the Pandavas), by Lord Krishna.”

40. Parthasarthi

The name is composed of the words “Partha,” meaning “Arjun”and “Sarthi,” meaning a “charioteer.” Therefore, Parthasarthi, means “charioteer of Arjun.”

41. Parthav

The name Parthav refers to something pure. Parthav also means “Earth.”

42. Parthik

A unique name, Parthik, refers to “an individual born pure and chaste.”

43. Parthiv

The name Parthiv means “son of the Earth.” Parthiv also means “brave.”

44. Parv

The name Parv means “a strong and festive person.”

45. Parvesh

The name Parvesh means “Lord of celebration.”

46. Parwinder

The name Parwinder means “he who is the Lord of the universe.”

47. Pathik

The name Pathik means “one who is traveling.” Pathik also refers to an explorer or a wanderer.

48. Patyush

The name Patyush means “wise and clever.”

49. Pauras

A unique name, Pauras, refers to “a man with huge potential.”

50. Pavak

The name Pavak means “an individual of purifying and brilliant nature.” Pavak also means “fire.”

51. Pavin

Pavin is one of the many names of the Sun.

52. Pavish

The name Pavish refers to a bright person.

53. Pavit

The name Pavit means “a pious and holy person.”

54. Pavithran

It is derived from the word “Pavithra,” which means “purity.” The name Pavithran also refers to “an individual filled with purity.”

55. Pawan

The name Pawan refers to the “God of wind.” Pawan also means “breeze” or “one who is like the wind.”

56. Pawandeep

The name Pawandeep refers to the “lamp of heaven.”

57. Payas

A unique name, Payash, refers to the water. Payas also means “versatile.”

58. Pehlaj

The name Pehlaj means “eldest,”“firstborn,” or “a child who is first in order of birth.”

59. Phalgun

Another name for the Pandava brother Arjun, Phalgun, refers to the spring season in the Hindu calendar.

60. Pinak

The name Pinak refers to Lord Shiva’s divine bow, which was gifted by sage Parashurama to King Janak.

61. Pinaki

Another name for Lord Krishna, Pinaki, means “one who is the wielder of the bow.”

62. Pitambar

A name with a religious origin, Pitambar, is another name for Lord Vishnu.

63. Piyanshu/Priyanshu

A unique name, Piyanshu/Priyanshu, means “first rays of sunlight.”

64. Piyush

The name Piyush means “nectar.” Piyush also refers to “a drink that makes a man immortal.”

65. Poorv

The name Poorv refers to “a singing/chanting voice heard from the east when the sun rises.”

66. Poorvans/Purvans

A unique name, Poorvans/Purvans, refers to the Moon.

67. Poorvith

The name Poorvith means “a complete person.”

68. Pradyuman

A name with a religious origin, Pradyuman, refers to the son of Lord Krishna with Rukmini. Pradyuman also means “God of love.”

69. Pramod

Another name for Lord Ganesha, Pramod, has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “joy and happiness.”

70. Pratham

It originates from a Sanskrit word and means “the first.”

71. Pranab

The name Pranab refers to the “Almighty God.”

72. Praneet

The name Praneet refers to a “modest and humble individual.”

73. Pranik

The name Pranik refers to “a symbol of love.”

74. Pratik

A unique name, Pratik, means “a symbol or image of God.”

75. Prem

The name Prem refers to “someone adorable and lovable.” Prem also means “love.”

76. Pukhraj

The name Pukhraj refers to the gemstone “Topaz.” The name Pukhraj also refers to “something treasured and valued.”

77. Pulin

A unique name, Pulin, refers to the “riverbank.” The name Pulin also means “one who is handsome and charming.”

78. Pulkit

Pulkit refers to “a happy, thrilled, and overjoyed person.”

79. Punan

The name Punan means “one with a clear mind.” Punan also means “pure.”

80. Pundarik

A unique name, Pundarik, refers to “an individual with the radiance and brilliance of a lotus.” The name Pundarik also refers to a white lotus.

81. Puneeth

The name Puneeth refers to “a person pious and pure from inside.”

82. Punish/Puneesh

The name Punish/Puneesh means “pupil of the eye.” Punish also means “Lord of the pious.”

83. Punyah

The name Punyah means “supreme purity.”

84. Purajit

One of the many names of Lord Shiva, Purajit, refers to the “conqueror of the city of Purumitra.”

85. Puru

The name has its origin from “Puru,” the name of a king in ancient India. Puru also means “mountains” or“the pollen of flowers.”

86. Purushottam

Another name for Lord Vishnu, Purushottam, means “best amongst all men with a great soul.”

87. Purvesh

The name Purvesh refers to the Earth or “one who loves the Earth.”

88. Pushkal

An epithet of Lord Shiva, Pushkal, means “powerful and magnificent.” Pushkal also means “complete.”

89. Pushkar

The name Pushkar means “a lake” or a “lotus.” The name also has its origin from a place locatedin Rajasthan.

90. Pushpit

A unique name for Kanya Rashi boys, Pushpit means “flowery.”

91. Pushpak

A name with a religious origin, Pushpak, refers to “the mythical vehicle of Lord Vishnu.”

92. Shaan/Shan

The name Shaan/Shan means “pride.”

93. Shailesh

The name Shailesh refers to the mighty Himalayas. Shailesh also means “God of the mountain.”

94. Shankar

A name with a religious origin, Shankar, is another name for Lord Shiva.

95. Shantanu

The name Shantanu has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to King Shantanu, who was the father of Bhishma.

96. Sharad

The name Sharad refers to the Autumn season in the Hindu calendar.

97. Sharan

The name Sharan refers to the “yard of a sail.” The name Sharan also means “to surrender to God.”

98. Shashank

It is derived from a Sanskrit word, which means “the Moon.” The name Shashank is another name for Lord Shiva, and means, “he who holds the Moon on his head.”

99. Shashidhar

Another name for Lord Shiva, Shashidhar means “he who carries the Moon.”

100. Thalesh

The name Thalesh means “Lord or God of the land.”

100 Kanya Rashi Names For Girls, With Meanings

101. Paavni

The name Paavni means “something sacred” or “one whose touch makes you pure.”

102. Padmaja

Another name for Goddess Lakshmi, Padmaja, refers to “one born from a lotus.”

103. Padmakshi

The name Padmakshi refers to “one with beautiful, lotus-like eyes.”

104. Padmini

The name Padmini has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “she who sits on the lotus.” Padmini is one of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi.

105. Pahal/Pahel

The name Pahal/Pahel means “to start or initiate.”

106. Pakhi

The name Pakhi refers to “a beautiful bird.” Pakhi also means “sweet singing.”

107. Palak

Palak means “someone who protects you just like how eyelids protect our eyes.”The name also refers to eyelashes or eyelids.

108. Pallavi

The name Pallavi means “bud” or “new leaves.” Pallavi also means “a creeper in full bloom.”

109. Pamela

The name Pamela means “sweet” or “honey.”

110. Panchali

The name Panchali has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to “Draupadi, the consort of the five Pandavas.” The name Panchali also means “a princess” or “a high-born woman.”

111. Pankaja

The name Pankaja means “lotus flower.”

112. Pankhuri

A beautiful name, Pankhuri, means “the flower petals.” The name Pankhuri refers to someone who is soft and tender like the flower petals.

113. Pankita

A unique name with a beautiful meaning, Pankita, means “soft like the petals of a flower.” Pankita also means “a young girl.”

114. Pankti

The name Pankti refers to a sentence or a line.

115. Panna

The name Panna refers to the gemstone Emerald.

116. Pari

The name Pari means an “angel” or a “fairy.” Pari also means “one who is filled with beauty and goodness and is a life savior.”

117. Paridhi

The name Paridhi means “boundary.” Paridhi also means “one who controls our life.”

118. Parija

The name Parija means “something with a pleasant fragrance.” Parija also means a “fairytale.”

119. Parinita/Parineeta

A beautiful name, Parinita/Parineeta, means “knowledge.” Parinita also means “complete.”

120. Parisa

The name Parisa has its origin from the word “Pari,” which means a “fairy.” Parisa thus refers to “a beautiful woman with an angelic face.”

121. Parivita

The name Parivita means “one who is independent.”

122. Pariyat

The name Pariyat means “tender and beautiful like a flower.”

123. Parmila

A unique name, Parmila, refers to wisdom. The name Parmila also means “an expert.”

124. Parnashri

A name with a religious origin, Parnashri,is another name of Goddess Parvati.

125. Parneet

The name Parneet refers to “an idealistic and sensitive person.”

126. Parnika

Another name for Goddess Durga, Parnika, means “a creeper” or “a small leaf.”

127. Parnitha

A unique name, Parnitha, means “apsara,” which refers to an auspicious or divine maiden.

128. Paroma

The name Paroma means “one who is beautiful.”

129. Paromita

A name with a Bengali origin, Paromita, means “one having selectivity.”

130. Parthavi

Another name for Goddess Sita, Parthavi, means “daughter of the Earth.”

131. Parthi

The name Parthi means a “queen.”

132. Paru

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Paru, refers to the “flow of water.” The name Paru also means “the Sun.”

133. Parul

A beautiful name, Parul, refers to “five petals of a flower.” Parul also means “beautiful.”

134. Parushi

A unique name, Parushi, refers to “an intelligent and beautiful woman.”

135. Parvani

The name Parvani has its origin in a Sanskrit word, which means, “a day of the full Moon.” Parvani also means “a festival.”

136. Parvati

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Parvati, refers to the “wife of Lord Shiva and daughter of King Himalaya.”

137. Parveen

The name Parveen refers to a “cluster of stars.”

138. Patralekha

A unique name for Kanya Rashi girls, Patralekha, refers to “a name from ancient epics.”

139. Paulomi

A name with a religious origin, Paulomi, is another name for Goddess Saraswati.

140. Pauravi

The name Pauravi means “daughter of the mountain and a descendant of King Puru.”

141. Pavaki

The name Pavaki has its origin in a Sanskrit word, which means “pure” or “purity.”

142. Pavani

Pavani is one of the many names of the pious river Ganga, which helps cleanse a person’s sins.

143. Pavishna

The name Pavishna means “divine” or “holy.”

144. Payal

The name Payal means “anklets.”

145. Payoja

A unique name, Payoja means “lotus.”

146. Pernita

The name Pernita means “prayers answered.”

147. Phalguni

The name Phalguni has its origin from the word “Phalgun,” which refers to the spring season in the Hindu calendar. The name also refers to the day of a full moon.

148. Pihu

The name Pihu refers to a sweet sound. The name Pihu also means “she who is great.”

149. Pinky

The name Pinky means “something like a rose.” Pinky also refers to the “pink color.”

150. Piya

The name Piya means “pious.” Piya also refers to a lovable person.

151. Piyali

The name Piyali means “a tree.”

152. Piyusha

The name Piyusha means “Amrit,”which is an elixir that makes one immortal.

153. Pooja

The name Pooja means “a spiritual or divine offering” or “worship.”Pooja also means “prayer.”

154. Poojasri

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Poojasri, means “to worship.”

155. Poonam

The name Poonam refers to the “full Moon.” Poonam also means “radiant and luminance.”

156. Pousahali

It isderived from the word Paush/Poush, which is a month in the Hindu calendar. The name refers to an individual born in the month of Poush.

157. Pramiti

A unique name, Pramiti means “knowledge of the truth.”

158. Prathiksha

A beautiful name, Pratiksha, means “hope.” Pratiksha also means “to wait for someone or something.”

159. Preet

The name Preet means “love and compassion.”

160. Pritha

The name Pritha has its origin in Mahabharata, referring to “Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas.”

161. Pujita

The name Pujita means “one who is respected and worshipped.”

162. Punarvika

A unique name, Punarvika, means a “star.”

163. Punasvita

The name Punasvita refers to something pure.

164. Purna

The name Purna means “complete.” Purna also refers to a generous individual.

165. Purva

The name Purva refers to the direction east.  It also means “elder” or “earlier.”

166. Purvi

The name Purvi means “from the East.” Purvi also refers to a “classical melody.”

167. Purvika

The name Purvika means “orient.” The name Purvika also means “formerly.”

168. Pushpa

It is derived from the word “Pushp,” which means “flower.” Pushpa also refers to a “woman who is pretty like a flower.”

169. Pushpita

The name Pushpita means “to decorate with flowers.”

170. Shabari

The name Shabari has its origin in Ramayana, referring to a tribal woman who was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama. The name Shabari also has a toponymicorigin referring to “one who dwells in the Shabari Hills.”

171. Shachi

The name Shachi has a religious origin, referring to the wife of Lord Indra. The name Shachi also means “elegance, kindness, and agility.”

172. Shagun

The name Shagun means “something auspicious or lucky.”

173. Shailaja

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Shailaja, refers to the “daughter of the mountains.” The name Shailaja also means a “river.”

174. Shalima

The name Shalima refers to “one who is happy and healthy.”

175. Shakshi

The name Shakshi means “evidence” or “a witness.”

176. Shakti

It is one of the many names of Goddess Durga and Goddess Parvati. The name Shakti means “power” or“vigor.”

177. Shalini

The name Shalini refers to a “modest person.”

178. Shalmali

A unisex name, Shalmali, means “power of Lord Vishnu.”

179. Shalvi

A unique name, Shalvi, means “one who is beautiful and clever.”

180. Shama

Another name for Goddess Durga, Shama, means “peaceful.” The name Shama also refers to a flame.

181. Shambhavi

Another name for Goddess Parvati, Shambhavi, refers to the “consort of Lord Shiva (Shambhu).”

182. Shamika

The name Shamika refers to “one who is God-like.”

183. Shamita

A unique name, Shamita, refers to “a peaceful and disciplined individual.”

184. Shampa

The name Shampa refers to “a bolt of lightning.”

185. Shamsikha

A unique name, Shamsikha, means “one who is cute and adorable.”

186. Shankari

One of the many names of Goddess Parvati, Shankari, refers to “a consort of Shankar (Lord Shiva).”

187. Shanvitha

One of the many names of Goddess Lakshmi, Shanvita means, “she who is peace-loving.”

188. Sharadini

The name Sharadini refers to the autumn season.

189. Sharanya

The name has its origin ina Sanskrit word, which means “one who gives shelter or refuge.”

190. Sharmistha

The name Sharmistha means “beautiful and intelligent.”

191. Shatabdi

The name Shatabdi has its origin from a Sanskrit word, which means “a century.”

192. Shayantani

A unique name, Shayantani, means “in the evening.”

193. Shayantika

The name Shayantika means “to arise.”

194. Tanisha

The name Tanisha means “ambition.”

195. Tara

A unique name, Tara, means “wealth.” The name Tara also means a “star.”

196. Tanvi

One of the many names of Goddess Durga, Tanvi, means “beauty and grace.”

197. Thapki

A unique name, Thapki, means “one who protects.”

198. Toral:

The name Toral refers to a “folk heroine.”

199. Toshani

The name Toshani refers to “Goddess Durga.”

200. Toshika

A unique name, Toshika, refers to “an individual who is wise and alert.”

Those born in Kanya Rashi are known to be helpful, sincere, and caring towards their dear ones. A baby born under this zodiac sign is also likely to grow up to become diligent with good mental alertness and agility.

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