200+ Popular Czech Last Names, With Meanings

Czech last names are fascinating and tell an interesting story about the culture. They often reflect characteristics of ancestors, the first names of a relatives, nature, and even food. Many German last names are interwoven with Czech names, due to the historical connection with the Austrian Empire. Czech women initially have their father’s last name at birth. They traditionally adopt their husband’s name after marriage, with the ending changing to match their gender.

Knowing the meanings of Czech surnames gives you a better idea about occupations, origins, or historical events. Find a range of common and popular Czech Republic surnames and learn their meanings in this post.

Czech Republic’s Last Names

1. Adamcik

This last name derives from a pet form of the classic given name Adam, meaning ‘earth’ or ‘soil.’ Adamcik is a masculine Czech surname. If you want it for a girl child, you may use Adamčíková.

2. Ambroz

Ambroz derives from Ambrosius and is equivalent to the popular last name Ambrose. Some believe it is a shortened form of the Slovenian last name Ambrožič. Berta Ambrož, a famous Yugoslav Slovene singer, is a notable bearer.

3. Andel

This Czech surname translates to ‘angel.’ It’s a masculine last name with the feminine counterpart, Andelova. Karel Andel, a Czechoslovak astronomer and selenographer, is a noteworthy bearer.

4. Babik

The Czech surname Babik comes from a diminutive form of Baba or Babas. It means ‘son’ or  ‘husband’. Initially, this surname meant ‘son of an old woman.’

5. Breza

Breza is a Czech and Slovak topographic last name. It denotes someone who lived among birches or by a birch tree.

6. Bolin

This is an ornamental last name. It has the elements bo, which means ‘farm,’ and the suffix ‘-lin’ derived from Latin -(l)inius referring to ‘relating to.’

7. Bonta

This Czech last name stems from the personal name Bonifác. It is also a nickname for someone with a patchy gray beard or hair.

8. Holy

This surname denotes a young, beardless man. The notable person with the surname Antonin Holy is a renowned Czech scientist.

9. Hora

If you are searching for topographic Czech last names, consider Hora. It means a mountain, hill, or forest. Adrian Ioan Hora, the Romanian footballer, is a notable bearer.

10. Janousek

Janoušek (feminine Janoušková) is a Czech last name derived from the first name John. Bohumil Janousek, a Czech rower who competed for Czechoslovakia in the 1960 Summer Olympics, is a prominent figure with this last name.

11. Kovar

Kovar, or its feminine Kovarova, is a Czech surname that means ‘smith.’ This surname can also be written as Kovář.

12. Kotek

Kotek is a Czech last name and a nickname for kitten or tomcat. Christine Kotek, the 39th governor of Oregon since 2023, is a vital mention of this last name.

13. Marek

It is derived from the first name Markus and is equivalent to Mark in English. The Czech football player Josef Marek is a well-known example.

14. Mraz

It is another short last name of Czech, Slovak, and Croatian origin. This surname means ‘frost cold.’ The American singer-songwriter Jason Mraz is a notable bearer of this Czech last name.

15. Novak

Novak is a short Czech last name derived from the Slavic word Novy, which means ‘new.’ It has many similar meanings, such as ‘novice’ or ‘newcomer.’ Novak is a highly-used last name in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovenia.

16. Ruzek

Ruzek is a diminutive of Roh, which means ‘horn cornet.’ It is a topographic name for a house with a cornet sign.

17. Pokorny

This last name means ‘humble’ or ‘tame.’ The Czech chess master Amos Pokorny is a notable bearer of this last name.

18. Vesely

Vesely is one of those beautiful Czech surnames that means ‘cheerful.’ Czech football player Bohumil Vesely bears it.

19. Vrana

Vrana is a masculine Czech surname, and its feminine variation is Vránová. It means crow. Alena Vránová, the Czech actress, is a popular bearer of the feminine variation of this last name.

Did you know?
Some Czech last names do not differ in the case used for males and females. These are those whose masculine form is a genitive plural, such as Janku, and those in which the masculine form is an adjective with the suffix -í, such as Jarní.

20. Zeman

The Czech and Slovak last name Zeman is a status name for a small landowner. It derives from zem, which means  ‘land.’ Milos Zeman, the Czech politician who served as the third president of the Czech Republic, is a key bearer.

Common Czech Last Names

21. Bednarik

It is an occupational last name that means ‘axe man.’ The name comes from Central Europe and stems from the Czech and Slovak Bednar, meaning ‘axe maker.’

22. Benes

Beneš comes from Benedict, the Latin word for ‘blessed.’ The American Major League Baseball pitcher Alan Benes is a good example.

23. Blahut

Blahut comes from the Czech word Blaha. It, in turn, is formed from Blaho, meaning ‘good.’ Patrik Blahút, a Slovak professional footballer, is a famous example of this last name.

24. Bradac

This Czech surname means ‘bearded man.’ The name stems from Brada, meaning beard. Its feminine variant is Bradacova.

25. Cada

Cada is a common Czech Republic last name coming from the Old Czech čad. It means ‘smoke.’ This name denotes someone with dark skin.

26. Cerny

Cerny is one of the common Czech surnames, and it means ‘black.’ Adolf Černý, the Czech writer known for his works like Wobydlenje Łužiskich Serbow (1889) is a famous example.

27. Chalupa

Chalupa means ‘rural house.’ Its feminine variant is Chalupova. A key example of this last name is František Chalupa, the Czech painter and illustrator.

28. Dobry

Dobry is a beautiful surname that means ‘good’ and ‘honest.’ Dobraya is the feminine surname. A notable figure with this surname is Karel Dobrý, the Czech film, television, and stage actor.

29. Doubek

Doubek means ‘small oak.’ This last name is a nickname of Dub. The Czech speed skater Jaroslav Doubek is a famous example.

30. Dvorak

Dvorak, or its feminine Dvořáková, refers to an official of the manorial estate or royal court. A notable bearer is Ann Dvorak, the former American film actress.

American film actress Ann Dvorak is a famous bearer of this surname.

31. Kaspar

Kaspar comes from the German word by the same name. It means ‘treasurer.’ Jan Kaspar, the Czech aviator and aircraft constructor is a primary carrier of this last name.

32. Kladivo

Kladivo means ‘hammer.’ It is one of those Czech surnames that denote the occupations of people according to the tools they use.

33. Kocian

It is a variant of Kocan and is a common Czech last name. This last name is believed to be an Americanized form of Slovenian Kocjan. A vital example of this surname is Adam Kocian, a German volleyball player.

34. Krejci

This is one of those Czech surnames that denote popular occupations. The last name means ‘tailor.’ It is a hereditary surname today.

35. Olejnik

This is an occupational surname referring to a seller of cooking oil. People in Slovakia and Poland also use this surname. Craig Olejnik, the Canadian actor, is a notable example.

36. Opalka

This Czech last name is another occupational name. It refers to a basket maker. Adolph Opalka, a  Czechoslovak soldier in World War 2, is a leading bearer of this last name.

37. Pacek

Pacek is a diminutive of the Old Czech given name Pačej. It is also a diminutive of names beginning with Pa-

38. Pribyl

Pribyl indicates a person who had just arrived in a district from přibyl or ‘newcomer.’ It is a diminutive form of the personal name, Přibyslav.

39. Prager

Prager is a surname that Czechs adopted by intermarriage. The American TV producer and blogger David Prager is a key bearer.

40. Ruzicka

This adorable last name means ‘nice little rose.’ It is a common Czech and Slovak surname whose popular bearer is Adam Ružička, the ice hockey player.

41. Safar

The feminine version of the surname is Safarova. It means ‘bailiff,’ referring to a legal officer to whom some authority or jurisdiction is given. Zdenek Safar, the  Czech freestyle skier, is a renowned example.

42. Sedlak

Sedlak is a Czech status name denoting a farmer who owned a large piece of land. Another meaning is ‘freeman farmer.’

43. Smaha

Smaha derives from Old Czech smaha, meaning ‘juice sap’. Individuals in the Ukraine bear this surname..

44. Trnka

Trnka is a Czech habitational surname. It denotes a person who resides by a blackthorn bush. Jiří Trnka, the Czech puppet maker of the 1900s, is a notable example of this last name.

45. Urbach

Derived from ‘Urban,’ Urbach implies ‘from the city.’ The name implies an urban town. Eithan Urbach, an Israeli Olympic backstroke swimmer, is a major bearer.

46. Uhlir

Uhlir implies ‘a coal merchant.’ This surname comes from uhlí, which means ‘coal charcoal.’ An important bearer is the Czech composer Jaroslav Uhlir.

47. Urbanovsky

This common Czech surname points to a member of the family or household of a person called Urban. It is a habitational name from a place called Urbanovice in Czechia.

48. Vlach

Vlach is an old ethnic last name for a speaker of a Romance language. It is cognate with the Old High German walahisc, which means  ‘Latin-speaking’ or ‘foreign’ and with Old English wælisc, meaning ‘foreign.’ Jaroslav Vlach, a Czech professional ice hockey player is a key example.

49. Zajic

Zajic is another common Czech last name from Czech zajíc, meaning ‘hare.’ It is also a diminutive for a swift runner or a shy person.

50. Zelenka

Zelenka is another common surname. It comes from the adjective zelený, which means ‘green.’ A key figure is Joe Zelenka, the former American football long snapper in the National Football League (NFL).

Popular Czech Last Names

51. Anderle

This Czech last name derives from Andreas. It means ‘little Andrew.’ David Anderle, the American record producer, is a notable bearer.

52. Apel

A variant of Appel, this Czech last name means ‘apple.’ It is also a pet form of Albrecht and is an occupational name for an apple grower.

53. Bartos

Bartos, or its feminine Bartošová, means ‘rich in land.’ The Slovak footballer Adrián Bartoš is a significant example of this surname.

54. Chvatal

Chvatal is a surname and a nickname of the past participle of chvátat. This last name means ‘to hurry’ or ‘rush’. A famous example is Janet Chvatal, the American classical singer, author, and producer.

55. Cizek

It is a diminutive for a person who resembles a bird in some manner. It is also considered a metonymic occupational name for a bird dealer.

56. Fiala

This surname means ‘violet’ in the language of the Czech Republic. This last name also shares Slovak roots. Sometimes, it is a nickname for a shy person.

57. Folta

This last name stems from a short form of the personal name Foltyn, which means ‘Valentine’. A notable mention is Milan Folta, a Slovak former handball player.

58. Gaba

Gaba is a short form of the first name Gabriel. In Hebrew, this name means ‘God is strength.’ Gaba is also a village in Poland.

59. Hreha

This popular Czech surname comes from a vernacular form of the given name Gregory. The name means watchman.

60. Huba

Huba is a descriptive last name. It’s a short form for a cheeky person from Huba. It is also a metonymic occupational name.

61. Jelen

In Czech and Slavik, Jelen means deer. It is both a surname and a toponym. The Slovenian theater and radio director Alen Jelen is a key example.

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62. Kolar

Kolar is one of the popular Czech Republic surnames. It stems from a Slavik term that means ‘charcoal.’ In this modern spelling, we have the suffix ‘ar.’

63. Kratochvil

This last name means ‘stubborn.’ The name was initially formed to identify one who has a strong will. It is prevalent among Moravia and Bohemia in the Czech Republic.

64. Maly

This Czech surname means ‘small’ or ‘little.’ It may refer to a person with a short height. The Hungarian actor Gerő Mály was a famous example.

65. Nekola

Nekola is a Czech last name that denotes a stubborn individual. It combines Czech ne, meaning ‘not’ with the past participle of kolit, which means ‘knock down’ or ‘tumble down.’

66. Procházka

This Czech surname means ‘walker.’ Procházková is its feminine variation. Having a stroll is the English translation of this surname.

67. Šťastný

Šťastný is one of the popular Czech surnames. It means ‘happy.’ Šťastná is its feminine form. The Canadian–American ice hockey player Yan Stastny is a key bearer.

[sc_protip type=”Did You Know” title=”Did You Know?”] There are many variations in the spelling of this surname. Stiastny, Stiastna, Stiasny, Stiasna, Stiassny, and Stiassna are some common ways to speak the same surname.[/sc_protip]

68. Simek

It is another classic and one of the top Czech surnames that means ‘Simon.’ The last name stems from a hypocorism of the name Simon, i.e., Szymon in Polish and Czech.

69. Soucek

This Czech surname is a nickname for a strong and stubborn man. It is a diminutive of Suk.

70. Swoboda

A variant of Svoboda, Swoboda is one of the most common Czech surnames. The term means ‘freedom’ or ‘liberty.’ It is popular among West Slavic nations.

Ancient Czech Last Names

71. Beranek

This is one of the ancient Czech last names that means ‘little ram.’ A key bearer is Czech football coach Miroslav Beranek.

72. Blažek

It comes from the Czech Blaise. It is also assumed to be a pet form of local equivalents of the Latin given name Blasius. Jaromír Blažek, the Czech footballer, is a significant example.

73. Cerveny

This ancient surname comes from červený, which means ‘reddish.’ It’s a short form for those with red hair or a ruddy complexion. A great example is Jaroslav Červený, the Czech footballer.

74 Chmela

Chmela comes from the term chmel, meaning ‘hops.’ It denotes a person who grew hops or the plant for brewing beer.

75. Cipra

Cipra indicates a person from Cyprus. It stems from Cipriano. A famous figure bearing it is Milo Cipra, the Croatian singer.

76. David

David is an ancient Czech last name that means ‘beloved.’ An important mention of this surname is the Dávid family, which was a Hungarian noble family, based in what is currently Slovakia.

77. Jahoda

It’s a Czech cognate of Jagoda. This last name means ‘berry’ in Polish culture. It’s also a nickname for someone who may resemble a berry.

78. Jedlička

Jedlicka, or its female variant, Jedličková, implies a fir tree. Michal Jedlicka, the Czech orienteering competitor, is a notable example.

79. Kohout

This ancient Czech surname means ‘rooster.’ The name can have roots in the roosters owed by fighters. A notable figure is Aleš Kohout, the Czech footballer.

80. Kozel

This last name means ‘male goat.’ As a cognate of Koziol, it denotes a goatherd.

81. Kriz

Kriz or Krizova is an ancient Czech surname that means ‘cross’ or ‘from the cross.’ František Kříž, the Czech fencer, is a significant example.

82. Kuchar

Kuchar, or the feminine Kucharova, means ‘cook.’ The Czech orienter Ada Kucharova is a notable bearer.

83. Kudela

This surname is most used in the Czech Republic and Poland. The name means ‘reincarnator.’ Ondřej Kúdela, the Czech footballer, is a famous example.

84. Láska

Laska means ‘love.’ It’s a short form of the given name Ladislav. A famous bearer is Katarzyna Łaska, the Polish singer.

85. Liska

Liska is one of the popular Czech last names that means ‘fox.’ Lišková is its feminine variant. It can be used to denote someone with the qualities of a fox.

86. Mach

This Czech last name has the same etymological roots as the English name Matthew. It is a nickname for names beginning with Ma-.

87. Martinek

Martinek comes from Polish and Czech roots. It is thought to come from the classic name Martin, which means ‘war-like.’

88. Mlynárik

It is a variant of Mlynář, which indicates a miller. Jan Mlynárik, the Czech and Slovak historian and dissident, famously bore this last name.

89. Navratil

This surname means ‘to return.’ It’s the past particle of navrátit, which has the same meaning. This ancient surname is most used in Slovakia.

90. Novosad

Novosad derives from names of places that denote ‘new orchards.’ It is one of the ancient Czech last names borne by many in the Central and Eastern European regions.

91. Pulkrábek

A medieval status name, Pulkrabek implies ‘burgrave.’ The German term Burggraf, meaning ‘castle count’ is the root term for this surname.

92. Reha

This last name derives from the given name Řehoř. In turn, it’s a Czech form of Gregory.

93. Rybar

Rybar means ‘fisherman.’ It is one of those ancient Czech surnames that show trade and occupation. The feminine form is Rybárová.

94. Sedlacek

It means a wealthy ‘peasant farmer’ or ‘freeman farmer.’ Since the time of Austria-Hungary, it is also known under German and Hungarian spellings.

95. Ticha

This last name has Slavik origins. It comes from the Old Czech word ‘ticho’, which implies calm or peaceful.

96. Tuma

This surname derives from the personal name Thomas meaning ‘twin.’ František Ignác Antonín Tůma was a famous Czech composer of the Baroque period.

Czech Jewish Last Names

97. Abeles

It is a pet form of the Yiddish given name Abe. The surname means ‘father.’

98. Adler

Adler is an ornamental Jewish Czech last name. It means ‘eagle.’ The name is prevalent in Eastern and Central Europe.

99. Ausch

This Jewish Czech surname originates in the Middle Low German musch. It means ‘sparrow.’ This name is considered for a busy person.

100. Bentov

Bentov means ‘good son.’ One of the most prominent figures with this last name is Itzhak Bentov, the Czech-born Israeli-American inventor.

101. Bergmann

This surname implies ‘man.’ It is a variant of Berg with the added Middle High German term Mann. It is also used for mountain dwellers.

102. Blau

Blau comes from the Middle High German, Bla. It simply means ‘blue.’ It is used in various senses, such as for a person who habitually wears blue clothes.

103. Caro

Caro is used by Sephardic Jews in the Czech Republic. It means ‘dear’ or ‘beloved.’ In Medieval Italy, Caro was a personal name.

104. Cohen

This is a Czech last name of Jewish, Samaritan, and Biblical origins. It comes from the Hebrew Kohen, meaning ‘priest.’

105. Feigenbaum

This last name means ‘fig tree.’ As a habitational last name, it refers to a house with the sign of a fig tree.

106. Fischer

Fischer is an occupational name for a fisherman. It comes from the German Fischer. The name is translated into German from corresponding Slavic occupational surnames.

107. Freud

Freud is a  nickname for someone with a cheerful disposition. It derives from a Middle High German vreude vröide, implying ‘joy.’

108. Goldstein

It means ‘gold stone.’ This is a Czech surname of Yiddish origin. It is prevalent among Ashkenazi Jews.

109. Hock

Hock is a Jewish Czech last name found in Prague. It means ‘street trader.’ The name comes from the German hock.

110. Herzog

Herzog is an occupational last name. It refers to the servant of a duke. Apart from the Czech Republic, this last name is also prevalent in France.

111. Horowitz

This Jewish surname means ‘one who came from Horice or Horitz.’ This surname has  Ashkenazi Jewish roots.

112. Kafka

This Czech Jewish surname implies ‘jackdaw’ in Czech. Sometimes, it is used as a personal name from a Yiddish short form for Ya’akov.

113. Katz

Katz shows a descent from Jewish priests. The initials of the term Kohen Tzedeq, meaning ‘priest of justice,’ make up this name.

114. Kisch

It’s a habitational name from a place called Chýše. The German Chiesch is another variant of this last name. It means ‘small.’

115. Klein

Klein means ‘small.’ The name refers to a man with a short stature.

116. Kolman

Kolman means ‘dove’ in ancient Greek. This Czech last name originates from Eastern European Jewish and German roots.

117. Landau

It is another popular Jewish last name in Czechia. It is composed of the Old High German lant, meaning land, and auwa, meaning ‘damp valley.’

118. Maj

It is a Polish and Jewish surname from Poland. It is thought that Maj was adopted with reference to the month of May.

119. Miklas

Miklas is a surname that is equivalent to Nicholas. It means ‘victory of the people.’ This name is an altered form of the Polish variant Miklasz.

120. Naor

Naor means ‘enlightened.’ A notable example is Assaf Naor, the Czech-Israeli mathematician.

121. Neumann

This Czech last name originates in German-Danish. It is used in Czechia by Ashkenazic Jews. Alfred Neumann, the German writer of short stories and novels, is a significant example.

122. Nosek

Nosek means ‘small nose.’ It is a West Slavik surname whose key bearer is David Nosek, The Czech hockey player.


This surname comes from the German Schwarz, which means ‘black.’

124. Stern

Stern is of German/Yiddish or English language origin. It means ‘star.’ Adolf Stern, who was a literary historian, is a notable example.


Steiner is an agent derivative of Stein. It is an occupational name for a quarryman and a topographical name for a person who lived on stony ground.

126. Stiassny

Stiassny implies ‘to stand.’ It’s an Old High German surname of Ashkenazic Jew origin.

127. Wohl

This last name stems from Middle High and Middle Low German wol. It means ‘pleasant.’ As a topographical name, Wohl means ‘wood.’

Cool Czech Last Names

128. Boehm

Boehm is a habitational name for a native of Bohemia. This surname comes from Baii and heim, which means ‘homeland.’

129. Bosko

This is another cool Czech surname. It comes from a pet form of many Slavic personal names made with Bog, meaning ‘God.’

130. Cech

Cech is a Czech last name meaning ‘Czech.’ This surname was used to differentiate an inhabitant of Bohemia from Slovaks, Moravians, and various other ethnic communities.

131. Červenka

This is a nickname from červenka, meaning  ‘robin.’ Dominika Červenková, the Czech rhythmic gymnast, is a famous bearer of the feminine variant of this surname.

132. Dolezal

It’s a nickname for someone lazy who likes to stay in bed. This name is most prominent in Slovakia.

133. Dostal

Dostal means ‘to abide by.’ It’s also a sweet nickname for a reliable and trustworthy person.

134. Dusek

Dusek means ‘soul.’ Anna Dušková, the Czech figure skater, is a key example of this surname.

135. Eben

This is a habitational surname for someone from a place of this name in Bavaria. It is a diminutive for Ebenezer.

136. Fara

Fara is a cool topographic name referring to ‘a priest’s house.’ The name may also mean ‘messenger.’

137. Gavenda

Gavenda means ‘small talk’ or ‘chat.’ It is believed that this name came into the US by Martin Gavenda and his sons Jan and Stepan from Hošťálková in Moravia.

138. Hlavac

This last name means ‘head.’ This Czech last name is used as a nickname for a significant person.

139. Hrubes

Hrubes means ‘rough’ or ‘big.’ This Czech-origin name comes from Hruby, which means the same.

140. Janak

Janak or Janáková is a cool and short Czech last name, which implies ‘John.’ A key bearer is František Janák, the Czech glass artist.

141. Jaros

Jaros arises from a short form of a personal name based on the Slavic term jar. It means ‘lush rank’ and ‘strong.’ The feminine form is Jarošová.

142. Jicha

This last name originates from a short form of the personal name Jan. It further arises from the Latin Johannes or John, which means ‘graced by God.’

143. Kalal

This last name means ‘woodcutter.’ It is an occupational name for a person in this profession.

144. Karlik

This cool Czech masculine name comes from Ceorl. It is also a diminutive of Karel, which means ‘free man.’

145. Kaluza

Kaluza is a cool Czech name for someone living near a pool filled with rainwater. In Polish, it means ‘puddle.’

146. Klíma

Klima means ‘Clement.’ It’s a short form of Kliment. The name is prevalent as a last name in Germany.

147. Kostelecky

This Czech last name means ‘church.’ It’s a habitation term for someone from Bohemia and Moravia. An American theoretical physicist and professor, Alan Kostelecky, is a famous example.

148. Kraus

Kraus is an adorable Czech last name that means ‘with curly hair.’ It originates from the Middle High German krus, meaning ‘curly.’

149. Kratochvil

It is a  nickname for an idle pleasure seeker. This last name arises from the Czech kratochvíle, which means ‘pastime’.

150. Kral

This surname comes from a West Slavik term that implies ‘king.’ It’s a derivative of the personal name Karl, the name of many Roman emperors.

151. Kreps

Kreps is an interesting Czech last name. It stems from the German Krebs, meaning ‘crab’ or Yiddish keeps, meaning ‘crayfish’. It is also a Jewish Ashkenazi surname.

152. Muller

Muller means ‘miller.’ It’s the fifth most common last name in Austria. Achim Müller, the German chemist, is a key bearer.

153. Moravec

This is a habitational name for a person from Moravia. In Slovanian, Moravec is a topographic name from Morava, meaning ‘wet meadow’.

154. Nemec

It means ‘mute’ or ‘the one who does not speak.’ Adam Nemek, the Slovak footballer, is a notable example.

155. Nova

Nova means ‘the daughter’ or ‘the wife of.’ This surname is associated with the nobility and has been used since the 16th century.

156. Otakar

This Czech masculine surname means ‘watchful.’ It is also a given name, with Otakar Batlička, the Czech adventurer and journalist, being a noted bearer.

157. Panek

This is a short and cute Czech surname that comes either from Pan, which means Polish sir, or master. It is also a pet form of the given name Pankrać.

158. Pliska

It is a nickname for someone who may resemble a bird somehow. It is also an altered variation of Pliszka, meaning wagtail.

159. Polak

Polak means ‘a pole.’ The Czech international footballer Jan Polak is a notable example.

160. Puskar

Puskar is an occupational name for a rifle or gun maker. The Slavik Puska, meaning a gun, is the origin term for this last name.

161. Slavik

Slavik is a Czech and Slovak last name that means ‘nightingale.’ The name is sometimes used as a short form of Vyacheslav.

162. Stepanek

Stepanek means ‘descendent of little Stefan.’ It also means ‘crown’ or ‘garland.’ It is most popular in Czechia and Slovakia.

163. Stehlík

This last name implies European goldfinch. It is commonly used by Czechs and Slovaks. A significant bearer is Jan Stehlík, the Czech Olympic wrestler.

164. Vent

In the Czech Republic, Vent is from a short form of the Italian given name Bonaventura. It means ‘apprentice’ or ‘Mate.’

165. Vankova

Vankova means ‘carpenter.’ This last name derives from the old Czech word vankování.

166. Vrzala

Vrzala means ‘chirked’ or ‘scraped.’ It’s one of the rare yet cool Czech last names.

167. Zapatka

This Czech last name is a metonymic occupational name for a locksmith. This locksmith is from Zapadka. The name also means ‘pawl latch’.

168. Zbyšek

This Czech last name origin is Polish. It consists of Zby, meaning ‘to dispel’ and gniew, meaning ‘anger.’

169. Zavadil

Zavadil means ‘sower.’ It’s a Czech and Slovak surname from the term závadil.

170. Zima

Zima means ‘winter’ or ‘cold.’ It is also a topographic name for someone living in an icy spot.

171. Zmolek

Zmolek means ‘to crumple’ or ‘to bruise.’ It’s a rare yet cool surname of the Czech Republic.

Catchy Czech Last Names

172. Blaha

Blaha means ‘good’ or ‘blissful.’ It’s a diminutive for Blahoslav, a personal name. Constantin Blaha, the Austrian diver, is a famous bearer.

173. Bures

It is a nickname for the given name Burian in the Czech Republic. In English, Bures is a habitational name from Mount Bures.

174. Cap

Cap means ‘tall-legged man.’ The Latin caput or ‘head’ or ‘chief’ is thought to be its original term. Franz Cap, the Czech film director, is a key namesake.

175. Cejka

Cejka comes from a nickname for a proud man. It stems from the Czech and Polish word Cejke, meaning ‘bighead.’ Cejka is one of those Czech surnames that is prevalent in Slovakia.

176. Cermak

Cermak is another one of those Czech last names that denote something red. It is a nickname for a red-haired man derived from čermák, which means ‘redstart.’

177. Divis

This last name is from the personal name Diviš, which comes from the Greek Dionysios, the god of wine, fruitfulness, and vegetation. The Czech painter Alen Divis is a noteworthy example.

178. Doležalová

This long yet catchy surname means ‘of Doleža.’ It is prevalent in eastern Germany, Austria, Poland, and the Czech Republic. A noteworthy variation is Dolezalova.

179. Hájek

Hajek means ‘a grove.’ It’s a variant spelling of the Czech name Hájek. In Polish language spelling, this surname appears as Chajek.

180. Hrbek

It means ‘stallion.’ It is a last name usually given to brave or reliable ones.

181. Janda

Janda or Jandova is a popular Czech last name. However, it has no known meaning. A key figure bearing it is Antonin Janda, the Czech footballer.

182. Ježek

This short Czech surname means ‘hedgehog.’ It’s a nickname for someone who is prickly. Bohuslav Ježek, the Czech mineralogist, is a good example.

183. Kadlec

This surname means ‘weaver.’ It is one of the occupational Czech last names. A key example is Andrej Kadlec, the Slovak footballer.

184. Konečný

This last name means ‘closing’ or ‘ultimate.’ It is assumed to be a topographic name for a person who lived at the end of a settlement or who ended something.

185. Kopecký

Kopecký means a person who lived by the hill. Jan Kopecky, the Czech rally driver, famously bears this surname.

186. Kratky

Kratky or the feminine Krátká means ‘short.’ This catchy surname comes from the krátký, which means the same. A notable example is Břetislav Krátký, the Czech sprinter.

187. Kucera

This surname denotes one with curly hair. Kucerova is its feminine form. A key bearer of this surname is Adriana Kučerová, the Slovak soprano.

188. Lihy

Lihy or Lichý is a pretty catchy Czech last name. It has two meanings, ‘odd’ and ‘false.’

189. Mareš

Mares comes from a derivative of the given names Marek or Martin in the Czech Republic. A notable bearer is Leoš Mareš, the Czech television personality and singer.

190. Musil

Musil implies ‘he had to.’ It’s a past tense of musit, which means ‘must.’

191. Pekárek

Pekárek is one of the catchy Czech last names that means ‘baker.’ The root term of this last name is pekař, which also means a baker.

192. Stejskal

Stejskal implies a person who isn’t happy. Despite its meaning, it is a catchy and popular last name. A famous example is František Stejskal, a Czech athlete.

193. Svec

Cvec is one of the catch Czech last names that means ‘sit’ or ‘to sew.’ It is also an occupational name for a shoemaker.

194. Sýkora

Sykora comes from the Slavic word for birds of the Paridae belonging to the tit family. It was used as a nickname for a small but agile person.

195. Tomášek

This Czech surname means ‘little Thomas.’ David Tomášek, the Czech ice hockey player, is a famous example.

196. Tomas

This surname means ‘son of Tomasz.’ It’s a Slavik name whose English counterpart is Thomas.

197. Turek

This Czech last name means ‘Turk.’ It is also a Polish and Jewish habitational name from any of the places called Turek, specifically a town in Greater Poland Voivodeship.

198. Valenta

This Czech-origin surname comes from the Slavic word ‘wojna’, meaning ‘war’ and ‘valenta,’ implying ‘courageous.’ Besides the Czech Republic, the surname is found in the United States, Australia, and Germany.

199. Vancura

Vancura comes from a Slavik personal name Vana, which means ‘deep bliss.’ It is an old yet catchy Czech surname.

200. Vaněk

This Czech surname means ‘greater glory.’ It is made of Old Slavic elements viece, meaning ‘greater’ and slav, meaning ‘glory.’

201. Vlckova

Vlcova implies ‘wolf.’ It is derived from Vlk, which denotes this animal in Czech. It is also a village’s name in the Czech Republic.

1. Are there any common prefixes in Czech last names?

Yes. Czech last names include prefixes, such as -ček, -čka, ‘ar, and ‘cik.’ These short prefixes have their meanings.

2. Can Czech last names change over time?

Czech last names can change because of migration, marriage, or official regulations. When Czechs move to English-speaking countries, their last names may change to be easily spelled by English speakers. Additionally, Czech women who marry foreigners or have permanent residence abroad can keep their last names in the masculine form.

3. How are Czech last names structured?

Czech surnames can take the form of nouns or adjectives with the masculine ending -ý. Certain masculine names in the form of nouns end in -a. Female Czech last names almost always take the form of feminine adjectives. They end in -ová or -á. Czech surnames reflect a personal characteristic of an ancestor, occupation, the first name of a relative, and animals. Due to the gendered nature of the Czech language, the spelling of the last name changes, and a woman’s surname must have a feminine ending.

Czech last names are culturally significant and unique. The language’s Slavic roots contribute to the array of meanings. Czech surnames blend elements like nature, occupation, and personal attributes. The intricacies of Czech last names connect individuals to their past and offer a linguistic tapestry that mirrors the nation’s vibrant heritage.

Key Takeaways

  • Czech last names offer a significant view of family histories and culture.
  • From the ubiquitous Novák or newcomer to the evocative Ševčíková or shoemaker, Czech surnames provide insights into common occupations, actions, and attributes of people. They also reflect diverse personalities.
  • The endings of Czech surnames differ to align with the Czech language’s systems of gender adjectives.

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