200+ Powerful Valkyrie Names With Meanings

Fierce and powerful names are not just meant for boys. Valkyrie names have descended from the winged goddesses of the Vikings. The Valkyries were more than just sword bashers, their very presence altered the course of war. As much as they are beautiful, they are also savage in battle. This interesting combination of the extremes is also reflected in their naming conventions. From the peaceful Helga, which means ‘holy’ or ‘blessed’ to the ruthless Hildr, which means ‘battle,’ Valkyrie names are often infused with exquisiteness and might. Our list also contains names of powerful goddesses and legendary female warriors who embody the Valkyrie spirit. Get ready to traverse the incredible world of the Valkyries.

What Is A Valkyrie?

Valkyries are distinct female deities found in Norse mythology. They are known to serve Odin, the Allfather or the King of the Gods. There are no known male Valkyies and they are known as the ‘choosers of the fallen’ (1). This means that during every battle Odin sends his Valkyries to choose and carry back the warriors who died the most heroic deaths to Valhalla. Valkyries are often presented as ferocious female figures on horseback, wolves, or boar. Some of the most popular Valkyries are Brynhildr, Hildr, Sigrdrífa, Sigrún, and Sváva.

200+ Valkyrie Names For Girls With Meanings

Valkyrie names add a dash of feminine strength and girl power to your little one’s identity. Dive into this treasure trove of Valkyrie names.

1. Adalgund

Adalgund may not be categorized as a Valkyrie name but it carries the connotation of ‘noble battle,’ which falls in line with the usual meanings borne by Valkyrie names.

2. Adelita

A name borne by a female soldier in a Mexican folk song. Adelita is the Spanish diminutive of Adela, which means ‘noble.’

3. Adelpha

A protector of Asgard, Adelpha is usually seen in her golden warrior armor with vines and swirls. Adelpha is a rare Filipino and American name that comes from the masculine name Adelphus, which means ‘brother,’ or literally ‘from the same womb.’

4. Adina

Adina is traditionally a unisex name but has been used increasingly for girls among Hebrew communities. It has Hebrew roots and it means ‘delicate.’

5. Aella

Another powerful name from Greek mythology, Aella is not a Valkyrie but she is another form of formidable woman. Aella was an Amazon who fought against Herakles. The name means ‘whirlwind’ in Greek.

6. Agrona

Rooted in war, the name means ‘battle’ or ‘slaughter.’ It was possibly associated with a Brythionic goddess after which the river Ayr in Scotland and River Aeron in Wales were named.

7. Ailbhe

Found in Irish mythology, Ailbhe is the female warrior of the Fianna. It has Celtic roots and is derived from the word ‘albiyo,’ meaning ‘world,’ ‘light,’ and ‘white,’ combined with the Old Irish word ‘ail,’ which translates to ‘rock.’

8. Aldara

An ancient and prominent name borne by the wife of the Visigothic king Gundemar. It means ‘aware of battle’ or ‘cautious of battle.’

9. Aldegund

An old Germanic name that may be associated with Adalgund. The name means ‘old war.’

10. Alfhild

From Norse mythology, Alfhild was a woman who dressed up as a warrior to avoid marriage. The name is comprised of two elements, ‘alfr,’ meaning ‘elf’ and ‘hildr,’ which means ‘battle.’ The meaning of the name can be interpreted as ‘battle elf.’

11. Alma

Alma is not a Valkyrie name but it emerged after the Battle of Alma. It may contain Latin roots meaning ‘nourishing’ or the Spanish connotation of ‘the soul.’

12. Alruna

An anglicized spelling of the Ǫlrún, a Norse mythological name. She was a Valkyrie who married Egil, the archer. The name also carries Medieval German roots and it means ‘secret lore’ or ‘rune.’

13. Anat

According to Semitic mythology, Anant is the name of the goddess of fertility, hunting, and war. It may not be a name associated with Valkyries but it is just as fierce.

14. Aoife

A popular feminine name in the Irish legends, Aoife is taken from the Old Irish Aífe and means ‘beauty.’ Interestingly, the anglicized form of this name is spelled as Eva or Eve.

15. Aristomache

Aristomache may not be an Old Norse Valkyrie name, but it is deeply rooted in Greek and is powerful. Combined using two Greek elements, it means ‘best battle.’

16. Arnbjǫrg

An Old Norse name that can also be written as Arnbjörg or Arnbjørg. The name is made up of two elements, ǫrn and bjǫrg, which when combined means ‘an eagle who comes to the rescue.’

17. Åshild

Taken from the Old Norse name Áshildr, it carries a divine and eminent meaning of ‘battle god.’

18. Ashtoreth

A feminine name linked with different goddesses from different civilizations. It is a Hebrew name for the Phonecian goddess of love, war, and fertility. At the same time, it is also a cognate for the East Semitic goddess Ishtar.

19. Aslaug

The Norwegian spelling of the Old Norse name Áslaug. It is a divine name that means ‘bound in oath by God.’

20. Astraea

Shining in her own light, Astraea is a name rooted in Greek mythology. It means ‘star’ and is also the name of a Greek goddess who looked after justice and innocence.

21. Astrid

The modernized and Scandinavian form of Ástríðr, an Old Norse name that means ‘beautiful or beloved god.’ The name was borne by Astrid Lindgren who wrote Pippi Longstocking.

22. Ásvǫr

With deep roots in Old Norse, Ásvǫr means ‘god of spring.’ Ásvør is the Faroese spelling, while Ásvör is the Icelandic form of the name.

23. Bellatrix

A name bore by a literal star. Bellatrix is a Latin name and it means ‘female warrior.’ It is also the name of a star that can be seen on the left shoulder of the constellation of Orion.

24. Bellona

A Latin feminine name with roots in Roman mythology. Bellona was the name of Mars’ companion and was also the goddess of war. The name means ‘to fight.’

25. Briseida

Briseida is a literary name and is a variant of Briseis. The exact meaning of the name is unknown, but in the medieval tales of Greek mythology, Briseis is the real name of Hippodameia, the daughter of Briseus. During the Trojan War, she was captured by Achilles.

26. Brunhild

Brunhild is the cognate of the legendary Valkyrie name Brynhildr. It has Old Germanic origins and it means ‘battle armor’ or ‘battle protection.’ It can also be spelled as Brunhilde.

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Works of art have been composed based on Valkyries. Richard Wagner composed operas such as Die Walküre, Siegfried, and Götterdämmerung, featuring one of the most famous Valkyries, Brunhild, and her disobedience towards her father by falling in love with another Valkyrie, Siegfried.

27. Brynhildr

According to Norse mythology, Brynhildr was the queen of the Valkyries. The name means ‘battle protection’ or ‘battle armor.’ In Norwegian, the name is spelled as Brynhild.

28. Brynjar

With roots in Old Norse, Brynjar is the Norwegian and Icelandic spelling of Brynjarr. It means ‘warrior’s armor’ or ‘army’s armor.’

29. Clotilde

Clotilde is an appellation with divine and royal associations. It is  the French spelling of Chrodechildis, a name that means ‘battle fame’ or ‘battle glory.’ It is also a name borne by Saint Clotilde and other members of the Merovingian royal family.

30. Devi

The ultimate powerful feminine name with roots in Sanskrit. Devi means ‘goddess’ and according to Hindu mythology, she is the goddess who manifests herself as all other goddesses.

31. Durga

Another fierce feminine name after a Hindu goddess. The connotation of the name comes from Sanskrit and it means ‘unattainable.’ In Hindu mythology, she is the wife of Shiva and is represented with 12 arms and three eyes.

32. Ealdgyð

A cognate of the Old German name Aldegund, Ealdgyð has its roots in Old English and it means ‘old battle.

33. Eilif

A name with a long history, it is the spelling variant of Æilífr or Æilæifr, and it can either mean ‘one life’ or ‘descendant of the island.’ Other spellings of the name include Eiliv, Ejlif, Elífur, Eileiv, Eilev, Ellef, and Ellev.

34. Eir

Inspired by the Old Norse goddess of medicine and healing, Eir carries the connotation of ‘mercy.’ It is a rare appellation in Iceland and Norway.

Valkyrie names, Eir meaning ‘mercy.’

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35. Eirny

The Old Swedish form of the Old Norse or Icelandic name Eirný. It is a possible combination of Norse elements such as eir, meaning ‘protection,’ ‘peace,’ ‘calm,’ ‘help,’ ‘mercy,’ and ‘benignity,’ with ný, which translates to ‘new moon’ or ‘waxing moon,’ or with nýr, meaning ‘young and fresh.’

36. Eirwen

This name came into existence in the 20th century. With Welsh origins, it means ‘white snow.’ It can also mean ‘blessed.’

37. Elowen

A name with natural connotations, Elowen is a Cornish name that means ‘elm tree.’

38. Enyo

A Greek feminine name, Enyo was a companion of the god of war, Ares. She was no less than Ares since she was a bloodthirsty goddess of war.

39. Éowyn

An invented name borne by a daring individual in J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. The name has roots in Old English and it means ‘horse joy.’

40. Estrid

An equally powerful feminine name and a spelling variant of Astrid. It is seen in Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian communities, and it means ‘beautiful god’ or ‘beloved god.’

41. Evangeline

A name made popular by poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in his eponymous poem. Evangeline is an English name with Greek roots and means ‘good news.’

42. Fiachra

Moving away from Norse mythology, Fiachra is rooted in Irish mythology. It is one of the names of the children of Lir who were turned into swans. It could either mean ‘raven king’ or ‘king of the battle.’

43. Fianna

Fianna is a modern Irish name that comes from the Irish word ‘fiann,’ meaning ‘band of warriors.’

44. Fiorella

When one thinks of Valkyrie names, one may assume powerful and robust names. However, Fiorella is a dainty and delicate name for a warrior that means ‘flower.’

45. Freya

Freya is an Old Norse name that means ‘lady.’ In Norse mythology, Freya is a goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. Freya can also be spelled as Freyja and Frea. She may also be connected to the goddess Frigg.

46. Freydis

A name that is born by a combination of two elements. Taken from the Old Norse word ‘freyja,’ meaning ‘lady’ and ‘dís,’ meaning ‘goddess’ or ‘priestess.’ The name may also be related to Freya.

47. Furiosa

You may guess the meaning of the name based on how it sounds. It is a Latin name that carries the connotations of ‘furious’ or ‘full of rage.’ The name is made popular by the film Mad Max: Fury Road where Furiosa is the name of a warrior.

48. Geirahǫð

A powerful Valkyrie in Norse mythology. The meaning of the name comes from ‘geirr,’ meaning ‘spear’ and ‘hǫð,’ which means ‘battle.’

49. Geiravör

A spelling variant of Gæirvǫr, a name that could either mean ‘spring spear’ or ‘woman with a spear.’ Geiravör is also a Valkyrie in Norse mythology. The name is also sometimes written as Geiravǫr.

50. Geirdriful

Valkyrie names can carry quite literal meanings. Geirdriful means ‘spear-flinger.’

51. Geirǫlul

The meaning of Geirǫlul is not exactly known. However, it could be a variant of Geirǫnul and carries the meaning of ‘spear and ale.’ This name is associated with a Valkyrie in Norse mythology.

52. Geirǫnul

A Valkyrie name in Norse mythology with elusive meanings. It was probably created using the Old Norse word ‘geirr,’ for spear with the empathetic suffix ‘ana.’

53. Geirskögu

A powerful Valkyrie name found in Norse mythology. It carries the connotation of ‘spear-bearer.’

54. Geirskǫgul

An Old Norse and Valkyrie name found in Norse mythology. The meaning of the name comes from two elements, ‘geirr’ and ‘skǫgul,’ which translates to ‘spear’ and ‘battle.’ The name may be interpreted as ‘battle spear.’

55. Gerhild

A resilient and mighty German name that carries the meaning of ‘battle spear.’ It may not be a Valkyrie name but bears the essence of a Valkyrie spirit.

56. Göl

Göl was a powerful Valkyrie who was on Odin’s side during battle. It could either mean ‘tumult’ or ‘noise battle.’ However, the name is also found as a Turkish surname and means ‘lake.’ As a Persian personal name, it means ‘flower’ or ‘rose.’

57. Gǫll

A Valkyrie name found in Norse mythology, it carries strong connotations of ‘noise’ and ‘battle.’

58. Göndu

Göndu is one of the fiercest Old Norse Valkyries. The name means ‘wand-wielder.’

59. Gǫndul

A Valkyrie name with unknown meanings, however, the name could be derived from ‘gandr,’ meaning ‘magic’ or ‘magic wand.’ It may also be taken from ‘gǫndul,’ meaning ‘magical animal’ or ‘werewolf.’

60. Góyąń

Many may not know of this formidable Apache warrior woman who lived during the 19th century. Góyąń comes from the Chiricahua Apache language and it means ‘wise.’

61. Griselda

Griselda is a name with Germanic roots but is not perceived as a German name. It carries the connotation of ‘grey battle.’ The name came into popularity as the name of a patient wife in medieval folklore. It was used by Boccaccio and Chaucer in their works.

62. Guðr

The spelling variant of Gunnr and a Valkyrie name. The meaning of Guðr comes from the Old Norse word ‘gunnr,’ which translates to ‘war.’

63. Gudrun

A fierce woman in Old Norse legends, the name means ‘god’s secret lore.’ In the Germanic translations of the lore, Gudrun is known as Kriemhild.

64. Guinevere

A widely known name taken from Arthurian Romance. It is the Norman French form of the Welsh name Gwenhwyfar. According to Arthurian legends, she is the beautiful wife of King Arthur and the name means ‘white phantom.’

Valkyrie names, Guinevere meaning ‘white phantom.’

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65. Guiomar

Guiomar is used as a unisex name depending on the culture and country. It means ‘famous war’ or ‘famous battle.’ According to Arthurian legend, Guiomar was Guinevere’s cousin.

66. Gula

Gula was first used as a Sumerian title instead of a name since it means ‘the great.’ According to Sumerian mythology, it was the name of the Sumerian and Akkadian goddess of healing, medicine, and midwifery.

67. Gunborg

Gunborg is the Swedish form of Gunnbjǫrg. It is composed of Old Norse elements such as ‘gunnr’ and ‘bjǫrg,’ when combined means ‘war rescue,’ ‘war help,’ or ‘save from the war.’

68. Gunda

The Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish forms of the Old Norse name Gunnvǫr. It translates to ‘cautious in war.’

69. Gunnhild

A brutal and strong Valkyrie name. It is also a variant of Gunhild and the name means ‘battle’ and ‘war,’ making Gunnhild a warrior woman in every sense.

70. Gunnhildr

A name with a rich history and numerous variations such as Gundhild and Gunhilda. Its core meaning remains constant throughout and that is ‘war’ or ‘battle.’ This powerful name is built from the Old Norse words ‘gunn’ and ‘hildr’ or ‘hildr,’ which leaves no doubt about the bearer’s connection to strength and warfare.

71. Gunnora

Derived from Old Icelandic elements, it combines ‘gunnr’ or ‘guðr’ meaning ‘battle’ with ‘vǫr’ meaning ‘aware’ or ‘watchful.’ This name paints a picture of a warrior who is not just strong, but also keenly observant and strategic on the battlefield. It’s also the feminine form of Gunnar, further solidifying its connection to Norse warriors.

72. Gunnr

Gunnr carries the straightforward meaning of ‘war’ in its essence. This was the name of a Valkyrie in Norse legend.

73. Gwendolen

A tough and mighty feminine name throughout the centuries. It means ‘white ring’ and was borne by an ancient queen in Geoffrey of Monmouth’s 12th-century chronicles, later appearing in Chaucer’s Vita Merlini as Merlin’s wife.

74. Gwenllian

Gwenllian is a Welsh name with varied connotations. It could either mean ‘white flaxen,’ ‘white linen,’ or ‘white flood.’ It is a name found in the Welsh royalty records, borne by the 12th-century princess of Deheubarth.

75. Gwynedd

A unisex name that rose from the Welsh kingdom of Gwynedd. The meaning may be associated with the Irish people and also the connotation ‘band of warriors,’ derived from the Celtic word ‘wēnā.’

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Valkyries are generally immune to harm since they are divine creatures. One example is Hervör alvitr, a Valkyrie with strength and a bit of mystery. However, there may have been instances where they were slain by mortal heroes or punished by Odin.

76. Hadewidis

A strong feminine name with Germanic origins. It means ‘wide battle’ or ‘wide combat.’

77. Halla

A Norse given name and the feminine form of Hallr, Halla is also a Finnish term for a frost event during the growing season.

78. Hedwig

Taken from the Old German name Hadewig and is made up of elements ‘hadu’ and ‘wig,’ when combined means ‘battle and war.’ It was the name of two illustrious women, the wife of the Polish duke Henry the Bearded and a 14th-century Polish queen.

79. Heilwig

Heilwig is a rare German name that is made up of the elements ‘heil’ and ‘wig,’ which means ‘healthy war.’

80. Helga

Helga is the feminine form of Helge, a name that means ‘holy’ or ‘blessed.’ It is ultimately derived from the Old Norse name Helgi.

81. Hera

A name inspired by the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth. Hera was the wife of Zeus and although the meaning of the name is unknown, it could possibly mean ‘chosen warrior’ or ‘chosen hero.’

82. Herja

Herja is a Valkyrie name that is found in the Prose Edda. It means ‘devastate’ in Old Norse and packs a punch.

83. Hervor

Hervor is the Swedish and Norwegian form of Hervǫr, a name rooted in Norse mythology. It combines ‘herr’ which means ‘army’ with vár which means ‘truth or woman’, creating a name that suggests strength and integrity.

84. Hervör alvitr

Hervör alvitr was no ordinary Valkyrie. This mythical figure possessed not only the strength of a warrior maiden but also an air of mystery, thanks to the second part of her name, ‘alvitr,’ which could mean ‘all-wise’ or even ‘strange creature.’  This suggests she may have held unique knowledge or a more enigmatic role compared to other Valkyries.

85. Hildegard

A name borne by the second wife of Charlemagne and a 12th-century mystic known for her poetry, visions, and writing. Hildegard is a German name that means ‘battle yard.’

86. Hildegarde

Hildegarde is the French form of Hildegard and carries a legacy of strength. Its roots lie in Old German, where ‘hilt’ signifies ‘battle’ and ‘gart’ translates to ‘enclosure’ or ‘yard.’

87. Hildr

Hildr is a name that cuts straight to the chase. In Old Norse, Hildr simply means ‘battle,’ making it a powerful and direct reference to warfare.

88. Hildred

It may be possible that Hildred is derived from the Old English masculine name Hildræd. It means ‘battle advice’ or ‘battle counsel.’ The name was brought back into style during the 19th century owing to similar-sounding names such as Hilda and Mildred.

89. Hjalmþrimul

Hjalmþrimul’s name echoes with the clash of battle. Combining ‘hjalmr’ which means ‘helmet’ or ‘protection,’ and ‘þrima,’ which means ‘battle’ or ‘noise’ in Old Norse, it paints a picture of a Valkyrie who goes into battle well-defended and ready to make a fearsome roar.

90. Hjordis

The name echoes the clash of steel. A form of Hjördis, it carries the meaning ‘sword-goddess.’

91. Hjörþrimul

The name lets loose a battle cry. Combining ‘hjǫrr’ meaning ‘sword’ and ‘þrima’ meaning ‘battle’ or ‘noise.’ Hjörþrimul suggests a Valkyrie wielding a blade and ready to make her presence known.

92. Hlaðguðr svanhvít

The name offers a beautiful contrast. Hlaðguðr is a variant of Hlaðgunnr, meaning ‘lacework’ or ‘headdress,’ while Svanhvít translates to ‘swan white.’ This creates a fascinating image of a Valkyrie who is powerful and elegant.

93. Hlaðgunnr

Derived from ‘hlað’ which means ‘lacework’ or ‘headdress’ and ‘gunnr’ which means ‘battle.’ Hlaðgunnr suggests a warrior with both intricate artistry and a fierce fighting spirit.

94. Hlökk

Short and impactful, Hlökk means ‘noise’ or ‘battle’ in Old Norse. The name perfectly captures the essence of a Valkyrie charging into combat.

Valkyrie names, Hlökk meaning ‘noise.’

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95. Hrafnhildr

An Old Norse name with a straightforward but sharp meaning of ‘battle raven.’ It is not a Valkyrie name but evokes an image of a powerful Valkyrie with dark hair and black wings.

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During earlier days, Valkyries were known as deities with black wings, like that of a raven and they rode wolves. However, with the spread of Christianity, the image of Valkyries evolved into a more Romantic description of a beautiful woman.

96. Hrist

A name that evokes the power of nature, Hrist means ‘the shaker’ or ‘quake’ in Old Norse.

97. Hulda

Offering a touch of mystery, Hulda was a sorceress in Old Norse mythology. As an archaic name, it carries the connotations of ‘hiding’ or ‘secrecy.’ Today, according to its Swedish roots, the name means ‘gracious,’ ‘sweet,’ and ‘lovable.’

98. Idunn

The name carries the essence of renewal. A Norwegian variant of Iðunn, which means ‘help, save, rescue.’

99. Inanna

Inanna is a beautiful name derived from Sumerian mythology. It is the name of the Sumerian goddess of love, fertility, and war. It carries the connotation of ‘lady of the heavens.’

100. Ingibjǫrg

The Old Norse form of Ingeborg, a name with divine connections to the god Ing. The god’s name is combined with the meanings ‘save,’ ‘rescue,’ or ‘help.’ It can also be spelled as Ingibjörg in Icelandic.

101. Ingrid

Derived from Old Norse, Ingrid means ‘Ing is beautiful,’ referencing the god Ing and imbuing the name with a touch of divinity.

102. Ingvild

A reputable name formed by combining the name of the Norse god Yngvi and the Old Norse word ‘hildr,’ which means ‘battle.’

103. Irmhild

Irmhild is the cognate of the Old English name Eormenhild. It has its roots in Old German and means ‘great battle.’

104. Iseult

The exact origin of Iseult remains obscure. There have been theories that it may have Celtic roots, but many believe it is a Germanic name and means ‘ice battle.’ According to the French, there was also a 12th-century princess whose name bears close resemblance to Iseult.

105. Ishtar

A name borne by a formidable and well-known goddess. She was the Akkadian, Assyrian, and Babylonian goddess of love, war, and fertility. The name may have possible connections to the Evening Star.

106. Jorunn

It is derived from the Old Norse name Jórunnr. Its Old Norse roots combine ‘jǫfurr,’ which means ‘boar’ with ‘unna,’ which means ‘to love,’ creating a name that evokes strength and affection for the natural world.

107. Kára

The name whispers of mythical battles. Likely derived from Old Norse ‘kárr’ meaning ‘curly’ or ‘curved,’ Kára also held significance in Norse legend as the name of a Valkyrie.

108. Katniss

Katniss may be a literary name but it has made its mark among fierce and powerful women. Katniss is the main female character in the The Hunger Games series, authored by Suzanne Collins.

109. Katyusha

Katyusha is a German name and a shortened form of Yekaterina or Katherine. Katyusha is popularly known as a Soviet song from 1938 amid World War II.

110. Kriemhild

A rare German name that finds its roots in German mythology. Kriemhild has been mentioned in the Nibelungenlied saga and is known as Gudrun in Norse mythology. Kriemhild means ‘battle mask.’

111. Kumari

Kumari may not be a Valkyrie name, but it is borne in Hindu mythology by the wife of the great warrior Bhima. It is also an epithet of the goddess Durga. Since it is the feminine form of Kumara, it carries the connotations of ‘boy’ or ‘son.’

112. Kunigunde

A revered feminine name borne by two saints during the 4th and 11th centuries. Kunigunde is an Old German name and it means ‘royal war.’

113. Laima

Laima is a combination of Latvian and Lithuanian. Carrying the connotations of ‘luck’ or ‘fate,’ the name is associated with the Latvian and Lithuanian goddess of fate, luck, pregnancy, and childbirth.

114. Leofgyð

Leofgyð is an Anglo-Saxon name derived from purely Old English elements that translates to ‘dear battle’ or ‘beloved battle.’

115. Liberty

Liberty may sound like an uber-modern name that does not resonate with the ancient Valkyries, however, the name means ‘free,’ which in a way can be connected with the powerful women.

116. Lorraine

Lorraine is an English name derived from a region in France. The meaning of the name translates to ‘kingdom of Lothar.’

117. Lyra

The feminine given name takes inspiration from the constellation Lyra, known for its star Vega. It evokes a sense of beauty and celestial wonder.

118. Lysandra

Lysandra is a beautiful feminine given name that means ‘liberator’ or ‘emancipator’ and is of Greek origins.

119. Maeve

In history, there are various women warriors all over the world. Maeve is one of the legendary warrior queens of Connacht. It is an Irish name that means ‘intoxicating.’

120. Magnhild

Magnhild is an Old Norse name that means ‘battle power’ or ‘battle strength.’ It was made famous by Norwegian author Bjørnstjerne Bjørnso who gave his novel this eponymous name.

121. Marisela

The name offers a beautiful blend of Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese cultures. An elaboration of Marisa, it combines the classic Maria with the elegance of Luisa, creating a name rich in heritage.

122. Mildgyð

Mildgyð is an Anglo-Saxon name with an oxymoron for meaning. It comes from the elements ‘milde’ and ‘guð,’ which means ‘gentle battle.’

Valkyrie names, Mildgyð meaning ‘gentle battle.’

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123. Minerva

It does not always have to be brave when it comes to Valkyrie names. Minerva is a Latin name that means ‘intellect.’ In Roman mythology, Minerva is the goddess of wisdom and war, which makes her a balance of everything required in battle.

124. Mist

Shrouded in mystery, Mist is the name of a Valkyrie from Norse mythology. Appearing in various poems, this name carries the intrigue and power associated with these legendary warrior maidens.

125. Morrigan

Derived from Old Irish, Morrigan can mean either ‘demon queen’ or ‘great queen.’ Associated with war and death, she was a powerful goddess who often took the form of a crow. This name is a bold choice for someone who embraces strength and mystery.

126. Mulan

Mulan is a Chinese name and despite its meaning, it was borne by a mighty female warrior who volunteered herself to join the army when her father was sick. It carries a dainty connotation of ‘magnolia.’

127. Nanabah

Indigenous American names are rare and this one is special because of the connotation it bears. It means ‘returning warrior.’ It implies someone who was victorious in their previous battles.

128. Nanaya

According to Sumerian mythology, Nanaya may be associated with the goddess Inanna. Later on, she was associated with the goddesses Anahita and Aphrodite.

129. Nanna

A name brimming with courage. Possibly stemming from Old Norse ‘nanþ’ meaning ‘daring’ or ‘brave.’

130. Natalia

Natalia is a popular name across different cultures. It is a spelling variant of Natalie, a Late Latin name that means ‘Christmas day.’ It may not sound like a Valkyrie name, however, it was used in the Moonton Games Mobile Legends to depict a character who is a swift and powerful assassin.

131. Neith

A sharp name taken from the Egyptian goddess of weaving, hunting, and war. In Egyptian, the name comes from the element ‘nt’ or ‘nrw,’ which means ‘water,’ or ‘dread.’

132. Nott

A variant of the Romansh name Not. It may have been shortened from given names such as Giunot and Notal. Nott isn’t shy about its meaning as it embodies the night itself.

133. Ölrún

Ölrún is the newer Icelandic spelling of Ǫlrún. According to Norse mythology, Ölrún is the daughter of King Kiarr. She is known as one of the swan maidens. This intriguing name combines ‘öl,’ meaning ‘ale’ with ‘rún,’ which means ‘secret’ or ‘mystery,’ leaving much to the imagination.

134. Pakpao

Many Valkyries have been portrayed with massive wings. Pakpao is a Thai name that means ‘kite,’ this may bring into one’s mind the image of a Valkyrie soaring through the air.

135. Pharaildis

A name borne by an 8th-century saint in Belgium. Pharaildis comes from the Old German elements of ‘fara’ and ‘hilt,’ which means ‘battle journey.’

136. Ráðgríðr

An Old Norse name for a Valkyrie that bluntly means ‘the bossy.’ The meaning of the name has been taken from the elements ‘ráð’ and ‘gríð,’ which can be translate to ‘counsel’ or ‘advise,’ and ‘vehemence,’ ‘eagerness,’ and ‘protection,’ respectively.

137. Ragnhild

Inspired by the Old Norse name, Ragnhildr and a cognate of Reinhild. The meaning of Ragnhild is taken from the elements ‘regin,’ meaning ‘advice’ or ‘counsel,’ along with ‘hildr,’ meaning ‘battle.’ The Norwegian spelling variant of this name is Ragnild.

138. Randgrid

Born out of Norse mythology, a name borne by a Valkyrie. It is a modern respelling of Randgríðr and means ‘shield of peace, protection, or mercy.’

139. Randgríðr

An Old Norse name with roots in Norse mythology. It was a name borne by a Valkyrie and it comes from the two elements, ‘rǫnd,’ meaning ‘shield,’ combined with ‘gríð,’ signifying ‘peace,’ ‘mercy,’ ‘protection,’ and ‘truce.’

140. Reginleif

In Norse mythology, this dominating and powerful name was once held by a Valkyrie. It could either mean ‘a legacy of the power of the gods’ or ‘an inheritance of the power and might of the gods.’ Reginleifr is one of the spelling variants.

141. Romilda

Romilda is an Italian and German name and means ‘famous battle.’

142. Róta

Róta is one of the Valkyries in Norse mythology associated with Gunnr and Skuld. Her name can be found in the Prose Edda book Gylfaginning. The meaning of the name is probably derived from the Old Norse verb ‘róta,’ which means ‘tear,’ ‘overturn,’ or ‘to stir.’

143. Runa

The feminine form of the Old Norse name Rune. It carries literal connotations that mean ‘rune’ or ‘secret lore.’

144. Sangríðr

Most Valkyrie names are fierce and ruthless, however, Sangríðr means ‘true mercy’ or ‘protection of the truthful.’ It originates from Norse mythology. Sanngriðr is another spelling variant for the name.

145. Saraid

You may have heard of the legendary Irish king, Conn of the Hundred Battles. Saraid is the name of his daughter and the name was taken from the Old Irish Sárait, which means ‘excellent.’

146. Šárka

According to Czech legend, Šárka is the name of a woman who declared war on men and won. The exact meaning of the name is unknown.

147. Scáthach

Scáthach is an Irish name that means ‘shadowy.’ It was the name of an Irish warrior woman who taught Cúchulainn the art of war.

148. Sekhmet

Inspired by the Egyptian warrior goddess associated with healing, violence, and plague. The meaning of the name is derived from ‘sḫm,’ which means ‘powerful,’ combined with the ‘t,’ feminine suffix.

149. Seraphia

Seraphia is a rare Swedish and Late Roman name. It is the spelling variant of Serapia and Serapion. The name was inspired by the Greco-Egyptian god Serapis.

150. Seraphina

Seraphina is derived from the Biblical word ‘seraphim,’ which means ‘fiery ones.’ They are an order of angels with six wings.

151. Sieghild

A rare German name that carries the connotations of ‘victory in battle.’

Valkyrie names, Sieghild meaning ‘victory in battle.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

152. Sif

Sif is the Old Norse, Danish, and Icelandic spelling of Siv. In Norse mythology, Siv is the wife of Thor who had golden hair. The name means ‘bride’ or ‘kinswoman.’

153. Signý

An Old Norse and Icelandic name that means ‘new victory.’ According to Norse mythology, the name was born by the twin sister of Sigmund. She was also the wife of Siggeir.

154. Sigrdríf

Sigrdríf is another name for the powerful Valkyrie Brynhildr. It means ‘victory bringer’ or ‘inciter to victory.’ Sigrdrífa is another way to spell the name.

155. Sigrid

A transliterated form of the Old Norse name Sigríðr. It means ‘beloved victory’ or ‘beautiful victory.’

156. Sigrún

In Norse mythology, the name was borne by one of the legendary Valkyries. It comes from the Old Norse elements, ‘sigr’ and ‘rún,’ when combined means ‘victory rune’ or ‘victory of the secret lore.’

157. Siv

A notable female character in Norse mythology. Siv was the wife of Loki who is known for her golden hair. The name carries the connotations of ‘bride’ or ‘kinswoman.’

158. Skadi

An interesting name in Norse mythology, Skadi is also a spelling variant for Skaði, a giantess who was associated with winter, mountains, and skiing. She was married to the sea god Njord.

159. Skaga

A Valkyrie name derived from a feminine form of Skagi. Skaga carries the connotations of ‘low cape’ and ‘ness.’

160. Skalmǫld

A Valkyrie name with a predictable meaning. It has Old Norse roots and it means ‘battle.’

161. Skeggjǫld

Valkyries are primitive figures and this name reflects how long they have existed. Skeggjǫld means ‘old battle-axe.’

162. Skögul

The Valkyrie name comes from Norse mythology and means ‘battle.’

163. Skuld

Skuld was not only a Valkyrie, but she was also one of the Norns or the goddesses of destiny. Her name means ‘debt’ or ‘obligation.’

164. Solveig

An Old Norse name that has made its appearance in Henrik Ibsen’s play, Peer Gynt. The name has a beautiful meaning, which is ‘strength of the sun.’

165. Sonnhild

Sonnhild is a rare German name invented in the modern age. It carries the connotation of ‘sun in battle.’

166. Sonya

A Russian and English name, also a spelling variant of Sophia, an appellation that means ‘wise.’ Sonya appeared in Leo Tolstoy’s work War and Peace.

167. Svafa

Did you know that Valkyries can be reborn? This was the previous name of the Valkyrie who was reborn as Sigrún. It not only has Old Norse roots but it also carries Germanic connections. The name means ‘Swabian woman’ or ‘woman from Schwaben.’

168. Svanhild

The meaning of the name bears a close resemblance to how it sounds. Svanhild means ‘swan’ and ‘battle,’ which can be interpreted as ‘battle swan.’ It can also be spelled as Swanhild.

169. Svanlaug

Svanlaug is an Old Norse name that means ‘a vowed swan’ or ‘a promised swan.’ The name may have taken inspiration from the Proto-Germanic ‘lauʒ’ meaning to celebrate, to be dedicated, or to swear a holy oath.

170. Svava

A rare but younger version of Svafa. It is used in Icelandic, Swedish, Danish, and Norwegian communities. It means ‘Swabian woman’ or ‘woman from Schwaben.’

171. Sveið

Sveið is a Valkyrie name with Old Norse roots. It means ‘noise.’

172. Svipu

There is not much information on the Valkyrie with the name. Nonetheless, the name means ‘changeable.’

173. Svipul

The name is found in the skaldic poem Darraðarljóð and the Poetic Edda book the Skáldskaparmál. It means ‘changeable’ which may refer to how the Valkyries are the directors of fate.

174. Tahmina

Taken from the Shahnameh, a 10th-century Persian epic, the name means ‘brave’ or ‘valiant.’ She is the daughter of the king of Samangan, the wife of Rostam, and the mother of Sohrab.

175. Tanngniðr

A Valkyrie name with a unique meaning in Norse mythology. It carries the connotation of ‘teeth-grinder.’

176. Tara

Tara is a Hindu name that means ‘star.’ It is also the name of a Hindu astral goddess and a Buddhist deity.

177. Thalassa

An immovable force for a name, Thalassa comes from Greek mythology and means ‘sea.’

178. Thora

A modern respelling of the Old Norse and Icelandic name Þóra. It is the feminine form of Thor and it means ‘thunder.’

179. Thrud

A notable name in Norse mythology, Thrud comes from the Old Norse ‘Þrúðr,’ which means ‘strength.’ Thrud is also the name of Thor and Sif’s daughter.

180. Thrymja

There is power in different elements, Thrymja is the name of a frost maiden or an ice warrior.

181. Thyra

The Swedish and Danish variant of Tyra, an Old Norse variant of Þórví or Þórveig. The root of the name comes from the Norse god Thor and can either mean ‘holy’ or ‘strength.’

182. Thyri

Thyri is a younger respelling and transliteration of Þyri, a name that is considered the younger form of both Þýrví and Þyríðr. It is an Old Danish name.

183. Torhild

Derived from the Old Norse name Þórhildr, Torhild means ‘Thor’s battle.’

184. Torunn

A beautiful Norwegian name with Old Norse roots created by the combination of Thor, the god of thunder, with the element ‘unnr,’ which means ‘wave’ or ‘unna,’ meaning ‘to love.’

185. Treasa

The Irish form of Theresa, quite the opposite of Mother Teresa, the name means ‘battle of strengths.’

186. Tyra

Many may not know that the popular name Tyra has its roots in the Old Norse name Þýri, which comes from the god of thunder and lightning, Thor. It could either carry the connotations of ‘holy’ or ‘strength.’

187. Ulrika

A name with royal associations, Ulrika is the Swedish and feminine form of Ulrich. It has Germanic origins and means ‘ruler with a heritage.’

188. Urd

The goddess of the past, Urd is one of the Norns or the goddesses of destiny. The name comes from the Old Norse word which stands for ‘fate.’

Valkyrie names, Urd meaning ‘fate.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

189. Vaishnavi

In Hinduism, this is the name of one of the seven Matrika goddesses. It is a name taken from the Indian god Vishnu and means ‘belonging to Vishnu.’

190. Valeria

Valeria is the feminine form of Valerius. It comes from the Roman family name taken from the Latin word ‘valere,’ which means ‘to be strong.’ It may not be a Valkyrie name but it passes the check because of its meaning.

191. Valkyrie

This may be a little on the nose, but it is no doubt powerful. Valkyrie is an Old Norse name that means ‘chooser of the slain.’

192. Valquíria

Valquíria is the Portuguese spelling of Valkyrie and means ‘chooser of the slain.’

193. Verdandi

A name borne by another Norn, the goddess of destiny. Verdandi is an Old Norse name that means ‘becoming’ or ‘happening,’ and she is responsible for the present.

194. Vígdís

An Old Norse name whose meaning translates to ‘war goddess.’

195. Wigburg

Wigburg is a Germanic name that carries the defiant connotation of ‘war fortress.’

196. Xena

Xena may be a spelling variant of Xenia, but was made popular in the modern world by the television series Xena: Warrior Princess.

197. Ylva

A name derived from the Old Norse word ‘úlfr,’ which translates to ‘wolf.’ Ylva is used to describe someone who is like a ‘she-wolf.’

198. Yrsa

The exact meaning of the name remains unclear but some theories suggest that Yrsa comes from the Ancient word for ‘she-bear.’ Another possible connection of the name is associated with Ýrr which means ‘wild,’ ‘furious,’ and ‘mad.’

199. Þögn

Unlike most Valkyrie names, Þögn carries a slightly different meaning. It has Old Norse roots and it means ‘silence.’

200. Þrima

Taken from Scandinavian mythology, Þrima comes from a word with the same spelling that means ‘fight.’

201. Þrúðr

Þrúðr is the Old Norse spelling for the given name Thrud and it means ‘strength.’ It is also a name borne by the daughter of Thor and Sif.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

1. Who are the 13 Valkyries?

According to the song Grímnismál, in stanza 36, 13 Valkyries who were serving ale at Valhalla have been mentioned. These are Hrist, Mist, Skeggjöld, Skögull, Hildr, Þrúðr, Hlökk, Herfjötur, Göll, Geirölul (Geirrömul, Geirahöd), Randgríðr, Radgríðr and Reginleifr.

2. Who is the most feared Valkyrie?

It is not explicitly clear as to who is the most feared Valkyrie in Norse mythology. However, Gunnr is one of the fiercest Valkyries known for her determination and bravery. On the other hand, Skuld is famous for her ability to control the outcome of battles.

3. Is Freya a Valkyrie or a goddess?

According to Norse mythology, Freya is a war goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, sex, war, gold, and seiðr. At the same time, Freya is also associated with the Valkyries because of her afterlife field Fólkvangr, where she takes on half of the dead heroes or ‘chooses the slain’ who were supposed to go to Valhalla.

4. What are some common prefixes or suffixes used in Valkyrie names?

One of the most common suffixes seen in Valkyrie names is ‘hild,’ which means ‘battle.’ Some examples are Alfhild, Brunhild, and Gunnhild. Geir is a common prefix for Valkyrie names since it means ‘spear.’ A few examples include Geirahǫð, Geiravör, Geirskǫgul, and Geirǫnul.

5. Can Valkyrie names be adapted for modern or futuristic settings?

Valkyrie names have a timeless essence about them which makes them versatile enough to blend and merge in the contemporary world. Names such as Freya, Xena, and Astrid are still commonly used today.

6. Should Valkyrie names always sound powerful and imposing, or can they be more subtle?

Valkyrie names do not always have to sound powerful and dominant. Numerous Valkyrie names carry connotations of quieter resilience. A few examples are Mildgyð, meaning ‘gentle battle,’ Ölrún, meaning ‘mysterious ale,’ and Randgrid, meaning ‘shield of peace.’

Choosing a Valkyrie name for your little fighter may help them embody strength and resilience. These names are steeped in Norse mythology and are reflections of the courage and prowess of the winged Valkyries. Not only does it provide your child with a unique name, but the names are also derived from ancient goddesses and prominent women. Let your child carry on the legacy by bestowing on them a Valkyrie name.

Key Pointers

  • Valkyries are female deities who serve Odin, the Norse God, in battle.
  • There are no male Valkyries.
  • Many Valkyrie names carry the connotation of ‘battle’ or ‘spear.’
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