250+ Common Last Names That Start With T

Thomas, Tyler, Thompson, and Tom, we’re familiar with many last names that start with T. These names come from different parts of the world, each with its own culture. Surnames are often a symbol of a family’s heritage, and people carry them proudly. They reflect where we come from. Whether you’re writing a story, creating a character for a game, or simply curious about the diversity of surnames, exploring names from various origins can add depth and authenticity to your work. Below, you’ll find a list of T last names from various cultures, including English, German, French, Japanese, and Greek.

250+ Common Last Names That Start With T

Explore alphabetically sorted lists under each category and know the origins, meanings, and some well-known bearers of these last names.

English Last Names That Start With T

Explore a collection of English last names starting with T. From occupational titles like Tanner to geographical identifiers like Thornton,  these surnames offer a glimpse into the diverse heritage of English culture.

1. Tabor

The surname Tabor originates from the Middle English and Old French word ‘tabo(u)r,’ which means ‘drum.’ . Taber is a variation of this surname.

2. Talbot

Talbot, possibly of Norman descent, might come from a hypothetical Germanic name formed from the terms ‘dala’ meaning ‘to destroy’ and ‘bod meaning’ ‘message.’ Joseph Talbot, a British singer, is a notable bearer of this surname.

3. Tanner

Originating from the Old English term ‘tannian,’ this isan occupational surname that was originally used to describe someone who treated animal hides. It is speculated to be ultimately influenced by Late Latin and potentially Celtic roots.

4. Tash

Coming from the Middle English term ‘at asche,’ this surname means ‘at the ash tree.’ A notable bearer is Lola Bridgette Tash, a Canadian actress.

5. Tasker

Tasker, originating from the Middle English term ‘taske’ meaning ‘ assignment or task,’ refers to a person with a designated duty, especially one involved in threshing grain with a flail.

6. Tate

Originating from the Old English name Tata, the meaning of this name is unknown. Don Tate, an American author, is a well-known individual who bears this surname.

7. Tatham

Named after the town of Tatham in Lancashire, this name is formed by combining the Old English name Tata with the term ‘ham,’ meaning ‘settlement or home.’ A variation of this surname is Tatum, famously associated with Channing Tatum, the American actor.

8. Tatton

Initially denoted someone from a town with this name, formed by merging the Old English name Tata with the term ‘tun,’ meaning ‘town, yard, or enclosure.’

9. Taylor

Taylor traces back to Old French, with its root in ‘tailleur’ meaning ‘tailor,’ coming from the Latin term ‘taliare’ meaning ‘to cut.’ A well-known American actress, Jennifer Taylor, carries this surname. Tailor, used as a surname, is another variant.

10. Teel

Derived from the Middle English term ‘tele,’ this name refers to a ‘duck or teal.’ Mike Teel, known as an American football player, is a notable individual with this surname.

11. Temple

Temple is a surname that could signify either a person’s job or where they lived. It might mean someone worked at or lived close to a house known as a .’temple,.’ which was run by the Knights Templar, a crusading order.

12. Tenley

Possibly linked to an English town, it originates from the Old English terms ‘tind’ meaning ‘point,’ and ‘leah’ meaning ‘clearing or woodland.’

13. Tennant

Tennant is a surname tied to tenant farming, denoting individuals who paid rent on their land by farming the fields and sharing a portion of the yield with the landowner.

14. Tennison

This patronymic surname means ‘son of Denis,’ with Denis signifying ‘god of wine.’ An alternative form, Tennyson, is also utilized as a surname.

15. Terrell

This surname likely stems from ‘Tirel,’ a Norman French nickname denoting ‘to pull,’ often associated with a determined or stubborn individual.

16. Terry

Terry comes from the medieval name Thierry, a Norman French rendition of Theodoric, which originates from the Gothic name ‘Þiudareiks,’ meaning ‘ruler of the people.’

17. Thatcher

Rooted in Old English as ‘þæc,’ meaning ‘roof or thatch,’ this name was used to identify individuals involved in thatching roofs. The British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher, was a famous bearer of this surname. Additionally, Thacker, another surname, is a Northern Middle English variation of Thatcher.

18. Thomas

Originating from the given name Thomas, this name finds its roots in Greek as the rendition of the Aramaic name ‘Ta’oma,’ meaning ‘twin.’

19. Thompkins

Stemming from the short form of the name Thomas, a famous bearer of this surname is Kenbrell Thompkins, a notable American football player.

20. Thompsett

This surname comes from a diminutive form of the given name Thomas.

21. Thompson

This surname is patronymic in nature, denoting ‘son of Thomas.’ Thomson is another surname that is a variant of Thompson.

22. Thorburn

Thorburn comes from the Old Norse given name Þórbjǫrn, which means  ‘Thor’s bear.’

23. Thorley

Originating from various locations in England known as Thorley or Thornley, this name conveys the meaning of ‘thorn clearing’ in Old English.

24. Thorn

Originally used to describe someone residing near thorn bushes, Thorn or its variant Thorne, both serve as surnames.

25. Thornton

Referring to various places in England, Thornton in Old English signifies ‘thorn town.’

26. Thorpe

Originating from the Old Norse word for ‘village,’ Thorpe is notably associated with English cricketer Graham Paul Thorpe MBE.

27. Thrussell

Rooted in Old English, Thrussell denotes ‘song thrush,’ often attributed to individuals known for their cheerful disposition.

28. Thurstan

Thurstan comes from the Old Norse name Þórsteinn, which means ‘Thor’s stone.’

29. Thwaite

Referring to a resident of a forest clearing or pasture, Thwaite originates from the Old Norse term ‘þveit,’  meaning ‘pasture or clearing.’

30. Timberlake

Associated with an English place name, Timberlake combines the Old English terms ‘timber’ for ‘wood or timber’ and ‘lacu’ for ‘pool, lake, or stream.’ The name is notably borne by American singer Justin Timberlake.

31. Tindall

Originating from the town of Tindale in Cumbria, Tindall stems from the river Tyne’s name combined with the Old English term ‘dæl’ for ‘valley or dale.’

32. Tinker

Reflecting an occupational name for a repairer of metalwares such as pots, kettles, and pans, Tinker possibly derives from the sound of light hammering on metal, resembling ‘tinking.’ It may also be from the word ‘tin,’ indicating the material that was used to work with.

33. Tipton

Originating from Old English, this name is formed by combining Tippa, a given name with the term ‘tun’ which means ‘town, enclosure or yard.’ It was used to refer to individuals who hailed from Tipton town.

34. Tittensor

Meaning ‘Titten’s ridge,’ this surname denotes someone who hails from Tittensor, England.

35. Tobias

This surname is derived from the personal name Tobias, which ultimately comes from Toviyyah, a Hebrew name meaning ‘ Yahweh is good.’

36. Tobin

Coming from a short form of the name Tobias, this surname is carried by Robert Tobin, an accomplished English sprinter.

37. Todd

Meaning ‘fox,’ this surname comes from the Middle English term ‘todde. Alexander R. Todd, Baron Todd, a distinguished British biochemist and Nobel laureate in chemistry was a notable bearer of this surname. Tod is a variant form of Todd.

38. Toft

Toft is a family name linked with various places in Britain, reflecting a heritage tied to the Old Norse term ‘topt’ denoting ‘homestead.’ Taft and Tifft are other versions of this surname, which are also used as surnames.

39. Tolbert

With possible origins in a Germanic given name of uncertain meaning, the latter part of this surname comes from ‘beraht,’ meaning ‘famous or bright.’

40. Tollemache

Meaning ‘knapsack’ in Old French, this surname has been borne by Henry James Tollemache, a prominent British politician.

41. Toller

This surname originates from an occupation, denoting someone who collected taxes. It comes from the Old English word ‘toln,’ which means ‘tax, toll, or fee.’ Towner is another version of this name.

42. Townsend

In Old English, this surname referred to someone who resided at the edge of a town. It combines ‘tun,’ meaning ‘town or enclosure,’ with ‘ende,’ signifying ‘limit or end.’

43. Tracey

Tracey has its roots in the village of Tracy-sur-mer on the Normandy coast in France. It made its way to England alongside William the Conqueror. Tracy serves as a variant of this surname.

44. Trask

Originally, this surname identified individuals from Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Its origin lies in the Old Norse word ‘þresk,’ meaning ‘marsh or fen.’

45. Travers

Coming from both English and French backgrounds, this surname describes someone who lived close to a bridge or ford. Occasionally, it also referred to the toll collector at such a location. Its source is the Old French word ‘traverser,’ derived from the Late Latin term ‘transversare,’ meaning ‘to cross.’ Variants include Traves, Travis, Trevis, and Traviss.

46. Treloar

Originating from Wendron, Cornwall, England, Treloar is a habitational surname. It signifies a ‘homestead with a garden,’ combining Cornish elements ‘tre’ for ‘homestead’ and ‘lowarth’ for ‘garden.’

47. Trengove

This surname was used to refer to a person who is from a place named Trengove, located in Cornwall, England.

48. Trent

Trent, both a surname and a given name, translates to ‘the flooded.’ It referred to someone who lived near the River Trent in England.

49. Triggs

Originating from a nickname Coming from the Old Norse term ‘tryggr,’ meaning ‘loyal or true,’ this name is speculated to be formed from a nickname.

50. Tripp

Coming from the Middle English term ‘trippen,’ this name means ‘dancing.’ It was used as an occupational name for dancers.

51. Troy

Indicating someone from the city of Troyes in France, a notable bearer is Gregg Troy, the American Olympic swimming coach.

52. Truman

Meaning ‘trusty man’ in Middle English, this surname was carried by American President Harry S. Truman. Trueman is a variant.

53. Tucker

Stemming from the Old English term ‘tucian,’ meaning ‘torment or offend,’ this is an occupational surname for a fuller of cloth.

54. Tuft

Originating from the Middle English term ‘tufte’ meaning ‘clump or tuft,’ this surname was used to identify someone who lived near a clump of trees or bushes. Tuff is another variant that is used as a surname.

55. Tupper

Derived from the Middle English term ‘toupe’ meaning ‘ram,’ this occupational surname indicates a herdsman.

Last Names That Start With T Tupper

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56. Turnbull

A nickname bestowed upon someone thought to possess the strength to turn around a bull.

57. Turner

Derived from the Old English term ‘turnian,’ meaning ‘to turn,’ this occupational surname is linked to one who worked with a lathe. Sophie Turner, an English actress and Game of Thrones fame, is a notable bearer.

58. Twist

Likely associated with towns in England and Wales named Twiss or Twist, this surname was used by Charles Dickens for the protagonist of his novel Oliver Twist.

59. Tyler

Originating from the Old English term ‘tigele’ meaning ’tile,’ this occupational surname indicated a tiler of roofs. American president John Tyler was a famous bearer.

60. Tyson

Coming from the Old French term ‘tison’ meaning ‘firebrand,’ this surname originates from a nickname indicating a quarrelsome individual. It is also considered a variant of Dyson, meaning ‘son of Dye.’ Mike Tyson, the American professional boxer, is a prominent bearer of this surname.

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French Last Names That Start With T

From occupational names like Tisserand to topographic surnames like Terrien, uncover the meaning behind these French family names.

61. Tailler

This surname, Tailler, originates from the Old French word ‘tailleur,’ which means ‘tailor.’

62. Tanqueray

Tanqueray is derived from the given name Tancred which comes from Thancrat, a Germanic name meaning ‘thought and counsel.’

63. Tapon

Tapon comes from the old French term ‘tapon,’ which means ‘cork.’ It was initially bestowed upon those who crafted corks.

64. Tardif

Tardif traces its roots back to the Latin word ‘tardivus,’ meaning ‘slow.’

65. Tasse

Originating from the Old French term ‘tasse,’ meaning ‘bag or purse,’ Tasse served as an occupational surname for individuals involved in making or selling purses.

66. Tautou

Tautou is linked to the French word ‘tatou,’ signifying ‘armadillo.’ It may have initially described someone who bore a resemblance to an armadillo. The renowned French actress and model Audrey Tautou carries this surname.

67. Terrien

Terrien, a topographic surname, originates from an adjectival derivative of ‘terre,’ meaning ‘land.’ It denoted individuals who lived and worked on the land, akin to peasants.

68. Theriault

Possibly deriving from the Greek ‘therion,’ meaning a nondescript beast, Theriault is of uncertain origin.

69. Theroux

Southern French in origin, Theroux’s exact etymology remains uncertain. It might be a topographic surname indicating someone living by ‘the wells,’ from a plural variant of the Occitan term ‘théron,’ meaning ‘well.’

70. Thibault

Thibault is derived from the given name Thibault, a version of the name Theobald meaning ‘bold people.’

71. Tisserand

Tisserand translates to ‘weaver’ in French. Félix Tisserand, a French astronomer, was a notable bearer.

72. Tonnoir

Tonnoir, an exceptionally rare surname meaning ‘thunder,’ was initially a nickname bestowed upon loud individuals.

73. Toupin

Stemming from the Old French term ‘toupin,’ meaning ‘spinning-top,’ This occupational surname name may also be from the Old Occitan term ‘toupin,’ signifying ‘small earthenware pot.’ It was used to refer to a potter.

74. Transon

Possibly derived from the Old French term ‘tronçon,’ meaning ‘block of wood,’ this occupational surname was used to refer to a woodcutter.

75. Tremblay

Tremblay, coming from the French word ‘tremble,’ means ‘aspen.’ Michel Tremblay, a French Canadian novelist and playwright, is a well-known individual with this surname. Tremble is a variant of Tremblay.

76. Triomphe

Meaning ‘triumph’ in French, this surname was used as a nickname for individuals associated with success.

77. Trudeau

Trudeau stems from a diminutive form of the given name Thouroude, a medieval French rendition of the Norse name Torvald meaning ‘Thor’s ruler.’ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a notable bearer.

78. Turcotte

Turcotte signifies ‘tower’ in both French and Welsh. Roxane Turcotte, a Canadian author, is a widely acknowledged carrier of this surname.

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German Last Names That Start With T

From descriptors of geographical locales to representations of traits and professions, each surname tells a distinct story, shedding light on the beauty of German heritage and culture.

79. Tangeman

Originally describing someone from the northern German locality of Tange, this surname was carried by Cornelius Hoagland Tangeman, an American figure prominent in automobile manufacturing.

80. Tanzer

Meaning ‘dancer’ in German, this surname traces its origin to the Middle High German verb ‘tanzen,’ signifying the act of dancing.

81. Taube

This surname stems from a German term of endearment, ‘dove,’ often used as a nickname.

82. Teufel

Derived from the German word for ‘devil,’ this surname was typically bestowed upon individuals exhibiting mischievous or devilish traits.

83. Thälmann

Originating from the given name Thilo meaning ‘ruler of the people or people’s ruler,’ this surname was borne by Ernst Thälmann, a notable leader of the German communist party.

84. Tolkien

Potentially originating from the Low German term ‘Tolk,’ meaning ‘interpreter,’ this surname is associated with the renowned English author J. R. R. Tolkien, who suggested its derivation from the German word ‘tollkühn,’ meaning ‘foolhardy.’

85. Torn

Torn originates from the Old High German word ‘dorn’ or ‘torn’ which means ‘thorn.’ It was commonly bestowed upon individuals who resided near a thorn hedge.

86. Tritten

Evolving from the Middle High German term ‘trit,’ signifying a ‘stair or step,’ this surname indicated someone residing near a set of steps.

87. Troyer

Troyer is a German surname derived from the Old Germanic word ‘Dreier’ which meant ‘a group of three.’ This often described a local panel of three individuals responsible for making laws in their township.

88. Trumbauer

This surname possibly originates from the Middle High German words ‘trame’ for ‘frame or rafter’ and ‘bauer’ for  ‘neighbor or peasant’ respectively.

89. Trump

Rooted in Middle High German, where ‘trumbe’ meant ‘drum,’ this surname is borne by Donald Trump, the former president of the United States.

90. Tschida

Potentially derived from a Slavic given name with uncertain meaning, this surname is associated with notable figures such as Fred Tschida, an American artist renowned for his work in neon.

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Italian Last Names That Start With T

From hints at ancestral occupations to nods towards specific regions of Italy, this section offers an overview for those curious about Italian heritage.

91. Tafani

Derived from the nickname ‘tafano,’ this surname refers to an irritating individual.

92. Tamaro

Tamaro possibly originated from the Old German name Thietmar, which in turn comes from Theodemir, meaning ‘famous among the people.’ This surname is commonly found in the vicinity of Trieste in northern Italy.

93. Tamboia

Likely indicating a ‘drummer,’ this surname comes from the Italian word for ‘drum,’ which is tamburo.

94. Tanzi

Tanzi comes from a shortened version of the given name Costanzo, which originates from the Late Latin name Constans, meaning ‘consistent or steadfast.’

95. Tarantino

A locational surname denoting someone hailing from Taranto, a city situated in southeastern Italy. Notably, Quentin Tarantino, the renowned American director, bears this surname.

96. Taverna

Meaning ‘ inn or tavern,’ this surname is associated with the place name Taverna, prevalent in various regions of Italy.

97. Tedesco

Tedesco comes from the Italian word for ‘German.’ Notable individuals such as Paola Tedesco, an Italian actress, carry this surname.

98. Terranova

This surname literally translates to ‘new land’ in Italian. Emanuele Terranova, an Italian footballer, is among the notable bearers of this surname.

99. Terzi

Terzi originates from the given name Terzo, which traces back to Tertius, meaning ‘third’ in Latin. Alternatively, it could signify the third child in a family.

100. Tessaro

Stemming from the Latin word ‘texarius,’ this occupational surname indicated a ‘weaver.’

101. Testa

This surname originates from an Italian nickname meaning ‘head.’ A famous carrier of this surname was Gianmaria Testa, an Italian musician.

102. Tiraboschi

Potentially stemming from Lombardic roots indicating ‘shepherd,’ this surname is composed of the Old German terms ‘tior’ meaning ‘animal’ and ‘bursa’ meaning ‘boy.’ https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/shepherd-herding-his-flock-sheep-143721694
Image: Shutterstock
Alt Text Image: Last Names That Start With T Tiraboschi

103. Tivoli

Linked to the picturesque town of Tivoli near Rome, originally named Tibur in Latin, the exact etymology of this name remains uncertain.

104. Todaro

Emerging from a regional variation of the given name Todaro, a form of Teodoro which translates to ‘gift of god,’ this surname is notably prevalent in Sicily.

105. Toloni

This surname comes from the given name Bartolomeo, meaning ‘son of Talmai,’ where Talmai signifies ‘furrowed’ in Hebrew.

106. Tomei

This Italian surname is derived from the given name Bartolomeo, with .’Tomei.’ being its patronymic form.

107. Tornincasa

Originating from the Italian term ‘ritorna in casa’ meaning ‘come back home,’ this surname is derived from a medieval Italian name assigned to a boy born following the demise of a previous one.

108. Tosi

Originating from the Latin term ‘tonsus’ for ‘shaved,’ this surname indicates ‘clean-shaven,’ and is often attributed to a younger man. Toselli and Tosetti are two other variant forms.

109. Tosto

Sourced from the Italian term ‘tosto’ meaning ‘tough or hard,’ this surname comes from a nickname denoting a resilient, determined individual. Gaetano Tosto, an Italian weightlifter, is a prominent figure with this surname.

110. Trapani

Derived from the Greek term ‘drepane’ meaning ‘sickle,’ this surname comes from the name of the Sicilian city of Trapani.

111. Traversini

Meaning ‘to cross,’ this name is a variant of the name Travers. Traversi, Traversa, and Traverso are other Italian forms of this surname.

112. Trucco

This surname was used to refer to individuals who hailed from Trucco, a town named Trucco in northern Italy.

113. Tumicelli

It’s likely derived from a shortened form of the first name Bartolomeo, meaning ‘son of Talmai.’

114. Turati

Associated with the town of Turate near Como in Lombardy, Italy, and is used to refer to individuals who hail from there. Stefano Turati, an Italian footballer, is a popular figure with this surname.

115. Turchi

In Italian, ‘Turchi’ translates to ‘Turkish.’

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Greek Last Names That Start With T

From Tavoularis to Tsangaris, these names offer insights into professions and family histories within Greek culture.

116. Tavoularis

This is a surname denoting someone who served as a secretary or literary assistant.

117. Thais

A contemporary Greek surname derived from the name Thais, meaning ‘bandage or beloved.’

118. Thanos

Thanos originates from a shortened version of Athanasios, with a literal meaning of ‘immortal.’ This name has gained widespread recognition due to its association with a formidable antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

119. Theodorou

This name means ‘son of Theodoros,’ where Theodoros is a Greek name meaning ‘gift of god,’ combining the Greek words ‘theos’ meaning  ‘god’ and ‘doron’ meaning ‘gift.’

120. Tombros

A surname that comes from ‘dobr,’ a Slavic term for ‘honest’ or ‘good.’ A notable bearer was Michael Tombros, a Greek sculptor.

121. Toros

The Greek equivalent of the Italian surname Toro, this surname stems from the Latin word ‘Taurus,’ for ‘bull.’

122. Triantafyllou

Derived from Triantafyllos, a given name meaning ‘rose’ in Greek, this name comes from ‘trianta’ meaning ‘thirty’ and ‘fyllon’ meaning ‘leaf.’

123. Tsakiris

Often served as a nickname for individuals perceived as feeble, this surname means ‘crock’ in Greek. Alternatively, it may have roots in the Turkish term ‘çakır’meaning ‘blue-eyed or grey-eyed.’

124. Tsangaris

Meaning ‘shoemaker,’ this surname comes from the Greek term ‘tsagkáris.’

125. Tsaoussis

This surname means ‘peacock’ in Greek.

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Spanish Last Names That Start With T

These surnames carry meanings like ‘tavern keeper,’ ‘mud wall,’ and ‘late eagle,’ and show how various parameters have influenced Spanish identities.

126. Tabernero

A Spanish occupational surname that literally translates to ‘tavern keeper.’

127. Tagle

This surname is a Hispanicized form of the Arabic word Tagri, which means ‘frontier.’

128. Tallón

It may either be a Spanish variant of the Catalan surname Talló or a name derived from various places in Spain, such as Ourense, A Coruña, and Pontevedra provinces, known as Tallón.

129. Tapia

In Spanish, Tapia translates to ‘mud wall.’

130. Tarancón

This surname indicates familial origins within the Manchego municipality of Tarancón.

131. Tardáguila

Originating from the Basque region of Spain, Tardáguila combines ‘tarda,’ meaning ‘late,’ and ‘aguila,’ meaning ‘eagle,’ thus signifying ‘eagle that arrives late or late eagle.’

132. Tenorio

Potentially derived from a place called Tenorio in Pontevedra province, Spain.

133. Tercero

In Spanish, Tercero simply means ‘third,’ often used as a surname denoting birth order.

134. Terrazas

It was initially used to refer to individuals from Terrazas, a location in Burgos, Spain, known for its terraces.

135. Toledano

This surname originates from Toledo, a city in Spain. The name Toledo likely came from the Latin word Toletum, possibly with Celtic roots meaning ‘hill.’

136. Torralba

This surname comes from various places called Torralba, combining the Spanish words ‘torre’ meaning ‘tower; and ‘alba’ meaning ‘white,’ suggesting a meaning of ‘white tower.’

137. Torrent

Originating as a topographical surname, Torrent refers to someone living near a flood stream. It comes from the Spanish word ‘torrente.’

138. Torriente

A Cuban surname, likely signifying ‘river,’ that is used among the Spanish-speaking population.

139. Tos

Tos is the Spanish version of Tosi. One prominent individual with this surname is Rodrigo Tosi, a Brazilian football player.

140. Travieso

Travieso is the Spanish equivalent of Travers. Notable bearer is Carmen Clemente Travieso, who was a Venezuelan journalist and activist.

141. Trigueros

Derived from places named Trigueros in Huelva and Valladolid, this surname relates to ‘corn’ or ‘wheat,’ or possibly refers to someone with wheat-colored hair.

142. Truan

This surname means ‘Joker or Knave’ in Spanish. Enrique Truan, a Spanish composer, was a famous individual with this surname.

143. Trujillo

This surname identified someone from the Spanish town of Trujillo, which was once called Turgalium in Latin.

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Mexican Last Names That Start With T

Find below hand-picked surnames that reflect a distinct aspect of Mexican heritage.

144. Tellez

Meaning ‘earth’ in Latin, this surname comes from Tello, a given name, which is a Spanish version of the name Tellus.

145. Tlaloc

The Mexican name of indigenous origins means ‘earth.’

146. Torres

Coming from the Latin word ‘turris,’ this surname was given to people living near or in a tower.

147. Tovar

Tovar is a rare Mexican name that means ‘porter or doorkeeper.’ Luis Felipe Tovar, a Mexican actor, is a notable bearer of this surname.

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Hispanic Last Names That Start With T

From the landscapes of Zaragoza to the city of Toledo, each of these surnames offers glimpses into the roots of Hispanic identity.

148. Tafoya

This surname is speculated to be a variant of the surname Tafolla which possibly comes from ‘tahulla’ or ‘tafulla,’ southern Spanish terms, that denote a ‘measure of land.’

149. Talamantes

Talamantes, a habitational surname, originates from the place named Talamantes in Zaragoza province.

150. Tamayo

Hailing from a town in the Burgos region of Spain, Tamayo is a surname linked to a geographical location.

151. Tejada

Tejada, or its variant Tejeda, signifies ‘lime tree or roof.’

Last Names That Start With T Tejada

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152. Tinoco

This surname, possibly originating as a nickname, means ‘reasonable or sensible.’ It comes from the term ‘tino’ meaning  ‘sense, reason, or intellect.’ Mexican artist Rodolfo Aguirre Tinoco was among its prominent bearers.

153. Tirado

Derived from the Spanish word ‘tirado,’ meaning ‘stretched,’ this is likely a nickname referencing someone with elongated limbs.

154. Toledo

Rooted in the Latin term ‘Toletum,’ this surname comes from the ancient city of Toledo in Spain.

155. Toro

This surname either comes from a place named Toro in Zamora province or comes from the Latin term ‘taurus,’ meaning ‘bull,’ and was used to address a person who owned or tended to bulls.

156. Toscano

This surname was used to refer to an individual who hailed from Tuscany, a region in central Italy.

157. Trejo

As a Spanish habitational surname, Trejo signifies an association with the place Trexo in Asturias, Spain.

158. Trevino

This habitational surname originates from places named Treviño in Santander and Burgos provinces.

159. Trinidad

Trinidad means ‘trinity’ in Spanish, symbolizing the Holy Trinity.

Chinese Last Names That Start With T

From symbols of historical dynasties like Tang to references to ancient places like Teng and Tan, these names hold stories from China’s past.

160. Tang

Derived from the Chinese word ‘táng,’ it signifies the grand era of the Tang dynasty, governing China from 618 to 907. Furthermore, ‘tāng,’ also means ‘soup’ in Chinese.

161. Tian

Originating from ‘tián’ in Chinese, it signifies ‘a field or a vast expanse of land.’

162. Tan

Coming from the Chinese term ‘tán,’ it refers to the historical vassal state of Tan, existing during the Zhou dynasty within what is known today as Shandong province.

163. Tao

Derived from ‘táo’ in Chinese, it denotes ‘pottery’ or ‘ceramics.’ David Tao, a Taiwanese singer, is a prominent figure with this surname.

164. Teng

Rooted in the Chinese word ‘téng,’ it references the ancient state of Teng, existing during the Zhou dynasty in what is presently Shandong province.

165. Téngyuán

A nameformed by combining ‘téng,’ which signifies ‘wisteria’ in Chinese, and ‘yuán’ meaning ‘source or origin.’

166. Tu

Emerging from the Chinese term ‘tú,’ it either relates to Zou Tu, an ancient territory possibly situated in Shandong province, or the historical fief of Tu, existing during the Shang dynasty in Shaanxi province. Alternatively, ‘tú’ also represents the former name of the Chu River, flowing through present-day Jiangsu and Anhui provinces.

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Japanese Last Names That Start With T

From Tabata to Tachibana, each name offers a glimpse into Japanese culture and geography.

167. Tabata

The surname Tabata is a combination of  ‘ta,’ referring to ‘rice paddy or field,’ and ‘hata,’ which signifies ‘end, edge, or tip.’

168. Tabi

Derived from the Japanese term ‘Tabi,’ this rare surname finds its roots in the region of Tabi, situated within the city of Numazu, located in Shizuoka Prefecture.

169. Tabuchi

Tabuchi is composed of ‘ta,’ representing ‘rice paddy or field,’ and ‘fuchi,’ indicating ‘edge, abyss, or deep pool.’


This surname is associated with the word ‘tachibana,’ which translates to ‘tangerine or orange.’

171. Tachikawa

A combination of kanji characters ‘tachi,’ meaning ‘stand,’ and ‘kawa,’ signifying ‘river or stream.’

172. Tada

Tada stems from ‘ta,’ meaning ‘many,’ and ‘ta or da,’ indicating ‘rice paddy.’ Hiroshi Tada, a renowned Japanese aikido teacher, bears this surname.

173. Tadano

Tadano is formed by ‘tada,’ representing ‘simply, only, or just,’ and ‘no,’ meaning ‘wilderness or field.’

174. Tagawa

This rare Japanese surname means ‘ricefield river.’

175. Tai

Tai, an uncommon Japanese surname, originates from ‘tai,’ which means ‘peaceful.’

176. Tajima

Originating from Japan, Tajima is composed of ‘ta,’ representing ‘field,’ and ‘shima,’ meaning ‘island.’

177. Taka

Derived from ‘taka,’ signifying ‘tall or high,’ various kanji combinations are possible for this surname.

178. Takabe

Takabe consists of ‘taka,’ meaning ‘high or tall,’ and ‘be,’ indicating ‘section or part.’

179. Takada

This surname is formed by combining ‘taka,’ representing ‘high or tall,’ and ‘ta,’ meaning ‘rice paddy or field.’

180. Takafuji

Takafuji is composed of kanji characters ‘taka,’ meaning ‘high or tall,’ and ‘fuji,’ signifying ‘wisteria.’

181. Takahashi

Takahashi signifies ‘high or tall bridge’ with ‘taka’ denoting ‘high or tall’ and ‘hashi’ representing ‘bridge.’

182. Takeda

Derived from Japanese roots, Takeda implies ‘martial or military’ combined with ‘take’ meaning ‘rice paddy or field.’

183. Takenaka

Translating to ‘dweller amongst bamboo,’ this surname arises from the Japanese terms ‘take’ for ‘bamboo’ and ‘naka’ denoting ‘middle.’

184. Takeuchi

This surname is formed by ‘take’ signifying ‘bamboo’ and ‘uchi’ representing ‘inside.’

185. Taki

Taki, originating from Japan, signifies ‘rapids or waterfall.’

186. Tamai

Tamai combines ‘tama’ for ‘bundle or ball’ with ‘i’ meaning ‘well.’

187. Tamakawa

This surname is composed of ‘tama’ representing ‘jewel square’ and ‘kawa’ denoting ‘river.’

188. Tamura

Tamura is a combination of kanji characters ‘ta’ for ‘rice paddy or field’ and ‘mura’ for ‘village or town.’

189. Tanabe

A surname composed of the Japanese characters ‘ta’ for ‘rice paddy or field’ and ‘nabe’ for ‘place or area.’

190. Tanaka

Tanaka, meaning ‘dweller in the rice fields,’ originates from the Japanese elements ‘ta’ for ‘rice paddy or field’ and ‘naka’ for ‘middle.’

191. Tani

Tani, originating from Japan, signifies ‘valley.’

192. Taniguchi

Taniguchi, conveying ‘entrance to the valley,’ is formed of Japanese ‘tani’ meaning ‘valley’ and ‘kuchi’ meaning ‘entrance or mouth.’

193. Teramoto

Rooted in Japanese, it combines ‘tera’ for ‘Buddhist temple’ and ‘moto’ for ‘root, base, origin.’

194. Tezuka

In this surname, ‘te’ means ‘hand,’ and ‘tsuka’ means ‘hillock, mound, or grave.’

195. Togashi

Togashi is composed of ‘tomi’ for ‘rich, abundant, or wealthy’ and ‘kashi’ for ‘oak.’

196. Tomioka

This surname is formed by combining ‘tomi’ for ‘abundance or wealth’ and ‘oka’ for ‘ridge or hill.’

197. Tomita

Tomita is a Japanese surname composed of  ‘tomi’ meaning ‘wealth or fortune’ and ‘ta’ meaning ‘field.’

198. Toyoda

Toyoda is a combination of ‘toyo’ meaning  ‘luxuriant or bountiful’ and ‘ta’ meaning ‘rice paddy or field.’ A notable bearer is Kiichiro Toyoda, founder of Toyota Motor Corporation.

199. Tsukuda

This surname means ‘cultivated rice field’ in Japanese.

200. Tsunoda

A Japanese surname formed by combining ‘tsuno’ for ‘corner or point’ and ‘ta’ for ‘rice paddy or field.’

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Vietnamese Last Names That Start With T

Discover how Tôn Thất reflects imperial lineage and Trần stands as one of Vietnam’s most prevalent family names.

201. Từ

The Vietnamese surname Từ originates from the Sino-Vietnamese ‘từ,’ equivalent to the Chinese ‘xú,’ meaning ‘calmly or slowly.’

202. Tạ

The surname Tạ is derived from ‘tạ,’ adapted from the Chinese ‘xiè,’ referring to the ancient state of Xie in what is now Hubei province.

203. Tăng

Originating from ‘tăng’ in Sino-Vietnamese, the surname Tăng signifies ‘high.’

204. Thạch

Thạch comes from ‘thạch’ in Sino-Vietnamese, which mirrors the Chinese ‘shi,’ meaning ‘stone, time, or history.’

Last Names That Start With T Thạch

Image: Momjunction Design Team

205. Thành

With roots in Sino-Vietnamese ‘thành,’ this surname means ‘finished, completed, or succeeded,’ or ‘city or castle,’ or ‘honest, sincere, or true.’

206. Thanh

Originating from ‘thanh’ in Sino-Vietnamese, this surname carries dual meanings of ‘green, blue, or young,’ or ‘voice, sound, or tone.’

207. Thảo

Thảo means ‘beautiful’ in the Vietnamese language. Nguyễn Thị Phương Thảo, a Vietnamese businesswoman, is a notable bearer.

208. Tiên

Derived from the given name Tiên, the Vietnamese surname Tiên is rooted in ‘tiên’ from Sino-Vietnamese, which means ‘transcendent, immortal, celestial being, fairy.’

209. Tô

Tô, derived from ‘tô’ in Sino-Vietnamese, corresponds to the Chinese ‘sū,’ meaning ‘perilla.’

210. Tôn

Tôn originates from ‘tôn,’ equivalent to the Chinese ‘sūn,’ meaning ‘grandchild or descendant.’

211. Tôn Thất

With its roots in Sino-Vietnamese ‘tông thất,’ this surname means ‘imperial clan,’ notably used by the royal family of the Nguyễn dynasty.

212. Trần

Trần, the Vietnamese form of Chen, is one of Vietnam’s most common surnames. It is derived from ‘trần’ in Sino-Vietnamese. Tran is a simplified variant.

213. Tưởng

Tưởng, originating from ‘Jiang/Chiang’ in Sino-Vietnamese, likely carries the meaning of ‘rice.’

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Asian Last Names That Start With T

From Filipino surnames like Tagumpay to Turkish names Temiz, these names offer a glimpse into the diverse cultures found across Asia.

214. Tabanao

Originating from Cebuano, this surname denotes ‘not genuine or fake.’

215. Tabassum

Found in Arabic, Bengali, and Urdu cultures, this surname is derived from the given name meaning ‘smiling’ in Arabic.

216. Taghap

In Cebuano, this surname signifies ‘fluke or guess.’

217. Tagumpay

A rare Filipino surname meaning ‘victory or success’ in Tagalog.

218. Tahir

A surname derived from Arabic comes from the given name meaning ‘virtuous, pure, or chaste.’

219. Taj

Found in Pashto, Urdu, and Persian, this surname is derived from the given name Taj meaning ‘crown’ in Arabic.

220. Tajanlangit

Derived from Cebuano, this surname conveys ‘to surrender to heaven.’

221. Tajbakhsh

A Persian surname, originating from the Persian words ‘taj’ for ‘crown’ and ‘bakhsh’ for ‘ portion, part, or section.’

222. Talingting

In Cebuano, it denotes ‘plover or sieve.’

223. Tamboli

This surname originates from the Sanskrit word ‘tambula,’ signifying ‘betel leaves’, traditionally associated with rituals and worship, and was initially bestowed upon individuals involved in their cultivation or sale.

224. Tan

In Turkish, Tan signifies ‘the break of dawn or daybreak.’

225. Tanyag

In Tagalog, this surname means ’eminent, renowned, or famous.’

226. Tariq

Found in Arabic and Urdu cultures, this surname originates from a given name meaning ‘knocker at the door or visitor’ in Arabic.

227. Taş

This Turkish surname means ‘stone.’ Atilla Taş, a Turkish singer, is a well-known individual with this surname.

228. Taşkın

‘Taşkın’ in Turkish denotes ‘flood’ or a surge of water.

229. Tayyab

Derived from Arabic and Urdu, this surname comes from the given name Tayyab meaning ‘good-natured or pleasant.’

230. Tehran

This is a Persian surname, indicating someone from the city of Tehran, Iran; however, its exact meaning is uncertain.

231. Teke

In Turkish heritage, the surname Teke was used to address individuals hailing from Teke, Turkey. Additionally, it served as a professional title for those who herded goats, stemming from the Turkish word ‘teke,’ which means ‘goat.’

232. Teker

In Turkish, ‘Teker’ stands for ‘disk or wheel.’

233. Tekin

Originating from an ancient Turkish title, ‘Tekin’ means ‘prince’ in Turkish.

234. Temiz

The Turkish surname ‘Temiz’ signifies ‘clean, neat, or pure.’

235. Tenzin

A Bhutanese surname derived from the name Tenzin, which signifies ‘upholder of teachings.’

236. Tepe

Tepe in Turkish signifies ‘hill, top, or peak.’

237. Terzi

A Turkish surname, finds its roots in the Persian language, meaning ‘tailor.’

238. Thakkar

An Indian surname, derived from the Sanskrit term ‘ṭhakkura,’ meaning ‘deity.’ Vaishali Thakkar, an Indian actress, is a notable bearer of this surname.

239. Thakur

Originating from India, this title traces back to a feudal title denoting ‘lord’ or ‘master’, rooted in the Sanskrit term ‘thakkura,’ meaning ‘deity.’

240. Thant

A Burmese surname, meaning ‘clean or pure’ in the Burmese language.

241. Thapa

A Nepali and Indian surname, that comes from an ancient military rank utilized in the Khasa Kingdom, which once held dominion over parts of South Asia from the 11th to 14th centuries.

242. Thaufeeq

A Dhivehi surname linked to the Arabic name Tawfiq, meaning ‘good fortune.’

243. Tibayan

A Tagalog surname meaning ‘strengthen, secure, or steady.’

244. Tilki

A surname of Turkish origin, originated from a descriptive nickname, signifying ‘fox’ in Turkish.

Last Names That Start With T Tilki

Image: Momjunction Design Team

245. Tisgaonkar

An Indian surname, combining ’tis’ meaning ‘three’ with ‘gaonkar’ meaning ‘landlord or village headman’, resulting in the meaning ‘the headman of three villages.’

246. Torosyan

An Armenian surname, meaning ‘son of Toros’ in Armenian, with Toros meaning ‘gift of god.’

247. Tripathi

An Indian surname, Tripathi has its roots in the Sanskrit term ‘tripathin,’ meaning  ‘one who has studied three Vedas.’

248. Trivedi

Meaning ‘one who knows the three Vedas’, this surname stems from Sanskrit ‘tri’ meaning ‘three’ and ‘veda’ meaning ‘Veda.’

249. Tshering

Rooted in Tibetan culture, this Bhutanese surname combines ‘tshe’ meaning life, and ‘ring’ meaning ‘long.’ Lotay Tshering, a Bhutanese politician, is a notable individual who carries this surname.

250. Tufail

An Urdu surname that comes from the given name Tufail meaning ‘small child’ in Arabic.

251. Tuncer

Derived from the Turkish word ‘tunç,’ this surname means ‘bronze.’

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

The prevalence of last names that start with T is noticeable not just among famous individuals like Mike Tyson, Channing Tatum, and Sophie Turner, but also in common surnames such as Thomas, Taylor, Turner, and Tran. These names come from various cultures and regions, showing the diverse nature of our world. Choosing the right surname, whether for a character embodying a Greek warrior spirit or a Chinese martial artist or simply for your child, is crucial because it reflects their ancestry without words. Each of these surnames that starts with T has its unique cultural background and story waiting to be discovered.

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