250+ Unique Last Names That Start With I

Set off on an interesting voyage to explore the rich cultures embodied in last names that start with I. Surnames are a part of one’s identity. They can stem from family ties, geographical locations, or occupation. Choosing a surname beginning with I can also be based on personal preferences. Some may be inspired by star-studded names such as Iglesias, borne by the superstar Enrique Iglesias, or may be drawn to a more aesthetic side of things like Ingres, a surname shared by the French Neoclassical painter Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres. This post is a mix of the elegance of Spanish surnames, colorful Italian ancestry, the individuality of Japanese last names, and family names of Mexican heritage. Head on to this post that also has a list of names borne by exceptional people whose last names begin with I and discover these intricate gems.

Unique Last Names That Start With I

The connotation, cultural ties, pronunciation, and even personal significance are reflected in the last names. These last names starting with I have been handpicked from languages and cultures around the globe.

Italian Last Names Starting With I

Italian surnames beginning with the letter I vary in their meanings and origins. Some have been taken from an individual’s occupation or habitation, while some have been inherited from one’s family. Start reading to learn about the diversity of Italian surnames.

1. Iacono

This Italian occupational surname comes from the Sicilian word ‘jacunu.’ It is often given to someone who is a deacon.

2. Iacopelli

An Italian patronymic surname derived from the personal name Iacobello or Jacob, Iacopelli can either mean ‘supplanter,’ ‘may God protect,’ or ‘holder of the heel.’

3. Iadanza

Surnames are often inspired by place names. This one is an Italian surname taken from Iadanza in Benevento province.

4. Iadarola

It is a habitational surname that can be translated as ‘John from Ar(i)ola’. It is used as a reference to place names such as Arola or Ariola, both of which are in Campania.

5. Iadevaia

An Italian last name that can be translated as ‘John from Vaia,’ it is made up of the Italian form of John or Ianni, combined with the place name Vaia in Campania.

6. Iannacone

It is a surname derived as an enhanced form of Iannaco, a longer version of Ianni, and means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’

7. Iannarelli

Inspired by a nickname or a pet form of Ianni, Iannarelli can either mean ‘Yahweh is gracious’ or ‘January.’

8. Iannelli

It is a patronymic Italian surname and possibly the plural form of Iannello. Iannelli is connected with the given name John and means ‘Jehovah has favored (me with a son).’

9. Iannello

It is an Italian last name from the personal name Iannello. It has Biblical connections and means ‘He who Jehovah has favored (with a son).’

10. Iannitello

A surname derived from the personal name Ioannes, Iannitello means ‘land of gracious God.’

11. Iannitti

It is a surname derived from the personal name John and means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’

12. Iannucci

It is an Italian surname borne by the Scottish filmmaker and satirist Armando Iannucci. Iannucci is derived from the given name Ianni, another form of John, and it means ‘Yahweh is gracious.’

13. Iantosca

This surname has three possible origins. It can be a combination of the personal name Ian with Tosca. It can also be a metronymic taken from the feminine given appellation, Tosca, or a habitational surname taken from the region of Tuscany.

14. Iaquinta

Inspired by a given name, Iaquinta is the feminine form of Iaquinto and has connections to a Spanish and Portuguese mythological character. The meaning of Iaquinta can be considered ‘flower.’

15. Iarussi

This surname is the Italian variant of Giarussi. It combines the personal name Ianni and the word ‘russo,’ which means ‘red.’

16. Iavarone

This surname is made by combining the name Ianni with the word ‘varon.’ The complete interpretation of the name is understood as ‘Baron John.’

17. Ibba

This name has an ambiguous meaning. It is possibly derived from the Sardinian word, ‘v-ibba,’ which translates to ‘settlement.’

18. Ienca

This rare Italian surname comes from the Italian word ‘giovenca,’ which means ‘heifer.’

19. Ilardi

A spelling variant of the personal appellation, llardo, Ilardi can also carry German associations with meanings such as ‘hard,’ ‘firm,’ ‘brave,’ and ‘hardy.’ It can also be a spelling variant of Gilardi and means ‘brave spear’ or ‘firm spear.’

20. Ilario

Taken from the personal name Ilario or Hilarius, this surname carries the gaily connotation of ‘cheerful.’

21. Imbimbo

Commonly used as a nickname, this Neapolitan surname comes from the Italian word bimbo, which means ‘child’ or ‘a male baby.’

22. Imbrogno

A surname of Italian origin, Imbrogno can be translated as ‘belonging to the family of Brogno.’

23. Immobile

This surname is taken from the Italian word ‘immobile.’ It can be translated as ‘stationary,’ ‘still,’ or simply ‘immobile.’

24. Imondi

This surname is a dialect form of the personal name Gimondi. It may be an Italian surname, but it also connects to German.

25. Imparato

It is an impressive Italian surname taken as a spelling variant of Imperato. It could also be a nickname derived from the Italian word imparato, which means ‘clever,’ ‘expert,’ or ‘adept.’

26. Impastato

This Italian surname is popular in Sicily. It is derived from the Sicilian word mpastatu. It is the past participle of mpastari, which means ‘to knead’ or ‘to make dirty.’

27. Imperato

A surname inspired by the personal name Imperato. It means ‘to rule’ or ‘to command.’

28. Imperatore

When you think of someone mighty, this Italian surname fits like a glove. Imperatore means ‘emperor.’

29. Imperiale

This is a royal and majestic surname usually given to someone with familial ties to the aristocracy. It can also be given as a nickname to someone who is haughty. The meaning of Imperiale is derived from the Latin word, imperialis, which means ‘imperial.’

30. Imperioli

A spelling variant of the surname Imperiale, it is possibly derived from a nickname. Borne by Michael Imperioli, an American actor, this surname means ‘imperial.’

31. Indelicato

Soft and dainty, taken from the nickname Delicato, it indicates someone who is ‘gentle’ and ‘refined.’

32. Indovina

A mystical Italian last name derived from the word indovina, which means ‘soothsayer,’ ‘fortune teller,’ ‘magician,’ or ‘wizard.’ In Sicily, the surname can also mean ‘praying mantis.’

33. Infante

It is an Italian surname with two possible meanings. Infante can be translated to ‘child,’ but it has also been used as a nickname for someone with the qualities or characteristics of a child.

34. Ingargiola

Possibly the result of a combination of the word ‘in,’ which means ‘of or belonging to,’ along with Gargiol, Ingargiola is taken from the Sicilian word, ‘gargia,’ implying ‘cheek’ or ‘jaw.’

35. Ingoglia

Nothing says family name like a surname that indicates which family you belong to. Ingoglia means ‘belonging to the family of Goglia.’

36. Innocenti

This surname means exactly how it sounds. Innocenti is an Italian last name derived from a nickname for someone innocent.

37. Insalaco

A habitational surname based on a place name in Sicily, Insalaco may have connections with the Arabic word Salaco, which means ‘tanner.’ It can also be considered an occupational surname.

38. Insigne

This Italian surname is inspired by a nickname. It carries one, but the impactful meaning is ‘great.’

39. Inutile

It is a spelling variant of Nutile. In Italian, Inutile has a straightforward meaning ‘useless.’

40. Invernizzi

It is an Italian last name possibly derived from the municipality of Inverno e Monteleone in Lombardy. The translation of inverno is ‘winter’ in Italian.

41. Inzaghi

Taken from a place name from the town of Inzago near Milan, Inzaghi is classified as a habitational surname. It is also borne by famous brothers Filippo and Simone Inzaghi.

42. Iovino

It is an Italian surname inspired by the given name Iovine. It carries a bright and lovely meaning of ‘being young.’ It may also have some associations with the Greek God Zeus.

43. Ippolito

Inspired by the given name Ippolito, this family name also has connections to the Greek mythological character Hippolytos. It carries the connotation of ‘freer of horses.’

44. Isacco

It is an Italian surname passed down from the personal name Issaco or Issac. It means ‘he will rejoice’ or ‘he will laugh.’

45. Iscandar

Iscandar is famous as the name of an outer space planet and the name of a royal clan in the anime Space Battleship Yamato franchise. It is also a spelling variant of Iskander, an Arabic derived from Alexander that means ‘defender of men.’

46. Isotta

Taken from the personal name Isotta, it has a mix of Celtic and Germanic elements. It carries the connotation of ‘ice battle.’

47. Italici

If there is a straightforward surname, this is it. Italici means exactly what it sounds like, that is ‘italics.’

48. Iulitta

There are no exact meanings listed for Iulitta, but it is a surname with Gaelic Etruscan origins. It is found in the comprehensive collection of ancient Latin inscriptions known as the Corpus Inscriptionium Latinarum IX.

49. Izzi

The plural and patronymic name is derived from the personal name Izzo. It was commonly used as a nickname to signify someone as ‘Egyptian.’ It could also be a way of referring to birds of prey or someone who is dark-skinned.

50. Izzo

It is an Italian last name derived from the personal name Azzo. It means ‘noble.’

[sc_protip type=”Did You Know” title=”Did You Know?”] Matronymic surnames are less popular in Italy in comparison to patronymic surnames. However, children of single mothers or non-existent fathers, due to long absence serving the military often take on their mother’s surname.[/sc_protip]

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Famous Last Names That Start With I

If you are looking for surnames or are simply curious if you share a surname with a celebrity or an influential figure, this list catalogs famous people with last names beginning with I.

51. Iacocca

It is an influential surname in the automobile industry. Lee Iacocca is an iconic American automobile executive remembered for his pivotal role in the conceptualization and development of cars like the Pinto and Ford Mustang.

52. Iaconetti

Ashley Iaconetti is a TV persona in America recognizable for her appearances in the reality show The Bachelor. She is a notable name bearer who popularized this last name starting with I.

53. Ian

Ian is used as a Khmer and a Chinese surname. The exact meaning of the Khmer version is unsure. However, the Chinese meaning of Ian comes from an alternate transcription of the name Yan. It can mean ‘gate,’ ‘stern,’ ‘strict,’ or ‘solemn.’

54. Ibrahimovic

Ibrahimovic is a Bosnian patronymic surname that means ‘son of Ibrahim.’ Swedish footballer Zlatan Ibrahimovic, a notable bearer is known for his success scoring many goals and his energetic personality in the pit.

55. Ichikawa

This Japanese surname is made up of two elements that, when combined, means ‘river market.’ Eiji Ichikawa was a famous Japanese mathematician who substantially contributed to the domain of algebraic geometry.

56. Ifield

This is a habitational surname derived from a place named Ifield or Yfeld in Sussex. The meaning of Ifield is highly specific, that is ‘yew trees in an open field.’ Frank Ifield is a renowned singer and a famous name bearer with a rich repertoire of noteworthy compositions in English-American country music.

57. Igarashi

Japanese surnames are often inspired by the weather. In this case, Igarashi means ‘fifty storms.’ A notable bearer, Koji Igarashi is a Japanese video game designer. He is known for his valuable contribution to the Castlevania series.

58. Igawa

As a Japanese locational surname, Igawa consists of two meanings combined. It can mean ‘river well,’ ‘mine shaft,’ or ‘stream pit.’ Ali Mayuko Igawa is a popular name bearer and a Japanese voice actor who has voiced a variety of anime and video game characters.

59. Iginla

Iginla is a Nigerian surname that means ‘big tree,’ specifically in Yoruba. Jarome Iginla is a seasoned professional ice hockey winger. He has an impressive career spanning over 1500 games in the National Hockey League, showcasing his skill and dedication to the sport.

60. Iglesias

It is a Spanish last name that means ‘church.’ It is borne by Enrique Iglesias, a famous singer.

61. Ignatius

Ignatius is a surname inspired by a given name with the same spelling. It is a Roman family name with roots in Latin and means ‘fire.’ A well-known name bearer is the newspaper writer David Ignatius, an American journalist and a bestselling author writing articles and espionage novels such as Body of Lies that offer insightful commentary on real-life issues.

62. Igoe

Igoe was probably first used as a Spanish Christian given name. It is of Hebrew root and means ‘supplanter.’ This last name is a name proudly borne by James T. Igoe, a distinguished politician and representative from Illinois.

63. Iha

Iha is a Japanese surname that carries two possible meanings. It could either mean ‘waves’ or ‘stone.’ The surname is borne by the gifted James Iha, an American pop singer and rock musician.

64. Ihara

Ihara is a Japanese surname whose meaning can change depending on how it is written. It can mean ‘plain well,’ ‘mine shaft,’ ‘this field,’ or ‘this plain.’ A name bearer, Satoshi Ihara is a Japanese actor who has worked in several television dramas and films.

65. Ikehata

This Japanese surname carries a beautiful meaning of ‘edge of a pool,’ ‘border of a pond,’ or ‘edge of a reservoir.’ Through engaging creative works, Shigetaka Ikehata, the name bearer and a movie director from Japan, has contributed heavily to the world of Japanese cinema.

66. Ilgauskas

Ilgauskas is a Lithuanian surname with no certain connotations. Zydrunas Ilgauskas is a Lithuanian-American basketball player who bears the surname. He has gained popularity for his impressive skills on the court, becoming a prominent figure in the world of basketball.

67. Imai

Imai is a Japanese surname that means ‘present well’ or ‘mine shaft.’

68. Imaizumi

Imaizumi is a Japanese surname made up of two meanings. When combined, it means ‘present spring or fountain.’

69. Imamura

Taken from a location, Imamura is a Japanese surname that means ‘present town’ or ‘present village.’ Shohei Imamura, who bears the surname, won the prestigious Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival twice for his work as a film director in Japan.

70. Imbruglia

Imbruglia is a rare Italian surname. The exact meaning of this name remains a mystery. Natalie Imbruglia, an accomplished songwriter, singer, actress, and model, has showcased her versatile talents across various artistic realms, leaving an enduring impact on the entertainment industry.

71. Inaudi

Inaudi is an Italian surname with no exact meaning. Francesca Inaudi, a renowned Italian actress, popularized the name. She is celebrated for her captivating performances in Italian cinema and has left an indelible mark on the industry.

72. Inescort

Inescort is probably an English locative surname. The exact meaning and origin of the name is uncertain. Frieda Inescort, a Scottish-born Broadway actress, has illuminated the stage with her talent and artistry and contributed to the name.

73. Ingalls

Ingalls is the anglicized Scandinavian surname. It is a patronymic surname taken from the Anglo-Scandinavian given name Ingell. The surname is borne by a distinguished figure, John James Ingalls. He is celebrated as a politician, author, orator, and lawyer, showcasing his multifaceted contributions to various fields.

74. Ingres

Ingres is possibly a French surname. There is no certain meaning associated with it, but it could mean ‘grass.’ It was used to denote someone who resided near a grassland.

75. Iniesta

Iniesta is a Spanish surname that means ‘leafhopper.’ It could also be taken from an eponymous place name in the province of Cuenca.

76. Inoue

This is a Japanese surname that means ‘above the well.’ Naoya Inoue, the name bearer, is Japan’s professional boxer and a multi-belt world champion title holder.

77. Irani

With Persian roots, Irani is a surname that denotes someone with Iranian heritage.

78. Ireland

This surname needs no explanation. It is a locative surname for someone who comes from Ireland. The meaning of the name has roots in Old English. It is a combination of ‘Iras,’ which translates to ‘Irishmen’ and ‘land,’ which means the same.

79. Irons

This English surname emerged as a locative surname for someone from Airaines, Somme. With time, it came to be associated with the metal as well.

80. Irving

Irving could be a spelling variant of Irvine or Irwin. It could either mean ‘boar friend’ or ‘green water.’

81. Irwin

This English surname comes from the personal name Eoforwine. It means ‘boar friend.’ Steve Irwin, a popular name bearer, is also known as the Crocodile Hunter. He was an enthusiastic Australian wildlife wizard popularly renowned for showcasing his passion for adventure and wildlife.

82. Isaac

This Jewish surname is taken from the eponymous given name. It has a joyful meaning that is ‘he will laugh’ or ‘he will rejoice.’ Among the actors of Guatemalan descent, Oscar Isaac became well-known after portraying his talent in movies such as Ex Machina or the Star Wars sequel trilogy.

83. Isaacson

This surname needs no explanation. It is a patronymic surname that means ‘son of Isaac.’ Walter Isaacson, an American biographer and journalist, has written several famous biographies, including Steve Jobs and Leonardo da Vinci.

84. Isaka

Isaka is a Jewish surname and a spelling variant of Isaac. It means ‘he will laugh’ or ‘he will rejoice.’

85. Isayama

This is a powerful Japanese surname that means ‘admonish mountain.’

86. Ishibashi

This beautiful Japanese surname means ‘stone bridge.’ American singer-songwriter Kaoru Ishibashi, professionally as Kishi Bashi, is best known for The Appleseed Cast, Black Market research, and Mucca Pazza.

87. Ishibumi

The exact meaning of this Japanese surname remains uncertain. However, one notable bearer of the surname is Ishibumi Ichiei. He is the author of High School DxD, a Japanese light novel series named after its characters.

88. Ishii

This Japanese surname carries a simple meaning of ‘stone well.’ The combat sports achievements of Katsuhiko Ishii, a Japanese kickboxer and mixed martial artist are the legacy of their success.

89. Ishizuka

Taking inspiration from the terrain of Japan, Ishizuka means ‘mound of stone’ or ‘stone hillock.’

90. Iskander

Inspired by the given name Iskandar, a variant of Alexander, Iskander means ‘defending men.’ Fazil Iskander, a name bearer, is considered a gifted writer of the Soviet Union and Russia. His books, such as Sandro of Chegem, contributed heavily to literature.

91. Isuzu

Isuzu is a Japanese surname that means ‘fifty bells.’ It cannot be denied that Japanese actress Isuzu Yamada achieved some status due to her roles in such legendary movies as Rashomon.

92. Iverson

This Scandinavian patronymic surname means ‘son of Iver.’ One of the greatest point guards in NBA history, Allen Iverson retired from professional basketball and became a member of the American Basketball Association.

93. Iwahara

This rustic Japanese surname means ‘meadow of rocks,’ ‘primitive field,’ or ‘original cliff.’

94. Iwai

This Japanese surname takes inspiration from the surroundings. It means ‘rock mine shaft.’ The Japanese director Shunji Iwai is distinguished because of films like Love Letter and Swallowtail Butterfly.

95. Iwata

Iwata is a Japanese surname that means ‘cliff field.’ One of the most important names in the world of video game consoles and electronics is Satoru Iwata, an excellent Japanese lot programmer and the former head of Nintendo.

96. Izawa

It is a spelling variant of Isawa, another Japanese surname. It means ‘swamp pit’ or ‘marsh pit.’

97. Izubuchi

This Japanese surname has a refreshing connotation. It means ‘spring,’ ‘well,’ or ‘fountain.’ Yutaka Izubuchi is a Japanese illustrator and director of anime who is known for his work with such projects including items like RahXephon and Patlabor.

Mexican Last Names That Start With I

Mexican last names that start with I usually have a mix of Spanish and native Mexican influences. There can be traces of colonial influences and indigenous names, as well as a blend of both. Names like Ibarra, Ildefonso, and Iturbe show Mexico’s diverse culture.

98. Ibáñez

It can be used as both a Mexican and Spanish last name. Ibáñez means ‘son of Iban.’

99. Ibarguen

This is the non-Castilianized form of Ibargüen. It is a locational surname based on a neighborhood with the same name in the municipality of Zeanuri.

100. Ibarra

A beautiful and peaceful last name, Ibarra is used as both a Spanish and Mexican surname. It is derived from the word ‘ibar,’ which means ‘meadow.’

101. Icaza

Although the exact meaning of this surname cannot be fully determined, Icaza is the Castilianized form of names such as Ikaza or Ikatza. It was given as a topographic or habitational surname based on a house that carried the meaning of ‘being in abundance.’

102. Idelfonso

This Mexican surname is derived from the personal name Ildefonso. It carries a powerful meaning of ‘war ready.’

103. Idrogo

This is a Hispanic surname and a respelling of the Spanish Huidobro. It is used as a habitational surname taken from the place name Huidobro in Burgos province.

104. Iglesias

This famous Mexican and Spanish last name is derived from the Latin word, ‘ecclesia,’ which means ‘church.’

105. Ignacio

A Mexican and Spanish surname commonly seen in the Philippines, it is taken from the personal name Ignatius. It probably means ‘fire.’

106. Iguazú

This Mexican surname is connected to the Guarani language. Taken from the words ‘y’ and ‘ûasú,’ Iguazú means ‘great water.’

107. Ildefonso

Commonly seen as a Mexican and Spanish last name, it is derived from the personal name, Ildefonso. It carries the connotation of ‘battle ready.’

108. Illescas

It is a name that emerged from a family who resided in the Manchego municipality.

109. Iñárritu

This is a Basque and Mexican surname. The exact meaning of the last name is unknown but it can also be spelled as Iñarritu. The famous bearers of this surname are Alejandro González Iñárritu, a Mexican film director, producer, and screenwriter, Jon Iñarritu, a Basque politician, and José Alberto Aguilar Iñárritu, a Mexican politician and economist.

110. Inclán

It is a habitational surname derived from the region with the same name in Asturias.

111. Ines

Inspired by the personal name Agnes, this surname shares its meaning with the personal name that means ‘pure.’

112. Infante

This is a popular surname in Italian, Spanish, and Mexican communities. It carries a simple meaning of ‘child.’

113. Inguanzo

This Spanish and Mexican last name was used as a habitational surname. It is derived from the place name Inguanzo in Oviedo, Asturias.

114. Iniesta

This is a Spanish and Mexican surname with two possible origins. The first can be taken from the word, ‘iniesta,’ which means ‘leafhopper.’ The second is possibly used as a habitational surname taken from a place called Iniesta in the province of Cuenca.

115. Íñiguez

One of the straightforward Mexican surnames, this patrilineal surname means ‘son of Íñigo.’

116. Inocencio

This Spanish and Mexican surname is taken from the personal name, Inocencio or Innocent. It means exactly how it sounds, that is ‘innocent.’

117. Interiano

This is used as both a Mexican and a Spanish last name. It was used as a topographical name to denote someone from inside the country in contrast to someone from the outside.

118. Inzunza

This Mexican surname is the Castilianized form of Intzuntza. It can be considered a habitational surname because it is derived from a neighborhood with the same name in the municipality of Lemoa.

119. Iracheta

Iracheta is the Castilianized form of the habitational name Iratxeta. The meaning of this surname can be interpreted as ‘a group of ferns.’

120. Irala

It is a surname inspired by a neighborhood with the same name in the district of Errekalde in the municipality of Bilbo.

121. Iriarte

It can be considered a topographical surname. It is often given as a nickname for someone living in between two or more settlements.

122. Iribarren

It is a surname taken from a district with the same name in the municipality of Otsagabia.

123. Iribe

This surname can be found in Basque, Japanese, Southern English, and German-speaking countries. The exact meaning of the Basque surname is not certain. However, in German, Iribe can mean ‘shining energy,’ ‘bright energy,’ or ‘bold strength.’

124. Irigoyen

It is a Castilianized form of Irigoien. As a Basque and Mexican surname, it has been used as a habitational surname to denote someone from Irigoien in Gipuzkoa province. It can also be used as a topographical surname, and it means ‘superior hamlet’ or ‘upper village.’

125. Irizarry

This Mexican last name is the spelling variant of the Basque, Irisarri. It is a surname derived from a family group that shares the same name in the French borough of Baiona.

126. Irra

This Galician and Mexican last name emerged as a habitational name. It was taken from a place called Arra in Pontevedra.

127. Iruegas

It is a Spanish and Mexican surname, although rare among Spanish-speaking communities. It is a spelling variant and plural form of Iruega. The exact meaning of the name is uncertain.

128. Isaguirre

This is the spelling variant of Izaguirre. It carries a distinct meaning of ‘prominence’ or ‘clearing exposed to the wind.’

129. Isais

A Hispanic surname especially used in the region of Mexico, it is a spelling variant of the Biblical name Isaías or Isaiah. It means ‘God is salvation.’

130. Isern

It is found as a German and Catalan last name. As a German surname, it is an occupational last name given to someone who deals with hardware. As a Catalan name, Isern is derived from a given name, and it could mean ‘iron,’ ‘steady,’ or ‘strong.’

131. Isidoro

This surname is taken from the personal name Isidoro or Isidore. It carries the connotation of ‘gift of Isis.’

132. Isidro

This is a surname derived from the given name Isidro or Isidore. It means ‘gift of Isis.’

133. Islas

This Mexican and Spanish habitational surname is taken from a place known as Islas (Málaga Ciudad Real). It could also be given as a topographic name for someone who hails from the islands.

134. Ituarte

This Mexican and Basque surname is formed by combining two elements. Although the first element has an uncertain meaning, the second element means ‘between in the midst of.’

135. Iturbe

It is a beautiful topographical or habitational surname taken from a house with the connotation of ‘under the spring.’

136. Iturbide

It is a Basque and Mexican last name that emerged from the region of Navarra that means ‘road of the fountain.’

137. Iturralde

This Mexican last name is derived from a neighbor who shares the same name in the municipality of Lizartza.

138. Iturriaga

This Basque and Mexican last name has two elements that make up the meaning. It can be interpreted as the ‘place where the spring is.’

139. Ixta

This short and sharp Mexican surname is another spelling for the Nahuatl or Aztec word, ‘izta,’ which translates to ‘salt’ or ‘white.’ It can also mean ‘face.’ According to Aztec legends, Ixta is the shortened form of the name of the princess Iztaccíhuatl.

140. Izaguirre

Izaguirre is a Mexican and Basque surname influenced by the forces of nature. It means ‘open space’ or a ‘pasture exposed to the winds.’

141. Izarraraz

Izarraraz is the shortened form of the surname Elizarraraz. It was used as a habitational surname and means ‘church in Arrarats.’

142. Izquierdo

Surnames often come from nicknames, and this is one of them. Izquierdo was given as a nickname for someone left-handed.

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[sc_protip type=”Point to ponder” title=”Point to ponder”] Most do not know the thin line of difference between Mexicans and Hispanics. Mexicans are the inhabitants of Mexico, while Hispanics speak Spanish, with Latin American descent and live in the US. In Mexico, Spanish is the main language, but not all speak it. On the other hand, all Hispanics speak Spanish (1).[/sc_protip]

Spanish Last Names That Start With I

Spanish last names starting with I are like family labels. They often have stories from long ago and come from different places. A few Spanish surnames may overlap with Mexican surnames because of their linguistic history.

143. Ibanez

This surname is patronymic and is determined from the father’s name. In this case, it refers to the son of Inigo. It is a Basque name that means ‘keeper of the place.’

144. Ibarra

This is a scenic surname that originated from a Basque country and it means ‘meadow by the river.’

145. Ibarrola

This surname indicates one’s family roots in an area with fields and meadows based on the Spanish term ‘barro’ meaning ‘field.’

146. Ibias

This toponymic surname comes from the municipality of Ibias in Asturias, Spain. It identifies someone with ancestral roots in that area.

147. Iceta

This surname suggests familial connections to a location or geographical feature named Iceta.

148. Idoia

This surname is a feminine given name and was derived from a place called Idoia.

149. Igarreta

This family name finds its origins in a place called Igarreta.

150. Iglesias

This family name is translated as ‘churches’ and originally applied to people who lived close to a church or a set of churches.

151. Illa

It is a Catalan and Occitan surname and means ‘island.’ It is similar to the surname Isla.

152. Illana

Illana finds its roots in the province of Illana Guadalajara, Spain. People hailing from the province have adopted the surname.

153. Illanes

It is of Galician origin. Illanes means ‘sloping land’ and was assigned to those living on hilly terrains.

154. Illescas

Illescas denotes a family’s roots in the Manchego municipality that shares the same name.

155. Illueca

This toponymic surname originates from the town of Illueca in Zaragoza, Spain. It was likely adopted by someone who hailed from or lived near that town.

156. Ilundain

This Basque surname likely originated as a toponymic surname, meaning someone from a place called ‘Ilundain.’

157. Imitola

It is a surname that implies familial relationships with a place or geographical feature called Imitola.

158. Inarritu

This last name can represent or is associated with a place or region called Inarritu.

159. Indart

This Basque surname translates to ‘strong house’ and could have various origins, such as describing a family home or reflecting a family known for its strength.

160. Itarte

This surname depicts that the bearer has their roots or links from a place called Itarte.

161. Infante

Derived from the Spanish word for ‘child’ or ‘infant,’ Infante was often used as a title for children of royalty.

162. Iniesta

A surname of Catalan origin, Iniesta refers to someone who lived near a nesting place of hawks or eagles.

163. Iniguez

The etymology of this surname is the Basque term that translates to ‘son of Inigo.’ Inigo is a Basque medieval name interpreted as ‘the steward of the fatherland.’

164. Insua

This is a Galician surname that means ‘island.’ It was originally given to people who lived on an island.

165. Intriago

This is a Spanish habitational surname. It is taken from a place name known as Intriago in Asturias.

166. Iracheta

Originating from the Basque language, Iracheta means ‘new house’ and was given to individuals from recently established residences.

167. Iraheta

A Hispanicized rendition of the surname Iraeta, Iraheta signifies familial roots within the neighborhood named after the municipality of Zestoa.

168. Iraola

This surname reveals that the bearer of the name has certain connections to a place of Iraola. It can also mean ‘place of ferns.’

169. Irazabal

This Basque surname means ‘wide valley’ and was given to those residing in expansive valleys.

170. Irazo

The surname has a possible link to a specific location or a geographical characteristic of the name of Irazo.

171. Iriarte

Meaning ‘new town’ in Basque, Iriarte was bestowed upon individuals from recently established settlements.

172. Iribar

This last name may derive from a location or geographical feature called Iribar. It can also mean ‘town of the river valley.’

173. Irigoyen

This last name is a Basque surname that means ‘town of two houses’. It is the name of a settlement named Irigoyen and was used to identify its residents.

174. Irineo

Ireno is a Spanish surname inspired by the eponymous given name. It has connections to Greek and Latin, and it means ‘peaceful.’ It is quite rare in Spain.

175. Irizar

Originating from the Basque language, Irizar means ‘new town’ and was given to those residing in recently established settlements.

176. Irizarry

A variation of the Basque surname Irizar, Irizarry has the same meaning, signifying ‘new town.’

177. Iruela

This is a toponymic surname likely referencing the municipality of Iruela in Guadalajara, Spain. It could also derive from the Basque word ‘Iruela,’ meaning ‘valley’ or ‘depression.’

178. Irun

This last name might link to the town of Irún or denote a place typical of a certain geographical landscape.

179. Irureta

This surname is Basque and means ‘town of the ferns.’ It is given to people settling in a town called Irureta.

180. Irusta

This Basque surname means ‘red town’ and was given to individuals from settlements with distinctive red features.

181. Isern

Of Catalan origin, Isern signifies ‘iron’ and likely referred to someone who worked with or owned an iron forge.

182. Isidro

This is a Spanish patronymic surname that means ‘Son of Isidro.’ Isidro is of Germanic origin and means ‘industrious.’

183. Isla

As the name implies, this surname means ‘island’ and was given to people who lived on islands.

184. Ispizua

Originating from Basque, Ispizua means ‘meadow at the foot of the hill’ and was given to individuals from such locations.

185. Itoiz

It is a patronymic hinting at kinship to a site or natural feature called Itoiz, perhaps associated with water or a dam.

186. Ituarte

This Basque surname means ‘high place’ and was given to those living in elevated areas.

187. Ituno

This patronymic name could have links connected to a place or geographical characteristic that may be related to ‘Itutno.’

188. Iturbide

A Basque surname, Iturbide, translates to ‘between houses,’ which indicates someone living in an intermediate location.

189. Iturri

This name goes with a place that has a spring or a fountain, as ‘Iturri’ means spring in Basque.

190. Ivars

Of Catalan origin, Ivars means ‘yew tree’ and may have referred to someone living near a prominent yew tree.

191. Izaguirre

A Basque surname, Izaguirre, means ‘behind the church’ and often indicates a location near a church.

192. Ipina

This surname is of the Basque origin. It was used as a topographical or habitation name and it refers to a family name from the region of Biscay province.

193. Izquierdo

This surname is interpreted to mean ‘left-handed’ and was used to describe left-handed persons.

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Japanese Last Names That Start With I

Japanese last names starting with I often reflect nature, occupations, or geographical features. Some examples include Ito, Inoue, and Ishikawa. These surnames showcase Japan’s rich cultural heritage and linguistic diversity.

194. Ibuka

This Japanese surname means ‘deep well.’ It is a name borne by one of the most influential Japanese industrialists, Masaru Ibuka. He is the co-founder of Japanese electronics major Sony.

195. Ibuki

It has been used as a personal name and a surname. Ibuki refers to ‘one who blows into.’

196. Ichida

This last name starting with I has an interesting combination of meanings. It carries the connotations of ‘market,’ combined with ‘paddy’ or ‘field.’ It can be interpreted as a ‘paddy market.’

197. Ichihara

The beauty of this surname lies in the multiple meanings it can carry. Ichihara can mean ‘market field’ or ‘market plain,’ and also mean ‘one town meadow,’ ‘one town field,’ or ‘one city plain.’ There are more meanings depending on the combination of kanjis.

198. Ichihashi

Japanese names have quite literal meanings. This Japanese surname can be interpreted as a ‘bridge to the market.’

199. Ichijiku

The surname may sound complicated to pronounce but it carries a straightforward meaning of the number ‘nine.’

200. Ichijo

This surname is a simple spelling alternative of the surname Ichijō. It means a ‘line’ or a ‘streak.’

201. Ichikawa

Inspired by civilization combined with nature, Ichikawa means ‘market river’ or ‘market stream.’

202. Ichiki

This melodious surname carries different meanings. It can mean ‘one wood,’ ‘one tree,’ ‘market wood,’ or ‘market tree.’

203. Ichiko

It is a surname with a modern and contemporary appeal. Ichiko means ‘city child.’

204. Ichimura

Ichimura is a surname with different possible meanings. It can mean ‘one town,’ ‘one village,’ ‘market town,’ or ‘market village.’

205. Ichino

A famous last name borne by a Japanese manga illustrator. It comprises two elements that carry meanings like ‘one,’ ‘market,’ ‘wilderness,’ ‘rice paddy,’ and ‘field.’

206. Ichinoku

Ichinoku is a spelling alternative of the Japanese surname, Ichijiku. It denotes the number ‘nine.’

207. Ichinomiya

A name of many uses. As a word, Ichinomiya is a popular term in the Shintō shrine. It also exists as a place name. As a surname, it can mean ‘one city,’ ‘one market,’ ‘one town,’ ‘constellations,’ ‘market,’ or ‘princess.’

208. Ichinose

It carries an elaborate meaning that comprises three elements. These three can be combined to make the complete meaning. They are ‘city,’ ‘one,’ and ‘rapids’ or ‘current.’ This surname is borne by Taizo Ichinose, a Japanese war photographer.

209. Ichinoshime

A Japanese surname that emerged as a name for a group of households in the Kadowari System during the Edo period.

210. Ichioka

This Japanese surname was inspired by natural terrain. It means ‘one hill.’

211. Ichitomi

A rarely used Japanese surname. It can either mean ‘market riches,’ ‘market wealth,’ ‘one wealth,’ or ‘one fortune.’

212. Ichiyama

Mighty and strong just like its meaning. This Japanese surname means ‘one mountain.’

213. Ichiyasu

A serene and distinct last name. Taken from two elements, Ichiyasu can either mean ‘one peace,’ or ‘market cheap.’ The meaning of the surname depends on the combination of kanjis.

214. Ideguchi

It is said that Ideguchi emerged as an occupational surname. It means ‘well hand and mouth.’

215. Ieda

A combination of two elements, this Japanese surname means ‘family field,’ or ‘house rice paddy.’

216. Ieiri

A distinguished last name. It is also shared by director and founder, Kazuma Ieiri. The surname means ‘to enter a building, residency, dwelling, home, or habitation.’

217. Iekami

A family name that upholds the meaning of family. Iekami carries connotations such as ‘under the family’ or ‘under the household.

218. Igarashi

A Japanese surname inspired by the weather and a number. The interpretation of Igarashi means ‘fifty storm.’

219. Ikeda

Inspired by the landscapes of Japan. It can be a combination of meanings like ‘pool’ or ‘pond’ with ‘field’ or ‘rice paddy.’

220. Imai

Another Japanese surname is based on location. It means ‘present’ or ‘now,’ combined with ‘mine,’ ‘shaft,’ ‘pit,’ and ‘well.’

221. Imanishi

This beautiful Japanese surname is derived from a nickname. It means ‘present in the West.’

222. Imano

This is a surname based on the location. It carries the connotation of ‘present in the field, wilderness, or plain.’

223. Imoto

This short and adorable Japanese last name means ‘well root.’

[sc_protip type=”Quick fact” title=”Quick fact”]Japanese naming conventions follow a patrilineal system, which means the family name is inherited from the father. It is also interesting to note that the family name comes first in Japan before the given name (2).[/sc_protip]

224. Inaba

It is a surname derived from a nickname. It echoes the beauty of nature by carrying meanings such as ‘rice plant leaf.’

225. Inada

Closely similar in spelling and meaning to Inaba, another Japanese surname. Inada means ‘rice plant field’ or ‘rice paddy.’

226. Inagaki

This Japanese surname can carry two slightly similar meanings. The first is ‘rice fence’ and the second is ‘rice plant fence.’

227. Inayoshi

It is a beautiful Japanese surname that carries two different meaning, that is ‘rice plant’ and ‘good luck.’

228. Inoue

An interestingly specific meaning is connected to Inoue. It means ‘above the well.’

229. Ishida

Japanese may sound very similar because of how closely related their meanings are. Ishida means ‘stone field’ or ‘stone rice paddy.’

230. Ishikawa

A Japanese surname inspired by the elements of nature. It means ‘stone river’ or ‘stone stream.’

231. Isogai

A sweet and simple last name with multiple meanings and connotations. It can mean ‘beach valley,’ ‘shellfish on the seashore or beach,’ or ‘seashore valley.’

232. Isomura

A soft and gentle Japanese surname that means ‘town by the seashore’ or ‘village by the beach.’

233. Isose

It is a beautiful and poetic last name. Isose carries the connotation of ‘sand ripples.’

234. Itagaki

A last name that evokes a sense of protection. This Japanese surname means ‘planks for a fence.’

235. Ite

A short and sharp Japanese surname. It means ‘shooting hand’ and is often used as an occupational surname for an archer.

236. Ito

A short and cute respelling of the Japanese, Itō. It means ‘this wisteria.’ It may also be associated with the Fujiwara clan.

237. Itobin

This Japanese surname is derived from a nickname possibly given for a type of hairstyle.

238. Itou

A spelling variant of the Japanese last name, Itō. It carries a beautiful connotation of ‘this wisteria.’

239. Iwai

A Japanese surname taken from the craggy terrain. It means ‘cliff’ or ‘rocks,’ combined with ‘mine,’ ‘shaft,’ ‘pit,’ or ‘well.’

240. Iwasaki

Another Japanese surname taken based on the location or terrain. Iwasaki can mean ‘cape of rocks,’ ‘rocky peninsula,’ or ‘cape with a cliff.’

241. Iwashimizu

A beautiful compilation of meanings in a Japanese surname. It means ‘purifying stones or rocks and clean water.

242. Iwamoto

A strong Japanese last name that consists of meanings such as ‘cliff’ or ‘rocks’ along with connotations such as ‘base,’ ‘origin’ or ‘root.’

243 Iwata

A Japanese surname that can mean ‘a cliff of rice paddy’ or a ‘field of rocks.’ The interpretation of the meanings depends on the combination of kanjis.

244. Iwatate

A locational surname taken from the former village known by the same name. Presently the village is situated in Aomori, Japan. The other spelling variants for Iwatate are Iwadate, Iwadachi, Iwatachi, and Iwatatsu.

245. Iwawaki

Inspired by the craggy topography of the region. Iwawaki means ‘stone side.’

246 Iwazaki

A spelling variant of the Japanese surname Iwasaki. It carries the connotations of ‘stone slope’ or ‘hill.’

247. Iyama

A Japanese surname that carries the meanings of ‘a well or pit on a mountain or a hill.’

248. Īzuka

This surname evokes a rustic sense of rural life. It means ‘cooking grains or rice on a hillock.’

249. Izumi

A Japanese surname with a refreshing meaning. It means ‘spring’ or ‘fountain.’

250. Izumikawa

A pleasant-sounding surname. It carries two water elements in its meaning, that is ‘fountain river.’

251. Izumo

Not only used as a unisex given name, Izumo is also a place name in Japan. It carries beautiful connotations such as ‘coming out of a cloud,’ ‘leaving a cloud,’ ‘leaving to be luxuriant,’ or ‘overgrown.’

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We have crossed continents and cultures and have seen endless stories hidden behind last names that start with I. These surnames trace back to family roots, cultural backgrounds, and individual lives. As we close this short journey into last names, may they not just be a compilation of letters but portals of understanding human identity. These surnames can be reminders of the importance of family and its connections to people.

How do last names that start with “I” vary across different cultures?

Last names that start with the letter I can vary in their origins across different cultures. They can emerge as topographical, occupational, or habitational names. They can also be taken from one’s ancestors. Another distinct difference is the way they are spelled and pronounced. Certain surnames may have the same etymology but can differ in how they are written and enunciated.

Do last names starting with “I” have specific cultural significance?

In certain cultures, every single letter or syllable carries a special meaning or significance. For instance, Japanese surnames that start with the letter I can carry separate meanings. One example is Igarashi, the surname is divided into three parts, ‘i,’ ‘ga,’ and ‘arashi.’ The first part of the name, ‘i’ stands for fifty.

Which professions or occupations are associated with last names starting with “I?”

These last names starting with I have been derived from certain occupations or professions. A few examples are Iacono an Italian surname for a deacon, Insalaco an Italian name for a tanner, Isern a Mexican name for a hardware dealer, and Ite a Japanese name for an archer.

How have last names starting with “I” changed over time?

As seen in the long list of surnames, names have developed and evolved. With the cultural changes brought about by migration and historical events, names have crossed different borders and continents. This led to changes in the way a surname is spelled or pronounced.

Key Takeaways

  • Last names that start with I are a mix of occupational, topographical, habitational, and religious origins.
  • The meanings of Japanese last names with I are often related to nature. For example, Iwazaki means ‘stone slope’ or ‘hill’, and Isogai means ‘beach valley.’
  • There are some similar last names shared by Mexicans and Spaniards. For example, Ibarra, Iriarte, and Infante.
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