300+ Creative Nicknames For Charlotte

The beautiful name Charlotte for girls is considered a feminine variant of Charles. There are infinite nicknames for Charlotte. It has Germanic origins and is derived from the name Karl, which means ‘man’ or ‘army.’ Initially used as a French name, it slowly gained popularity in other European countries before traveling to the US. In Great Britain and Ireland, the name became famous because of Queen Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. Later, famous people such as Charlotte Bronte brought the name into the limelight when she wrote Jane Eyre.

It is reasonable that the name has spawned a variety of nicknames. These nicknames may be Charlotte’s variants in other languages or diminutives. Yet others derive nicknames from the personality or physical characteristics of Charlotte. The following list covers some of the cutest, most unique, and funny nicknames for Charlotte.

300+ Nicknames For Charlotte

Charlotte is the perfect name for creating a variety of nicknames. These nicknames range from cute to funny to good.

Cute Nicknames For Charlotte

Cute nicknames work well when you are close to a person. We bring you a few here.

1. Ari

Short and sweet, this cute nickname is also a first name with Hebrew, Old Norse, and Armenian origins. Depending on its language of origin, it could mean ‘lion,’ ‘eagle,’ or ‘brave,’ respectively.

2. Arla

A unique twist on the letters of Charlotte, Arla is also an American and Finnish name. It means ‘early’ in Swedish.

3. Arlie

Charlie is a common nickname for Charlotte but Arlie serves as an even shorter version of Charlie. This cute nickname is often used as a diminutive for names beginning with Arl such as Arline.

4. Arlo

Arlo is a natural transition from Charlotte. It is also a first name.

5. Arnie

Though Arnie is often used for Arnold, it might be a fresh nickname for Charlotte. Besides being cute, it is also unique.

6. Artie

A nickname that is usually used for Arthur, Artie also suits Charlotte. A little Artie might bring a smile to your face.

7. Cae

Cae is a fresh nickname for Charlotte. Pronounced as Kay, it is also a first name.

8. Cairo

An unusual nickname for Charlotte, Cairo can grab attention quickly. It has Arabic origins and means ‘the victorious.’

9. Callie

Callie is usually used as a nickname for Caroline. It can break the mold and become a nickname for Charlotte, too.

10. Candy

Who doesn’t love candy? A sweet nickname for a sweet girl, Candy is the perfect fit for Charlotte.

11. Care Bear

For a caring Charlotte, Care Bear might be the best nickname. If Charlotte is a nurse or a mother, you can consider this nickname for her.

12. Carel

Carel is a cute way to call Charlotte. Incidentally, it is also a first name.

13. Carla

Carla naturally follows from Charlotte, hence becoming a nice nickname. It is also an Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and English first name.

14. Carles

A variant of Charles, Carles becomes a great nickname for Charlotte. Carles is the Catalan form of Charles and is pronounced as KAR-ləs.

15. Carlie

An endearing nickname for Charlotte, Carlie is evocative of Charlie. It can be used for Charlottes of any age.

16. Carlito

Also used as a Portuguese and Spanish first name, Carlito is a variant of Carlos. The -lito at the end is suitable for a tiny Charlotte.

17. Carlota

The Spanish and Portuguese variant of Charlotte, Carlota can be used as a beautiful nickname, too. It is a cute way to call your friend or daughter.

18. Carlotta

A stylish nickname, Carlotta is also the Italian variant of Charlotte. If you have a sophisticated and fashionable friend named Charlotte, Carlotta will be the perfect fit for her.

19. Carlu

If you are looking for an unusual yet cute nickname for Charlotte, Carlu might be the perfect pick. It is also a Corsican first name.

20. Caro

Caro is taken from some of Charlotte’s letters and yet stands apart from other nicknames. It can also be used as a nickname for Caroline and Carol.

21. Carol

Carol means ‘song’ or ‘hymn’ and would be a good match for Charlotte. Select this gentle nickname for someone who is a singer or a musician.

22. Carrie

Another diminutive of Caroline, Carrie can also be used for Charlotte. It would be an interesting conversation starter, too.

23. Cat

Though Cat is usually used as a nickname for Catherine, it could also be used for Charlotte. Cat is a cute nickname for a cat lover or an especially agile Charlotte.

24. Catty

Another nickname for Catherine, Catty is a cute nickname for Charlotte as well. It can also be spelled as Cattie.

25. C-Baby

Charlotte starts with a C so this nickname is a good choice. You can use it for a baby or a close friend named Charlotte.

26. CeCe

Pronounced as both say-say and see-see, this nickname adds a new twist to the first letter of Charlotte. It is suitable for Charlottes of all ages.

27. CeeCee

CeeCee takes the first letter of Charlotte and turns it into a beautiful nickname. It can be used for other names starting with C, too.

28. Ceel

Also a first name, Ceel is a unique nickname for Charlotte. It is pronounced as KEHL.

29. Char

By simply using the first four letters of Charlotte, it is possible to create a cute nickname. It will help her stand out from the crowd.

30. Char Char

What is cuter than a single Char? Repeating it, of course!

31. Chara

Chara is a cute nickname for Charlotte. Moreover, it means ‘happiness’ and ‘joy’ in Greek.

32. Charcoal

If Charlotte has jet-black hair, Charcoal makes a sensible nickname for her. You can also use it for someone who has black eyes or prefers wearing black clothes.

33. Charcuterie

Charcuterie boards are the latest trend. And Charcuterie is a cute nickname for Charlotte.

34. Chariot

Chariots are often associated with royalty. This nickname will suit a sophisticated Charlotte.

35. Charis

A sweet and unique nickname for Charlotte, Charis is also a Greek first name. It means ‘grace’ and ‘kindness’ and is the name for one of the three Graces.

36. Charl

A simple yet effective nickname for Charlotte, Charl is both cute and practical. It is also the Afrikaans variant of Charles.

37. Charla

Quite simply, Charla is the feminine version of Charles. This quality makes it the perfect nickname for Charlotte, too.

38. Charli

If you find names ending with -i cute, Charli is right for you. This nickname for Charlotte is common in pronunciation yet unusual in spelling.

39. Charlie

Charlie must be among the top nicknames for Charlotte, yet it never loses its cuteness. This nickname also adds a bit of ambiguity about the bearer as it is a unisex name.

40. Charline

A nickname with French flair, Charline is the French feminine diminutive of Charles. Add a dash of style to Charlotte with this nickname.

41. Charlize

Also a popular first name, Charlize is the feminine version of Charles combined with the Afrikaans suffix -ize. Charlize suits a fun Charlotte to the T.

42. Charlo

Another variant of Charles, this nickname sounds unique and cute. As it uses most of the letters of Charlotte, it is more suitable as a nickname for the name.

43. Charlot

Pronounced as SHAR-LO, this nickname is sure to grab eyeballs. It is a stylish nickname for Charlotte.

44. Charlotta

Though Charlotta is another spelling for Charlotte, it carries weight. Calling Charlotte who holds a high office Charlotta will boost her confidence.

45. Charlottean

If the Charlotte you know lives by her own rules, a nickname that befits her lofty position is required. Charlottean fulfills all these requirements.

46. Charlsie

Charlsie is a cute nickname for Charlotte that has managed to make a place for itself as a standalone name as well. It is believed to have been popular in the southern states of the US in the early 20th century (1).

47. Charly

A nickname with French associations, Charly sounds incredibly chic. It is a perfect nickname for Charlotte.

48. Charmi

For a charming Charlotte, you do not have to look too far for a nickname. Charmi is a pretty one.

49. Char-Star

If you want to boost Charlotte’s morale, call her a star. Char-Star does that with panache.

50. Chas

Chas is a cute one-syllable nickname for Charlotte. It sounds stylish, too.

51. Chat

Call it whichever way you want, Chat is surely a cute nickname for Charlotte. You can use it for any age group.

52. Chaz

Another diminutive of Charles, and subsequently Charlotte, Chaz adds an extra layer of stylishness. The ‘z’ at the end makes it sound trendy.

53. Cheetah

If the Charlotte you know is a runner, you can name her Cheetah. It can be a great motivation for an athlete.

54. Cheetie

Whether Charlotte runs like a cheetah or loves Cheetos, you can name her Cheetie. This nickname is a cute way to acknowledge her likes.

55. Cheri

Also spelled as Cherie, this nickname means ‘dear’ in French. It can be given to a baby Charlotte or a close friend.

56. Cherry

Cherry is reminiscent of the little red fruit. It is a good nickname for someone with red cheeks.

Cherry is a nickname for Charlotte

Image: Momjunction Design Team

57. Cherub

A cherub is a cute angel with wings and an attendant of God in the Bible. Hence, it makes a great nickname for a baby Charlotte.

58. Chi

Chi could be a good nickname for Charlotte who meditates regularly. Besides being short and cute, it also is the Chinese name for life energy.

59. Chia

A cute nickname for Charlotte, Chia is also used as a diminutive for Lucia in Spanish. Moreover, it is believed to be the name of the pre-Columbian goddess of the moon.

60. Chi-chi

If you are looking for a cute way to call Charlotte, Chi-chi might be a good pick. It is a cute nickname for a little one.

61. Chickie

Do you have a little chick that makes you smile? Then Chickie is a great pick for her.

62. Chico

Pronounced as SHEE-koo, this nickname is also used as a first name. Chico can be a unique nickname for Charlotte.

63. Chicory

Chicory is the perfect nickname if the Charlotte you know lives off coffee. Derived from the bright blue plant, you can also use this nickname if Charlotte has blue eyes.

64. Chintz

Chintz has a classy, old-world feel that will suit Charlotte. You can use this nickname for someone who has a love for vintage objects.

65. Chip

Chip is often associated with Charles as a nickname. It makes sense to give this nickname to Charlotte, too.

66. Chloe

Though Chloe is a stand-alone first name in its own right, it can work as a nickname for Charlotte, too. It is a cute nickname that will cause heads to turn.

67. Cho

Harry Potter fans can give this nickname to their little Charlotte. Cho has a single syllable and a pleasant sound that everyone will love.

68. Choco

Bring on the love for chocolate with this nickname. It is perfect for a chocolate-loving Charlotte.

69. Choker

Just like a choker enhances an outfit, this nickname will add a level of sophistication to Charlotte. Besides, everyone will want to know what the original name of someone called Choker might be.

70. Cholly

Cholly has an irreverent sound that makes it a great nickname for best friends named Charlotte. It is cute and unique.

71. Chortle

Chortling away to popularity, this is a great nickname for Charlotte. It can be given to a baby who chortles frequently.

72. Chuck

Though Chuck is traditionally a male name, it can be used as a nickname for Charlotte. It is a cute and unconventional choice.

73. Coco

If you are on the lookout for some classic nicknames for Charlotte, look no further. Coco is the perfect pick both in terms of vintage and cuteness.

74. Halo

Picking some letters from Charlotte and creating a beautiful nickname from it sounds creative. Halo also means the luminous disc often found in pictures above the heads of holy people.

75. Harley

Harley is both unconventional and cute. It holds associations with Harley Quinn from the comics and might be a good choice for someone who loves them.

76. Harlo

Though Harlo is easily derived from Charlotte, it is rarely used. This cute nickname needs more mentions.

77. Harly

A variant of Harley, this nickname looks cuter because of its spelling. It is suitable for all ages.

78. Karla

Karla is associated with Charles, which makes it a good pick for Charlotte as well. It is also a first name.

79. Kelly

Kelly is a stand-alone name that can also be used as a nickname for Charlotte. It means ‘bright-headed.’

80. Lettie

Also spelled as Letty, this nickname has found fame as a first name, too. It is used for several other names such as Lettice and Letitia.

81. Lila

Lila is a lighthearted nickname for Charlotte. Incidentally, it is also an English and Indian first name.

82. Lotte

Lotte is one of the most obvious nicknames for Charlotte. It is easy to remember, too.

83. Lottie

One of the most common nicknames for Charlotte, Lottie has now found fame as a first name, too. It is pronounced LAHT-ee.

84. Lottie-Bee

While Lottie is a frequently-used nickname for Charlotte, Lottie-Bee ups its stylishness a notch. It is perfect for someone whose name is Charlotte and whose middle name starts with B.

Funny Nicknames For Charlotte

Did you know that some nicknames are super-funny and manage to bring on a laugh every time? These funny nicknames for Charlotte do just that.

85. Car

Car-loving Charlottes may have this nickname. An unconventional nickname, it will bring on a laugh every time it is mentioned.

86. Car Lot

A Car Lot is someone who is forever looking for good parking spaces. It can also be given to a car enthusiast.

87. Cha-Cha-Changes

A nickname that can be given to a fashionista who changes her clothes at the drop of a hat. Also, it can be given to someone who changes their mind often.

88. ChaCha

If the Charlotte you know loves to dance, ChaCha might be the perfect nickname for her. It highlights her love cutely.

89. ChaCha Slide

Sometimes, the meaningless nicknames are the funniest. ChaCha Slide may make no sense but it can bring a smile to Charlotte’s face.

90. Chacolate

A play on chocolate, this nickname for Charlotte is especially sweet. The first three letters also correspond to Charlotte’s beginning letters and sound more apt.

91. Chai

Chai tea is the latest rage all over the world. Give this nickname to a Chai-loving Charlotte.

92. Chai Latte

Chai Latte comes as a refreshing nickname for Charlotte. It can bring a smile to Charlotte’s face even if she doesn’t like the drink.

93. Chai Lotte

A play on Chai Latte, this nickname is a tribute to the iconic drink. If Charlotte is a fan of this beverage, bonus points for using this nickname for her.

94. Chalice

If Charlotte is religious, Chalice is the perfect nickname for her. It is a holy object considered divine in Christianity.

95. Chalupa

Food nicknames are always funny. Chalupa-lovers will dig this nickname.

96. Chameleon

Chameleon is an unusually funny nickname for Charlotte. It can be given ironically to a person who always speaks the truth and never changes her colors.

97. Chaotic Char

Some Charlottes bring chaos wherever they go. These chaotic personalities need a befitting nickname.

98. Char-B-Q

A play on barbeque, this nickname is for those lazy afternoons when you spend time in each other’s backyards over BBQ stands. It is both funny and functional.

99. Char-bear

If giving bear hugs are Charlotte’s forte, Char-bear might just be the perfect nickname for her. It is also a good nickname for a caring Charlotte.

100. Char-burger

If Charlotte inhales burgers like there is no tomorrow, Char-burger will describe her perfectly. It can also be used for a baby with chubby cheeks.

101. Char-char Binks

A Star Wars fan named Charlotte deserves this nickname. A play on Jar Jar Binks, it suits as a nickname for Charlotte.

102. Char-chicken

Char-chicken is a great nickname for Charlotte if she gorges on chicken. The chicken in the nickname can also be used for chicken owners or chicken lovers.

103. Char-crunch

If Charlotte crunches numbers throughout the day, this nickname will suit her perfectly. It might also be good for a fitness fanatic.

104. Char-dashian

Everybody knows the Kardashians. Now it is time for Char-darshian to shine.

105. Char-dog

In recent years, dog or dawg has become synonymous with coolness. This nickname will especially suit a dog lover or dog owner.

106. Char-fizzle

If you are looking for a nickname for Charlotte that encapsulates her temperamental nature perfectly, Char-fizzle ends your search. It describes the way she quickly calms down after a tantrum.

107. Char-larious

A hilarious nickname for Charlotte, Char-larious describes her happy nature perfectly. It will make everyone laugh every time you say it.

108. Char-lychee

A lychee is associated with sweetness, which makes Char-lychee both a fun and sweet nickname for Charlotte.

109. Char-mazing

Char-mazing is a simply amazing nickname for Charlotte. You can tell her how wonderful she is using a single nickname.

110. Char-toasty

If the Charlotte you know is always warm, even in winter, Char-toasty is the best nickname for her. Her toasty hands are what help you cross winters without freezing, after all.

111. Charbelly

If Charlotte has a belly laugh, you must give her this nickname. It will send her into peals of laughter every time she hears it.

112. Charbroiled

Charbroiled is the process of grilling meat over charcoal. It serves as a great nickname for a BBQ-loving Charlotte.

113. Chardonnay

It is not a coincidence that both Charlotte and Chardonnay start with the same sound. Both are cool.

114. Charisma Belle

Show off all of Charlotte’s charisma with this nickname. It is a pointer to her beauty, too.

115. Charisma Galore

A nickname that says it all. Charisma Galore is for those with unending charisma.

116. Charisma Queen

The queen of elegance deserves a compelling nickname that will do justice to her attractiveness. Charisma Queen is a good choice.

117. Charismatic

It is not a coincidence that both Charlotte and Charismatic start with the same four letters. This nickname will turn heads for sure.

118. Charizard

Straight from the pages of Pokemon comes this perfect nickname for Charlotte. If the Charlotte you know is a Pokemon fan, she deserves this nickname.

119. Charlatan

Though charlatan is not a flattering word, it can make a funny nickname. It can be given to an especially talented Charlotte as an ironic nickname.

120. Charlemagne

For those Charlottes who are history buffs, Charlemagne is a great nickname. It is the name of the first emperor of the Holy Roman Empire (2).

121. Charlito Burrito

Whether Charlotte likes burritos or you simply want a rhyming nickname, Charlito Burrito fits the bill. It can be used for every age.

122. Charlitosaurus

A little Charlotte who is enamored by dinosaurs can be given this nickname. It is the perfect combination of cute and funny.

Charlitosaurus is a nickname for Charlotte

Image: Momjunction Design Team

123. Charlotta Laughs-a-lot

If you are looking for a nickname that perfectly describes a happy Charlotte, this is it. The uncanny rhyming makes it more wonderful.

124. Charlotta-potato

A perfect name for a potato-lover, Charlotta-potato is pleasing to the ears because of its rhyming. You could substitute other favorites with potato, too.

125. Charlotte the Chuckle Queen

If chuckling nonstop is a well-known quality for Charlotte, this nickname is for her. It is perfect for a baby who just started chuckling.

126. Charlotte the Giggle Monster

Another baby nickname for Charlotte, Charlotte the Giggle Monster describes a little one who giggles incessantly. You can use this nickname even for teens.

127. Charlotte’s Web

This tailor-made nickname for Charlotte is derived from the name of a book. It can be given to a spider lover.

128. Charlottergeist

If Charlotte loves watching horror movies with you, Charlottegeist is a nickname she will appreciate. Accompany the nickname with some spooky sounds to heighten the atmosphere.

129. Charlottestrophe

If the Charlotte you know has an uncanny ability to cause catastrophe wherever she goes, choose this nickname for her. It will never fail to elicit a laugh from her.

130. Charlotticus Maximus

Straight from the file of the ancient Romans, this nickname is a mouthful. It is a noteworthy choice for a Latin student.

131. Ch$armander

Another nickname from the Pokemon archives, Charmander is a fire-type Pokemon. Give it to Charlotte who is infamous for her temper.

132. Charmanderella

Move over, Cinderella. Charmanderella is here with her Charmander power.

133. Charminator

The Charlotte you know might be charming or a Terminator fan (or a combination of both). Charminator captures the best of both worlds.

134. Chartreuse

Chartreuse is an interesting nickname for Charlotte. Not only is it a liqueur, it is also a color known as yellow-green.

135. Charzilla

A combination of Charlotte and Godzilla could never go wrong. This nickname is perfect for Godzilla and other huge monster fans.

136. Chaton

Chaton is French for kitten. It can be given to a new cat owner or a cat lover.

137. Chatter Chick

If Charlotte cannot stop talking and is a total chatterbox, this nickname will suit her to a T. It can also be given to a toddler just learning to talk.

138. Chatter Cup

Everyone has heard of Chatterbox but Chatter Cup is new. This nickname is sure to turn heads.

139. Chatter Magpie

A nickname suited to a human magpie, Chatter Magpie will bring a smile to everyone’s lips. It can also be given to a baby or a cat.

140. Cheeky Char

You always know someone full of tricks. If her name is Charlotte, Cheeky Char is the best nickname for her.

141. Cheerful Char

A cheerful person requires a nickname that befits her nature. Cheerful Char is perfect for Charlotte who is always happy and positive.

142. Cherry Pie

A cute and sweet nickname that is also funny. What more could you ask for?

143. Cheshire

The Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland has a fanbase of his own. This nickname honors the great figure.

144. Chewy

Is Charlotte starting to teeth and wants to chew everything in sight? Chewy is the perfect nickname for her in this phase.

145. Chia Pet

Chia Pet is evocative of a small, energetic person. Give it to your best friend.

146. Chic Charlotte

Designed especially for a fashionable Charlotte, there is no better person who can carry this nickname. Its alliteration also makes it pleasing to the ears.

147. Chiffchaff

Just like riff-raff, Chiffchaff has a pleasing sound. It may be meaningless, but it is fun to use nevertheless.

148. Chirpster

A nickname for youngsters, Chirpster is someone who cannot stop talking. If your little Charlotte does this, give her this nickname.

149. Chirpy

Does Charlotte wake up at the crack of dawn and is raring to go? Chirpy will suit her.

150. ChocoChip

Chocochips make everything better, which is why ChocoChip is the best nickname for Charlotte.

151. Choo Choo

Another nickname for a baby, Choo Choo is great for a child who has just discovered the magic of trains. You can even use sound effects to make it sound cooler.

152. Chuck-e-cheese

For a Chuck-e-cheese lover, there might be no greater nickname than this. Chuck-e-cheese is a tongue-in-cheek nickname that will make you laugh every time you use it.

153. Chuckleberry

If Charlotte has read Huckleberry Finn, she will appreciate this nickname. It can also be used as a serial chuckler.

154. Chuckles

If the Charlotte you know is famous for laughing uncontrollably, Chuckles might be just the perfect nickname. It can be used for any age.

155. Churro

Just as people love churros, so will they love Charlotte nicknamed Churro. This loveable nickname will suit Charlotte who always brings churros with her.

156. Cookie

Who does not love a cookie? This nickname is great for a cookie-loving Charlotte.

157. Harl

When uttered with a deep enunciation, this nickname can cause bubbles of laughter to surface. Taken from the letters of Charlotte, Harl is both funny and cool.

158. Iced Char-latte

Perfect for a Chai Latte enthusiast, this nickname is cute and outstanding. It will bring a smile to your face every time you say it.

159. Lotta fun

Why not take -lotte from Charlotte and make a fun nickname? Lotta fun does just that and adds a world of amusement.

160. Lo

Lo is short and sweet and is guaranteed to bring a smile to her face. You can add to it and say Lo and Behold, too.

161. Lola

Lola is often associated with Looney Tunes. Usually used as a nickname for Dolores, Lola is a better match for Charlotte.

162. Lolita

Often associated with the popular novel, Lolita is a great nickname for Charlotte. It is also a nickname for Dolores.

163. Lots

You will have lots of fun with this nickname for Charlotte. This nickname is simple yet funny.

164. Lotsen

If you are looking for a nickname that sounds unexpectedly grave yet funny, you can choose Lotsen. It gives off vibes of names such as Andersen, Greysen, and Emersen.

165. Lotsi

Lotsi is a funny nickname that reminds you of the lottery. It is short and sounds like a name for a teddy bear.

166. Lott

Lott may be a derivative of Charlotte. But it can make everyone laugh with its short pronunciation.

167. Lotta

You are going to have a lotta fun with this nickname. It is tailor-made for Charlotte.

168. Lottens

Lottens sounds unintentionally funny as it rhymes with wontons and got-ems. You can have fun by adding another nickname to it, too.

169. Lotti

Also spelled as Lotty, this nickname sounds funnier than the traditional Lottie. It might have an Italian inflection, too.

170. Miss

For a high and mighty Charlotte, Miss or Missy might be a great nickname. It has an old-world feel.

171. Ocelot

Ocelot rhymes with Charlotte, which makes it a pretty funny nickname. It can also be given to a cat lover.

172. Olotte

Olotte takes the last five letters of Charlotte and gives them a funny twist. It sounds quite close to “a lot,” which makes it funnier.

173. Omelette

Especially made for an omelet-lover, Charlotte will laugh at this nickname every time she sees one. This British spelling raises the oomph factor of this nickname.

174. Otter

Otters are some of the cutest animals in the world. Hence, a nickname that references them will go as both funny and cute.

175. Princess

If you know a princessy Charlotte who never leaves a single occasion to get dressed up, choose this nickname for her. Princess is a universal nickname.

176. Princess Char

If you want a personalized nickname for a regal Charlotte, Princess Char is a great choice. It can be used either as a realistic nickname or a sarcastic one.

177. Sharkie

Suitable for a little Charlotte who is a Baby Shark fan, Sharkie is cool because it also sounds similar to Charlotte. It is also a great nickname for a shark buff.

178. ShaSha

Next best only to ChaCha, ShaSha adds a layer of style and panache to a nickname. It is incredibly sophisticated and easy to use, too.

179. Sherry

If Charlotte has a love for sherry, this nickname is best for her. You can even add other rhyming words such as Terry or Perry to make it a cuter nickname.

180. Tottie

Also spelled as Totty, this nickname reminds one of a turtle. Use it as a nickname for Charlotte to bring out the laughs every time.

181. Tottie Tot

Tottie Tot is a perfect nickname for a baby learning to walk. Its alliterative pronunciation will also make the child smile.

Unique Nicknames For Charlotte

Charlotte has a few common nicknames such as Charlie and Lottie. If you want something unique for Charlotte, you will find it here.

182. Chaila

If Sheila is one of your favorite names, you could choose Chaila for Charlotte. It is unique and almost unheard of.

183. Chalina

A combination of Charlotte and names ending with ‘lina’ such as Carolina, this unique nickname is unusual because it is longer than most.

184. Chalise

A play on Chalice, this nickname is evocative of a vintage goblet. It is a unique nickname for Charlotte.

185. Chalula

Chalula can be considered a combination of Charlotte and Lola. It is best for someone with the latter middle name.

186. Charabel

Similar to Clarabel, this nickname is evocative of a beautiful girl. You can even add a ‘la’ at the end and make it Charabella.

187. Charica

If Charlotte combines with Erica, we get the most unique Charica. This nickname is out of the world in its uniqueness.

188. Charilee

A twist on the usual Charlie, Charilee has a sweet sound. It can be used for any age.

189. Charina

A combination of Charlotte and Karina, this nickname can be pronounced in multiple ways.

190. Charinae

Unique and unusual, Charinae is rarely used. Take it for Charlotte and grab attention instantly.

191. Charlita

Charlita also reminds one of a small child. However, it can be given to a grown-up Charlotte, too.

192. Charlou

If Charlotte’s middle name is Lou, then your nickname is handed to you on a platter. You can also use this nickname for someone tired of Charlie but not wanting something outlandish.

193. Charlow

If you like Charlie yet want to try new nicknames similar to it, you can go for Charlow. It has a mellow sound you will like.

194. Charlux

If you know someone who brings light into everyone’s life, give them this nickname. Lux means ‘light’ and so is perfect for a happy Charlotte.

195. Charm

Turn on the charm with this simple nickname for Charlotte. This simple one-syllable name is just a letter away from Charl.

196. Charm Bomb

What do you call a person who charms everybody in every place she goes to? A Charm Bomb, of course.

197. Charming Charm

What is more charming than regular charm is Charming Charm? This pleasant nickname is unique, too.

Charming Charm is a nickname for Charlotte

Image: Momjunction Design Team

198. Charnelle

Charnelle is the perfect combination of Charlotte and Elle. This nickname evokes a sense of grace and elegance.

199. Charquita

If you are looking for a trendy nickname for a Spanish Charlotte, Charquita is a great choice. It is modern and rare enough to gain popularity.

200. Charrose

Charrose is a unique spelling for Char Rose. Combined into a single word, this nickname is easier to pronounce.

201. Charula

Charula is close to the Indian name Charulata. If you are looking for names with an Indian vibe, Charula is for you.

202. Charvia

If nicknames ending with ’ia’ are your jam, Charvia would work beautifully for you. It has a stylish sound that appeals to the senses.

203. Charvine

You can pronounce Charvine as char-wine, which makes it cooler than other nicknames. Use it for a wine lover.

204. Charys

You can pronounce Charis as chay-ris or chay-rise. This versatile nickname is unique and wonderful.

205. Chaslin

Some nicknames just sound royal and classic. Chaslin is one of them.

206. Chavalet

If the Charlotte you know owns a Chevrolet, this nickname is a no-brainer. It also sounds regal and hence gets bonus points.

207. Chazzle

After all the razzle and dazzle, there is Chazzle. A unique nickname than any other for Charlotte.

208. Chelby

Shelby from Peaky Blinders was a massive hit. Chelby is likely to go the same way.

209. Chels

Chels is a quirky nickname that can be pronounced in different ways. It is unique due to its versatility.

210. Chey

Chey is reminiscent of both Che and Chai, which makes it a unique and cool nickname. Choose it for a quirky and eccentric Charlotte.

211. Chrysalis

For someone who has broken their shell and come out, Chrysalis is a beautiful nickname. It may also be given to a butterfly fan.

212. Chuckwagon

If your friend Charlotte is into vehicles, you can name her Chuckwagon. It is an unusual nickname.

213. Letts

If the Charlotte you know is a planner and is always saying, “let’s do this or that,” try this nickname on her. If nothing, things will get planned.

214. Lito

Lito is often associated with ‘little.’ Take this nickname for a little one.

215. Lolo-Rae

If you use most of the letters in Charlotte, you get the unique Lolo-Rae. It sounds unique and sophisticated.

216. Love

If you love Charlotte, then let the world know. Use this nickname unapologetically.

217. Nova

Nova means a bright star. It comes as no surprise that it is one of the best nicknames for Charlotte.

218. Ray

Perfect for a ray of sunshine, Ray lights up the room. Charlotte will be happy when she hears this.

219. Riff

Totally unconnected to Charlotte, Riff is a good nickname for someone who loves music. It can bring a smile to Charlotte’s face.

220. Sea

Sea echoes the pronunciation of Charlotte’s first letter. It is also an appropriate nickname for someone who loves the ocean.

221. Shal

Shal sounds similar to Charl but has a more sophisticated sound. Use this nickname for a dear friend.

222. Shar

Shar is a play on the first four letters of Char. It sounds stylish and sophisticated.

223. Sharby

If you are tired of Charly and Sharky, you could go for Sharby. It is simple and smooth.

224. Sharla

Take the pronunciation of Charlotte and create a completely new word. Sharla does just that.

225. Sharlee

Similar to Charlie, this nickname suits quirky Charlotte. It has the uniqueness of a new word but the classic touch of an original nickname.

226. Sharlene

Sharlene is a great nickname for a Dolly Parton lover. It rhymes with Jolene and makes a unique nickname as well.

227. Sharls

Sharls is a disambiguation of Charles but it sounds more stylish. Someone who is regal deserves this nickname.

228. Shea

Shea butter is a much-loved ingredient in moisturizers. Give this nickname to a cute baby Charlotte.

229. Star

Look at the starry skies with this star on Earth. This nickname is perfect for a rising star.

230. Stormy

If the Charlotte you know has a stormy temperament, this nickname is for her. You can also give it as an ironic nickname for a calm Charlotte.

Stormy is a nickname for Charlotte

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231. Sunshine

Who doesn’t love a bit of sunshine on a rainy day? This Charlotte is just the definition of that.

232. Tilly

Tilly may be considered an unusual nickname for Charlotte as it is used predominantly for Matilde. However, it can be used for Charlotte with flying colors.

233. Zara

Though at first glance Zara and Charlotte seem unrelated, they start sounding the same after a while. Zara sounds cool, too.

Good Nicknames For Charlotte

Charlotte’s personality plays a huge role in generating nicknames. Here are some good nicknames for various traits of Charlotte.

234. Artist Char

If the Charlotte you know is artistic, Artist Char can be the best nickname for her. It will suit her personality, too.

235. Carlissima

Carlissima is an intriguing nickname for Charlotte. It can be given as an intimate name among close friends.

236. Charbella

If you want to incorporate your baby’s beauty into a nickname, Charbella is a great choice. It does not make many changes to the original name, yet makes a unique nickname.

237. Charia

Charia may seem inspired by Greek and hence it could become one of the most coveted nicknames by Greek mythology buffs. It is unique enough to start new discussions.

238. Charlea

Charlea might sound similar to Charlie, but it can also be pronounced by stressing on the ‘a’ at the end. It may be inspired by Leah.

239. Charleah

A combination of Charlotte and Leah, Charleah may suit someone with this middle name. It can also be given to a gentle Charlotte.

240. Charlee

Charlee sounds similar to Charlie but it has a definite charm of its own. It can be used for someone with Lee as a middle name.

241. Charleston

You may have heard of this popular dance of the 1920s. Now, it is time to use it as a nickname for someone who is a dancer.

242. Charletina

A nickname that is both cute and sophisticated, Charletina will linger on everyone’s tongues. Though it is best for Charlotte with Tina as a middle name, it can be given to any Charlotte.

243. Charlett

Similar to Scarlett, this nickname’s popularity is on the rise. It can be pronounced as SHAR-lett or CHAR-lett.

244. Charlianne

A combination of Charlie and Anne could never go wrong. Charlianne is a feminine rendition of Charlotte.

245. Charlin

Charlin offers the classic touch of Charlie while also giving it a trendy sound. It can be used for any age.

246. Charlinette

If you are looking for a stylish name with French inspirations, Charlinette must be on your list. It is a good name for Charlottes of all ages.

247. Charlinka

Charlinka has a Polish touch that sounds attractive. It can also be given to little fantasy fans.

248. Charlinn

Charlinn is a classic and calm nickname for Charlotte. You can give it to a little Charlotte or even an adult.

249. Charlotina

Charlotina has an old-world charm that makes it attractive to everyone. It sounds close to Charlotte but also adds a little twist at the end.

250. Charlotte Rose

A classic and beautiful nickname, Charlotte Rose never goes out of style. It is also suitable for all ages.

251. Charlotte Sky

For an open-minded Charlotte who is ready to try anything, Charlotte Sky is a great nickname. It is unique and will serve as a great conversation starter, too.

252. Charlynn

Lynn means ‘lake.’ Charlynn, therefore, is a pleasant and calm nickname for a quiet and thoughtful Charlotte.

253. Charmeda

A charming nickname, Charmeda has a royal sound. This nickname is apt for a little princess.

254. Charmin

The charm of Charlotte is captured beautifully in this nickname. Charmin removes just one letter from Charming and manages to become a wonderful nickname.

255. Charmina

A charming little Charlotte deserves a name that will enhance her qualities. Charmina does just that.

256. Charri

Charri can be pronounced similarly to Carrie or Chari. This versatile nickname can be used for any Charlotte.

257. Chay

Pronounced as Chai or a more casual Shay, this nickname is trendy. It wows everyone with its versatility.

258. Chef Cherry

A budding chef in the making or an established businesswoman with a catering business. Chef Cherry is a beautiful alliterative nickname.

259. Cherry Blossom

An evergreen nickname, Cherry Blossom suits Charlotte unusually well. It is a classic nickname for a beautiful person.

260. Chica Bella

Another nickname for a little Charlotte, Chica Bella sounds pleasant because of its rhyming vowels. It is a great nickname to convey your love for your little bundle of joy.

261. Chiquita

If you have a little dear one named Charlotte, you could use this nickname for her. This Spanish nickname is incredibly cute and stylish.

262. Chlo

An unusual yet beautiful nickname for Charlotte, Chlo stands out because of its uniqueness. It is a simple one-syllable nickname with a world of meaning.

263. Cholita

Everyone has heard of Lolita. Now it is time for Cholita to shine with its new sound.

264. Echo Charlotte

If Charlotte you know repeats everything she says twice or thrice, she deserves this nickname. Give it to her only if she is your best friend.

265. Explorer Lottie

Explorer Lottie is a good nickname for an adventurous Charlotte or a little one who is a fan of Dora the Explorer. This Charlotte is always ready to go.

266. Gamer Lottie

Any gaming person will be proud to be called a gamer. Whether Charlotte plays Candy Crush or World of Warcraft, she deserves this nickname.

267. Lollianna

Lollianna has a playful vibe that makes it attractive. It is a unique way of addressing Charlotte.

268. Lollini

Another Italian-sounding nickname that draws attention, Lollini is reminiscent of great names such as Paolini and Angelini. It reminds one of style, sophistication, and regality.

269. Lota

Taking only the last five letters of Charlotte and creating a new nickname might seem daunting. But Lota makes it seem so easy.

270. Lotella

If Charlotte loves Nutella, Lotella is a nickname that will make her happy. Bring on a laugh every time with this nickname.

271. Lotianna

Similar to Lollianna, Lotianna has enough exclusivity to hold up on its own. It sounds playful and cute and is perfect for a little Charlotte.

272. Lotima

Another exclusive nickname for Charlotte, Lotima is enough to make heads turn. People will surely want to know the source of this nickname.

273. Lottara

Are you always looking for new nicknames to call Charlotte? Look no further than Lottara.

274. Lottiara

Another refreshing nickname, Lottiara ticks all the boxes of cuteness and uniqueness. It is suitable for any age.

275. Lottisa

Lottisa is a great nickname for someone who thinks out of the box. It manages to capture the essence of Charlotte, while also adding a playful element to it.

276. Melody Charlotte

A musical Charlotte who cannot stop humming needs a nickname that will highlight her abilities. Melody Charlotte does just that.

277. River Lottie

River Lottie might seem an unusual nickname for Charlotte. But if you take someone who lives by a river or loves river-water activities, it makes a lot of sense.

278. Shae

Shae gained popularity as a nickname when it appeared in Game of Thrones. It is a great nickname to give to a GoT fan.

279. Sharla

Sharla is a casual and trendy nickname for Charlotte. It is easy to pronounce and pleasing to hear.

280. Sharlaine

Created by combining Charlotte and names ending with ‘aine’ such as Elaine and Lorraine, this nickname brings the best of both worlds. It sounds trendy, too.

281. Sharleen

Also spelled as Sharlyn, this nickname is preferred among best friends. You can also use it for children and babies.

282. Sharleigh

Adding ‘leigh’ to any name will make it sound cooler. Sharleigh is no different.

283. Sharlena

Sharlena could be a combination of Charlotte and Lena. It is most suitable for someone with Lena as her middle name.

284. Sharletrose

You might have heard of Charlotte Rose but have you heard of Sharletrose? This incredibly cool spelling of the former nickname helps it stand out.

285. Sharletta

Sharletta might be a bit different from Charlotta but in reality, it manages to sound trendy.

286. Sharlette

Take this nickname if you do not want to make many changes to Charlotte yet want to make it sound different. Sharlette is a perfect nickname for both casual and formal interactions.

287. Sharletti

Perfect for Italian Charlottes, Sharletti carries an innate sense of style. It evokes a sense of sweeping ancient architecture and large spaces.

288. Sharletty

If you are looking for a casual yet stylish nickname for Charlotte, you have landed on the perfect one. Sharletty is casual enough to use daily and stylish enough to sound ultra-chic.

289. Sharley

Close to Charlie, this nickname is infinitely more stylish. Sharley evokes a sense of beauty and grace.

290. Sharli

Sharli is a beautiful nickname that not only sounds pleasant but also rolls easily off the tongue. If you are looking for an Indian nickname, you might want to try this.

291. Sharlianne

Combine Charlie and Anne to create a beautiful nickname. Sharlianne adds a bit of panache to a normal nickname.

292. Sharlin

Superbly stylish, Sharlin manages to encapsulate the entirety of Charlotte’s chic into a single word. It is a nickname that will make Charlotte smile every time she hears it.

293. Sharlina

Sharlina is a stylish nickname for Charlotte. It combines the sound of Charlotte with ‘lina,’ making it modern and trendy.

294. Sharlise

Names like Elise have always been a popular choice. Which is why combining Charlotte with ‘lise’ gives rise to a great new nickname.

295. Sharlisse

Combining Charlotte with Carlisse or Alisse will give you Sharlisse. Its sound attracts the attention of everyone in the room.

296. Sharlita

Another nickname for a little Charlotte, Sharlita might become one of the top nicknames for Charlotte. It is a perfect name to whisper when you are kissing your little one goodnight.

297. Sharlo

Sharlo is the same as Charlo but with Sh instead of Ch. You can make your Sh stronger to emphasize the sound.

298. Sharlot

A shorter version of Sharlotta, this version comes with the same pronunciation but a more stylish spelling. If Charlotte is a fashionista, you may go with this nickname for her.

299. Sharlotta

Using Sh instead of Ch in Charlotte might sound the same phonetically, but when written down, it appears more stylish. It is a perfect fit for a fashionable Charlotte.

300. Sharlou

If Charlotte’s middle name is Lou, Sharlou is the best nickname for her. Even if it is not, you can use it for its sophisticated sound.

301. Stone Char

Another nickname given for its location, Stone Char can be also given to someone who lives in a stone house. It could also be a nickname for a stubborn Charlotte.

The world of nicknames for Charlotte is as varied as the women who bear the name. Whether it is a playful twist carried up from childhood or a reflection of Charlotte’s personality, a nickname adds a special layer to Charlotte’s identity. From the classic Charlie to the unconventional Sharlene and the funny Char Lotte, every nickname has a story that is shared between friends and loved ones. A good nickname for Charlotte might just reveal the unique spirit of the bearer.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

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