300+ Cute and Funny Nicknames for Daniel

Daniel is a traditional Hebrew name with a religious meaning. Nicknames for Daniel can be funny, cute, and even cool. There are various ways in which you can create the most suitable nickname for him. You can make use of diminutives and variants of his name as pet names. You may create a combination of his name and a human quality to come up with a title that will suit his personality. You can also use the adjective that best describes him as a nickname. The process is simple but the outcome can be memorable. We have taken into account all the mentioned tactics and created a long list of nicknames for Daniel. Check out our cool and meaningful (funny too) list of nicknames for some inspiration.

300+ Short Names Or Nicknames for Daniel

Whether you are miffed or happy with Daniel, there is a nickname to suit every emotion you feel for him. Check out the options below.

Funny Nicknames For Daniel

Nicknames are funny when they correctly describe the person but in a humorous way. Names that sound cute but do not make any sense can also be funny nicknames.

1. Dan Shan

Dan Shan, when said quickly in one breath, sounds like ‘damn shame,’ which is a funny exaggeration.

2. Dan the Don

If Daniel is a meek and timid guy, calling him a ‘don’ is a comical twist to his personality.

3. Dan the Handyman

Save the nickname for Daniel who is great at fixing things. And if he is a clumsy guy who cannot fix anything, then the nickname might suit him even better.

4. Dan the Man

The nickname exaggerates Dan’s prowess, which makes it a funny and over-the-top option. And if he likes the video game of the same name, then it is simply perfect for him.

5. Danakin

Merging Daniel’s name with Star Wars’ Anakin Skywalker implies that he has Jedi-like qualities, making it a fun title.

6. Danarchy

Danarchy would best suit a boy who leads a chaotic or messy life. A rebellious Daniel might love the nickname.

7. Danbo

Looking for a silly, meaningless nickname? Try Danbo. It’s short, simple, and fun.

8. Dance-a-lot Dan

A humorous take on someone who likes to dance. It can be even more funny if Daniel does not dance a lot.

9. Dancer

Use the endearing title for Daniel who possesses exceptional dancing skills or can break into a dance at any given moment.

10. Dancheros

Huevos Rancheros is a Mexican dish. Combining Ranchero with Daniel can be a hilarious Mexican twist to a nickname.

11. Dandalf

Gandalf is a wise wizard in the Lord of the Rings. If your Daniel is wise, then the nickname is created just for him. If he is not so wise, the nickname will be funnier.

12. Dandelion

Dandelion is a tender and fluffy flower. Calling a tough guy but using a nickname can be a funny way to address him.

13. Dandrew

If Daniel’s middle name is Andrew, Dandrew can be a cool nickname for him. Andrew is a Greek name that means ‘brave.’

14. Danz

A short and simple nickname, Danz does not mean anything specific but can be used as a short version of the name.

15. Dangle

Dangle means to hang loosely. As a nickname, it is more suitable for a boy who tends to dangle or hang around in amusing situations.

16. Dani California

Inspired by the Red Hot Chili Peppers song title, here is a funny nickname for Daniel, who has a rockstar personality.

17. Daniamals

Someone who is an animal lover might find the nickname endearing. It is also a cool nickname that brings out Daniel’s supposed animalistic side.

18. Danibet

The personalized nickname is catchy and promotes a sense of friendliness. It is also a cool nickname for Daniel.

19. Daniel Craig

The name of the famous James Bond actor can also be a playful term to address your Daniel. You may even call him Mr. Bond for fun.

20. Daniel Saurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex was a powerful dinosaur. Combining its name with Daniel’s name creates a nickname suitable for a boy who is strong and healthy.

21. Daniel the Maniel

Maniel is not but a cute twist on the term ‘manual.’ It could be given to someone who provides detailed instructions or explanations to anything.

22. Danielboom

Boom added to Daniel hints at fun and excitement. As if likening him to an explosion of cheer and joy.

23. Danielion

For a Daniel who is strong and fierce like a lion, the nickname Danielion could not be more fitting.

24. Danisnotonfire

Here is a situational nickname. To be on fire means to show enthusiasm. And when Daniel does not seem excited about something, you can call him this nickname to tease him.

25. Danjiro

In Japanese Jiro means ‘second son.’ Combining it with Daniel makes a cute Asian nickname that can be used for someone who is indeed the second son in his family.

26. DanKO

KO means knockout in sports such as boxing. DanKO can be a cool nickname for a boy who is great at knocking out his opponents in any game.

27. Dannibal

In America, Hannibal is a horror TV series. Combining Hannibal with Daniel is a fun way to spook him out. It could also be suitable for a boy with a mischievous side.

28. Dannie-annie

The repetitive feminine name can be a humorous and playful addition to Daniel’s name.

29. Danno

A shortened version of Daniel, Danno could be a cool nickname because of its association with the character Danno from the CBS TV show ‘Hawaii Five-O.’

30. DannoDrama

If Daniel is a dramatic person, the nickname DannoDrama might be the perfect title for him.

31. Danny from the block

Remember Jennifer Lopez’s song ‘Jenny from the Block?’ How about Danny from the block? It can be used for a down-to-earth or streetwise person.

32. Danny King

Having King as a nickname suggests Daniel acts like royalty. It is a fun name to tease someone for acting pricey.

33. Danny The Manny

Manny refers to a male nanny. The nickname is most likely to suit Daniel, who is fond of kids and loves babysitting.

34. Danny Whammy

Whammy means a devastating blow. Using it as a nickname for Daniel means he can bring unexpected twists or turns to situations.

35. Danny Whizz-Bang

Here is a nickname exhibiting Daniel’s excitement and enthusiasm. It is a playful term suggesting how he is always ready to make things happen with a bang.

36. Dannyanna

Adding Anna after Daniel could be a humorous twist to a masculine name.

37. DannyDroid

Nicknames for Daniel, DannyDroid

Image: Momjunction Design Team

For a tech-savvy person, DannyDroid encapsulates their passion for robotics or technology.

38. Dannystroyer

Daniel who causes destruction wherever he goes can be called Dannystroyer. It may also be used to boost his confidence when faced with a challenging situation.

39. Dannywho

“Yabba dabba doo, you are Dannywho.” How about a nickname that rhymes with Fred Flintstone’s expression of happiness?

40. Danosaur

A funny twist to Dinosaur gives you Danosaur. It paints a cute picture of a prehistoric Daniel.

41. Danseer

Does Daniel have psychic abilities? If he does, then Danseer is the perfect nickname for him. Even if he does not have special abilities, calling him a nickname won’t harm either.

42. Dant

The short and abrupt title is a cute nickname with no specific meaning. You can even call him Dainty for fun.

43. Dantastic

An exaggerated nickname that adds ‘fantastic’ to Daniel. It is suited for someone exceptional or extraordinary.

44. Danthology

Daniel, who never tires of sharing new stories, can be playfully called Danthology.

45. Dan-U-Be

The nickname is a playful way of saying ‘You will be Dan.’ It is a cool way to say that Daniel is destined for greatness.

46. Danyer

A humorous twist to the term ‘danger,’ Danyer is suited for a boy who always finds himself in risky situations.

47. Danzilla

Likening Daniel to a giant monster, Danzilla is the nickname you would like to use for someone who gets angry easily.

48. D-Bomb

If Daniel is someone who likes to drop a bombshell on others, the nickname D-Bomb might suit him well.

49. D-Dawg

Now here is a cool slang nickname for a tough boy. However, the nickname can only be used for a close friend and only if he is comfortable with it.

50. D-Dog

The nickname is a more direct version of Dawg. Again, the nickname can be used only for someone who is comfortable with it.

51. Dirty Dan

Save the naughty nickname for someone you are close to. It could be a playful reference to their unkemptness or could even have a more private meaning.

52. Dizzy

Dizzy might suit a clumsy Daniel. It may also make sense to use for Daniel who somehow ends up in dizzying situations.

53. D-Lion

If Daniel possesses a fierce and strong character, the name D-Lion might suit his personality.

54. D-Man

There is a He-Man and then there is a D-Man. Create a new superhero having powers like no other character.

55. Double N

Here is a silly nickname that emphasizes the ‘N’ sound in the name Daniel.

56. D-Squared

This mathematical term will work as a nickname only if Daniel’s second name or surname also starts with the letter D.

57. Dunzo

Dunzo could be given to Daniel, who gives up easily. Whenever he says he is ‘done’ with something, then the nickname might come in handy to call out his casual attitude.

58. Grand Dan

Now that is a funny nickname for a young boy who behaves like an old and wise grandfather.

59. Kiss Daniel

If Daniel is your lover, then use the nickname privately when you are alone with him. It is the perfect title for a romantic boy.

60. LaRusso

Daniel LaRusso is the name of the main character of the movie ‘Karate Kid.’ Calling Daniel by just the surname is a fun way to address your tough guy.

61. Lieutenant Dan

Now the nickname is inspired by the character in the famous movie Forrest Gump. Use it for someone similar to the character.

62. Manual Danual

For Daniel, who has a practical approach to most things in life, the nickname Manual Danual can make sense even in its nonsense.

63. SuperDan

Is Daniel a multitasker? Then calling him SuperDan for his super abilities may not be wrong.

Good Nicknames For Daniel

A good nickname is one that best suits the person and they too like being called by the name.

64. Dan

The classic Dan is a short and simple nickname. It may be the most obvious choice for a name like Daniel.

65. Dan Bananaman

Want an adorable nickname for Daniel? Try Dan Bananaman. It makes hardly any sense but it scores high on cuteness.

66. Dan the Charismatic

For Daniel, who never goes unnoticed wherever he goes, this nickname can suit him well.

67. Dan the Dapper

If he likes to dress well and spend hours picking the right outfit for the evening, then Dan the Dapper is the right title for him.

68. Dan the Delightful

For the cheerful person who spreads smiles wherever he goes, delightful is the right adjective to describe him.

69. Dan the Desperado

Acknowledge Daniel’s bold and adventurous spirit with this nickname. Let him know that you find him cool and daring.

70. Dan the Desperate

Use the nickname sparingly and only in jest. Ensure to use it only when you are alone with Daniel or he might find it demeaning when said in front of others.

71. Dan the Diaper Changer

Is Daniel a hands-on dad? If yes, then the nickname is tailor-made for him. It highlights his caring and responsible nature.

72. Dan the Ding Dong

Here is a light-hearted and quirky nickname to call Daniel during your private time together.

73. Dan the Din

Since din refers to a loud noise, it is best to keep the nickname for times when Daniel is being too loud and persistent about something you do not like.

74. Dan the Dipper

He who takes the first dip in water can be called the nickname. It is best suited for a water baby.

75. Dan the Diva

When Daniel behaves unreasonably dramatically or acts moody, then calling him a diva would not be wrong.

76. Dan the Diversion

Some people avoid speaking on difficult topics by changing the topic quickly. If Daniel has this habit, then the nickname might suit him.

77. Dan the Donut King

The nickname reflects his love for donuts or even his indulgent side. You can also use it for someone who has a sweet tooth.

78. Dan the Doofus

Daniel may be a silly person and if he does not mind you calling him doofus for his naivety only then use the nickname for him. If he is not comfortable, then avoid the nickname.

79. Dan the Door

Daniel probably has the habit of screening everyone who visits your house. If he is like a strong and sturdy door, then ‘door’ could be his nickname.

80. Dan the Doughboy

The nickname is meant for a person with a warm and friendly personality. It is especially suited for someone approachable.

81. Dan the Doughnut

Nicknames for Daniel, Dan the Doughnut

Image: Momjunction Design Team

If he likes doughnuts, then call him that. A nickname that reminds him of his favorite sweet item can hardly go wrong.

82. Dan the Drunkard

A tongue-in-cheek nickname, it is to be used only for someone close to you. If they like getting drunk then it is the ideal nickname for them.

83. Dan the Dumbbell

If he spends too much time in the gym, then calling him a dumbbell may not be so wrong, will it? However, ensure that you use it sparingly and do not irritate them by calling them a drunkard repeatedly.

84. Dan the Dumdum

Add a playful and fun term like Dumdum after his name and it will give you a lovable nickname.

85. Dan the Dummy

If Daniel is a naive person and as innocent as a child, then you can call him a dummy for his inexperience.

86. Dan the Dunkin’ Donuts

If Dunkin’ Donuts is his favorite franchise, then you can call him that to tease him about his love for the brand.

87. Dan the Dweeb

Dweeb is a casual term for a studious person who is also boring. Use the nickname only if you are close to Daniel and he does not mind the nickname.

88. Dan the Dynamo

The nickname is created for someone full of energy and high on positivity. It depicts their zest for life.

89. Dan the Enigma

If Daniel has a mysterious persona, then he might be an enigma for you.

90. Dan the Magnificent

Some men are blessed with exceptional skills and qualities. If Daniel is someone like that this could be the perfect nickname for him.

91. Dan the Mannequin

Not everyone has an expressive face. Some can hide their feelings behind a poker face. And so, you can call him a mannequin for his straight face.

92. Dan the Party Animal

Daniel may have a sociable and lively personality, which makes him the life of a party. Hence, the pet name might go well with his personality.

93. Dan the Tan Man

You can tease him about his love for tanning and sunbathing with a nickname based on his obsession.

94. Dan the Virtuoso

Daniel, who is excellent in his technical field and is an expert, can be called by this nickname.

95. Danarama

The nickname represents excitement and high energy. It would suit an extroverted boy.

96. Daneal

A variant spelling of the name can be used as a nickname if it is pronounced differently. As a nickname, you can pronounce it as da-knee-yell.

97. Danial

Another variant spelling, Danial can be used as a nickname by pronouncing it differently. It can be said as daa-nee-yal.

98. Daniel-san

In Japanese, -san is a polite term you add to someone’s name to show love and respect. Also, Daniel-san is what Mr. Miyagi is called Daniel in the movie The Karate Kid.

99. Danimal Crackers

Make a playful nickname out of a food item that Daniel likes.

100. Danimal Kingdom

If Daniel has great knowledge of animals and is an animal lover, then Danimal Kingdom might suit him as a nickname.

101. Dannie

Here is a friendly and cute nickname that is commonly used for Daniel.

102. Danny

Danny has a strong masculine vibe for a pet name and is also a common option for Daniel.

103. Danny boy

Full of love and affection, Danny boy could be used for someone with an Irish background referring to the famous song ‘Danny Boy’ by English lawyer Frederic Weatherly.

104. Danny DeVito

Danny DeVito is the name of an American actor known for playing comical roles in various movies. Use this nickname for someone who is just as funny as the actor.

105. Danny McChicken

If McChicken is your comfort food, then you can certainly use it to lovingly address Daniel.

106. Danny Phantom

The nickname is suitable for Daniel, who has an elusive or mysterious nature.

107. Dano

Simple and sweet, Dano is what you call someone out of tremendous love and affection.

108. Dantastic Voyage

Adding a sense of adventure and excitement, Dantastic Voyage makes a cool nickname for someone who loves to go on adventurous trips.

109. Danyal

Yet another variant spelling that can be used as a fun nickname by pronouncing differently. Danyal can be pronounced as dunn-yaal.

110. Dazz

If Daniel has a youthful and vibrant personality, the nickname Dazz might suit him well.

111. Dee Dee

Dee Dee is a playful and affectionate term that can be used as a nickname for Daniel.

112. Denn

Short and casual, Denn makes a cool and stylish nickname for Daniel.

113. DJ

If Daniel loves music, DJ could be an apt nickname for him as it represents his area of interest.

114. Dn

Dn is the shortened version of Daniel. It is a casual nickname that can be used for a person you are friends with.

115. Duke

Add a regal and royal touch to Daniel’s nickname by calling him Duke. This title can be a good nickname for someone who feels they are royalty.

116. Dynamo Dan

Dynamo Dan can be used for a person with an energetic and dynamic personality.

117. Neel

In Hindi, Neel means the color ‘blue.’ Neel is also a diminutive of Daniel.

118. Nelly

Nelly is a nickname created using the second part of the name Daniel.

119. Niel

Niel is yet another twist to the diminutive of Daniel.

Cute Nicknames For Daniel

Cute nicknames are often titles that score less on sense and higher on adorability.

120. Ani

Ani is a short name made from the three middle letters in the name Daniel. It is easy to remember and exudes a friendly vibe.

121. Baby Dan

Here is a sweet take on a cute nickname. Save it for when Daniel seems cuter than usual.

122. Big D

Nicknames for Daniel, Big D

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Reflecting dominance and strength, the nickname is suitable for Daniel who is known for his strong build.

123. Captain Dan

If Daniel exhibits leadership qualities, then call him Captain Dan to express your respect for his guidance.

124. D’amour

How to address someone you love cutely? Call them love or D’amour. This romantic nickname is sure to melt Daniel’s heart.

125. Da Vinci Dan

Highlight Daniel’s creativity and innovative thinking by comparing him to the renowned artist Leonardo da Vinci.

126. Daffodil

Daffodil is a flower associated with cheerfulness. Calling Daniel by this name indicates that he has a bright and happy personality.

127. Dall-E

If Daniel is adaptable and versatile like an all-purpose tool, then Dall-E could be a nickname that best aligns with his personality.

128. Dan Jose

The nickname is a funny combination of Daniel’s name and the name of the beautiful Californian city.

129. Danamite

If he blows you away with his humor and wit, then he must truly be a Danamite in your life.

130. Danboozle

Danboozle hints at Daniel’s naughty or mischievous nature. And if he is someone who enjoys playing pranks on others, then this is the nickname for him.

131. Dancel

If Daniel likes to dance, the nickname Dancel might suit his love for the art form.

132. Dancient

Daniel may be a guy too wise and mature for his age. The nickname Dancient might suit his level of maturity and responsibility.

133. Dancyclopedia

For a knowledgeable person who has answers to all your questions, the nickname Dancyclopedia could be an apt title.

134. Dandroid

Dandroid reflects Daniel’s interest and probably even expertise in Android technology. It even hints at his love for technology.

135. Dandy

For a man who is refined and stylish, the nickname Dandy might suit him better than a tuxedo.

136. Dandy-Lion

Combining Dandy with Lion makes a nickname that represents Daniel’s regal and strong personality.

137. Dane

If Daniel is of Danish descent, then you can give him this Danish nickname. It reflects his heritage and culture.

138. Danfinity

Daniel possesses infinite potential. Remind him of it through this nickname.

139. Dangaroo

Combining Daniel with Kangaroo gives you the unique nickname Dangaroo. Use it for someone strong and agile.

140. Dangela

A sweet feminine twist to Daniel’s name should bring a smile to his face. You can even try Dangelina, Dennifer, and similar names.

141. Danger Dan

Acknowledge Daniel’s daring and risk-taking nature with a nickname like Danger Dan.

142. Dangry Bird

Want a cute nickname related to a game? What can be better than Dangry Bird? It is best used when Daniel is sulking or miffed with you. Call him this nickname and see how he ends up smiling.

143. Dangry Chef

Here is a nickname that could match Daniel’s passion for cooking and his fiery temperament.

144. Dani

Dani is an affectionate term that you may call Daniel. It is a known diminutive of the name in different languages.

145. Danicake

Does Daniel love eating cake? Then Danicake is the sweetest nickname you might find for him.

146. Danicorn

Unicorns are magical and lovable creatures. If you find Daniel just as adorable as a unicorn, then Danicorn could be the nickname you are looking for.

147. Danicula

Playful association with the scary vampire Dracula gives you the nickname Danicula.

148. Danielson

Danielson is an English patronymic surname that means ‘son of Daniel.’ It can also be used as a sweet nickname for Daniel.

149. Danimation

Danimation is a nickname that emphasizes Daniel’s dynamic and lively personality.

150. Danja Vu

Looking for a mystical nickname? Try Danja Vu which is a clever twist on the phenomenon known as Déjà vu.

151. Danja Warrior

Daniel, who is swift and skilled like a Ninja, can be called by the nickname Danja Warrior.

152. Danmageddon

Here is a powerful and destructive nickname to describe the situation when Daniel gets angry.

153. Dannay

This is the common nickname Danny but with a twist in pronunciation. You say Dannay as dan-nae.

154. Dannio

Playful and fun, Dannio is an informal name that you can use for Daniel if he is a close friend of yours.

155. Dannocean

Daniel who has a calm and composed personality, could be likened to an ocean that represents peace and tranquility.

156. Dannyboo

Want a sweet and cute nickname? What can be better than calling Daniel your ‘boo.’

157. Dan-O

Dan-O is a straightforward nickname with a laid-back vibe that makes it a cool nickname.

158. Danomite

Daniel, who is full of energy and has a lively personality, can be lovingly called Danomite.

159. Danone

Danone is the name of a French food company. If you like the sound of it, you should try using it as a nickname.

160. Danoon

A silly variation of Danone. This time you liken him to the brighter hours of the day.

161. Danopoly

Danopoly is a nickname that depicts Daniels’ strategic mind as you combine his name with the Monopoly game.

162. Danpire

Create an eerie nickname by combining Daniel with a vampire. It’s fun and scary.

163. Danpoleon

Napoleon was a French Emperor and a successful revolutionary. Combining his name with Daniel hints at Daniel’s leadership qualities.

164. Dansel

Playing on the term damsel, Dansel is a nickname to tease Daniel, who is always a damsel in distress.

165. Danski

Here is a Scandinavian nickname that connects Daniel to skiing. It also depicts his cool and laid-back attitude.

166. Danta Claus

Nicknames for Daniel, Danta Claus

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Warm and chubby, call him Danta Claus if kids love him, and he too enjoys interacting with children.

167. Dantana

Having an Italian influence, Dantana indicates Daniel’s smooth and charismatic demeanor.

168. Dantarctica

For someone with a cool personality, Dantarctica is a nickname that will best suit them.

169. Dante

Fan of literature? Perhaps the Italian poet Dante Alighieri’s name as a nickname for Daniel might keep you closer to your interests.

Unique Nicknames For Daniel

A unique nickname creates a special and strong connection with the person. Here are some customized and unique nicknames to make Daniel feel special.

170. Dana

This gender-neutral nickname is cool and versatile. Additionally, it is also a Persian given name that means ‘wise.’

171. Danail

Danail is the Bulgarian version of Daniel. It is pronounced as dah-nah-IH-l

172. Dancho

Dancho is a diminutive of Daniel. It is a short name with an affectionate vibe that can convey your love for the person.

173. Danco

Danco is the short Macedonian version of Daniel. Having a Latin flair, Danco is a catchy and modern twist to a nickname.

174. Danel

Danel is the Basque variant of Daniel. It is also used as a given name and surname across different cultures.

175. Danielius

The nickname Danielus has a regal and distinct vibe that makes it a memorable title for a loved one.

176. Danihel

Danihel is the Latin form of Daniel. It can make a unique nickname when pronounced differently as dani-hell.

177. Daniil

Daniil is the Greek and Russian version of the name Daniel. Reflecting international heritage, Daniil can make a distinct and meaningful nickname.

178. Daniilu

Daniilu possesses a rhythmic and musical quality that makes it a unique nickname.

179. Danilo

Danilo is the Italian and Spanish term for Daniel. It is pronounced as da-NEE-lo. It also makes a cute and playful nickname.

180. Daniyehl

Here is a phonetic and modern version of Daniel. The -yehl when pronounced differently can give a unique flair to the name.

181. Danjal

Danjal is the Faroese version of Daniel. As a nickname, it could be an interesting twist to the given name.

182. Danoway

The nickname is most likely to suit a person who is open-minded and adaptable.

183. DanOwen

If Owen is Daniel’s middle name, then DanOwen (a combination of Dan and Owen) could be the perfect nickname for him.

184. Dantendo

For the gaming enthusiast, Dantendo could be a nickname that he would be able to relate to.

185. Dantertainment

If Daniel has a fun and cheerful personality, and he loves entertaining people, then Dantertainment could be the most apt nickname for him.

186. Danthoven

What do you get when you combine Daniel with Beethoven? A unique and sophisticated nickname, like Danthoven. It is likely to suit a person who is into music.

187. Dantlers

A fun reference to antlers. Dantlers is a cute nickname suitable for someone who has a weird hairstyle.

188. Danvelope

Silly and humorous, Danvelope does not have a specific meaning but is cute as a nickname.

189. Danwich

Is sandwich Daniel’s favorite food? Yes, or even if it is not, teasing him with the nickname Danwich might be a cute idea.

190. Danwich Supreme

When Daniel finds himself in a tricky situation that involves two opposing parties, calling him a Danwich would not be wrong, would it?

191. Danya

Danya has a soft and melodic touch that makes it an adorable nickname.

192. Danylo

Danylo is the Ukrainian version of Daniel. The -lo at the end of the name gives a cute and affectionate ring to it.

193. Danza

Energetic and rhythmic, Danza is a cool nickname that has a dated yet relatable sound.

194. Danzig

Danzing has a cool and edgy vibe that makes it different from regular nicknames.

195. Darlin’D

Calling your beloved just ‘darling’ can be boring. But Darlin’D is unique and special.

196. Dazzle

Is he the star of your lie? Then Dazzle could be your term of endearment for him as he lights up your world.

197. D-Boy

An urban title for the uber cute guy. D-boy has that typical funky vibe that may suit someone who has a natural swagger.

198. Dearo

Why call him dear when you can call him Dearo? Dearo is a mix of Dear and Hero.

199. Deiniol

Deiniol may seem like a completely new name at first, but when you look at it again, you realize Deiniol is a variant of Daniel. It is the Welsh variant. Saying the name the way it is spelled in English makes it sound cute and fun.

200. Delish

Now here is a naughty nickname for Daniel. Combining Daniel with Relish gives you Delish, which is a tempting nickname for when you are alone with Daniel.

201. Deniel

Deniel is the Breton variant of Daniel. Pronouncing it the way it is written in English makes it a fun nickname.

202. Dewball

A fresh and fluffy nickname, Dewball is simply adorbs from every angle.

203. Dewberry

Sweet and fresh like a berry, Dewberry is a unique nickname that will melt Daniel’s heart.

204. Dheese

Do you like cheese? Maybe calling Daniel Dheese might seem like a good idea to you.

205. Diel

Remove a couple of letters from Daniel and you get Diel. It is short and relatable and will suit anyone.

206. Dimsum

Nicknames for Daniel, Dimsum

Image: Momjunction Design Team

A culinary touch to a nickname makes it memorable and special. Dimsum is known as an Asian appetizer, but did you know that it means ‘touch the heart’ in Chinese? Doesn’t that make it a cute and meaningful nickname?

207. Dindin

Like Tintin, there is Dindin. Only here it is a nickname. It has no meaning but is a loving term to call Daniel.

208. Dizzle

Dizzle holds a contemporary vibe even though it does not have any modern meaning attached to it. It is catchy and memorable.

209. D-Nice

Here is a nice nickname for a nice boy. If Daniel has a warm and pleasing personality and is also caring and helpful, D-Nice could be a good nickname.

210. Dodo

Dodo was the name of a flightless bird that is now extinct. Its name comes from the Dutch term dodoor, which means ‘sluggard (1).’ This makes it a perfect nickname for a lazy person.

211. Doe

Doe is a graceful name for a rugged man. It’s a gentle title for a strong personality making it more interesting.

212. Doodle

Creative and quirky, Doodle is not the usual nickname you would give a guy. But it evokes images of art so it is a fun way to address a person you love.

213. Dope Dan

Dope is a casual term for ‘excellent.’ So, calling Daniel dope means you feel he is excellent at something.

214. Doy

A short and simple nickname, Doy is a twist on the word toy. It is catchy and easy to remember.

215. Dunno

Dunno is the short for ‘don’t know.’ And if Daniel is a clueless person often saying he does not know about things around him then ‘dunno’ could make an apt nickname.

216. Li’l D

When there are two people around you having the same initial D or the same name Daniel, you can call one of them Li’l D to differentiate between the two.

217. Little Dan

Share your affection for Daniel with the youthful nickname. Calling him Little Dan tells him that you care for him.

218. My-niel

A little twist in the spelling of Daniel gives you the possessive and romantic nickname My-niel.

219. Nie Nie

Nie Nie is one of those nicknames that make less sense and only melt people’s hearts with cuteness.

220. Pie-niel

Suggesting sweetness and love, Pie-niel is an adorable way of calling someone you love.

Cool Nicknames For Daniel

Having a cool nickname makes a person stand out and makes you look smart for coming up with a cool nickname. Let us check out some cool nicknames you can use for Daniel.

221. Danbeam

Like a beam of sunlight, Danbeam is a bright nickname for a boy who lights up every room he enters.

222. Danicool

Exhibit his laid-back demeanor with a stylish nickname. Danicool sounds like a rapper’s name who would be known for a carefree attitude.

223. Danergy

He whose energy never dips and is always up and cheerful could be lovingly called Danergy.

224. Danferno

Like a blazing inferno, the nickname Danferno highlights Daniel’s fiery passion and fierce intensity.

225. Danfinity Stone

Marvel Comic’s fictional infinity stone possesses infinite potential. Similarly, Danfinity stone could be a nickname for Daniel who you believe has lots of untapped potential.

226. Danfire

Fire stands for intense passion. The nickname Danfire might be suitable for Danile who is passionate about life.

227. Danflame

Representing energy and inner fire, Danflame could be a nickname for a person who is passionate and full of enthusiasm.

228. Danfury

A short-tempered Daniel can be called Danfury. Or even when Daniel is angry, calling him this nickname might just help diffuse some of the rage.

229. Danforge

Depicting strength and resilience, Danforge could be a nickname for someone who has a determined personality.

230. Danfusion

Is Daniel a perpetually confused personality? If yes, then the nickname is for him.

231. Danhammer

Indicating strength and resilience, Danhammer is a name for the one who is strong and well-built.

232. Daninator

With robotic qualities, the nickname is made for Daniel who is an indomitable force.

233. Danicade

Some guys are extremely protective of their people. If he protects you like how a barricade keeps out unwanted people, then Danicade might describe him the best.

234. Danix

Danix is a sleek twist to Daniel. It is short and catchy, which makes it a cool, modern nickname.

235. Danjestic

Danjestic has a regal and majestic vibe that hints at gracefulness. Try this nickname for Daniel who has a majestic heart.

236. Danova

Daniel, who is flirtatious and a Casanova, could be teased as Danova. It is not easy to guess what Danova means so no one will know why you call him by the nickname.

237. Danquake

He, whose presence causes earthquakes in your heart, could be called Danquake.

238. Danquerade

Acknowledge his mysterious side with the nickname Danquerade (Daniel + masquerade). It is a nickname that adds to his natural intrigue.

239. Danquility

If Daniel is a calm and composed person most of the time, then it would not be wrong to join his name with tranquility.

240. Danquish

For the strong and tough guy who never backs down from a challenge, the nickname Danquish (Daniel + vanquish) could fit him perfectly.

241. Danqueror

He who ends up triumphant in all the challenges that life throws his way could be called Danqueror. This nickname is a blend of Daniel and Conqueror.

242. Danosuar

Call him Danosuar when talks or acts like an old man or an ancient being.

243. Danpocalypse

Here is an overly dramatic nickname for Daniel that suggests what kind of a destructive force you find him to be.

244. Danstronaut

Nicknames for Daniel, Danstronaut

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Daniel + astronaut gives you Danstronaut. This nickname hints at Daniel’s curious mind and love for exploration.

245. Danstrider

The one with a confident and cool stride could be called Danstrider. Reserve this nickname for the guy with a purposeful stride.

246. Danthrall

Has Daniel managed to captivate you with his enthralling personality? If yes, then let him know it with the cool nickname.

247. Dantrix

The man who keeps you guessing all the time because of the numerous tricks he has up his sleeves could rightly be given the nickname Dantrix.

248. Dantron

For the smart geeky boy, the futuristic pet name Dantron might be more appealing than any other nickname.

249. Dantronix

Here is yet another technological nickname for Daniel. It is a fun twist to a regular name.

250. Danvader

Obsessed with Star Wars? Maybe Danvader might appeal to you. Also, it is a nickname that stands for power and authority, which might seem cool to Daniel.

251. Danu

Uncomplicated and memorable, Danu is what you call Daniel when you feel overwhelmed by your feeling of love for him.

252. Danvergent

When Daniel refuses to conform to the norms and diverges from the usual, call him Danvergent for his unique choices.

253. Danzie

A cool and friendly nickname, Danzie does not have any known meaning but has a catchy and pleasant vibe.

254. Dooz

Does he like to drink a lot? Perhaps dooz could be the nickname that best expressed his love for drinks.

255. Dan the Adventurer

Reflecting Daniel’s love for discovery and exploration, the nickname can become an extension of his personality.

256. Dan the Banana

A silly name for Daniel who likes or does not like the yellow fruit.

257. Dan the Beast

Highlighting his immense strength and power, the nickname Dan the Beast can also become a motivating term to work hard on himself.

258. Dan the Bold

Suggesting courage and fearlessness, the nickname Dan the Bold could be given to someone who has tremendous confidence in himself.

259. Dan the Brave

Here is a straightforward nickname for someone who remains undeterred by roadblocks or difficulties in life and keeps moving on in life.

260. Dan the Bubble Boy

Bubble Boy could be used to refer to someone who has lived a sheltered life or someone with a happy-go-lucky and bubbly personality.

261. Dan the Champion

The nickname could be reserved as a term of motivation for Daniel who is determined to be successful in life.

262. Dan the Clown

If he cracks you up each time you meet him, then Dan the Clown could be your special nickname for him.

263. Dan the Debunker

Known for his critical thinking and analytical skills, Dan the Debunker could suit Daniel who is adept at debunking myths.

264. Dan the Deceiver

Is Daniel a habitual liar and you are tired of his lies? Then give him this nickname so he knows how you feel about him.

265. Dan the Destroyer

The nickname implies force and strength. It would be apt for Daniel who is determined to win and will destroy everything that stands between him and his goal.

266. Dan the Disaster

A humorous nickname for someone who is clumsy and unwittingly ends up creating disasters around him.

267. Dan the Disco King

The right title for a dancing dude. Disco King is what you call someone who loses himself to music and enjoys partying hard.

268. Dan the Discombobulated

For the naive Daniel who feels easily confused, discombobulated is the right nickname for him.

269. Dan the Ditz

This is not a nickname you can use for anyone. Ditz refers to a silly person. Use it only if you are close to Daniel and he does not mind you calling him silly names.

270. Dan the Dragon Slayer

He may or may not be into anime, but calling him a dragon slayer would not be wrong if he is someone who bravely slays all the challenges that threaten his happiness.

271. Dan the Dub

Looking for a music-related nickname? Dan the Dub indicates his love of dub music.

272. Dan the Explorer

If Dora the Explorer had a brother named Daniel, he would be called Dan the Explorer. This cool nickname would best suit the one with an inquisitive mind.

273. Dan the Fierce

Reflecting his bold and fearless personality, Dan the Fierce could indicate the strength and determination of Daniel.

274. Dan the Flying Squirrel

A playful and cool pet name for Daniel who is cute as a button and swift as a squirrel.

275. Dan the Funky Chicken

The nickname is for someone who loves to have fun with his loved ones and dance the night away.

276. Dan the Funny Bunny

Adorable as the bunny and funny like no one else. If Daniel fits this description, then the nickname could be for him.

277. Dan the Goofball

The eccentric Daniel can be called a goofball for his silly antics. Ensure you use this only for someone you know personally and are on friendly terms with.

278. Dan the Happy Camper

The nickname can only be used for Daniel who has an optimistic personality and positive attitude. It is suitable for someone happy and content in any situation.

279. Dan the Intrepid

For the adventurous soul, Dan the Intrepid could be a fitting nickname. It might indicate his fearless spirit.

280. Dan the Maverick

The guy who is independent and has an unconventional approach to life could be called a maverick.

281. Dan the Mighty

If Daniel is someone who a protein-shake brand will want as a brand ambassador, then this nickname is for him. His strong and bulky build might earn him this cool nickname.

282. Dan the Navigator

Is he good with directions and reads the Google map like you would read a funny SMS? If yes, then this nickname might suit him the most.

283. Dan the Nomad

He who is passionate about traveling and is constantly on the move could be called Dan the Nomad.

284. Dan the One

When you know that Daniel is indeed the one for you, then why not give him a nickname that will express your feelings for him?

285. Dan the Outlaw

Hinting at his non-conformist attitude, the nickname is for Daniel who has a rebellious nature and a love for breaking the law.

286. Dan the Prankster

Bring out his mischievous side with a cool nickname like Dan the Prankster.

287. Dan the Rebel

He who enjoys challenging authority truly deserves the nickname.

288. Dan the Space Man

If Daniel is fascinated with outer space, then you can call him your personal spaceman.

289. Dan the Spark

When Daniel speaks others listen. This is because he possesses the spark that can ignite motivation and enthusiasm in others.

290. Dan the Superhero

If Daniel is someone who helps others selflessly and is always there for you then he is indeed a superhero in your life.

291. Dan the Terrible

A playful exaggeration of Daniel’s clumsiness. Call him terrible as a joke and not to demean him.

292. Dan the Time Traveler

Does Daniel spend a lot of time exploring the concepts of time and dimensions? If yes, then he could be teased as a time traveler.

293. Dan the Titan

If Daniel is strong and has a larger-than-life presence, then calling him a titan would not be entirely wrong.

294. Dan the Trailblazer

The nickname is for a true leader who creates new paths and paves the way for others to follow.

295. Dan the Valiant

Not one to easily get scared by challenges, call him Dan the Valiant for his courage and bravery.

296. Dan the Voyager

Evoking a sense of exploration, the nickname voyager would suit Daniel if he is a travel junkie and likes traveling, especially in a boat or a ship.

297. Dan the Wanderer

Always on a journey to explore new things, the nickname Dan the Wanderer might be fitting for Daniel whose passion is to travel the world.

298. Dan the Warrior

A warrior is known for his strength and courage. If Daniel too is a strong and valiant person, then this could be the best nickname for him.

299. Dan the Whirlwind

If Daniel is dynamic, energetic, and unpredictable, then the nickname ‘whirlwind’ might best describe his personality.

300. Dan the Wingman

The man who always helps his friends when it comes to finding a love interest, this nickname is created only for him.

301. Dan the Wizard

Suggesting intellectual wisdom, ‘wizard’ could be a pet term used for someone wise beyond his years.

Nicknames for Daniel are found aplenty but remember that whatever you call him should be with good intentions. Calling him funny names to belittle him is not cool. Using a nickname to poke fun at his flaws should not be your intention behind it. You can call him funny nicknames but only if he does not mind it. Also, some nicknames can seem embarrassing when said in front of others so it is better to be mindful to use those nicknames only in private.

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.


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