11 Best Kids Belts To Buy In 2019

11 Best Kids' Belts To Buy In 2019-1


Belts are accessories that not only make clothes look good but also help them fit better. There are several types of belts available, and if the variety confuses you, then we can help you out. In this MomJunction post, we bring to you some of the best belts for kids.

How To Chose A Belt For Your Child?

Here are some quick tips that can come handy while shopping for belts for kids.

  1. Buckle: The buckle is the fastening frame used to lock the belt in place. The closure comes in different types, such as clamp closure, single tongue, auto grip buckle, and so on. You can also find buckles that are studded or with beautiful designs. Choose the type of buckle, depending on the type of outfit. Also, the buckle should be simple enough for a child to tie when a parent is not around.
  2. Material: Belts are available in various materials, like leather, canvas, vinyl, faux leather, etc. Each material has its advantages. For instance, leather may be more durable, but a fabric belt might be more flexible. Choose a material depending on your preference and your child’s requirement.
    In the next section, we present some of the trendiest and useful belts for kids.

11 Best Belts for Kids

1. HOLD’EM Kids Toddler Belt Leather Closure Elastic

HOLD’EM Kids Toddler Belt Leather Closure Elastic

It is a suitable choice for toddlers and kids alike.

  • It is made of woven polyester, double-weaved elastic material that makes it easy to stretch and fit perfectly.
  • Its adjustable elastic band comes with a contrasting leather closure.
  • Its stitch closure buckle is easy to put and remove.
  • It is available in a myriad of colors to complete any outfit.
  • The belt is lightweight and comfortable to wear.
  • It fits up to a 26-inch waist.
  • It is suitable for both girls and boys.

2. HOLD’EM Kids Belts Silver Square Buckle

HOLD’EM Kids Belts Silver Square Buckle

If your child struggles with the regular single tongue buckles, then you can try this belt with a different buckle style.

  • It comes with a square buckle that is easy to lock and remove.
  • It is fully adjustable and is available in a variety of colors, so that you can pair it with several outfits.
  • This belt is made of woven polyester, double-weaved material that keeps its elasticity intact for a long time.
  • It fits waist sizes from 15 to 27 inches.
  • It is suitable for both boys and girls.

3. Kajeer 4PCS Adjustable Magnetic Belt

Kajeer 4PCS Adjustable Magnetic Belt

This is a set of 4 belts in different colors for little boys and girls.

  • It is made of polyester and elastic.
  • This belt comes with a magnetic clasp, so you do not have to worry about your child not securing it in place.
  • This adjustable belt fits waists size from 15 inches to 28 inches and comes in several colors.
  • It can be worn on uniforms as well as regular casual wear.
  • It is suitable for boys and girls.

4. CTM Kids’ Elastic Adjustable Belt

CTM Kids' Elastic Adjustable Belt

This is a three-belt pack that is available in a variety of color combinations.

  • The belt comes with an antiqued nickel and magnet buckle that holds it firmly in place.
  • The buckle is easy to close and remove for little kids.
  • It is fully adjustable and fits waist size from 18 to 34 inches.
  • It is suitable for boys and girls.

5. Myself Belts Boys’ Easy Belts

Myself Belts Boys' Easy Belts

If metal buckles intimidate your kid, then try this innovative one-handed belt for kids.

  • It is made entirely out of cotton. One end of the belt snaps to the first loop with a hook-and-loop fastener, and another end slides through the remaining loops. The loose end then secures in place with a hook-and-loop fastener.
  • You can even add a faux buckle to enhance the look further.
  • It is a universal design and is suitable for toddlers to older kids.

6. AWAYTR Kids 3PCS Magnetic Belts

AWAYTR Kids 3PCS Magnetic Belts

These belts are easy-to-wear and easy-to-remove thanks to their magnetic buckle.

  • It comes in a three-piece belt set of different colors.
  • The belt features an elastic webbing design with a magnetic buckle.
  • It fits waist sizes from 15 to 28 inches.
  • It can be worn by babies, toddlers, and young kids.
  • Its unisex design makes it suitable for girls and boys.

7. Build A Belt School Uniform Black Flip Top Military Belt

Build A Belt School Uniform Black Flip Top Military Belt

If you are looking for trendy belts with different designs, then this belt makes an this is for you.

  • It comes with a flip-top buckle that locks the belt in place.
  • The military-style buckle is free from nickel and hypoallergenic.
  • It can easily be worn by a size of 30 to 42 inches.
  • It is available in several colors and design options.
  • Its unisex design is suitable for all kids.

8. Columbia Boys’ Classic Reversible Belt

Columbia Boys' Classic Reversible Belt

This stylish leather belt is what your boy might need to make him look like a smart little young man.

  • It is made with a combination of leather and polyurethane.
  • It is a single tongue belt. The buckle is reversible, which makes it two belts in one.
  • It is suitable for young boys.

9. Gelante Children’s Canvas Elastic Braided Belts

Gelante Children's Canvas Elastic Braided Belts

The braided elastic belts offer great durability since the design is quite stretchable.

  • It is a canvas braided elastic belt with a metal buckle.
  • Its stretchable fabric makes it a good choice for young and growing boys.
  • It fits from small waist size till extra-large waist size.
  • The brand is registered with USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office), which adds to the credibility of the brand.

10. Carhartt Boys’ Signature Casual Belt

Carhartt Boys' Signature Casual Belt

Need a smart-looking leather belt for your little boy? Then have a look at this one.

  • It is a 100% leather belt with an antique nickel buckle.
  • It comes with double row stitching around the strap for added durability.
  • This belt can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It is sturdy and of good quality.

11. Buyless Fashion Kids Elastic Adjustable Stretch Belt with Leather Closure

Buyless Fashion Kids Elastic Adjustable Stretch Belt with Leather Closure

This stretchable belt is ideal for girls of many ages – from toddlers to teens.

  • Its 100% woven polyester fabric makes it fully stretchable. It can fit a waist size up to 26 inches.
  • The material of the belt is designed to adjust to the wearer’s waist readily.
  • The silver clasp gives it a classy finish that can complete any look.
  • You get to choose from a large range of belt colors.

Good belts can make the child’s pants snug. They can also be your child’s style statement.

Which of these belts did you like the most? Do share your choice in the comment section below.

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