110 Best GK Questions for Class 8, With Answers

The world is turning competitive with each passing day. So if you want your child to flourish, you must ensure they are well-read and knowledgeable. One of the most effective ways to make your teen become sharper is with the list of GK questions for class 8. You can find questions in current affairs, science, math, and sports that contribute positively to enhancing their analytical and thinking abilities. Armed with this knowledge, students are better positioned to perform well in examinations and also discover their field of interest and pursue it. So, scroll through this post to discover general knowledge questions on various subjects for your child.

110 GK Questions for Class 8

Get ready to enhance the knowledge levels of your child with these GK questions with answers for class 8. These will make them think critically, which can boost their learning.

Current Affairs GK Questions for Class 8

  1. What is the meaning of Esperanto?

Answer: It is an artificial language formed in 1887 by L.L. Zamenhof to be used as an international second language.

  1. Which political party did the 31st President of America belong to?

Answer: Republican

  1. Name the world’s first artificial satellite.

Answer: Sputnik I

  1. What is the length of the Rocky Mountains?

Answer: 3000 miles

  1. When was the first Emmy Awards presented in the United States of America?

Answer: January 25, 1949

  1. Name the fourth president of the U.S.

Answer: James Madison

  1. Name the year of the establishment of the “Mesa Verde National Park.”

Answer: 1906

  1. How many colonies participated in the American Revolution?

Answer: 13

  1. Name the first permanent British settlement in America

Answer: Jamestown

  1. Name the island known as the gateway of immigrants to the U.S. from 1892 to 1954.

Answer: Ellis Island

  1. Name the first woman appointed to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Answer: Jeannette Rankin

  1. Where is the city of ‘Hobbs’ situated in the U.S.?

Answer: New Mexico

  1. Who is the secretary of state in the U.S. at present?

Answer: Antony Blinken

  1. Name the third-largest state in America.

Answer: California

  1. Who won the first Nobel Peace Prize in America?

Answer: Theodore Roosevelt

  1. Why did America fight the civil war in the 19th century?

Answer: For abolishing slavery

  1. Which countries have the lengthiest international border?

Answer: Canada and the United States

  1. Name the 35th state of the United States of America.

Answer: West Virginia

  1. To which organization did the U.S. announce it would halt funding on April 14?

Answer: WHO

  1. In which state is the National Air & Space Museum in America located?

Answer: Washington, DC

  1. Name the first woman elected to the U.S senate.

Answer: Rebecca Felton 

  1. The Chief Justice of U.S.A is

Answer: John Glover Roberts

  1. Which president held the longest tenure in the U.S.A?

Answer: Franklin D. Roosevelt

  1. Who is Edwin Hubble?

Answer: An American astronomer

  1. How many time zones are covered by the U.S.A?

Answer: 6

  1. How many national parks are in America?

Answer: 63

  1. Name the first 24 hours news channel in America.

Answer: CNN

Did you know?

The electric chair was invented by dentist Alfred Porter Southwick. He gave the idea of using it as a method of legal execution.

Science GK Questions for Class 8 with Answers

Test your child’s knowledge about planets, the universe, scientific equipment, and more with these science general knowledge questions for class 8. They will help them revise their existing concepts as well.

  1. How much time does it take for light to travel from Sun to Earth?

Answer: Light takes 499.0 seconds to travel from the Sun to the Earth, also called 1 Astronomical Unit.

  1. Which animal never consumes water in its total life?

Answer: Kangaroo rat

  1. Name the energy coming from motion?

Answer: Kinetic energy

  1. Is Newtona unit of force or energy?

Answer: Force

  1. Name the microbe that carries malaria.

Answer: Female Anopheles mosquito

  1. Name the unit for measuring energy.

Answer: Joule

  1. Name the largest star.

Answer: UY Scuti

  1. What’s the biggest object in the solar system by mass and size?

Answer. Jupiter

  1. Which element glows when it’s dark?

Answer: Radioactive element

  1. Which planet has the longest rotation in the solar system?

Answer: Venus

  1. How many hours does a koala sleep for?

Answer: 22 hours

  1. Which process converts sugar into alcohol by yeast.

Answer: Fermentation

  1. Which common preservative is used in pickles and jam?

Answer: Sodium benzoate

Quick fact

Almonds and peaches belong to the same family (1). After opening a peach pit, you can find how its interior resembles an almond.
  1. Name the physical phase of life.

Answer: Protoplasm

  1. Name the process by which the soil loosens.

Answer: Tilling or Ploughing

  1. Through which mediums do sounds travel?

Answer: Solid, liquid, and gas

  1. Which is a metal found in liquid form?

Answer: Mercury

  1. Name the instrument that aids in spraying weedicides.

Answer: Sprayer

  1. What is the name of the same kind of plants cultivated at a single place on a large scale?

Answer: Crops

  1. What is the common name of dry ice?

Answer: Solid carbon dioxide

  1. What is Vitamin C known as chemically?

Answer: Ascorbic or reproduction acid

  1. What makes the Paris Plaster or Plaster of Paris?

Answer: Gypsum

  1. What is called the powerhouse of a cell?

Answer: Mitochondria

  1. Name the largest organ in the body of humans.

Answer: Skin

  1. The peculiar odor of garlic is because of which component?

Answer: Sulphur

  1. How does a fish breathe?

Answer: Fish breathes through gills

  1. Which disease does ECG detect?

Answer: Heart disease

Math GK Questions with Answers for Class 8

General knowledge questions in subjects like mathematics help children understand critical concepts. These questions strengthen their basic understanding and prepare them for learning more complex concepts.

  1. Tell four rational numbers less than 5.

Answer: -1, 1, 2 and 3

  1. Give two real-life examples of hollow hemispheres.

Answer: Bowl and Coconut shell

  1. What kind of term is 4x+6y

Answer: Binomial

  1. A common foot race is 10 km. What is the length in miles?

Answer: 6.2 miles

  1. How many prime and non-prime numbers are there between 1 to 100?

Answer: 25 and 73

  1. How many factors does a prime number have?

Answer: 1 and the same number.

  1. 1 GB has how many MBs?

Answer: 1024 MBs

  1. What is the solution of 24÷8+2?

Answer: 5

  1. What will be the product of 121 x 0 x 200 x 25?

Answer: 0

  1. Name the immediate prime number after 5.

Answer: 7

  1. Name the polygon with a minimum number of sides.

Answer: Triangle

  1. What is the sum of all interior angles of a parallelogram?

Answer: 360 degrees

Did you know?

There is no concept of zero in the Roman Numerals.

  1. The diagonals of any square bisect one another at which angle?

Answer: Right angles

  1. How many inches are in a foot?

Answer: 12

  1. 60 times of 8 comes out to be?

Answer: 480

  1. What is the product of 131 × 0 × 300 × 4

Answer: 0

  1. What does six percent equate to?

Answer: 0.06

  1. How many months does a century consist of?

Answer: 1200

  1. Which is the next prime number after 7?

Answer: 11

  1. What is 121 divided by 11?

Answer: 11

  1. What is the percentage of 3:4?

Answer: 75%

  1. A person received a 10% increase in his salary. If he earned $612, what would the new salary be?

Answer: $673

  1. What is net profit?

Answer: Gross profit minus the expenses of operating the business.

  1. Which math operations is the associative property applicable to?

Answer: Addition and Multiplication.

  1. What is the additive identity of rational numbers?

Answer: 0

  1. What is the multiplicative identity of rational numbers?

Answer: 1

  1. If you flip a coin in the air, What is the probability of a tail?

Answer: ½

Sports GK Questions for Class 8 with Answers

Use this GK quiz for class 8 to enrich your child’s knowledge of sports and eminent sports personalities. These questions will make them curious about exploring different sports and games.

  1. When was the Badminton World Federation founded as the International Badminton Federation?

Answer: 1934

  1. Nolan Ryan is famous for playing which sport in America?

Answer: Baseball

  1. Which game is associated with the Ballon d’Orhonor?

Answer: FIFA

  1. Where is the headquarters of The International Olympic Committee?

Answer: Lausanne, Switzerland

  1. Who is the first cricketer to hit six sixes in an over in one day international?

Answer: Herschelle Gibbs

  1. Which football club won the FIFA Club World Cup 2020?

Answer: FC Bayern Munich

  1. Which game is associated with the term ‘Dolphin Kick’?

Answer: Swimming

  1. Mintonette was the previous name of which game?

Answer: Volleyball

  1. Which award is given to people for promoting education, culture, development, and peace through sport?

Answer: Olympic Laurel

  1. Name the number of yards for the attacking team to gain in four downs to hold the ball in American Football.

Answer: 10

  1. Why was the Baseball World Series canceled in 1994?

Answer: The Major League Baseball Players Association went on strike.

  1. Name the American Football team that won the 2001-2002 Super Bowl?

Answer: New England Patriots

  1. Which North American professional sports team has been a winner of a majority of championships?

Answer: New York Yankees

  1. In which Olympics did Micheal Phelps win his first gold medal for swimming?

2004 Athens

  1. How many balls are there on the table at the beginning of Snooker?

Answer: 22

  1. Name the only basketball player to win championships in high school, university, NBA, and an Olympic Gold Medal ?

Answer: Magic Johnson

  1. Who earned the nickname “the Messiah” after a Stanley Cup victory in 1994?

Answer: Mark Messier

  1. What’s the nickname of the first United States women’s team that attained a gold medal in gymnastics?

Answer: The Magnificent Seven

  1. BBC’s sports personality of the year award went to which personality in 2020?

Answer: Lewis Hamilton

  1. Windsurfing combines which two sports?

Answer: Sailing and surfing

  1. Name the first overall draft pick in the 2003 NHL Draft.

Answer: Marc-Andre Fleury

  1. Which nation has the most number of medals in the Tokyo Olympics?

Answer: United States of America

  1. How high above the ground is the hoop on a basketball court?

Answer: 10 feet

  1. Name the heavyweight boxer with the nickname ‘The Real Deal.’

Answer: Evander Holyfield

  1. Which nation was the winner of the softball title in its inaugural edition of the Olympics in Atlanta?

Answer: United States of America

  1. What is not a part of women’s diving events in the Olympics?

Answer: Somersault

  1. The Seahawks is an American football team based in which city?

Answer: Seattle

  1. Which American basketball team plays its home games at Madison Square Garden?

Answer: The New York Knickerbockers

  1. What is the beginning level in Karate known as?

Answer: WhiteBelt

These GK questions for class 8 in current affairs, science, math, and sports will keep your child updated and well-informed. They will come to know about different developments in their surroundings. The more sharp their general awareness is, the more confidence they will gain. Also, learning about different personalities will also inspire them to become ambitious and meet their goals. It would be best to ask the question without giving the answer to the child. This will help you understand and enhance their current levels of knowledge.

Key Pointers

  • GK questions for class 8 cover domains like current affairs, science, math, and sports.
  • These questions will increase the awareness about their environment and the world.
  • Math and science GK questions will strengthen children’s basic concepts and make them explore the subject deeply.


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