How to make a kazoo out of a toilet paper roll

This old-school humming toy is a cinch to make. All you need for your very own colourful kazoo is a toilet paper roll, wax paper, an elastic band and paint.


Level of difficulty: Easy peasy
Age range: 3+ (but any age can play the kazoo)
Safety first: A grown-up should poke the hole in the toilet paper roll.
The takeaway: This classic craft is so easy to make and a fun throwback.

You’ll need:
a marker or pen
a toilet paper roll
pinking shears (or safety scissors for kids)
elastic band
wax paper
a bowl for tracing
non-toxic craft paints

Step 1
Painting your toilet paper roll is mainly for decoration (but how cute!) and it seals in any germs leftover from the toilet paper roll (but let’s try not to think about that one). We painted ours in fun fruit patterns, but let your kid use their imagination and create their own masterpieces.

Step 2
Cut out a piece of wax paper big enough to wrap around one end of the toilet paper roll. We traced a small bowl and used pinking shears to cut it out for a more polished look. Safety scissors work just as well.

Step 3
Secure the wax paper with an elastic band. Puncture a hole in the middle of the toilet paper roll with a needle or the pointed end of your scissors (adults only!). This will allow sound to escape and, along with the vibration of the wax paper, create that classic kazoo sound.

Let’s Play!
Sing through the open end of the kazoo and practise making different sounds or fun songs. Tip: This is a great outdoor activity (it can get a little loud inside).

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