The Fox And The Goat Story In English, With Pictures

A wildfire had engulfed the entire forest. The rivers and streams dried up, and if there was any water left in them, it was unfit for drinking. The animals that managed to escape the fire had no option but to cautiously enter a small village nearby in search of food and water.

One night, a thirsty fox sneaked into the village to try its luck at finding some water. The fox cast about in the village but couldn’t find a single drop of water.

Dejected, the fox looked up at the sky to check if there was any sign of impending rain. All it saw was the bright moon that seemed to be smiling at its misery. The fox kept walking, and much to its surprise, came upon an old well.

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Well, well, well, look what we have here?!” the fox exclaimed and walked towards the well, all the while, looking at the moon and sniggering. The moment the fox put its head down, it lost its control and fell with a splash into the well.

It tried its best to get out, but to no avail.

The next morning at dawn, the fox heard someone say, “Why are you down there, Mr. Fox?”

The fox looked up and saw an innocent goat. “Oh! I’ve been trying to drink as much water as I can from this sweet well. This is the finest water I have ever tasted in the whole country. Why don’t you try it? the sly fox replied.

The thirsty goat jumped in and drank the water to its heart’s content. The next moment, it found itself in the same difficult situation as the fox.

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How do we get out of here, Mr. Fox?” the innocent goat asked. “I have a brilliant idea. You stand on your hind legs while I climb on your strong horns and get out. I will then help you climb up,” the fox suggested.

The innocent goat did as it was told, and the cunning fox climbed out of the well and ran away, without turning back even for a moment.

Moral of the story

Do not take a decision before considering the consequences.

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