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Republic Day Speech For Kids

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Republic Day is celebrated on January 26 every year. The celebration of this special day has become a vital part of Indian society and its people. Schools celebrate the day by letting children show their patriotism through different activities.

One such activity is the Republic Day speech, in which a child has to speak about the significance of this day or some specific national issues.

If your child’s school has asked you to prepare a republic day speech in English for students, and you are not sure how to go about it, then let MomJunction guide you. Here we tell you how to prepare the speech and also prepare your child to deliver the speech well.

10 Tips For Preparing A Republic Day Speech For Kids

1. Find new facts

As Republic Day has a great significance for Indians, most people are already aware of what it is and how it is celebrated. So, the challenge for you, as a parent, is to find new and little-known facts about the special day and include them in the speech. Doing basic research on the internet should do the trick. If your child knows how to use a computer, then let them collect information for the speech while you supervise.

2. Set a time limit

While preparing a Republic Day speech in English for students, make sure that you ask the school about the time given to each student. Remember, if the speech is too short, the listeners might be left craving for more. In contrast, if the speech is too long, they might get bored. So, it has to be concise and completed within the stipulated time.

3. Hook the audience

When preparing the speech, make sure that it hooks the audience. For that, add an interesting fact or a question in the introductory part of the speech. Remember, if the audience doesn’t seem interested, it might affect the confidence level of your child.

4. Follow a format

Generally, when a school asks for a Republic Day speech, they provide a format. If not, you can stick to this basic format. Start the speech by greeting everyone—the principal, teachers, guests, and parents. Then, thank everyone for letting you (the kid) speak. Next, talk about the main topic, and conclude it with powerful words and the famous slogan Jai Hind.

5. Let the kid write it

When a school asks for a Republic Day speech from students, the intention is to make the child more confident and expressive. As a parent, you might want to write the best speech for your kid, but this is often not the right way to go. Let the child write the speech while you help them correct it. When the speech is in the kid’s handwriting, and they have prepared it with hard work, they will be more confident in delivering it.

6. Make it a story

Most kids love stories and can’t get enough of them. So, if you want your child to remember the speech, try to make it sound like a story, and tell them the background behind the topic of the speech in a story format. For instance, if the speech is about the importance of Republic Day, tell them about when and how the constitution was written and implemented, to make it sound more like a story. When kids know what they are talking about, they’ll be more confident in delivering it.

7. Demonstrate

Some kids talk too fast, and some talk too slow. So, when your child is preparing the speech, tell them when to take a break, the tone to use, and the emotions to add to the words. You could demonstrate it and let your kid learn from your example.

8. Focus on body posture

The Republic Day speech should be delivered confidently. For that, you must ensure that your child presents themselves well. You can tell them to stand straight when making an entry on the stage, maintaining eye contact with the audience, and not slouching. When your kid has a confident body posture, people will be more interested in what they are saying.

9. Use the stage

Usually, a stage for children to deliver the Republic Day will be big. So, you should ask your child to make the most of the space by moving around. When a child moves while talking to the audience, they can connect better with everyone in the audience, even the ones at the back.

10. Practice

Make your child practice multiple times. Let them make mistakes and then gently correct them. Do not shout or get angry, as it will make the child nervous, and they might back out at the last minute.

List Of Topics For A Republic Day Speech

If you are not sure about the topic for the Republic Say speech for kids, then here are a few suggestions that might help:

  • History of India
  • The story behind Republic Day
  • Importance of Republic Day
  • 1-minute speech on child labor
  • Indian social issues
  • Eradication of poverty
  • Benefits of having a constitution
  • The story behind the Indian constitution
  • The man behind the Indian constitution
  • Why India needs a constitution
  • The relevance of the Indian constitution

Sample speech

If you need some ideas on what a speech should look like, then here is a sample we prepared. It’s just a rough sketch on how to go about writing a Republic Day speech for kids.

Good Morning respected principal, teachers, special guests, parents, and my fellow students. My name is (your child’s name), and I am a student of (their class). Thank you for allowing me to share my ideas with you. As we all know, we are gathered here to celebrate one of the proud moments of India, the Republic Day. So, I would like to remind you all about why we celebrate this special day with such enthusiasm.

The Republic Day is celebrated each year on January 26 to commemorate the birth of the Indian constitution. Although India got independence on August 15, 1947, it took a while for the leaders to draft and adopt the precious constitution that helps run the country even today.

What does being a republic mean? It means that in our country, we give supreme power to the people. In our country, the public has the right to choose their leaders/representatives so that these leaders can lead the country in the right direction. The country is run by the president, the prime minister, and the ministers of the central and state governments.

I am sure you know that India was ruled by the Britishers until a few decades ago. It got its independence only when the freedom fighters and peace-friendly leaders like Mahatma Gandhi led the struggle for freedom. So, today, I would like to thank all those freedom fighters due to whose efforts we are free.

With changing times, we all have to change, and our constitution is the prime example of it. It has evolved with time and is amended to keep up with the changing dynamics of society. These changes are essential to ensure that we, as a nation, keep moving forward.

I am sure you want to do something special on Republic Day and demonstrate your feelings towards the nation. Let us all take a pledge to be responsible citizens who follow the path of truth and righteousness and help improve our society. Your little efforts can make a big difference one day. Thank you for being such amazing listeners. Jai Hind!

Preparing a Republic Day speech for kids could be an easy task once you know the basics. You can get your child’s speech ready and help them speak fearlessly in just a few days. Just remember, each kid is different. So, while one child could give a perfect speech on the first try, another might take time. Motivate them to develop confidence and support them in overcoming the obstacles.

Have you prepared a Republic Day speech for your children? Let us know in the comments section below.

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