12 things parents can get excited about

From the first baseless infant car seat to shoes made with algae, parents are going to love these new launches.

Our inboxes are flooded with the latest and greatest in new parenting products every day. From exciting new toys and clever innovations for baby to tools that help make raising kids just a little bit easier, our editors have selected some of their favourite launches this month.

baseless infant car seat

Photo courtesy of Clek

“For someone who doesn’t have a car, this new infant car seat from Canadian company Clek just makes sense. Without the bulky base, this seat uses the European belt-path method and was designed for those times when you’re just hopping in a taxi or hitching a ride home in a friend’s car. Bonus: the Liingo provides similar industry-leading crash test results compared to the company’s popular Liing car seat, which uses the traditional Rigid-LATCH system and load leg.” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor 

from $280, clekinc.ca

2. Dr. Seuss x Billabong Collection

kids apparel

Photo courtesy of Billabong

“The line of kids’ clothes that came out of this collaboration between Billabong and Dr. Seuss—mostly sweats, tees, shirts and bathing suits—manages to be cool and cute, but not cutesy.” — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief 

from $23, billabong.om

3. Munchkin 59S Mini Sterilizer Portable UV Sanitizer

mini soother sanitizer

Photo courtesy of Munchkin

“Clip this gadget on your diaper bag or purse, so when your little one tosses their soother out of the stroller two minutes after you walk out the door, you’re covered. It’ll come in handy so many times a day, you won’t remember what you did before this clever little product.”—Amy Van Es, Deputy Editor

$20, bedbathandbeyond.com

4. Vans Sensory Inclusive shoes

sensory inclusive kids shoes

Photo courtesy of Vans

“Not only are these shoes adorable, but they’re designed with kids with autism and sensory sensitivities in mind: a calming colour palette, soft, cushiony outsole and one-piece interiors and tongue stabilization, which means no seams or other bothersome pieces to rub those little feet.”—Claire Gagné, Senior Editor

from $70, vans.ca

5. Knix postpartum collection

women wearing compression underwear and nursing tank with baby

Photo courtesy of Knix

“You know how your midsection feels completely like jello after you have a baby? I gifted the postpartum leak-proof undies from the Knix postpartum collection to two friends who just had their second kids. They’re high-waisted (which is good for C-section incisions), yet somehow manage to still be a little bit sexy and sporty? The supportive, velvety diagonal stripes help stabilize your core and hold everything together at a time when you kind of feel like your body is falling apart and leaking from multiple locations (the absorbent fabric on the crotch of the underwear helps with that). Speaking of leaks: Knix is also now making sleek nursing bras and nursing tanks (from $68) with removable, washable pads, as well as a hands-free pumping bra.”—Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor

from $42, knix.ca

6. Barefoot books activity cards

activity cards

Photo courtesy of Barefoot Books

“This deck of activity cards is the perfect solution for when your kids (or you) just need to take a deep breath. The mindfulness exercises on each card work well for people of all ages and abilities, so the whole family can benefit from it. Check out Barefoot’s Yoga Pretzels and Global Kids decks for even more fun.”—Kevin John Siazon, Assistant Editor

$20, barefootbooks.com

7. The Diaper Genie Quick Caddy

a all-in-one diaper changing caddy

Photo courtesy of Diaper Genie

“I can finally say goodbye to the revolting bag of diapers we carry with us on road trips. This pail keeps the odour sealed in, is easily transported by a sturdy carrying handle, and has an organizer to keep wipes in, freeing up space in our diaper bag for more charming things— like stray cheerios and noisy toys. All in all, a great travel companion!”—Amy Van Es, Deputy Editor

$40, babiesrus.ca

8. Levana Mila

baby monitor

Photo courtesy of Levana

“There are a ton of baby monitors out there, so it can be difficult deciding which is the right one for your family. I love that Levana is a Canadian-based company and this monitor comes with all the bells and whistles. It has a big, five-inch screen with a high definition camera that can be adjusted remotely, two-way audio, night vision and built-in music and white noise. Moms who are worried about temperature will appreciate that the monitor has a built-in thermometer that will alert you if the room is too hot (or too cold). And if you have multiple kids (or just want a few different angles of the room), you can have multiple cameras set up on one control panel. Oh, and no wifi or bluetooth connection is required.” — Simone Olivero, Senior Editor 

$279, mylevana.ca

9. Uniqlo x Marimekko collection

mom and baby in stylish clothing

Photo courtesy of Uniqlo

“I’ve been looking forward to this particular spring collection for a few months, I’ll admit! The high-low collaboration joins Uniqlo, the chic-but-affordable Japanese apparel company, with Marimekko, the iconic Finnish textile design house known for bright pops of colour and big and bold florals. Thankfully, the price points are super doable: packs of infant bodysuits are $15 for two kimono-style onesies, and cute cropped toddler leggings are only $10. They also have adult sizes in some of the same fabrics, if you’re into matching Mommy-and-Me outfits.”—Ariel Brewster, Senior Editor

from $10, uniqlo.com

10. TrustyTrunks Leakproof, Waterproof, Sandproof, Diaper Covers for Swimming

baby wearing leakproof swim trunks

Photo courtesy of Trusty Trunks

“Whether you have a pool at home or just a simple garden hose, TrustyTrunks are a must-have for babies who love water play. This silicon diaper cover is leakproof, so water won’t get in and uh-ohs won’t get out. Plus, when we can finally hit the beach, they’re great for keeping sand out, too!”—Kevin John Siazon, Assistant Editor

$34 US, trustytrunks.com

11. Native Shoes Jefferson Bloom Child

colourful kids shoes

Photo courtesy of Native Shoes

“I’ve already bought my six-year-old the Natives that he’ll wear all summer (the iconic Jefferson style, of course), but now I wish I’d held out for the new ones that are made with repurposed algae, which helps clean water and air through the manufacturing process. So cool!” — Kim Shiffman, Editor-in-Chief

from $55, nativeshoes.com

12. HBC x Sesame Street collection

sesame street HBC collection

Photo courtesy of The Hudson’s Bay Company

“This summer, The Hudson’s Bay Company is telling us how to get, how to get to Sesame Street. This adorable loungewear collection features Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird and the crew in iconic HBC stripes. The PJ sets are available for the whole family, but I’m hoping to pick up one of the adorable Cookie Monster sleep masks for my little one.”—Simone Olivero, Senior Editor

from $15, thebay.com  (available summer 2020)

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