20 gender-neutral clothing brands for babies and kids

Kids’ clothes have traditionally fallen into gendered buckets, with pink things and tutus in the girl’s section and blue pieces with trucks and dinosaurs in the boy’s section. But now that we’ve stopped thinking of gender as binary, it’s about time the clothes followed suit. Thankfully, not only are popular retailers creating unisex collections, but we’re also seeing entire gender-neutral brands pop up—and we’re so here for it.

Instead of reinforcing dated gender stereotypes, these brands have chosen to put their focus on creating high-quality and cozy staples that are made sustainably. And they still have tons of personality, from bright colours to bold prints to fun imagery that includes animals, nature and food. Kids are bound to love them, no matter where they fall on the gender spectrum.

Here are our favourite gender-neutral clothing brands for babies and kids.

A child wearing a gender-neutral onesie and pants from Mini Mioche

Photo: Courtesy of Mini Mioche

1. Mini Mioche

Specializing in simple, timeless and high-quality basics in soft organic cotton, Mini Mioche’s clothes are a Canadian staple for good reason. They come in a wide variety of sizes, including Infant, Toddler, Kid, Big Kid, and a Mini + Me line.


A child plays in the sand wearing a gender neutral beach cover-up from Kylo & Co.

Photo: Courtesy of Kylo & Co.

2. Kylo & Co.

Featuring comfy and minimalist basics in muted neutral colours, this brand is a one-stop-shop for summer wears, from sweatshirt-short sets and beach cover-ups to sweet sunglasses. (Their winter gear is adorable too).


A child models a gender-neutral t-shirt and sweatsuit from Pact

Photo: Courtesy of Pact

3. Pact

Made of organic cotton in fair-trade factories, Pact’s kids’ clothes feature fun and unique patterns like armadillos, chilli peppers and bugs.


A baby wearing gender-neutral clothing and hugging a blanket from Little Planet by Carter's

Photo: Courtesy of Carter’s Little Planet

4. Little planet by Carter’s

Long-time kids’ clothes staple Carter’s/OshKosh now has a gender-neutral line for babies. You can build a gift basket in one of the brand’s nature-inspired themes, which include Endangered Species, Orchard and Wildlife.


A child playing in the woods wearing a gender-neutral gingham playsuit from Red Creek Kids

Photo: Courtesy of Red Creek Kids

5. Red Creek Kids

Reminiscent of vintage styles, Red Creek Kids’ clothes come in six different sizing options for ages one through 10 and are made sustainably in Vancouver.


Two kids wearing gender-neutral outfits from Lovely Littles

Photo: Courtesy of Lovely Littles

6. Lovely Littles

You can mix and match Lovely Littles’ line of elevated basics, which are beautiful without sacrificing comfort and simplicity.


A girl wears a gender-neutral poutine t-shirt from Whistle & Flute

Photo: Courtesy of Whistle & Flute

7. Whistle & Flute

Catering to ages six months to 12 years, kids can make a bold statement with this brand’s fun prints, which include poutine, ice cream and watermelon.


A child at the beach wearing a gender-neutral rashguard made by Little Yogi

Photo: Courtesy of Little Yogi

8. Little Yogi

Bright colours and bold tropical prints adorn shorts, tanks, rompers, swimwear and other basics offered by this Quebec-based company.


A child models a gender-neutral outfit from clothing company Petite Revery

Photo: Courtesy of Petite Revery

9. Petite Revery

We love the playfulness of this line’s name, which means “little daydream,” and their appropriately whimsical offerings—basics with lovely slogans and interesting flourishes like ruffles and colourful cloud prints.


A mother and child wearing matching gender-neutral sleepwear from Petit Lem

Photo: Courtesy of Petit Lem

10. Petit Lem

Offering a variety of sleepwear for babies, toddlers and moms, Petit Lem also makes daywear for toddlers in soft colours and sweet prints like floral, butterflies, and polka dot.


A child models gender-neutral sweatpants, shoes and a t-shirt from Rise Little Earthling

Photo: Courtesy of Rise Little Earthling

11. Rise Little Earthling

Designed to encourage creativity, growth and big ideas through self-expression, carefree movement, and connection in kids, this brand sold exclusively at Toys R Us organizes its clothes for kids zero to six for different occasions: dream, play, party and splash.


A child models a gender-neutral hat and playsuit from Pehr

Photo: Courtesy of Pehr

12. Pehr

Pehr makes thoughtfully designed and timeless basics for newborns and toddlers. Fans love their organic one-pieces in bug prints (back by popular demand!) and new parents can save up to 35% while building their babies’ wardrobes thanks to seasonal bundles.


A child models gender-neutral clothing from Norsu Organic

Photo: Courtesy of Norsu Organic

13. Norsu Organic

Designed to be ultra-soft and comfy, with many items available in a relaxed fit, this brand uses eco-friendly and organic materials for the sake of the earth and your kid’s skin.


A baby wearing a gender-neutral onesie from Luna Cay

Photo: Courtesy of Luna Cay

14. Luna Cay

Luna Cay makes soft and sustainable baby essentials: sleepers, onesies, rompers and accessories. Aside from buying them individually, you can also subscribe to receive baby sleepers at your door every three months.


A child playing while wearing gender-neutral leggings and a shirt from Nest Designs

Photo: Courtesy of Nest Designs

15. Nest Designs

Made of natural materials like bamboo, silk and cotton, Nest Designs makes soft and simple clothes featuring vibrant Eric Carle-inspired prints like lemon, avocado and farmer’s market.


A child wearing a gender-neutral sweater from Province of Canada

Photo: Courtesy of Province of Canada

16. Province of Canada

One of the only brands that manufactures all its products in Canada, Province aims to be the “anti fast-fashion” label by being as sustainable as possible. They’ve stuck to the basics in their kids’ clothes, offering sweatshirts, sweatpants, and lettered baseball caps.


A child outdoors wearing a gender-neutral shirt from Os & Oakes

Photo: Courtesy of os & oakes

17. os & oakes

Another brand that manufactures all of its clothes in Canada, os & oakes specializes in bamboo baby clothes, which are soft, breathable and hypoallergenic as well as environmentally friendly. You can find bamboo kids’ clothes for ages 12 months to 12 years on their site as well.


A child wearing a gender-neutral "Home is Toronto" t-shirt from Peace Collective

Photo: Courtesy of Peace Collective

18. Peace Collective

Following a strong local theme, you’ll find Peace Collective’s onesies, hoodies, crewnecks, tees and bottoms emblazoned with Toronto and Canada-themed slogans.


A child modeling a gender-neutral playsuit from Parade Organics

Photo: Courtesy of Parade Organics

19. Parade Organics

One of the first baby companies in North America to use only certified organic cotton, Parade aims to celebrate beginnings, new adventures and the colourful world around us with its bold and eco-inspired designs.


Three children modeling gender-neutral clothing from Five Little Wildlings

Photo: Courtesy of Five Little Wildlings

20. Five Little Wildlings

Another made-in-Canada brand, Five Little Wildlings takes its sustainability mission a step further. Their Grow Clothing collection lasts years instead of months, reducing textile waste — and saving you money and time.


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