20 toy advent calendars for kids to countdown to Christmas 2022

It may seem early to be shopping for advent calendars, but be warned: these puppies sell out fast. Let the countdown to the holidays begin!

What’s even sweeter than chocolate? Toys! Make the 12 (or 24) days leading up to Christmas feel extra special with these tiny, gift-filled advent calendars for kids. From Play-Doh to Pokémon, you’re sure to find a theme to suit your little one’s interests.

1. Lego Friends Advent Calendar

advent calendar from popular Friends line of lego

Photo: Courtesy of Lego

$45, lego.com

2. Crayola Christmas Countdown Advent Activity Calendar

Crayola advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Crayola

$25, well.ca

3. Ornament-A-Day Advent Calendar

box surrounded by holiday ornaments

Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

$40, indigo.ca

4. Wiltopia – DIY Advent Calendar: Animal Trip around the World

advent calendar with animal figurines

Photo: Courtesy of Playmobil

$65, playmobil.ca

5. Polly Pocket Advent Calendar

doll house with small accessories

Photo: Courtesy of Amazon.ca

$30, amazon.ca

6. Play-Doh Advent Calendar

Play Doh advent calendar with dough and toys

Photo: Courtesy of Walmart

$30, walmart.ca

7. National Geographic Rock Mineral and Fossil Advent Calendar 2022

advent calendar of rocks and fossils

Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

$40, indigo.ca

8. The Elf on The Shelf North Pole Advent Train

train-shaped box with train toys inside

Photo: Courtesy of The Elf on the Shelf

$40, toysrus.ca

9. Advent Calendar FARM WORLD 2022

animal figurine advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Schleich

$40, schleich-s.com

10. Lego City Advent Calendar

advent calendar from popular city line of lego

Photo: Courtesy of Lego

$45, lego.com

11. Hot Wheels Advent Calendar

race course with hot wheels

Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

$32, mastermindtoys.com

12. Nintendo Super Mario Advent Calendar

Super Mario-themed advent calendar box

Photo: Courtesy of Nintendo

$80, amazon.ca

13. Christmas Village Advent Calendar

wooden Christmas village playset

Photo: Courtesy of Kiwi Co.

$66, kiwico.com 

14. Pokémon Holiday Advent Calendar 2022, Battle Figures

pokemon battle figures in an advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Indigo

$60, indigo.ca

15. 1.2.3 Bathtime Fun Advent Calendar

bath toy advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Playmobil

$50, playmobil.ca

16. Go! Go! Smart Wheels Advent Calendar

train course with road signs and toy cars

Photo: Courtesy of Vtech

$26, vtechkids.ca

17. PAW Patrol: 2022 Advent Calendar

Christmas-themed box with PAW Patrol characters

Photo: Courtesy of Toys ‘R’ Us

$35, toysrus.ca

18. 5 Surprise Mini Brands Limited Edition Advent Calendar

mini brands-themed advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Zuru

$40, indigo.ca

19. Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar

harry potter-themed lego advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Lego

$60, mastermindtoys.com

20. Advent Calendar: Classic Disney 2022

disney-themed advent calendar

Photo: Courtesy of Funko

$70, indigo.ca

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