4 nursery decor trends that won’t get old before your kids

Want a nursery that’s both functional and fashionable? We’ve rounded up the top trends in decor, along with quality pieces, that will stand the test of time.

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Nurseries aren’t just rooms with a crib and a glider anymore, they’ve become designed spaces and hashtags with millions of views. Luckily, decorating with trends in mind doesn’t have to be a major undertaking—especially if you know where to shop. Enter Little Seeds, an innovative furniture line that is now available in Canada at Indigo.ca.

Follow these four decor trends identified by Carolyn Greathead of Ponder Design Co. and pair them with quality furniture that will see you through the toddler years for a kid’s room both you and baby will love.

Functional Spaces


“Nursery design has really honed in on creating a room that will grow with your child—instead of a room that they’ll grow out of quickly.” Purchasing pieces that are functional as well as beautiful means that they’ll be practical and useful for years to come, and Little Seeds offers high-quality children’s furniture that grows with your kids, like cribs that convert into toddler beds and change tables that turn into dressers. The Little Seeds Crawford Curved Post 3-in-1 Crib, for example, converts from a crib to a toddler bed to a day bed—the perfect investment for your little one right from birth. 

Curved Lines


Doorway arches, round coffee tables and curved couches are front and centre in the design world. “Curved lines create softness in a space,” says Greathead, “and a nursery is a room you want to feel relaxing, warm and safe.” Look for the trend in beds and cribs with curved edges, and headboards. Little Seeds Monarch Hill Hawken Metal 3 in 1 Convertible Crib features a modern silhouette with arches that add softness. To up the ante on the cozy (and safe) factor, you need a mattress that you can rely on. The Little Seeds’ bestselling Little Seeds Moonglow 6” Reversible Bonnell Coil Twin Mattress is made in Canada and features eco-friendly recycled fibres, is GreenGuard Gold certified and is constructed with layers of support with an eye to support and comfort. 

Turned wood

Turned wood is an ancient technique that helps to create shapes in wood—think intricate legs and spindles. Originally done on a lathe, it was popular in the Victorian era, and we’re seeing a resurgence of this traditional technique in the modern era. “Turned wood’s intricate and delicate design is a perfect addition to a nursery because it brings in an element of playfulness with its unique shapes, while still feeling elegant and upscale,” says Greathead. To keep this look modern, we’re seeing it a lot in lighter wood tones like oak, or even in painted wood pieces, like the Little Seeds Rowan Valley Arden 6 Drawer Dresser that features turned wood legs and side detailing on the soft white piece.

Mixing Wood Tones


While the matching bedroom set used to be the way to go, many parents are opting to be more intentional with their nursery purchases. “Now we’re seeing a more collected approach to furnishing a room,” says Greathead. The easiest way to embrace this is to incorporate different wood tones which can add dimension and visual interest to a space. This is especially helpful if you have an heirloom, vintage find or hand-me-down you love, but it’s a different wood tone than your chosen crib or dresser.

Pairing a darker wooden heirloom with the Little Seeds Sierra Ridge Ashton Changing Table is the perfect way to marry modern and quality furniture with a much-loved vintage piece. To ensure the space feels collected and cohesive (instead of collected in a rummage-sale kind of way), make sure you’re bringing these different tones and colours into other areas of the room. For example, if you have a darker wood rocking chair in a room that’s otherwise light oak, bring in darker wood picture frames, wooden toys that have a deeper tone or even a rug with darker brownish-red weaving or speckling.  

Shop Little Seeds, now online at Indigo.ca.

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