5 time-saving hacks you have to try

Maximize your time with these creative tips for busy parents.


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Parenthood, when your to-do list seems to grow at the same rate as your kids and there aren’t enough hours in the day to get stuff done and enjoy quality time with your family. Luckily, there are ways to save time and energy so you have more of both. Here are five tips to help manage your busy household. 


Create an easy breakfast bar

Instead of trying to corral everyone into the kitchen at the same time and figure out breakfast every morning, switch to a self-serve scenario. Set out bowls, spoons, boxes of cereal and milk on a tray so that your kids can serve themselves. You can also alternate with a selection of bread and toaster-ready waffles with different jams and kinds of butter. Breakfast, check!


Play Get Ready Bingo 

Kids know what they need to do to get ready in the morning, but they may need some inspiration to actually do it. Create laminated bingo cards or, on a whiteboard or chalkboard, write tasks that your kids need to do before leaving the house (or before getting screen time). Include must-do tasks like brushing their teeth, getting dressed and eating breakfast interspersed with helpful tasks like putting dishes in the dishwasher, making their bed and wiping down the bathroom. Whoever gets a bingo, gets a coveted reward like choosing their school snack or 15 extra minutes of screen time. 


Clean and disinfect your home easily

Build a simple disinfection routine by having a cleaning/disinfecting kit at the ready. Just grab your kit whenever you need to clean high-touch hard, non-porous surfaces like countertops, sinks, door knobs, light switches and tables. If you choose an effective, easy-to-use product like Family Guard brand disinfectant cleaner, your cleaning and disinfection kit can be just one product. It kills germs and has a pleasant scent. Plus, it’s expertly formulated for use in homes with kids and pets. To disinfect, remember to pre-clean visibly soiled areas first before using the product according to the label directions.

You can also disinfect tricky surfaces like toilets, garbage cans and even keys with Family Guard disinfectant spray. It kills 99.9 per cent of bacteria and viruses found on hard, non-porous surfaces, particularly important during cold and flu season. 


Motivate kids to clean with a hula hoop 

A hula hoop can make even cleaning fun. If you’re constantly battling with your kids about tidying up, use a hula hoop as a way to help them focus. Cleaning a large mess can feel overwhelming so if you designate a small area to clean, it makes it seem much more manageable. Just place a hoop over the mess you want your kid to start with and have them put away whatever toys, clothes or books are in the hoop. Move on to another area and cleaning becomes a game. 


Wash plastic toys in the dishwasher

Struggling to keep all the toys clean? No more handwashing individual toys. Instead, use a couple of mesh bags and have your kids collect all their small plastic toys to toss in the dishwasher together. Larger toys can go right on the rack. When the toys are clean, you can put them all inside a hula hoop (see the previous tip) for your kids to dry and put away. 

Sometimes a little creativity is all it takes to simplify your routines. Start making more time for family fun and relaxation with safe, easy-to-use cleaning products from Family Guard at familyguard.ca.

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