Create some new spooky traditions and treats

This Halloween may be tricky, but it can still thrill with treats!

Plate of Halloween cookies with caramel chocolate squares

Photo: Mondelēz International

Halloween is creeping up on us, and although this favourite fall holiday might look different for some, it can still taste just as sweet! Keep your trick-or-treating crew safe, engaged and fully entertained by getting crafty and creative in the kitchen.

This year, CADBURY and MAYNARDS – creators of frightfully fun-filled snacks such as MAYNARDS Swedish Berries and WUNDERBAR – have created the Tricker’s Treat Challenge. All you have to do is create unique Halloween treats using your favourite candies, including the assorted CADBURY Fun Treats and MAYNARDS Fun Treats. The possibilities (and combinations) are endless. Plus, it’s a super easy way to keep your creatures and critters full of the Halloween spirit all month long.

Unleash Halloween flavour with special ideas, recipes and engaging activities with CADBURY and MAYNARDS. And as an added bonus, Halloween falls on a Saturday this year, which gives you even more time to get together with the family and really enjoy the fun spirit of the day. Here are some great ideas, designed to help you howl the time away:

  1. Kandy Kabobs: grab some wooden skewers and let your family have fun with making spooky patterns with all the different fun MAYNARDS Fun Treats, such as MAYNARDS Fuzzy Peach and MAYNARDS Swedish Fish.
  2. Fear Fest: stream some of your favourite Halloween movies and top off your popcorn snacks with chopped CADBURY Fun Treats, such as CRISPY CRUNCH and MR. BIG. Once cooled, toss in some MANYARDS Fun Treats and let your taste buds get in on the excitement.
  3. Haunted Hunt: stash treats and sweets indoors and out and let your ghouls find them. Try it at dusk and add a spooky feel with flashlights and glow sticks.
  4. Gingerbread HAUNTED Houses: you don’t have to wait until December to enjoy this fun and creative treat. Construct your own ghoulish gingerbread house then make it extra eerie with CADBURY Fun Treats and MAYNARDS Fun Treats. Why not try CARAMILK tombstones and MAYNARDS SOUR PATCH KIDS zombies?
  5. Create a Concoction: unwrap a stash of CADBURY and MAYNARDS treats and get inspired with cool new recipes: Graveyard Pudding? Candy Apples Gummy Black Forest Cake? CADBURY and MAYNARDS can help you get creative.

Get inspired by fun this Halloween with CADBURY, MAYNARDS and your imagination. For more fun ideas, treats, recipes and more, visit or check out these fun-filled foods created by Canadian families and shared here for some extra inspiration:

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