Our top tip for when you have to be in two places at once

Finally, a break from feeling like you’re doing it all.

Mom and daughter walking through front door of house

Suffice it to say, this is the most unconventional fall season we’ve ever seen. Between bored kids, busy kids, home schooled kids, virtual learning kids, in-class kids, mini kids, big kids plus working remotely or navigating new safety measures at work…it’s a wonder you even have time to read this.

We get it. We got you.

As parents, we all have those days where an extra set of hands would be a life saver. Well, what if you had an extra set of eyes? Thanks to TELUS SmartHome Security, now you can. Imagine being able to see the kids playing in the backyard while you lead a video call. Or keep an eye on your expected dinner delivery while you keep another eye on your kids’ studies. And even get a peek at the front door to see if that relentless knocking is worth interrupting your home pedicure for. Let’s face it: we all have more to juggle than ever before. TELUS SmartHome Security can help you do it all.

A smart way to handle your day.

It’s clear that a home security system keeps your family safe. Did you know it can also keep you in control? Smart Device Control lets you receive important alerts and much more on your smart device, so you no longer have to worry about stuff like setting the alarm. Add any of the vast selection of smart home automation products to your plan at any time to make sure that the day-to-day essentials (did you lock the front door?) are all taken care of.

Save time, save money, save your sanity.

Starting as low as $12 per month, you can begin to get the help you’ve been looking for. Now you can keep an eye on your whole home, the people in and around it, and feel good that you’re protecting it all. Ultimately, we’re all spending more and more time at home—why not make it as helpful (and smart) as possible?

To learn more about TELUS SmartHome Security, the valuable services and tools that literally respond to your needs, remote installation and contactless technical service, visit telus.com/smarthome.

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