200+ Exotic Desert Inspired Baby Names, With Meanings

Desert names evoke images of vast spaces and hot temperatures. Combine these with a sense of adventure and mystery and you have a perfect name. The popularity of desert names often transcends geographical locations. They are, in fact, a symbol of resilience in the face of the harsh weather and a desert’s unforgiving nature.

Giving a desert name to a child can serve many purposes. It may motivate them to explore more about the roots of their name or foster an appreciation for the diversity of nature. Moreover, these names can inspire creativity by improving a child’s imagination. From the rare Acacia to the much-loved Sahara, the names below try to set the stage for a lifetime of adventure and exploration.

Desert Names

Full of adventure and delight, desert names may consist of the names of the deserts or their components. These names are quirky and inventive.

Desert Names For Girls

Girl names inspired by the desert take inspiration not only from the flora and fauna but also from other elements such as sand. These names have various origins ranging from Hebrew to Greek.

1. Acacia

Pronounced as ə-KAY-shə, this beautiful name for girls means ‘thorn’ or ‘point.’ It reminds one of the thorny plants of the desert and is rarely used.

2. Agasa

Agasa is a Japanese name for girls and means ‘bud,’ ‘sprout,’ and ‘sand.’ It is reminiscent of the endless expanse of sand associated with a desert.

3. Agave

Pronounced variously as a-GA-vay, ə-GAH-vay, and ə-GAH-vee, this name has roots in Greek mythology. It is the name of a plant that predominantly grows in deserts and arid areas.

4. Aisa

Aisa is a Japanese name that means ‘love’ and ‘sand.’ Incidentally, it is also a Filipino name with different meanings and origins.

5. Aisha

A name with high significance in Islam, Aisha means ‘living’ or ‘alive.’ It was the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad’s third wife and is associated with new life in the desert (1).

6. Amaterasu

Amaterasu is a Japanese name that means ‘shining over heaven.’ It is the name of the Japanese goddess of the sun and hence, is suitable as a desert name (2).

7. Amber

An English name, Amber is the name of a gemstone. It has Arabic roots and its color is reminiscent of the desert.

8. Angola

Angola is a unique girl’s name that is also the name of a country. It is known for its Moçâmedes Desert.

9. Ansa

Also written as Anza, this name is associated with the desert state park in San Diego. It is a beautiful first name for girls.

10. Antarctica

Antarctica is considered one of the largest deserts on earth (3). It is a unique choice for a girl’s name.

11. Aosa

Aosa is a rare Japanese name for girls. It means ‘blue sand’ or ‘green sand.’

12. Arava

A girl’s name with Hebrew origins, Arava has several meanings including ‘desert,’ ‘willow tree,’ ‘savanna,’ and ‘prairie.’ It is also used as an Indian name of Sanskrit origin.

13. Area

Pronounced as a-REH-a, this girl’s name is used in Galicia. It has Old Portuguese origins and means ‘sand.’

14. Arena

Another name that means ‘sand,’ Arena is used in Spanish and Catalan. It has Latin roots and is also used as a Sardinian name.

15. Arenita

Arenita is inspired by Arena. It means ‘sand’ and appears in SpongeBob SquarePants.

16. Asia

Also the name of a continent, Asia means ‘east.’ It is also used as a Polish name for girls.

17. Atacama

Atacama is the name of a vast desert in South America. It is a rare and unique choice for a girl’s name.

18. Badiya

Another name with Arabic origins, Badiya means ‘desert.’ It is also written as Badiyah and means ‘rhetorical embellishment.’

19. Baluka

Baluka is an Indian name with Sanskrit origins. It means ‘sand bath’ and also has other meanings such as ‘perfume,’ ‘camphor,’ and ‘cucumber.’

20. Bast

Associated with Egyptian mythology, Bast is a variation of Bastet. It means ‘ointment jar’ and is associated with the Egyptian goddess of the home, domesticity, cats, fertility, and childbirth (4).

21. Bloom

Bloom has Proto-Indo-European roots and means ‘to thrive’ and ‘flower.’ It is a name that shows resilience and creation in deserts.

22. Boa

Boa is a girl’s name with Norse origins and means ‘to live.’ It can also be given for the desert rosy boa commonly found in these areas.

23. Breeze

People in the desert know the value of a breeze. This first name refers to a ‘light, gentle wind’ and is also spelled as Breese.

24. Chaya

A girl’s name with Hebrew origins, Chaya means ‘living,’ denoting life in a desert. It is pronounced as KHA-ya and is considered to be the feminine variant of Chaim.

25. Chia

Also spelled as Chía, this name appears in New World mythology. It is the pre-Columbian goddess of the moon and can be used for the beautiful moon in a desert sky.

26. Cinnabar

Cinnabar is the name of a red mercuric sulfide that is often used as a pigment. The color is similar to the evening sky in a desert.

27. Cleopatra

Often associated with the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra means ‘glory of the father.’ It signifies resilience, strength, and courage.’

28. Coral

Though coral is found underwater, this name may be considered a lovely desert choice. Coral is indicative of the pinkish-colored sand found in deserts.

29. Crimson

Another name derived from a color, Crimson is used for a purplish-red hue. It is also reminiscent of the red-colored evening desert sky.

30. Daenerys

A literary name, Daenerys has become quite popular in recent years. The character with this name appears in the Game of Thrones series and is often found traveling through arid areas.

31. Dawn

A bright name, Dawn is often used in English. It reminds of the bright mornings in the desert.

Dawn is a desert name

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32. Dykuma

A Lithuanian name, Dykuma means ‘desert.’ It shows the emptiness and vastness of a desert.

33. Elistina

Also written as Ehlistina, this girl’s name is used in the Kalmyk language in south Russia. It is derived from the name of the capital city of Kalmykia and means ‘sand’ or ‘sandy.’

34. Ember

Casting heat all around is the classic name Ember. It is similar to the heat felt in the desert.

35. Erusa

Erusa is a Japanese name for girls. It means ‘drawing in the sand’ and is a great desert name.

36. Fennec

Fennec is a unique name inspired by the fox found in the deserts of North Africa. It can be a good desert-inspired name for girls.

37. Gulsahro

An Uzbek name for girls, Gulsahro means ‘desert flower.’ It also is the Uzbek name for desert rose.

38. Hateya

A girl’s name with Miwok origins, Hateya means ‘make tracks’ or ‘press with the foot.’ It refers to a bear making tracks in the dust.

39. Hesperia

Also spelled variously as Hespera, Hesper, and Esperia, this name has Greek origins. It means ‘evening’ and denotes the luxurious evenings found in deserts.

40. Isago

Another name inspired by the vast amount of sand in the desert, Isago has Japanese origins. It is pronounced as EE-SAH-GO.

41. Jasmine

A beautiful name, Jasmine also doubles up as a Disney Princess name for girls. As Jasmine was the princess of a kingdom in Arabia in the cartoon, it makes for a great desert name.

42. Jewel

Find the jewel of the desert right in your home. Jewel is a name that will sparkle bright through the ages.

43. Johona

Jóhonaa’éí means ‘sun’ or ‘sunbearer’ in Navajo. This name is a derivative of this phrase.

44. Kuuma

Kuuma may be considered to be a Finnish name. It is derived from the same word, which means ‘hot weather.’

45. Leikanglei

An Indian name, Leikanglei is used in Manipur. It means ‘desert flower’ in Meitei.

46. Leona

Lions are often associated with the desert. Leona, a feminine form of Leon and Leo, means ‘lion’ and is used as an English and Czech name.

47. Libya

Inspired by the Libyan Desert, this beautiful name for girls is also a country’s name. It has Greek origins and was later adapted into Arabic.

48. Lila

Lila is a derivative of Layla, an Arabic name. It means ‘night’ and may be used to refer to the wonderful, cool nights in the desert.

49. Luna

The moon is a magnificent sight to behold in the desert. Luna is a Latin representation of the moon.

50. Magdalena

In the Bible, Mary Magdalene, a follower of Jesus, entered the desert as an ascetic. Magdalena is a name that honors her penitence.

51. Maracanda

Now known as Samarkand or Samarqand, Maracanda is the name of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in Central Asia since the late Paleolithic era. It is known for its hot and dry climate, which makes it a great desert name for girls.

52. Marfa

Marfa is derived from Martha, which is often given to Mary Magdalene. It is associated with the desert and is also used as a Russian first name.

53. Mavhu

A beautiful name with Shona origins, Mavhu means ‘sand.’ It depicts the endless expanse of sand in the desert.

54. Mira

Mira is a first name in its own right. But it can also be used as a short form of Mirage. It means ‘ocean’ in Sanskrit.

55. Mirage

Mirage has Latin origins and means ‘look at.’ It is the name given to the illusions that appear in a desert.

56. Namibia

The Namib desert in Namibia helps it contribute to this name. Namibia means ‘shield.’

57. Nectar

In the desert, even water tastes like nectar. This name is suitable for a sweet-tempered girl.

58. Noya

Noya means ‘sand’ in Cherokee. It is also a Hebrew first name meaning ‘beauty.’

59. Nubian

Derived from the ancient empire of Nubia, this name is reminiscent of the dark-skinned people residing there. The associations with Egypt and Ethiopia abound aplenty.

60. Osa

Osa is a Japanese name meaning ‘sand’ and ‘thread.’ It could also be a Danish or English name.

61. Palm

One of the palm trees in the desert is a beautiful name for girls. Palm gives a sense of calmness.

Palm is a desert name

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62. Petra

Petra is a variation of Peter and means ‘rock.’ It is associated with the rocky formations found in deserts.

63. Phaedra

Phaedra has Greek roots and means ‘bright.’ It conveys the bright sunlight in the deserts.

64. Pyla

Also spelled as Pilat, Pyla is the name of a moving desert in France. It makes a charming girl’s name.

65. Qattara

Qattara is the name of an arid basin in the Sahara desert. It is a beautiful girl’s name.

66. Reti

Reti is an Indian name that means ‘sand.’ Though it is not commonly used, it could make a great desert name for girls.

67. Rose

Ever since Sting sang “Desert Rose,” the rose has been associated with deserts. It is a beautiful floral name that denotes new life and creation in the desert.

68. Sable

Desert roses are also called rose de sable. This beautiful name can be given to a girl with black hair.

69. Sage

Usually found in the desert, Sage is a herb that is familiar to many. It works well as a girl’s name.

70. Saguaro

Saguaro is the name of a cactus found in the deserts of the US and Mexico. These cacti can grow up to 20 meters in height.

71. Saha

Saha is a Japanese name meaning ‘sand’ and ‘feathers.’ It is also a unisex Dagbani name.

72. Sahra

Sahra means ‘desert’ in Arabic. It is also a Persian name meaning ‘battlefield.’

73. Sahrogul

Another name for a desert rose, Sahrogul is a Uzbek name. Sahro means ‘desert’ in this language.

74. Samarra

Samarra is a variation of Samara and refers to the place in Egypt. As it is known for its hot climate, Samarra can be a good desert girl’s name, too.

75. Sandra

Though Sandra is originally a short form of Alessandra, it can be used as a desert name for containing ‘sand.’ It means ‘defender of men.’

76. Saori

Another Japanese girl’s name, Saori means ‘sand’ and ‘weaving.’ It could also mean ‘already.’

77. Savannah

Savannah is the English word for ‘large, grassy plain.’ It usually conjures images of arid spaces.

78. Saya

Saya is a Japanese name that means ‘sand.’ It is also an Indian name meaning ‘shadow.’

79. Sayaka

Finding a connection in the desert heat is Sayaka, a Japanese name. It means ‘sand,’ ‘thread,’ and ‘fragrance.’

80. Senna

Senna is the name of a plant usually found in the deserts of the US. It is also used as a first name in several other languages such as Japanese and Romani.

81. Seri

Seri sounds similar to Siri and is pleasant and attractive. It is the name of an Indigenous group of people in Sonora, Mexico.

82. Shana

Shana means ‘sand’ in Japanese. It is also used as an English and Hebrew name.

83. Sharen

Sharen is a variant of Sharon. It means ‘plain’ and could refer to the vast plains of a desert.

84. Sharpay

Sharpay is a rare name that has Chinese origins. It means ‘sand skin’ and is derived from Shar-pei, the dog breed.

85. Shymo

Reflecting the golden masses of sand in a desert, Shymo has Yi roots. It means ‘gold sand.’

86. Sidra

Sidra means ‘goddess of the stars’ or ‘like a star.’ It is used as a Jewish and Islamic name.

87. Sierra

Sierra refers to mountain ranges with jagged peaks and means ‘mountain range.’ It may be given to a girl as a desert name as an honor to the mountains that line deserts.

88. Sikata

Sikata is an Indian name for girls. It means ‘sandy soil.’

89. Sinai

Sinai is the name of a mountain in Egypt. It has Biblical associations and is mentioned in the Book of Exodus.

90. Soraya

The Persian form of Thurayya, Soraya means ‘the Pleiades’ in Arabic. It may be given to honor the beautiful constellations in the desert sky.

91. Sphinx

If you picture a Sphinx and a pyramid whenever you think of a desert, this name might be right for you. It can be given to a girl with cat-like agility.

92. Sunna

Sunna is the name of the Germanic goddess of the sun. It is a great choice of desert name for a girl.

93. Sunshine

Bringing light into your world is Sunshine. It is a happy name that reflects abundance and brightness.

94. Terra

Terra means ‘land’ or ‘earth.’ It is used as a girl’s name to honor the earth.

95. Valuka

Valuka is an unusual Indian name. It can be considered to be a desert name because it means ‘sand.’

96. Victoria

Originally used as an English name, Victoria means ‘victory.’ As a desert name, it is associated with the Great Victoria Desert in Australia.

97. Waris

Waris means ‘desert flower’ in Somalia. It is also used as an Arabic name.

98. Wasa

Another Japanese name Wasa means ‘peace’ and ‘sand.’ It is also a Polynesian name meaning ‘sea.’

99. Yerma

Yerma is a name usually used in Spanish. It means ‘desert.’

100. Zara

Zara is derived from the Arabic name Zahra. It means ‘shining,’ ‘brilliant,’ and ‘bright,’ which are the characteristics of the light in the desert.

101. Žiezdrė

A mythological name, Žiezdrė means ‘sand,’ ‘earth,’ and ‘spark.’ It has Lithuanian roots.

102. Zinnia

A variety of Zinnia grows in the desert. This name is a refreshing reminder of life in the arid areas.

Desert Names For Boys

From Japan to Israel, desert names are often used for boys. These names signify qualities required to survive in the desert such as bravery and helpfulness.

103. Abalos

Abalos has several meanings including ‘bold’ and ‘daring.’ It can be given to a boy to signify the bravery required to survive in the desert.

104. Addax

Addax is the name of a large, light-colored antelope found in the Sahara desert. It has a grayish-white coat.

105. Adelanto

Adelanto is derived from the city so named in California. It is a part of the Mojave Desert and is a compelling name for boys.

106. Ahote

Ahote means ‘restless ones’ in Hopi. It can be given as a tribute to the nomads of the desert.

107. Aladdin

Aladdin was first mentioned in the book The 1001 Nights. It is also the name of a Disney hero often found in the desert.

108. Alexander

Alexander the Great is often associated with the famous crossing of the Gedrosian desert. Hence, Alexander can be used as a desert name for boys.

109. Altan

Altan has different meanings and origins. It means ‘red dawn’ in Turkish and ‘golden’ in Mongolian.

110. Ammianus

Ammianus is derived from the Greek word amma, which means ‘mother.’ It refers to the desert mothers of old and later to spiritual and religious women.

111. Ant

A short form of Anthony, Ant can also be used as a desert name for boys. It refers to the robust ants that are a part of desert ecology.

112. Apache

Apache is the name of the indigenous tribe that resided in the US. They are often associated with deserts, though they lived in all terrains.

113. Apollo

Apollo has Greek origins and means ‘strength.’ It is associated with the Greek god of the sun.

114. Ari

Ari means ‘lion’ in Hebrew. It is also used as an Armenian and Old Norse name.

115. Arid

Taken directly from the English word, Arid means ‘dry.’ It is a perfect representation of life in a desert.

116. Aster

Aster is usually considered to be a floral name. It also doubles up as a desert name as some varieties of aster grow in the desert.

117. Auraq

Auraq has multiple meanings associated with the desert. It could mean ‘sand colored’ or ‘dusky,’ while also having other meanings such as ‘sweat.’

118. Aurgelmir

Created using a combination of aur, meaning ‘gravel,’ ‘sand,’ and ‘clay,’ and galmr, meaning ‘shouting one,’ Aurgelmir is borrowed from Norse mythology. It may be another name for Ymir.

119. Bardenas

Bardenas is the name of the semi-desert region in Navarre, Spain. It is also a unique name for boys.

120. Barstow

Derived from the city of the same name, Barstow is rarely used. The city is located in the Mojave Desert of California.

121. Basin

Deserts often have large shallow basins. Basin is the perfect desert name for boys.

Basin is a desert name

Image: Momjunction Design Team

122. Brick

Bricks are made using soil and sand. It makes sense to make Brick as a desert name for boys.

123. Burn

The heat of the sun is legendary in the desert. Burn is an edgy name that is evocative of the sunburn often found in desert areas.

124. Butte

Buttes are tall formations with steep sides often found in deserts. This name captures the landscape perfectly.

125. Cactus

Deserts and cacti often go hand-in-hand. Cactus is an edgy and unusual desert name for boys.

126. Cairo

Taking inspiration directly from the name of the city in Egypt, Cairo is an enigmatic name. It means ‘the victorious.’

127. Camel

Camels are the ships of the desert. If you are looking for an unusual boy’s name, you can choose Camel.

128. Chihuahuan

Chihuahuan is a rare desert name for boys. It is derived from the name of a desert in New Mexico, Arizona, and Mexico.

129. Cho‘lmurod

Derived from the Uzbek words cho’l, which means ‘desert,’ and murod, which means ‘wish,’ ‘desire,’ and ‘aim,’ Cho’lmurod is used for Uzbek boys. It is a name that conveys hope in the desert.

130. Clay

Clay is often associated with sand and soil. It makes a perfect desert name for boys.

131. Cliff

Evocative of the steep cliffs found in the desert, Cliff is usually a short form of Clifford or Clifton. It can also be used as a mountain name.

132. Coal

The Thar Desert in Pakistan boasts of one of the largest coalfields in the world. Coal is, thus, a great edgy desert name for boys.

133. Cobra

If you are a snake lover, you might as well give this name to your loved one. Cobra is indicative of the desert cobra, a venomous snake found in the Middle East.

134. Creo

Creo is given in honor of the creosote bush often found in deserts. It has medicinal properties.

135. Daku

An Indigenous name, Daku belongs to Australia. It means ‘sand hill’ in Diyari.

136. Darwin

Only the fittest survive in the desert. Darwin is given in honor of the scientist who suggested this theory.

137. Drift

Drift can be taken from the desert of the same name in Arizona. It could also refer to the activity of traversing the desert sands at high speeds.

138. Dune

Sand dunes are a common sight in deserts. Dune is a great desert name for boys.

139. Eden

Eden means ‘plain’ in Sumerian. It also has Biblical associations.

140. Egypt

An edgy and modern name, Egypt is derived from the country of the same name in Africa It means ‘the house of the soul of Ptah.’

141. Emathion

Derived from Greek mythology, Emathion means ‘sandy.’ It was the name of a Samothracian king.

142. Eolian

Also spelled as Aeolian, this name is associated with erosion by wind. This phenomenon is more commonly found in deserts.

143. Erden

Erden means ‘high’ or ‘steep.’ It can be given as a representation of the high sand dunes in the desert.

144. Ezra

Ezra means ‘help’ in Hebrew and is a Biblical name. As helping each other plays a large role in the desert, Ezra may be a great desert name for boys.

145. Falcon

Derived from the bird of the same name, Falcon is a name that conveys freedom and strength. It is also spelled as Falco and is associated with the desert as falcons are often found there.

146. Fox

Foxes are often found in deserts. Fox is a great desert name for boys.

147. Gecko

If you are a reptile lover, you will like this name. The gecko is found in several deserts all over the world.

148. Grannus

Grannus is an ancient name derived from Celtic mythology. It is the name of the god of the sun.

149. Grit

Living in the deserts requires grit and determination. Grit can also be used to denote the constant presence of sand in the desert.

150. Hesper

A variant of Hesperia, Hesper means ‘evening.’ It is perfect to describe the pleasant evenings in a desert.

151. Hopper

Derived from the desert locust, Hopper is a happy name. It can be given to an energetic little one.

152. Iago

Iago is a derivative of James and is also considered a Shakespearean name. But it is also associated with the villain’s sidekick in Disney’s Aladdin.

153. Israel

Israel has Hebrew roots and means ‘God contends.’ This name is Biblical and can be used as a desert name as there are two prominent deserts in the country.

154. Jack

Jack may be a regular name that has Biblical connections and means ‘God is gracious.’ However, it is also a desert name as it indicates the jackrabbits that are plentiful in the US deserts.

155. Jafar

Pronounced both as JA’-far and ha-FAR, this name means ‘stream’ in Arabic. It is also the name of the villain in Disney’s Aladdin.

156. Jangwa

Jangwa is a Swahili name. It means ‘desert.’

Jangwa is a desert name

Image: Jangwa is a desert name

157. Javier

Javier is the Spanish variant of Xavier. It is derived from the San Javier Desert in Mexico.

158. Jericho

Jericho is derived from the name of a city in Israel mentioned in the Old Testament. It has Hebrew origins, means ‘moon’ or ‘fragrant,’ and has a desert-like climate.

159. Joshua

Joshua means ‘God is salvation’ in Hebrew. It is also the name of a National Park in the US that consists of two deserts (5).

160. Jude

Jude is a name with many meanings. It can be used as a desert boy’s name as it represents the Judean Desert in Israel.

161. Kalahari

Kalahari means ‘great thirst’ or ‘a waterless place’ in the Tswana language. It is the name of a desert in Africa.

162. Khufu

Originally used as a short form for Khnum-Khufu, Khufu evolved into a standalone name. It was the name of an Egyptian pharaoh and means ‘Khnum protects me.’

163. Lancaster

Usually used as a surname, Lancaster is a distinguished name for boys. It doubles up as a desert name as a city named Lancaster is situated in the Mojave Desert in California.

164. Lawrence

A variant of Laurence, this name means ‘from Laurentum.’ It gained popularity after the movie Lawrence of Arabia.

165. Leo

Another name inspired by the majestic lion, Leo means ‘lion’ in Latin. It is also spelled as Lio in several languages.

166. Mesa

Mesa means ‘table’ in Spanish. It refers to the vast flat expanse of land in a desert.

167. Moab

Moab is a Biblical name that means ‘of his father.’ It is also the name of the arid area in Utah.

168. Molopo

Molopo is the name of an African river. It flows through the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa.

169. Moreno

Moreno is derived from the Italian word moro or the Spanish word moreno. It means ‘dark-skinned’ and can be given to someone whose skin has darkened by spending time in the desert.

170. Nevada

Though Sierra Nevada is a mountainous region in the US, the Mojave Desert resides in its rain shadow side. Hence, Nevada makes an excellent desert name for boys.

171. Nile

Depicting the longest river in the world, the Nile is the lifeline of Egypt. It means ‘river.’

172. Nomad

If you love traveling, you can give your loved one this name. Nomad commemorates the tribes who live in the desert as nomads.

173. Orion

Orion has Greek origins and means ‘boundary’ or ‘limit.’ It is also the name of a constellation often visible in the desert sky.

174. Phoenix

From the name of a mythical bird, Phoenix has managed to make its place into everyday parlance. This name appears in Egyptian and Greek mythology and means ‘dark red.’

175. Puma

Derived from the name of a big cat, Puma has Quechuan origins. The animal is often found in deserts.

176. Pyrrhus

Pronounced as PIR-əs, this name has roots in Greek. It means ‘flame-colored,’ ‘red,’ or ‘fire,’

177. Ramil

Ramil is a Tatat, Bashkir, and Azerbaijani name. It means ‘sand,’ ‘geomancy,’ ‘divination,’ and ‘magic.’

178. Ramlah

Ramlah means ‘sand’ in Arabic. Incidentally, it was also the name of one of the wives of the prophet Muhammad.

179. Rayan

Rayan is a variant of Rayyan. It means ‘watered’ and ‘luxuriant’ and could be described as life in an oasis.

180. Rocky

While sand is the major component of deserts, you may find several rocky formations, too. Rocky is, thus, a great desert name for boys.

Rocky is a desert name

Image: Momjunction Design Team

181. Sahara

Sahara means ‘deserts’ in Arabic. It is also the name of the world’s largest hot desert.

182. Sahroboy

Sahroboy is an Uzbek name. It means ‘wealthy desert.’

183. Saichi

Saichi is a Japanese name. It means ‘sand’ and ‘one.’

184. Sanford

Sanford is a distinguished English name. It means ‘sand ford.’

185. Sofian

Also spelled as Sufyan, Sofiane, Soufiane, and Sophian, this name means ‘slender’ and ‘slim’ in Arabic. It is the name of a desert in Saudi Arabia as well.

186. Sol

Sol means ‘sun’ in Spanish. It refers to the bright sun in the desert.

187. Soloman

A variant of Solomon, this name means ‘peace.’ It is associated with the king of Israel in the Bible.

188. Stone

Stone might be an unusual name but it is a perfect choice for a desert name. It refers to the sand and stones present in the desert.

189. Sunny

If weather names are your thing, Sunny is right up your alley. It is a perfect description of a normal day in the desert.

190. Taos

Derived from the town of the same name, Taos is situated in Mexico. It is considered to be a prime tourist destination in the desert.

191. Thar

Thar means ‘pleasant’ and ‘peaceful’ in Burmese. It is the name of a desert in the Indian subcontinent.

192. Tubac

Tubac is derived from a place in Arizona and means ‘place of dark water.’ It is situated in the Sonoran desert region of Arizona.

193. Tucson

Tucson is an arid area in Arizona meaning ‘black hill.’ The Sonoran Desert covers part of this city.

Unisex Desert Names

Desert names are always evolving. Some newer names such as Canyon is suitable for a girl and a boy. The list of these names is ever-increasing in recent years to include Mexico and Colorado, too.

194. Canyon

Did you know that Canyon is the name given to the small reeds that grow at the base of canyons? It is a wonderful name for all genders.

195. Cayenne

Cayenne is an English name with Old Tupi origins. It means ‘hot pepper’ and may be considered synonymous with the hot weather of a desert.

196. Cimarron

Also spelled as Cimmaron, this name means ‘wild’ and ‘untamed.’ It is a perfect reminder of the untamed nature of the desert.

197. Marama

Marama means ‘moon’ in Maori. It is also the name of the moon goddess in Maori mythology.

198. Oasis

A rare name, Oasis often refers to a cultivated area in a desert. It is a pleasant place to be in.

199. Reno

Reno is the short form of Moreno. It can also be used for other names ending with -reno.

200. Sandy

Another diminutive of Alexander, Sandy is one of the obvious choices for desert names. It refers to the endless area of sandy deserts.

201. Wadi

Wadi means ‘valley’ in Arabic and can denote the valleys in a desert. It is spelled as Wady, Wadie, Wadia, Wadiana, and Waadi.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Desert names open up a world of exploration and discovery for children. They learn about diverse landscapes and the resilience of life in harsh environments. The beauty and mystery of deserts is apt for storytelling and art as well. Moreover, children learn to overcome challenges when they have powerful names. Whether they wish to trek the plains of Sahara or visit the well-populated Mojave, these names provide an incentive to children to explore.

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