250+ Common Last Names That Start With P

In the enchanting world of last names that start with P, each surname reflects a culture that is passed through generations. From the fascinating Palaiologos to the legendary Presley, the surnames on this list will take you on a journey through the boot-shaped land of Italy, the fiery world of the Hispanics, the sanctified Greece, and other parts of the world. Whether you are curious to discover some of the longest surnames starting with P, such as Petrovskikh, or you want to know which celebrities you share a last name with, have a look at this carefully curated list of P last names covering almost all the continents of the world.

Italian Last Names Starting With P

Italian last names carry rich historical significance, reflecting regional influences and familial traditions. From the iconic Pagani to the melodious Palmisano, Italian last names showcase Italy’s diverse culture.

1. Pace

Taken from the Italian given name Pace, it means ‘peace.’ Joseph Pace is a well-known Italian painter and sculptor.

2. Padovan

Padovan is a spelling variant of Padovano. It is a locative surname given to someone who belongs to Padua. However, the exact meaning of the surname is unknown. One famous cyclist with the name is Arigo Padovan. He won 2 stages Tour de France and 3 stages Giro d’Italia.

3. Pagani

Also known as Pagano, Pagani is the cognate of the English surname Payne. It has its roots in Latin and means ‘heathen’ or ‘pagan.’ The founder of Pagani Automobili S.p.A., Horacia Pagani is one of the most notable bearers of the name.

4. Palazzo

With roots in Italian and Latin, Palazzo is used as a locative surname. From the Italian word ‘palazzo’ and Latin ‘palatium,’ Palazzo carries the connotations of ‘palace’ or ‘noble mansion.’

5. Palladino

A powerful occupational surname with two origins. From the Italian word ‘paladino,’ meaning ‘knight’ or ‘defender,’ and Late Latin ‘palatinus,’ meaning ‘palace officer.’ The name is borne by Erik Palladino, an American actor known for his roles in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Joan of Arcadia.

6. Palmisano

From the town of Palmi in the Calabria region of Southern Italy emerges the locative surname of Palmisano. Andrea Palmisano is one famous bearer of the name. He got third place in the senior category of the European Rowing Championships.

7. Palumbo

Palumbo is commonly found in southern Italy. It first originated as a nickname and was taken from the Italian word ‘palombo,’ which means ‘pigeon’ or ‘dogfish.’ Anthony Howard Palumbo, an American politician represents the 1st district of the New York State Senate.

8. Panza

A rare Italian surname that comes from the Italian word ‘pancia,’ meaning ‘stomach’ or ‘paunch.’ It was also used as a nickname for someone chubby. In literature, the name is found in Miguel de Cervantes’ masterpiece, Don Quixote. The last name was borne by Sancho Panza who is Don Quixote’s squire.

9. Parisi

A mix of Italian and English, Parisi is the Italian spelling of Parish. It is used as a locative surname to denote someone who belongs to Paris. French judoka and Olympic champion Angelo Parisi bears the name.

10. Parma

A name rich with Etruscan roots, Parma is used as a locative surname for someone who comes from the city of Parma in northern Italy.

11. Parodi

Inspired by a village name near Genoa in northern Italy, Parodi is used as a locative surname. The name was once held by Delia Delfina Degliuomini de Parodi, the first Argentine woman to hold a prominent elected post.

12. Parri

The origin of Parri may surprise you since it is taken from the Italian given name Gaspare or Jasper. It means ‘treasurer,’ and was borne by the 29th Prime Minister of Italy, Ferruccio Parri.

13. Parrino

An eminent surname with Sicilian connections, Parrino comes from the Italian word ‘padrino,’ which means ‘godfather.’ Marco Parrino is an Italian businessman and author who is known for the Sicilia è amore, an editorial co-creation project, whose earnings are donated to charity.

14. Passerini

A soft and beautiful surname that was initially used as a nickname. Coming from the Italian word ‘passero,’ it means ‘sparrow.’ Silvio Passerini was an Italian cardinal who is also known as the Cardinal of Cortona.

15. Pellegrini

Taken from a nickname and a spelling variant of Pellegrino, Pellegrini carries Latin roots. It means someone who is a ‘pilgrim’ or a ‘traveler’ in Italian. Carlos Enrique José Pellegrini Bevans was the vice president, and later president of Argentina.

16. Poletti

Common in the regions of northern and central Italy, Poletti is a diminutive of the name Paolo or Paul. It has Roman roots and means ‘small’ or ‘humble’ in Latin. Giuliano Poletti, an Italian politician who was also the former minister of labor and social policies.

17. Pontecorvo

Taken from a town name in central Italy, Pontecorvo comes from two Italian words, ‘ponte,’ meaning ‘bridge,’ and ‘curvo,’ which means ‘curved.’ The meaning of the name can be interpreted as ‘curved bridge.’

18. Potenza

A powerful Italian surname derived from the southern Italian city of Potenza. It carries Latin roots and it means ‘power’ or ‘force.’ Canadian actor and comedian, Anthony Christian Potenza is known for his roles in 6teen, Pikwik Pack, and Total Drama.

19. Pozzi

From the Latin word ‘peutus’ and Italian ‘pozzo,’ comes the surname Pozzi. It means ‘well’ or ‘pit.’ A name borne by the Outstanding Athlete of the Year in 2011, Andrew William Pozzi.

protip_icon Point to ponder

Some believe that the letter P is a spiritual symbol of the mouth and divine light. It holds the power of speech that can be expressed through spoken word or writing. P symbolically stands for a priest, preacher, or prophet.

20. Profeta

A common southern Italian surname that came about as a nickname for someone who tends to predict the future. In Italian, it means ‘prophet.’

21. Provenza

A locative surname from the Provence region in France. The name comes from the Latin word ‘provincia,’ which means ‘province.’ American TV presenter, actor, radio panelist, stand-up comedian, and filmmaker, Paul Provenza is a bearer of the surname.

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Hispanic Last Names That Start With P

Hispanic last names boast a blend of Spanish, indigenous, and other cultural influences. These family names carry a sense of heritage and identity passed down through generations.

22. Pantaleón

Pantaleón is a Spanish surname commonly found in Latin American communities. It is taken from the given name Pantaleón, meaning ‘all lion.’ It can also be spelled without the accent. José Pantaleón Domínguez Román was a Mexican politician who served as Governor of the State of 1865 to 1875.

23. Paras

A Spanish surname used in different parts of the world including the Philippines and Mexico. It is also an Asturian surname with no exact meaning. It has its roots in Spanish and it means ‘vine’ or ‘trellis.’ Filipino actor, model, dancer, and singer, André Alonzo Forster Paras, bears the name.

24. Pavon

The surname came into being initially as a nickname for someone who is proud. It is a Spanish surname commonly seen in the Latin American communities. It can also be spelled as Pavón. Honduran former professional footballer, Carlos Alberto Pavón Plummer is considered to be the nation’s greatest footballer.

25. Pennilope

Pennilope is a Latin American surname with Spanish roots. It comes from the given name Penelope which means ‘weaving.’ The surname can also be written as Pennílopë, Pennylop, Pennylope, Penylope.

26. Persia

In Spanish and Italian, Persia is used as a locative surname. It was given to someone from Persia, a Persian, or an individual who traded with said country. On the other hand, Persia is also found as a rare surname in the Carribeans with elusive meanings.

27. Poblete

A locational surname taken from the eponymous place name in the province of Ciudad Real. A notable bearer of the surname is Chilean weightlifter, Elizabeth Francesca Poblete Fernández. She represented her country in the Summer Olympics in 2008.

28. Ponse

A spelling variant of Ponce, a surname brought to England by the Normans. Ponse is a locative surname derived from a place called Ponsoby in Cumberland.

29. Pozo

A surname found in the tropical Caribbeans, Pozo is derived from a given name. It carries the wonderful connotation of ‘well,’ which signifies wishing someone well. Luciano Pozo González, popularly known as Chano Pozo bore the name. He was one of the pioneers of Latin jazz.

30. Precio

A common surname among Latin American families. Precio comes from a Spanish word that means ‘price.’

31. Pulido

A name with detailed origins, Pulido came through Cuba and Puerto Rico from Burgos, during the 16th century. However, it is possible that the surname came into being in the 11th century. It means ‘neat,’ ‘polished,’ and ‘clean.’

Mexican Last Names That Start With P

Mexican last names are a testament of the rich and diverse culture of Mexico. From the traditional Perez to the symbolic Palomo, these family names are full of interesting stories and history.

32. Pacheco

A Spanish and Portuguese surname that is may be a diminutive of Francisco, a masculine name meaning ‘Frenchman.’ Co-founder of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, commonly known as PETA, Alexander Fernando Pacheco bears the name.

33. Padilla

Padilla is a mix of languages, from Spanish ‘padilla’ and Latin ‘patella,’ the name carries the connotation of ‘shallow dish.’ It was used as a locative surname used to describe a bowl-shaped land. A name borne by the 53rd president of Bolivia, David Padilla Arancibia.

Last names that start with P, Padilla meaning ‘bowl-shaped land.’

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34. Palafox

Taken from the Catalan place name Palafolls, Palafox is a common Spanish surname commonly found in Mexican communities. Mexican former tennis player, Antonio Palafox, is a proud bearer of the surname. He won the 1958 Mexican Championships and the Southern Championship in the same year.

35. Palencia

Inspired by the Palencia in northern Spain, Palencia is used as a habitational last name. A voice known in the anime world, Brina Palencia is the English-language version voice actress.

36. Palomo

Palomo is a Spanish surname that derives its meaning from the Latin ‘palumbes,’ meaning ‘dove’ or ‘pigeon.’ A surname was borne by two governors of Yucatán, Florencio Palomo Valencia, and Victor Mena Palomo.

37. Pantoja

Used for a person who comes from the town of Pantoja, in Toledo, Spain. Award-winning Filipina fictionist and critic, Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo, proudly holds the name.

38. Pardo

A Spanish individual with brown hair would be given the nickname ‘pardo.’ In Spanish, the name means ‘brown.’ American actor, Jorge Daniel Pardo, is one notable bearer of the surname. He is known for his roles in Mayans M.C. and F9.

39. Paredes

From Portuguese ‘parede’ and Spanish ‘parde,’ Paredes carries the connotation of ‘wall.’ It originated as a nickname for someone who lives near a wall. A name that is etched in Panamanian history, Rubén Darío Paredes del Río was an army officer who ruled Panama from 1982 to 1983.

40. Parra

Parra is a Portuguese and Spanish locative surname. It carries the meanings of ‘vine’ or ‘trellis’ in Spanish. Derek Parra is an American inline and speed skater who has set world records. He won two silver medals at the Winter Olympics held in 2002.

41. Pascual

Originating from the given name with the same spelling or Pascal, it has roots in Latin and it means ‘relating to Easter.’ President of the Catalan Parliament from 2003 to 2010, Ernest Benach i Pasqual, is a prominent individual sharing the name.

42. Pedroza

Although the meanings of Pedroza remain unclear, it is a well-known Spanish-Mexican surname. Mexican politician César Octavio Pedroza Gaitán, a member of the PAN is a well-known figure in Mexico.

43. Pinal

A common surname in Mexico, Pinal is the spelling variant of Piñal, a locative surname. It is given to someone who has a house in Hoz de Anero, in the City Council of Ribamontán al Monte, Santander. The surname is borne by Mexico’s greatest actress of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema, Silvia Pinal Hidalgo.

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Spanish Last Names Starting With P

Spanish last names have a deep-rooted connection to the country’s history, geography, and language. These surnames carry a sense of pride and tradition among Spanish-speaking families.

44. Pabón

The Spanish variant of Pavón or Pavone, an Italian last name that means ‘peacock.’ Pageant-title holder, Miriam Ivette Pabón Carrión, is a proud bearer of the surname. She represented San Juan municipality in the Miss Universe Puerto Rico in 2011.

45. Pacana

Unique with Algonquin origins, Pacana is also frequently seen in the Philippines. It means ‘pecan’ or ‘pecan tree.’

46. Pastor

Possibly related to the word pastoral, Pastor is an occupational surname that means ‘shepherd’ in Spanish. Ferdinand ‘Enzo’ Pastor was the first Filipino racing driver who participated in the NASCAR Whelen Euroseries Open Championship race.

47. Pavía

Pavía, with an accent, is the Spanish spelling for Pavia, an Italian locative surname. It is used for someone who comes from the city of Pavia in Lombardy, Italy.

48. Paz

A gentle nickname that later on was used as a surname. Paz means ‘peace’ in Spanish and was given to someone with a calm demeanor. Octavio Paz Lozano is a Mexican poet and diplomat who was awarded the Jerusalem Prize in 1977 and the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1990.

49. Peláez

A Spanish patronymic surname that means ‘son of Pelayo.’ Emmanuel Neri Pelaez served as the 6th Vice President of the Philippines.

50. Peña

Taken from the Spanish word ‘peña,’ which means ‘rock’ or ‘cliff,’ the name is found as a locative surname for someone who resides near a jutting rock. A name borne by the 64th president of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

51. Pérez

Pérez is a Spanish patronymic surname that means ‘son of Pedro.’ It can also be spelled without the accent. Al Perez held 16 titles over his career as a professional wrestler, including the  WCWA World Heavyweight Championship.

52. Plaza

The Spanish cognate of Piazza, an Italian surname that means ‘plaza.’ It is used to indicate someone who lives in the town square. The name was held by Galo Lincoln Plaza Lasso de la Vega who served as the president of Ecuador from 1948 to 1952.

53. Porras

With deep roots in Latin, Spanish, and Catalan, Porras can either mean ‘leek’ or ‘cub.’ Carlos Gabriel Porras Flores is a Mexican actor known for his roles in telenovelas such as Tres Veces Sofia, El Tio Alberto, and El Alma Herida.

54. Prieto

A surname originally used as a nickname for someone with a dark complexion or dark hair. In Spanish, the surname literally translates to ‘dark.’ A name borne by the 4th president of Chile, Joaquín Prieto Vial. He held the position twice.

55. Puerta

For someone who lives at the edge of town, Puerta is a topographic surname. It means ‘gate’ and is given to someone who lives near the gates at the end of the town. Bassist, vocalist, and founder of the American rock group Ambrosia, Joe Puerta is one famous individual with the last name.

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Greek Last Names Starting With P

Most Greek last names often trace their origins to the ancient royals, historical figures, or geographical features. These surnames are proof of Greece’s rich cultural legacy and lasting influence.

56. Pachis

Pachis is a Greek surname that was initially used as a nickname for someone who is ‘thick’ or ‘fat.’ Charalambos Pachis was a Greek painter known for his works such as Portrait of a Young Girl, Carnival in Corfu Carnival in Corfu, The Assassination of Ioannis Kapodistrias, and The Monk Samuel at the Fall of Souli.

57. Pagourtzis

Taken from the Greek word ‘pagouri,’ which translates to ‘flask’ or ‘canteen,’ Pagourtzis is used as an occupational surname for someone who makes flasks.

58. Palaiologos

With royal connections, dating back to the Byzantine Empire, Palaiologos possibly means ‘antique collector.’ Constantine XI Dragases Palaiologos was the last Byzantine emperor.

59. Palimeris

A Greek last name with Italian origins, taken from the word ‘palmiere,’ it means ‘pilgrim.’

60. Panagiotidis

Taken from the masculine given name Panagiotis, it means ‘all holy.’ The name comes from the Greek title of the Virgin Mary. Nikos Panagiotidis, a member of the duo Antique is known for their unique blend of Greek popular music with Nordic dance-pop beats.

61. Panagiotou

A Greek-Cryptiot patronymic surname that means ‘son of Panagiotis.’ Panagiotou is a popular name among Greek footballers such as Panagiotis Panagiotou, Stavros Panagiotou, and Stelios Panagiotou.

62. Panaritis

A wholesome occupational Greek surname with origins in Latin. It comes from the word ‘panarium,’ which means ‘bread basket.’ The name is usually associated with bakers.

63. Panou

Panou is a Greek patronymic surname that means ‘son of Panos.’

64. Pantazi

In Greek, there is a saying that goes ‘panta na zei!’ or ‘panta na zei!,’ which translates to ‘live forever.’ It can also mean ‘always live,’ if we break the two Greek elements. Pantazi is also a spelling variant of Pantazis. Greek rhythmic gymnast, Charikleia Pantazi bears the name. She won a bronze medal in the Summer Olympics of 2000.

65. Papakostas

Quite literally, the surname means ‘son of Kostas, the priest.’ It is a combination of the Greek word ‘papas,’ with the name Kostas. Greek politician and former MP, Katerina Papakosta is one notable woman with the name. She is also the president of the New Greek Momentum (NEO).

66. Papoutsis

A Greek occupational surname for someone who makes shoes or a cobbler. Christos Papoutsis is a Greek socialist politician who has held several posts as a minister in his lifetime, including Minister for Citizen Protection, Mercantile Marine Minister, Member of the European Parliament, and more.

67. Pappas

Pappas is a Greek surname that means ‘priest.’ It is recognized as an occupational surname that can also be spelled as Papas, Pappa, and Papa. A woman of many talents, Alexi Pappas is a Greek-American runner, filmmaker, actor, and writer. She represented Greece in the 2016 Summer Olympics and set a national record for 10k.

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French Last Names Starting With P

French last names exude an air of elegance and sophistication. From the creative Perrault to the charming Petit, these last names are the true markers of French identity.

68. Paget

A diminutive of Page, a French occupational surname that means ‘little boy.’ It is used for someone who works as a servant or a page boy. British actress and model, Lady Clara Elizabeth Iris Paget is known for her roles in films such as St Trinian’s 2: The Legend of Fritton’s Gold and Fast & Furious 6.

69. Pape

Pape is the French cognate of Pope, a name that was used for someone who played the role of a pope in a play or pageant. It could also be used as a nickname for someone with a solemn and serious appearance. Taken from the Latin word ‘papa,’ the name means ‘father.’ Lygia Pape was a Brazilian visual artist, sculptor, engraver, and filmmaker. She played a major role in the Concrete movement and later on, co-founded the Neo-Concrete Movement in the 50s and 60s.

70. Paquet

A French occupational surname, as well as a diminutive of Pascal. It is a name given to a firewood gatherer and it comes from the Old French word ‘pacquet,’ meaning ‘bundle.’ As Pascal’s diminutive, it means ‘relating to Easter.’ Alain Paquet is a Canadian politician who served as  Laval-des-Rapides’ Delegate Minister of Finance.

71. Parent

Parent may be a slightly confusing surname for some. It comes from the Old French word ‘parent’ or ‘parent,’ but they both have distinct meanings. The former means ‘notable,’ while the latter means ‘to produce’ or ‘to give birth.’ National Hockey League player Bernard Marcel Parent is known as the best goaltender of all time.

72. Paris

The French variant of the English surname, Parish. It is a locative surname for someone who comes from the city of Paris. The last name is borne by the first woman to complete the Barkley Marathons, Jasmin Karina Paris.

Last names that start with P, Paris meaning ‘someone from Paris.’

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73. Patenaude

A surname that is commonly seen among French speakers in Quebec, Patenaude is the French spelling of Paternoster, an English and Italian last name. It is used as an occupational surname for someone who makes rosaries. Edgar Arnold ‘Rusty’ Patenaude was a notable professional hockey player who played 431 games in the World Hockey Association.

74. Pellé

First used as a nickname, it derives its meaning from the French word ‘pelé,’ meaning ‘bald.’ Pelle is the anglicized spelling of the surname. Hungarian gymnast and Olympic champion, István Pelle is a proud bearer of the surname.

75. Pelletier

A luxurious and opulent occupational surname for someone who is a fur trader. J. D. Denis Pelletier is one prominent figure who serves as the current judge on the Canadian Federal Court of Appeal.

76. Périgord

Possibly a Gaulish surname that is derived from a region in the southern part of France. French royal Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord was a holder of the last name. He was the first prince of Benevento, then Talleyrand.

77. Perrault

A diminutive of the French given name Pierre or Greek name Peter, Perrault means ‘stone.’ The inventor of fairytales Charles Perrault wrote the original tales on which many Disney retellings were based on. A few of his famous works include Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty, and Bluebeard.

78. Petit

Similar to the word ‘petite,’ the surname has its roots in Old French and it means ‘small’ or ‘little.’ It was used as a nickname for someone short and small, or for a younger sibling. The last name is held by Amanda Petit who was crowned Miss France in 2021.

79. Picard

A distinct locative surname for someone who comes from the region of Picardy in northern France. It also carries the connotations of ‘pike’ or ‘spike.’  Canadian National Hockey League defenceman, Alexandre Remi Picard is a notable person with the name.

80. Poirier

Poirier was used as a nickname for someone who lives near a pear tree since the name literally translates to ‘pear tree.’

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Unique Last Names Starting With P

In this handpicked list of unique last names beginning with P, be ready to explore surnames with various linguistic origins, cultural influences, and historical contexts.

81. Päär

A sweet Estonian surname taken from the word ‘päärima,’ which means ‘chirp’ or ‘twitter.’

82. Pačariz

A popular Bosniak surname especially in the Sandžak region of Serbia & Montenegro. Pačariz comes from the word ‘paçariz,’ which means ‘damage,’ ‘difficulty,’ or ‘mess.’ Albanian Islamic cleric, Sulejman Pačariz was a commander of the Muslim militia during the second world war.

83. Paing

A rare Chinese surname typically borne by Min Bei-speaking communities. It is a spelling variant of Baing that means ‘ice.’ A name borne by one of the most successful Burmese singers, Hlwan Paing. He is famous for his debut album Done Pyan (Rocket).

84. Papaqui

As cheerful as its phonetics, Papaqui is an Aztec or Nahuatl surname that means ‘happy.’

85. Passelewe

A medieval surname that comes from the Old French word ‘passe,’ which means ‘to pass’ or ‘to cross.’ It originated as a nickname for someone who ferries boats across rivers or for someone who is a merchant trading overseas.

86. Pcholkin

Pronunced as ‘PCHAWL-kyeen’ in Belarusian and ‘PCHAWL-keen’ in Ukranian. It comes from the Russian word ‘pchyolka’ or ‘pchela,’ which means ‘bee.’ It may be possible that the first person who bore the name was a beekeeper.

87. Perhonen

A lovely but rare Finnish surname that means ‘butterfly.’

88. Pláňsker

An extremely rare and archaic surname with probably only 20 bearers. Originating from the land of Bohemia, Pláňsker means ‘forest clearing.’

89. Plantagenet

A Medieval English and French surname connected to the French royal lineage. It was borne by the House of Plantagenet in the region of Anjou in France. Geoffrey Plantagenet, Count of Anjou, was a notable bearer of the surname.

90. Poingdestre

A Roman surname commonly found among Jèrriais speakers. It is the Jèrriais spelling of Poindexter, an English surname meaning ‘right fist.’ Charles Henry Poingdestre was a painter whose works are now displayed in 16 museums in the UK including National Museums Liverpool, Nuneaton Art Gallery, and Jersey Heritage.

91. Poltimore

A rare English locative surname that comes from the region of Devon. It means ‘pool by the large house.’

92. Prakapienka

Taken from a given name, this Belarusian surname is a spelling variant of Prokopenko. It means ‘progress’ or ‘advance.’

93. Prinsloo

Prinsloo is an Afrikaan surname with Dutch origins. It means ‘prince of the forest.’ It can also be spelled as Prinzloo and Prinslo. The world-famous bearer of the name is Namibian model, Behati Prinsloo.

protip_icon Quick fact

Behati Prinsloo is one of the 41 Victoria Secret models who has walked nine shows in total. She debuted as a model in 2006.

94. Pynt

A surname so rare, it is almost extinct in modern Denmark. It carries the connotation of ‘decoration’ or ‘ornament.’ Another alternative spelling of the name is Pyndt.

Polish Last Names That Start With P

Known for their distinct sounds and spellings, Polish last names are a perfect reflection of Poland’s vibrant cultural landscape.

95. Pacyna

A Polish surname that has been used as a nickname as well as an occupational surname. Taken from the word ‘paczyna,’ which means ‘clod’ or ‘brickbat,’ it could also be used for someone who works as a boatman.

96. Padalecki

The strong Polish surname has elusive connotations but it is made popular by Supernatural actor, Jared Tristan Padalecki.

97. Pająkowski

The Pająkowski family name traces its origins from the Polish village of Pająków. It is considered to be a locative surname.

98. Pakulski

Polish surnames are heavily influenced by location and one such example is Pakulski. It is used for someone who comes from the region of Paluky in Poland.

99. Palaszczuk

The exact meaning of the name remains uncertain but the surname is borne by the 39th premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk.

100. Pallas

Pallas is a Polish surname that is also found in German families. It was first used as a nickname for someone small. The origin of the meaning is Slavic, taken from the word ‘palac,’ which translates to ‘thumb.’

101. Pasternak

An occupational surname used across languages such as Ukrainian, Polish, Yiddish, and Russian. In Slavic, the name means ‘parsnip.’ Many may not know that Emperor Roskoo, an American presenter of rock music programs such as BBC Radio 1 and Radio Caroline, his real name is Michael Joseph Pasternak.

102. Paszek

A diminutive of Paweł or Paul, Paszek means ‘small’ or ‘humble.’ Austrian tennis player, Tamira Shelah Paszek holds the name.

103. Pawlak

Pawlak is another variant of Paweł, the Polish form of the Roman name Paul. It means ‘small’ or ‘humble.’ Waldemar Pawlak is a Polish politician who has served the office of prime minister twice in Poland.

104. Pawłowski

Used as a locative surname, it also has connections to the given name Paweł. Pawłowski represents someone who comes from the town of Pawłowo. Chris Pavlovski is the founder of Rumble, an online video platform, web hosting, and cloud services business.

105. Piątek

A unique surname based after the fifth day of the week. It means ‘Friday’ in Polish and it is derived from the word ‘piąty,’ which means ‘fifth.’ Zbigniew Piątek  is a Polish former road racing cyclist who represented his country in two Summer Olympics in 1992 and 2000.

106. Piotrowski

Taken from the given name Piotr, Piotrowski is a habitational surname for someone from the towns of Piotrów, Piotrowo, or Piotrowice. Kathrin Piotrowski is a retired badminton player who has won five German championship titles and five international titles.

107. Popławski

A locational Polish surname that comes from the word ‘poplaw,’ which translates to ‘flowing water’ or ‘flood.’

Last names that start with P, Popławski meaning ‘flood.’

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Irish Last Names Starting With P

Imbued with the spirit of Ireland’s ancient past and storied mythology, Irish last names are distinct and well-known all over the world.

108. Power

Power is an English and Irish locative surname. It comes from the Old French ‘Poier,’ indicating someone who is from the town of Poix in Picardy, France. Tyrone Edmund Power III, an American actor was best known for his roles in films such as Jesse James, The Mark of Zorro, and Marie Antoinette.

109. Prunty

From the Irish Ó Proinntigh, Prunty transcribes to ‘son of Proinnteach.’ It carries the possible connotations of ‘generous.’ American professional basketball coach, Joe Prunty bears the name. He is the assistant coach for the  Milwaukee Bucks.

110. Parham

Parham is an Irish and English surname and is used as a habitational surname for someone from Suffolk and Sussex. It could carry the connotation of ‘pear homestead.’ Lennon Parham is an American actress famous for her roles in Best Friends Forever and Playing House.

111. Pashby

Although the meaning of the name is unknown, it is borne by a prominent individual in the world of sports. Thomas Joseph Pashby was a Canadian ophthalmologist and sports safety advocate who worked for 46 years to improve the safety of hockey helmets.

112. Payton

The anglicized form of Gaelic Ó Peatáin, which translates to ‘descendant of Peatán.’ Khary Payton is an American actor known for his roles in television series such as The Walking Dead and General Hospital.

113. Peery

Peery is a surname with vague meanings. It can also be spelled as Perry. Janet Peery is an American writer who has won awards such as the Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Award from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1994, the Whiting Award in Fiction in 1993, and more.

114. Pendergast

The Pendergast surname finds its roots in the Norman-Irish heritage. It is derived from Prendergast, meaning ‘good priest’s glen’ in Irish. Clancy Pendergast, a notable American football coach, bears the surname.

115. Pendleton

With its origins in Old English, Pendleton is categorized as a locative surname that signifies an ‘overhanging settlement’.

116. Pennell

Pennell is an Irish surname that can also be spelled as Pennel. There are no exact meanings found for the name, but American actor Lawrence Kenneth Pennell was a notable individual with the name.

117. Penrose

Originally denoting ‘person from Penrose,’ the surname Penrose is carried by John David Penrose, a British politician who serves as a member of Parliament. It could also mean ‘highest part of the heath or moorland.’

118. Peoples

Peoples is a translation of the Irish Ó Duibhne, the root of the name comes from the Irish word ‘daoine,’ which means ‘people.’ Gospel singer, Dorothy “Dottie” Peoples is a famous individual who holds the surname. She is known as the Songbird of the South.

119. Perdue

A French and English surname with roots in Old French. It means ‘by God,’ and one of the world-renowned bearers of the surname was Arthur Perdue. He is the founder of Perdue Farms, the parent company of Perdue Foods and Perdue AgriBusiness.

120. Phelan

A transcription of the Irish Ó Faoláin, a name that means ‘wolf.’ It is a rare surname but is borne by Australian former professional racing cyclist, Adam Phelan, carried this last name.

121. Phóil

Phóil is a shortened form of Mac Phóil or Mac Giolla Phóil. Based on the former, it is a patronymic surname meaning ‘son of Pól,’ while the former carries the connotation of ‘son of the servant of Pól.’

122. Piggott

A surname with interesting origins. It may have been derived from Old French and Old English personal names such as Picot and Pigot, or it may have its roots from the Old English word ‘pic,’ which means ‘point’ or ‘hill.’ Piggott may have been used as a topographical surname for someone who lived near a hill.

123. Pilkington

Taken from a place name in Lancashire, England, Pilkington is categorized as a habitational surname. Karl Pilkington is a multi-talented individual who co-hosts The Ricky Gervais Show.

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Long Last Names That Start With P

Long last names are rare and therefore leave a lasting impact. Our carefully scouted long last names offer a distinctive charm and presence that makes a lasting impression.

124. Panzavecchia

Panzavecchia is a Maltese family name with Italian roots. It originated as a nickname meaning ‘old stomach’ in Italian.

125. Papadimitriou

Steeped in religious history, Papadimitriou is a Greek family name that means ‘son of Dimitrios the priest.’ It combines the Greek word ‘papas,’ meaning ‘priest’ with the given name Dimitrios. Christos Papadimitriou is a renowned Greek computer scientist who bears the family name.

126. Papadopoulos

A Greek surname with religious roots, Papadopoulos means ‘son of the priest,’ derived from ‘papas’ or ‘priest, combined with the patronymic suffix ‘poulos.’ Greek singer Giorgos Papadopoulos is a prominent figure with this family name.

127. Papageorgiou

Like many popular Greek family names, Papageorgiou follows the Greek tradition of priest-related last names. It translates to ‘son of Georgios the priest,’ combining ‘papas’ with the given name Georgios. George Papageorgiou is an American football coach and former player bearing this last name.

128. Papaioannou

Papaioannou adheres to the Greek pattern of priest-derived surnames. It translates to ‘son of Ioannis the priest.’ A combination of ‘papas’ with the given name Ioannis. Greek choreographer and director, Dimitris Papaioannou, carries this family name.

129. Pasternack

Pasternack is the Americanized spelling of the Pasternak. It means ‘parsnip’ and has usages found across European countries. While the exact origin of this family name is unknown, it likely stemmed from Eastern Europe. Ben Pasternak, CEO of Monkey Inc. and a tech entrepreneur bears this family name.

130. Paternoster

Originating as an occupational name for someone who makes rosaries, the name comes from the Latin phrase ‘pater noster,’ meaning ‘Our Father.’ Letizia Paternoster, an Italian road and track cyclist, who rides for UCI Women’s World Team, bears this unique family name.

131. Patrickson

An English surname with a straightforward meaning, Patrickson is a patronymic last name, meaning ‘son of Patrick,’. Famous actor Chris Patrickson bears this family name.

132. Patriksson

Similar to Patrickson, Patriksson is a Swedish patronymic surname that translates to ‘son of Patrik.’ It also means ‘son of Petter.’ Swedish footballer, Johan Lars Daniel Patriksson carries this last name.

133. Paulauskas

Paulauskas is a Lithuanian family name derived from the given name Paulius, which ultimately means ‘humble.’ Artūras Paulauskas, a Lithuanian politician, bears this beautiful family name.

134. Peerenboom

A unique-sounding family name with Dutch origins. It translates to ‘pear tree,’ suggesting that such families may have lived near pear orchards or worked in them. Radio and television personality, Frederick C. Peerenboom, better known as Fritz the Nite Owl, bears this interesting family name.

Last names that start with P, Peerenboom meaning ‘pear tree.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

135. Poindexter

Poindexter is an English surname derived from the Jèrriais surname Poingdestre, which means ‘right fist.’ Alan Goodwin ‘Dex’ Poindexter, a NASA astronaut, carried this family name.

136. Portoghese

The Italian last name has a straightforward surname meaning ‘Portuguese.’ It likely described someone who emigrated from Portugal to Italy or whose family hailed from Portugal. Philip Salvatore Portoghese, an American medicinal chemist bears this family name.

Filipino Last Names Starting With P

From the resilient Panaligan to the colorful Pagayawan, these Filipino last names carry a wide range of meanings across different dialects.

137. Pabalat

An archaic Filipino and Tagalog surname that is used for someone who is involved in saddle making. It means ‘saddle’ or ‘cover.’

138. Pabelico

A superlative surname taken from the word ‘pabel,’ which means ‘humble.’ In this case, Pabelico means ‘humblest.’

139. Pacquiao

Taken from the Cebuano word ‘pakyaw,’ it means ‘wholesale’ or ‘to buy in bulk.’ It is not only used in Cebuano households but is also common in Filipino communities. Filipino politician and former professional boxer, Emmanuel Dapidran Pacquiao, or Manny Pacquiao is the most notable bearer.

140. Pagaduan

Rooted in Ilocano, Pagaduan is a Filipino last name that means ‘many’ or ‘much.’ Commonly used as a surname for someone who comes from a bountiful place.

141. Pagayawan

A bright and colorful Filipino and Maranao last name. Taken from the Maranao word ‘pagayaw,’ which means ‘rainbow,’ Pagayawan is an occupational surname meaning ‘place of rainbows.’

142. Pagcaliwagan

Some people are just slow in whatever they do. In Filipino, they were given the nickname of pagcaliwagan, which later on came to be used as a surname. It means ‘slow one.’

143. Paglinawan

Do not mistake Paglinawan for Pagcaliwagan. This surname means ‘to clarify’ or ‘to make clear.’ It is found in Filipino, Tagalog, and Cebuano households.

144. Pagtakhan

This Filipino surname has Tagalog roots. It means ‘marvel at’ or ‘wonder.’

145. Panaligan

A firm and dignified Filipino surname. Panaligan has its roots in Tagalog and it carries the connotation of ‘depend on’ or ‘put trust in.’

146. Pangilinan

Derived from Tagalog, Pangilinan conveys the meaning of ‘place of abstinence.’ It should not be confused with Panaligan. Notable bearer of this surname includes Donato Antonio Laxa “Donny” Pangilinan, a Filipino actor, model, singer, host, and VJ.

147. Pineda

Originating from Spanish, Pineda is derived from the word ‘pina,’ meaning ‘pine,’ thus signifying a ‘place of pines.’ It may have initially served as a geographical or topographical identifier for individuals living near pine forests or prominent pine trees. Arnel Campaner Pineda is a Filipino singer and songwriter carrying this surname.

148. Pitogo

Pitogo originates from a plant name. In Cebuano, the surname means ‘queen sago’ and it is a type of plant belonging to the genus Cycas. It is considered to be an endangered plant.

149. Platon

A common surname in the Philippines, Platon comes from the eponymous given name. Upon further digging, the origin name is Plato and it carries the connotation of ‘broad-shouldered.’

150. Potot

Originating from a nickname, Potot is a Filipino and Cebuano surname that is given to someone who is ‘short.’ However, it could also mean ‘flower bud’ or ‘young coconut fruit.’

151. Pumupula

A Filipino surname that may have been first used as a nickname for someone who is becoming red or ‘getting reddish’ in the face.

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Japanese Last Names That Start With P

Japanese last names beginning with P are relatively rare but carry a unique charm and significance. They offer a glimpse into Japan’s linguistic diversity and cultural nuances.

152. Paku

Paku is a Japanese surname that means ‘simplicity,’ ‘plainness,’ or ‘honesty.’ Shannon Paku, a former New Zealand rugby union player, is a notable bearer of this surname.

153. Pao

A popular Japanese surname, Pao, means ‘wrap,’ ‘package,’ or ‘bundle.’ Ellen Kangru Pao, an American investor and former interim CEO of social media company Reddit, is a notable bearer of this surname.

154. Pari

Pari has an intricate meaning which is ‘tomoe,’ a comma-shaped design used in Japanese art and architecture.’ However, it could also mean ‘village,’ ‘hometown,’ or ‘birthplace.’

155. Pete

An unusual Japanese surname that means ‘edge,’ ‘side,’ or ‘vicinity.’ But it can also mean ‘mud,’ ‘dirt,’ or ‘clay.’

156. Petei

It is not unusual for Japanese surnames to carry multiple meanings. The connotations of Petei include ‘edge,’ ‘side,’ ‘vicinity,’ ‘mud,’ ‘dirt,’ and ‘clay.’

157. Poku

This last name means ‘simplicity,’ ‘plainness,’ and ‘honesty.’ Ernest Poku, a Dutch professional footballer who plays as a forward for AZ Alkmaar, carries this last name.

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Puerto Rican Last Names Starting With P

Just as vibrant as the island itself, Puerto Rican last names are a tasteful blend of Spanish, indigenous, and African influences.

158. Pagán

Rich in history, Pagán is the Castilianized spelling of Pagà. The meaning of the name is taken from the Late Latin personal name Paganus, which meant ‘dweller in an outlying village.’ Samuel Pagán, a Puerto Rican politician, is a notable figure with this surname.

159. Palacios

Palacios is a variant of Palacio, derived from the Spanish word ‘palacio,’ which means ‘palace.’ It is used for someone who lived near a palace, or mansion or someone who worked there. Exequiel Alejandro Palacios, an Argentine professional footballer, is a prominent bearer of this surname.

160. Pastrana

Pastrana is a surname that reveals ancestral roots. It has its familial origin within the Manchego municipality with the same name in Spain. Travis Alan Pastrana, an American professional motorsports competitor and stunt performer, is a famous person with this surname.

161. Pavoni

Pavoni is a variant of Pavone and it means ‘peacock’ in Italian. It was originally a nickname for a proud or haughty person. José Luis Pavoni, an Argentine football coach and former player, carries this last name.

162. Peralta

Peralta is a locative surname that emerged from eponymous place names in Aragon, Catalonia, and Navarre. It means ‘high rock.’ Richard Edward Peralta, or Chad Peralta, a Filipino artist and actor, is a famous personality who carries this last name.

163. Picó

Initially used as a nickname with origins in Catalan. The word ‘picó,’ means ‘having a thick upper lip.’ Aaron Pico, an American mixed martial artist and former freestyle wrestler, is a famous person with this surname.

164. Pimentel

Taken from the Portuguese word ‘pimenta,’ meaning ‘pepper.’ It is an occupational name for people who were in the business of growing and selling peppers. A notable bearer of this surname is Esmeralda Pimentel, a renowned Mexican actress and model.

165. Piñeiro

The Galician cognate of Pinheiro, Piñeiro means ‘pine tree’ in Portuguese. Eddy Piñeiro, an American football placekicker, is a notable person with this surname.

Indian Last Names That Start With P

Colorful and rich like the culture of India and so are its family names. Indian last names encompass a wide range of linguistic, regional, and religious diversity. From the illustrious Patel to the majestic Pandey.

166. Padaiyachi

An Indian last name with Tamil origins. It is a variant transcription of Padiachy which signifies a footsoldier of the Palli caste. M. Kandaswamy Padayachi, an Indian politician, and former Member of the Legislative Assembly of Tamil Nadu, bears the surname.

167. Padiachy

A surname taken from a given name of Tamil origin. It denotes someone who is a ‘footsoldier’ of the Palli caste. The Pallis were a group of people who were agricultural laborers.

168. Padmanabhan

From down south of India, Padmanabhan carries a rich spiritual connotation. Derived from the Sanskrit words ‘padma’ meaning ‘lotus,’ and ‘nābha,’ meaning ‘navel,’ it is another name for the Hindu god Vishnu. Renowned Indian physicist and cosmologist Thanu Padmanabhan is a notable bearer of this last name.

169. Padukone

A popular Indian family name derived from a coastal village named Padukone in Karnataka, India. Deepika Padukone, the celebrated Indian actress bears this surname.

170. Pal

A family name that carries a legacy of protection, Pal is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pala’ meaning ‘guard’ or ‘protector.’ Arpita Pal, the renowned Bengali actress and entrepreneur is a well-known bearer of this surname.

Last names that start with P, Pal meaning ‘guard.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

171. Palla

Palla is a variant of Palli, a Tamil surname that signifies those who till the land. It translates to ‘agricultural laborers.’ Interestingly, Stephan Maceda Palla, a professional footballer currently playing as a defender, carries this last name.

172. Palle

Embodying the spirit of the seas, Palle is traditionally associated with the fishing communities hailing from Andhra Pradesh, India. Mogens Palle, a Danish boxing promoter, bears this last name.

173. Palli

Palli is not only a popular last name in India, specifically South India, but is also the basis of several other last names. Palli signifies those who work on agricultural lands. Derived from the Tamil word meaning ‘agricultural laborers,’ it evokes a lineage of dedication and hard work. Israeli high jumper, Nikita Palli, carries this last name.

174. Pamireddy

This last name combines the name of an Indian village called Pami, which means ‘snake killer’ along with the suffix ‘reddy’ which means ‘village headman.’ It may be interpreted as ‘village headman and snake killer.’

175. Panday

A famous Indian last name that evokes a lineage of learning and greatness. Derived from the Sanskrit word ‘pandita’ meaning ‘scholar’ or ‘teacher,’ it signifies a family line rooted in knowledge and education. Ananya Panday, the renowned Indian actress, carries this surname.

176. Parekh

Parekh is a variant of Parikh, with Gujarati roots, the last name translates to ‘assayer.’ Indian actress, singer, and producer, Manasi Parekh, is a notable bearer of this surname.

177. Parmar

Derived from Sanskrit, Parmar signifies ‘one who strikes the enemy,’ originating from the words ‘para,’ meaning ‘other,’ ‘alien,’ ‘foreigner,’ or ‘enemy’ and ‘mara,’ meaning ‘killing,’ ‘slaying,’ or ‘destroying’. Chirag Parmar, an Indian cricketer, carries the surname.

178. Pathak

With roots in the Sanskrit word ‘pathaka,’ which means ‘reader’ or ‘learner.’ Pathak suggests a scholarly or educational background. Falguni Pathak, a highly acclaimed Indian singer, bears this surname.

179. Patwardhan

Patwardhan is a surname commonly used by members of Indian Chitpavan Brahmin families belonging to the Kaundinya gotra. Bhagyashree Patwardhan, an Indian actress, carries this surname. The exact meaning of this name remains unknown.

180. Pawar

A spelling variant of Parmar, Pawar finds usage in Marathi communities. Sharad Govindrao Pawar is a well-known Indian politician bearing the Pawar family name.

181. Pillai

Pillai or Pillay is a surname found among the Malayalam and Tamil-speaking people of India and Sri Lanka. Its usage goes back to the Sangam era and was used for members of the royal family. Probably based on this, the name means ‘royal child.’

182. Pradhan

Taken from a title originating from Sanskrit ‘pradhana,’ which translates to ‘chief’ or ‘head.’ The surname signifies leadership or authority. Indian field hockey player, Nikki Pradhan bears the surname.

183. Prakash

The origins of Prakash are unknown. However, it is a popular given name used in India. Badminton player, Aditya Prakash bears the surname.

184. Purohit

Purohit is a common Indian name that means ‘one placed foremost.’ Indian television actor, Rohit Purohit is one prominent individual with the surname.

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Famous Last Names That Start With P

From entertainment and politics to literature and science, our famous last names cover famous personalities across different industries.

185. Packard

Boasting multiple origins across different cultures, Packard’s roots include an old personal name of Norman heritage meaning ‘brave’ or ‘strong.’ It can also have German connections and it means ‘battle’ or ‘to fight.’ Mr. David Packard, the co-founder of the famous brand Hewlett-Packard or HP bears this surname.

186. ⁠Pacquiao

A popular Filipino last name derived from the Cebuano word ‘pakyaw,’ which means ‘wholesale’ or ‘to buy in bulk.’ It is commonly found among Filipino families. One of the most renowned celebrities associated with this surname is the celebrated professional boxer and politician Manny Pacquiao.

187. Page

Page is an occupational last name originating from the Greek word ‘paidion,’ which means ‘little boy.’ It historically denoted a servant or page. Larry Page, co-founder of Google, is a famous bearer of this name, known for revolutionizing the way information is accessed and utilized globally.

188. Pascal

Taken from the Latin name Paschalis which means ‘relating to Easter.’ Blaise Pascal, a renowned French mathematician, physicist, and philosopher, is the most famous bearer of this last name.

189. ⁠Patil

The famous Indian last name Patil originates from Marathi and it means ‘village chief.’ It denotes a position of authority within the community. Coincidentally, one of the most famous Patils is the first woman president of India, Pratibha Patil.

190. Paul

The world-famous last name Paul finds its origins in the Roman family name Paulus, which carries the connotation of ‘humble’ in Latin. One of the most famous people associated with this last name is Pope John Paul, referring to the lineage of popes who bore the name ‘John Paul.’ Pope John Paul II, in particular, is renowned for his significant contributions to the Catholic Church and his global influence as a religious leader.

191. ⁠Pelosi

Pelosi is a patronymic surname with Italian origins. It is the plural form of Peloso, a name that emerged as a nickname for a man whose hair and beard are unshaven and long. Nancy Pelosi, a prominent American politician, is the most notable bearer of this surname.

192. Penney

Last name Penney is a variant of Penny, originating from Old English ‘penning,’ meaning ‘penny’ or ‘coin.’ JC Penney, the founder of the American department store chain J.C. Penney, is the most notable bearer of this last name.

193. ⁠Peugeot

The origin of the last name Peugeot is unknown and shrouded in mystery. However, its popularity can be attributed to Mr. Armand Peugeot, an industrialist and entrepreneur from France. He was a central figure in the automobile industry, especially during the setting up and development of the Peugeot automobile brand.

194. ⁠Pfizer

A German surname derived from the German words, ‘pfeifer’ or ‘pfiffer,’ meaning ‘pipe player’ or ‘horn blower.’ Charles Pfizer, a co-founder of Pfizer Inc., was a renowned German-American chemist bearing the last name.

195. ⁠Phelps

An English patronymic surname meaning ‘son of Philip.’ It is derived from the Greek name Philippos, composed of ‘philein,’ meaning  ‘to love,’ and ‘hippos,’ meaning ‘horse.’ Michael Phelps, a renowned American swimmer, is the most famous bearer of this surname.

196. Picasso

A well-renowned surname with Italian origins. Derived from the word ‘pica,’ meaning ‘magpie.’ This likely described someone talkative or possibly someone with unusual coloring, akin to the magpie bird. The renowned Spanish painter and sculptor Pablo Picasso was the most famous bearer of this surname.

protip_icon Did you know?

Picasso (1881–1973) holds the 7th longest name in the world. His full name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno Crispín Crispiniano María de los Remedios de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz Picasso

197. ⁠Piqué

Piqué is a Catalan last name and a spelling variant of Piquer. Piquer is an occupational name meaning ‘quarryman.’ Gerard Piqué, a prominent Spanish footballer, is a notable bearer of the last name.

198. ⁠Pulitzer

Pulitzer is a variant of Politzer and derived from different places called Police or Pölitz in German, in the Czech Republic. Joseph Pulitzer, a renowned American newspaper publisher, is the most famous bearer of this family name. He is best known for establishing the Pulitzer Prizes, which recognize excellence in journalism, literature, and music composition, leaving a lasting impact across the world and generations.

199. Putin

Not only a famous last name in Russia but across the world. It is a Russian last name originating from the Russian word ‘put,’ which translates to ‘road’ or ‘path.’ One of the most notable bearers of this last name is Vladimir Putin, who currently serves as the President of Russia.

Portuguese Last Names Starting With P

From the noble Peixoto to the resolute Pedrosa, these Potuguese surnames reflect Portugal’s enduring influence on global history and exploration.

200. Paiva

The last name Paiva is derived from the Portuguese word ‘paiva,’ which refers to a type of river or stream. Félix Paiva, former president of Paraguay is one of the most notable people with the last name Paiva.

Last names that start with P, Paiva meaning ‘river.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

201. Pedrosa

The last name Pedrosa refers to people from rocky areas since it means ‘stony ground’ in Portuguese. Daniel Pedrosa, a Spanish Grand Prix motorcycle racer, bears the last name Pedrosa.

202. Peixoto

Peixoto means ‘fish’ in Portuguese, and is an occupational last name for fishermen or fishmongers. Interestingly, it could also be a nickname for someone thought to resemble a fish. Legendary footballer César Peixoto carries the surname.

203. Pereira

Pereira is a common last name in Portugal and Galicia. It translates to ‘pear tree.’ Its roots trace back to the Latin word ‘pirum’ for ‘pear.’  Alex Pereira, a Brazilian professional mixed martial artist, and former kickboxer, is a well-known sportsperson bearing the Pereira last name.

204. Pina

Taken from Spanish which literally means ‘pineapple.’ The origins of the last name are shrouded in mystery and its exact origin is unknown. However, it is believed to have emerged in the mountainous regions of León or Galicia in Spain. Spanish footballer Queco Piña bears the last name.

205. Pires

Pires is a well-known last name in Portugal and Brazil. It is a patronymic surname which means ‘son of Pedro.’ Roberto Pires, a legendary Portuguese footballer known for his skills and time with Arsenal FC, is a well-known celebrity with the Pires surname.

206. Ponte

The last name Ponte, which means ‘dweller by a bridge,’ finds its roots in Portugal, Galicia, Italy, and Jewish cultures. Italian musician, DJ, and producer Gabry Ponte bears the Ponte family name.

207. Prata

A habitational surname that comes from the Latin word ‘pratum,’ meaning ‘meadow.’ It is a popular last name found in Portugal and Brazil. Lucas Prata, an American house musician and DJ from New York City bears the Prata family name.

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African Last Names That Start With P

Showcasing the diverse cultural heritage and historical experiences of African communities worldwide. These last names reflect strength, resilience, and a proud sense of identity.

208. Pappoe

While the origin of the surname is unknown it is however carried by Ghanaian professional footballer, Daniel Mills Pappoe suggesting that the family name has possible roots in Ghana.

209. Pascoal

It comes from the given name Pascoal, meaning ‘related to Easter.’ Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist, Hermeto Pascoal, bears the surname.

210. Paulo

Paulo is derived from the Latin personal name ‘Paulus,’ meaning ‘stone.’ Oriol Paulo, a Spanish screenwriter and director, bears the surname.

211. Pemba

It is more commonly found in the DR Congo than in any other country or region. The exact meaning of the name remains unknown. George Milwa Mnyaluza Pemba was a South African painter and writer bearing the surname.

212. Penda

Penda stems from the Swahili word ‘kupenda,’ which translates to ‘to love,’ ‘like,’ or ‘be pleasant.’

213. Phukuntsi

A name with multi-layered meanings, it can be interpreted as ‘the one who swats or attracts flies,’ suggesting someone who gets bothered easily or frequently. Its other meaning can be interpreted as ‘lots of dew.’ It may also be used for someone with many goats.

214. Pienaar

The Afrikaans form of the French surname Pinard. While the exact meaning is vague, retired South African rugby union player, Jacobus Francois Pienaar carries the last name.

215. Pogba

Pogba is a Guinean surname and is borne by Guinean professional footballer, Peïlé Florentin Pogba.

216. Popoola

A Yoruba surname that means ‘the way of the rich man’ or ‘the way of prosperity.’ It was borne by military governor of Oyo State, Oladayo Popoola.

217. Potgieter

Potgieter is a Germanic occupational surname, comparable to the English surname Potter. It is given to someone who makes pottery. Bradley Potgieter is a South African racing cyclist who carries this surname.

218. Pretorius

With Latin origins, Pretorius comes from ‘praetor,’ meaning ‘leader.’ In the 17th century, Wesselius Praetorius adopted this name as a Latin translation of his previous surname, Schulte. It has since become common in South Africa. Dwaine Pretorius, a former South African international cricketer, is a notable bearer of this surname.

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Haitian Last Names Starting With P

Reflecting the country’s unique blend of African, French, and indigenous influences, these Haitian last names are an eye-opener.

219. Pamphile

Derived from the given name Pamphile, which means ‘friend of all.’ Mike Foucan Pamphile, a French actor and designer, is a notable bearer of this surname.

220. Policier

The French occupational surname translates to ‘policeman’ perhaps indicating individuals who were involved in law enforcement.

221. Prophète

With roots in the French word for ‘prophet,’ this surname originally served as a nickname and is a cognate of Profeta. Charles William Prophet, an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer, carries the variant last name Prophet.

Celebrity Last Names That Start With P

Synonymous with fame, talent, and influence across various industries. Our list of last names beginning with P borne by celebrities represent the glamor and allure of the entertainment world.

222. Pacino

Pacino is a short version of the Italian name Pace which means ‘peace.’ The famous actor Al Pacino bears this name.

223. Paltrow

An anglicized version of the surname Paltrowicz, it carries an exquisite Hebrew meaning ‘God is my deliverance.’ Actress Gwyneth Paltrow is a well-known bearer of this name.

224. Parker

Parker is a famous last name that means ‘keeper of the park’ in Middle English. It originated as an occupational surname for someone who tended to the animals and grounds of a medieval park. Actress Sarah Jessica Parker is a famous bearer of this surname.

225. Patel

Patel is a famous Indian last name, which means ‘landowner’ in Gujarati. Slumdog Millionaire actor Dev Patel is one of many celebrities who bear this surname.

226. Pattinson

Pattinson is a patronymic surname that means ‘son of Patrick,’ and is taken from Medieval English. Famous actor Robert Pattinson carries this last name.

227. Paulson

A patronymic English surname that means ‘son of Paul.’ American actress, Sarah Catharine Paulson is a winner of numerous awards including a Primetime Emmy Award and a Golden Globe Award. She was named 100 most influential people in the world by Time magazine in 2017.

228. Pellegrino

Pellegrino is an Italian last name meaning ‘pilgrim’ or ‘traveler.’ The name is borne by actor Mark Pellegrino.

229. Penn

Penn is a surname with two possible meanings and origins. Penn may have originated as a locative surname, taken from the Brythonic word ‘penn,’ meaning ‘hilltop’ or ‘head.’ It may also be used as an occupational surname for someone who keeps penned animals. In this case, the name comes from the Old English word ‘penn.’ Actor and film director Sean Penn bears the name.

230. Perry

The Perry surname boasts a rich dual meaning. It can be traced back to Old English origins, derived from ‘pirige’ meaning ‘pear tree.’ It may have been used as a habitational surname for someone who lived near or one who tended to pear trees. Alternatively, Perry is a Welsh patronymic surname, evolving from ‘ap Herry’ which means ‘son of Harry.’ Actor Matthew Perry, fondly remembered from the TV Show FRIENDS, was a famous bearer of the name.

231. Pinto

Pinto carries a vibrant meaning across several languages. In Portuguese, Spanish, and Italian, it translates to ‘mottled,’ derived ultimately from the Latin word ‘pictus’ which means ‘painted.’ This beautiful name is borne by actress Freida Pinto who is best known for her role in the film Slumdog Millionaire.

232. Pitt

This last name has a straightforward origin, stemming from the Old English word ‘pytt’ which translates to ‘pit.’ This last name was likely given to people or families who lived near a prominent pit or hollow in a given region. Actor Brad Pitt embraces this last name.

233. Polanski

Polanski is a Polish surname meaning ‘clearing dweller’ or originating from a Polish place named Polana. The last name is borne by famed director Roman Polanski.

234. Portman

The last name Portman originated as a status name in Middle English, signifying ‘townsman’ or ‘citizen.’ The meaning is derived from the Old English words ‘port,’ meaning ‘port’ or ‘harbor’ and ‘mann,’ meaning ‘person’ or ‘man’. Actress Natalie Portman is a well-known bearer of this last name.

235. Pratt

Stemming from the Old English word ‘prætt,’ meaning ‘trick’ or ‘prank.’ It was originally used as a nickname for a trickster. Actor Chris Pratt bears this jovial last name making it all the more fitting for his comedic roles.

236. Presley

Presley is a spelling variant of the name Priestley. The name signifies dwelling near a ‘priest’s clearing.’ The legendary singer Elvis Presley popularized the last name into a timeless classic.

American Last Names That Start With P

From the strong Pendragon to the adorable Polley, these American last names symbolize the diverse world of American identity and history.

237. Patterson

Patterson means ‘son of Patrick’ and it has Scottish and Irish origins. It is a patronymic surname denoting descent from an ancestor named Patrick. Scott Patterson, an American actor, is among the notable individuals with this family name.

238. Payne

Originating from a medieval given name or nickname, Payne is derived from the Latin ‘paganus,’ which means ‘heathen’ or ‘pagan.’ Liam James Payne, an English singer and songwriter, is a well-known individual with the surname Payne.

239. Pierce

The medieval spelling of the given name Piers and a variant of Peter. It carries the connotation of ‘stone.’ Jason Pierce, an English musician, is a notable individual with the Pierce surname.

Last names that start with P, Pierce meaning ‘stone.’

Image: Momjunction Design Team

240. Porter

Porter is an occupational name that means ‘doorkeeper.’ It is ultimately derived from the Old French ‘porte,’ which means ‘door.’ Alisan Porter is a retired actress and singer-songwriter, is a well-known bearer of the Porter surname.

241. Phillips

An English surname with Greek origins, Phillips is a patronymic surname that simply means ‘son of Philip.’ Aimee Phillips, a New Zealand footballer, is among notable individuals with the Phillips surname.

242. Palmer

An extremely popular last name, Palmer means ‘pilgrim,’ and is ultimately derived from the Latin word ‘palma,’ meaning ‘palm tree.’ It is associated with pilgrims who journeyed to the Holy Land. Hayley Gloria Palmer, an Olympian swimmer from New Zealand, shares this surname.

243. Pendragon

Derived from ‘Pen Dragon,’ which means ‘head dragon’ or ‘dragon’s head.’ The surname is famously associated with King Uther Pendragon, also known as King Uther, a legendary King of the Britons and the father of King Arthur.

244. Peterson

Carrying on the tradition of patronymic last names, Peterson means ‘son of Peter,’. Adrian Lewis Peterson, an American former football running back, bears this surname.

245. Preston

Originally derived from various place names meaning ‘priest town’ in Old English, Preston is a popular English name. Carrie Preston, an American actress, director, and producer, shares this surname.

246. Polley

An English surname that was first used as a nickname. It comes from the Old French word ‘poli,’ which means ‘polite’ or ‘courteous.’

247. Poole

One of many Old English-inspired last names, Poole is a locative surname taken from ‘pol,’ which means ‘pool.’ It indicates a person who lived near a small body of water. Glenn Stephen Poole, an English footballer and player-coach, shares this surname.

248. Pound

From the Old English word ‘pund,’ which means ‘animal enclosure.’ Pound is popularly used as an occupational surname for a person who keeps animals. A notable bearer of the surname was American poet and critic, Ezra Weston Loomis Pound.

249. Pridemore

The surname is of English origin and means ‘proud’ or ‘honored.’ Auburn Lorenzo Pridemore was a nineteenth-century Virginia lawyer who bore the last name.

250. Primrose

Originating from the place name Primrose in Fife, Scotland, the surname means ‘tree-moor’ in Welsh. It is associated with the family name of the Earls of Rosebery, including Hannah Primrose, Countess of Rosebery.

251. Putnam

A locative surname that is used for someone who belongs to towns with the same name in the regions of Hertfordshire and Surrey. The surname means ‘Putta’s homestead.’

Check out more American surnames

What are common last names that start with P?

According to the most recent US census data, some of the top common last names starting with P are Perez, Phillips, Parker, Peterson, Price, Patel, Powell, and Perry.

Can a last name starting with P have multiple origins?

Many surnames starting with the letter P have different roots and origins. One example is the English surname Parish. Parish may have been derived from he medieval given name Paris, which is an Old French diminutive of the masculine name Patrick. On the other hand, it was also used as a locative surname indicating someone who came from Paris.

With so many last names to choose from, our list of last names that start with P offers a variety of choices covering various cultures across the world. Beyond languages, we also look into the surnames held by famous people, both in the past and present. We also have super long last names, some even up to 12 letters. This list can help you discover new last names starting with P and even help you learn something new about the ones you are already acquainted with.

Key Pointers

  • Japanese and Haitian cultures have few last names starting with P.
  • Portuguese surnames are mainly inspired by nature and topography. Surnames such as Pedrosa and Pereira are examples.
  • Pal and Paz are some of the shortest P surnames in the world.
  • Papadimitriou is one of the longest P surnames with 13 letters.

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