270+ Glamorous Old Money Names For Boys And Girls

A name belongs to one person but can hold the key to unlock the history and legacy of several generations. Old money names have a vibe of aristocracy and sophistication. These names have stood the test of time and thrived over the years as symbols of prosperity. They are considered old money names because they are rich in meaning and have an interesting history. Some of these names continue to attract parents with their timeless appeal. If you are looking for a name with rustic charm or one that exudes opulence, then we have created a list of names that will meet your expectations. Here is a collection of glamorous old money names for boys and girls you may want to consider for your precious little one.

300+ Old Money Names That Will Make You Feel Rich

Old money culture evokes images of grand estates and opulent parlors. Let’s have a look at what these names truly mean.

Old Money Names Girl Names

From biblical names to names associated with human virtues, these old money girl names might attract your attention.

  1. Abigail

Having biblical roots, Abigail is a Hebrew name that means ‘father’s joy.’ In the Old Testament, Abigail was the name of the wife of King David (1). The name is associated with regality.

  1. Addison

Rooted in Old English, Addison means ‘son of Adam.’ It was initially a known surname that gradually was used as a given name. Adam was the first man that God created according to the Holy Bible. The name has been passed on through generations and is still used in the modern world because of its biblical association.

  1. Agnes

Coming from the picturesque land of Greece, Agnes means ‘pure’ or ‘chaste.’ Its simplicity and grace are what may have appealed to old-money families. Agnes of Babenberg was the High Duchess of Poland and Duchess of Silesia is a royal connection of this name.

  1. Ainsley

Ainsley means ‘solitary clearing’ or ‘one’s own meadow.’ The name has Scottish and Old English roots and could be loved for its aristocratic sound. Also owning a meadow may indicate richness.

  1. Alexandra

The Greek name Alexandra is the feminine variant of Alexander, which means ‘defender of man.’ This timeless name is a symbol of strength and grace. It is considered old money because of its connection to the ancient Greek King Alexander the Great.

  1. Bailey

Bailey is an English name that means ‘manager.’ Associated with estate management, the name stands for heritage and tradition. Also used as a surname, English photographer David Bailey was a prominent personality known for his fashion photography in the 1960s.

  1. Barbara

Inspired by the Greek term ‘barbaros,’ Barbara means ‘stranger.’ This name is popular because of its association with numerous saints including the martyr Saint Barbara from Greece. Also, Barbara was the name of the 16th-century Archduchess of Austria.

  1. Blair

Habitational name Blair has Gaelic roots and means ‘dweller on the plain.’ Over the years, the name’s popularity increased so much that it has eventually become a unisex title.

  1. Blaire

The Scottish title means ‘meadow’ and is a variant of the name Blair. It may be a choice for parents who want a unique title for their daughter. The name is best suited for parents with discerning tastes.

  1. Blanche

Meaning ‘white,’ Blanche is a French name that has been popular for centuries and has been linked to several noblewomen and literary characters. The name exudes sophistication and is proudly chosen by classy women.

  1. Candace

Having African roots, Candace means ‘queen mother.’ The name is mentioned in the Holy Bible; hence the classic title has continued to impress parents for centuries. The name symbolizes regal dignity and noble lineage.

  1. Caroline

Perfect for the strong woman, Caroline means ‘free and independent woman.’ Associated with the royal name Charles, Caroline exudes elegance and charm.

  1. Casey

Casey means ‘vigilant.’ It is of Irish origin and may be liked for its modern and distinctive vibe. It possesses the quality associated with aristocratic or noble figures. Numerous cities and regions in America and other countries bear this name indicating the rich heritage it carries with itself.

  1. Catherine

The Greek name Catherine means ‘pure.’ Associated with queens and saints, the name is love for its regal sound.

  1. Dagmar

The Scandinavian name Dagmar means ‘maiden.’ This exotic name’s appeal lies in the fact that it is not an extremely common title, making it aristocratic.

  1. Darby

Darby means ‘deer park.’ Classic and down-to-earth, this name has appealed to parents because of its connection to heritage and tradition, making it a rich choice for a name.

  1. Delia

The toponymic name Delia refers to a person ‘of Delos.’ The name’s richness comes from its connection to Greek mythology as it was an epithet of the Greek moon goddess, Artemis.

  1. Delilah

The Hebrew name Delilah means ‘delicate.’ This name is special because it is mentioned in the Old Testament. It exudes sophistication patent to old-money families and has been in use since the mid-1600s indicating its classic appeal.

  1. Diana

Having Latin and Greek origins, Diana means ‘divine.’ Associated with the Roman goddess of the hunt and moon, the name continues to be liked by parents everywhere. Also, linked to Lady Diana gives the name a royal vibe. Princess Diana is also a notable mention.

  1. Eleanor

Eleanor simply means ‘the other Aenor.’ This blue-blood name borne by several queens and princesses, Eleanor is a name-bearing heritage.

  1. Elisa

Elisa is connected to the biblical name Elizabeth and it means ‘my God is an oath.’ Having Phoenician roots the name is a variant of Elissa, which was borne by the first queen of Carthage.

  1. Elizabeth

Rooted in Hebrew and Greek language, the name Elizabeth means ‘my God is an oath.’ The name is mentioned in the Old Testament as Elisheva and has been borne by numerous saints and queens in history. Queen Elizabeth is a famous name bearer.

  1. Ellison

Carrying a sense of high status and having Scottish and English origins, Ellison means ‘nobleness.’ It also has a Hebrew connection which means ‘My God is Yahweh.’

  1. Eloise

Exuding strength and nobility, Eloise has multiple roots and means ‘healthy’ or ‘famous warrior.’ The classic title is loved for its romantic sound and is considered an old-money name.

  1. Elsa

The name Elsa features in the Hebrew Bible and it means ‘God is my oath.’ This timeless name stands for heritage, tradition, and nobility. Princess Elsa is a notable fictional character.

  1. Emily

Having Latin and Roman roots, the aristocratic name Emily means ‘rival.’ Old-money families probably like this name for its simplicity and musical quality.

  1. Emma

Carrying a sense of grandeur and significance, Emma has multiple meanings and origins. In German, Emma means ‘universal,’ while in Greek it means ‘blood.’

  1. Fay

Fay refers to ‘fairy.’ This noble name could be best suited for old-money families looking for an ethereal name.

  1. Feodora

Inspired by the Greek name Theodoros, Feodora means ‘gift of God.’ The rich flair in the name may make it appealing to many parents.

  1. Fiona

Filled with Celtic mystique, the name Fiona means ‘white.’ It is an ideal choice for parents looking for a traditional Scottish name bearing an aristocratic aura.

  1. Florence

Holding a positive vibe, Florence is a refined name of Latin origin and means ‘flourishing.’ The name might resonate with old-money families, making it a popular choice.

  1. Frances

As evident from the name itself, Frances means ‘from France.’ It is derived from the name Francis, a name borne by saints and royalty throughout Europe. This toponymic name may have been popular for its classic sound and association with noble people.

  1. Gemma

Exuding luxury, the name Gemma means ‘jewel.’ It is a refined name loved for its sophistication.

  1. Georgiana

Having diverse roots, the elegant name Georgiana means ‘farmer.’ Its indirect connection to Greek mythology and royal links makes it a refined name and an alluring choice for parents.

  1. Giuliana

Giuliana is an Italian name that means ‘youthful.’ This name probably appeals to parents for its exoticness and upper-class aura.

  1. Gladys

The Welsh name Gladys means ‘royalty.’ It may sound dated in the contemporary world but it was once one of the preferred choices for old-money families for its regal elegance.

  1. Grace

Rooted in Latin, Grace means ‘generosity.’ American actress Grace Patricia Kelly is a famous name bearer who went on to become royalty by marriage. She married Prince Rainier III and came to be known as Grace of Monaco.

  1. Gwendolyn

In Welsh, Gwendolyn means ‘fair bow.’ Possessing a poetic rhythm, this name scores high on its uncommon usage and posh flair.

  1. Hannah

In Hebrew, Hannah means ‘grace,’ while in Arabic it means ‘lucky life.’ Hannah holds special significance because of its mention in the Old Testament and its association with noble or high-born individuals.

  1. Harriet

Derived from the Germanic name Heimiric, Harriet means ‘home ruler.’ This was once a popular name with rich families in France.

  1. Hazel

Having English origin, Hazel is a nature-related name referring to the hazel tree. It is loved by nature-loving parents as it exudes an upper-class and refined charm.

  1. Hebe

Hebe is a Greek name that means ‘youth.’ Hebe was the name of the daughter of the Greek gods Zeus and Hera. It is a good choice for parents looking for a name that has noble or aristocratic connotations.

  1. Helena

Helena means ‘shining light’ in Greek. The name is derived from Helen, which was the name of the Queen of Sparta. Helena could be popular for its regal and radiant vibe.

  1. Henriette

Inspired by the Germanic Heimirich, the French title Henriette carries a sense of authority and sophistication as it means ‘home ruler.’ Its French ancestry or connections make it an alluring name for parents.

  1. Hermione

A familiar name for fans of Harry Potter, Hermione is a Greek name that means ‘messenger.’ It is often associated with upper-class families.

  1. Ida

Having Germanic roots, Ida means hard working’ or ‘industrious.’ A perfect match for old-money families as it symbolizes prosperity.

  1. Imogen

Imogen is a Celtic name that means maiden. Popularized by Shakespeare’s play Cymbeline, this name must be appealing to old-money families with a love for literature and a penchant for elegance and grace.

  1. Ingrid

Having Scandinavian roots, the name Ingrid means ‘goddess of fertility.’ The name is loved for its regal and exotic sound.

  1. Irene

Irene is a Greek name that means ‘peace.’ Its association with tranquility and harmony makes it an alluring name. It is also linked to people bearing a privileged and affluent lifestyle.

  1. Iris

The Greek name Iris refers to a ‘rainbow.’ This elegant name holds a sophisticated and refined vibe as it is associated with the Greek Goddess of Rainbow who was the daughter of two Greek gods. It is also linked to royalty as Lady Iris Mountbatten was one of the great-grandchildren of Queen Victoria.

  1. Isabella

Having Spanish and Italian roots, Isabella is inspired by the English name Elizabeth. It means ‘God is my oath.’ the name bears a divine grace and regal elegance.

  1. Isadora

Rooted in Greek language and Egyptian mythology, Isadora means ‘gift of Isis.’ In Greek Isis means ‘throne.’ This mystical name is connected to ancient royalty and opulent lifestyles.

  1. Ivy

Ivy has multiple roots and means ‘fig’ or ‘climber.’ The name is a symbol of fidelity and strong bonds. It is better suited for prosperous and high-born families.

  1. Jacqueline

The French name Jacqueline means ‘supplanter.’ The name may be favored by parents for its cosmopolitan sound and sophisticated vibe.

  1. Jane

The Latin name Jane means ‘God is generous.’ Generations of old-money families have selected this name for its elegance and posh vibe. It is also considered a royal name as it was borne by the Queen of England, Jane Seymour who was the third wife of King Henry VIII.

  1. Jessalyn

Jessalyn is a name with English and Hebrew origins. It combines the name Jessie with the suffix ‘-lyn.’ It has many likely meanings, which include ‘Yahweh is gracious.’ Old-money families love this name for its heritage and lineage.

  1. Jocelyn

In Old German, the name Jocelyn means ‘member of the Gauts tribe,’ while its Hebrew meaning is ‘playful.’ It is considered a symbol of heritage and lineage for an old money family.

  1. Katherine

The Greek name Katherine means ‘pure.’ This name is loved for its association with royalty and nobility.

  1. Kennedy

Kennedy has Gaelic roots and it means ‘armored head.’ The name is loved for its strong meaning and distinguished sound. It is suitable for a person of noble ancestry and high-born status.

  1. Kimberly

Evoking a sense of cool and calm, the English name Kimberly means ‘from the meadow of the royal fortress.’ It holds a sense of regal heritage and elegance.

  1. Kinsey

Meaning ‘royal victory,’ the English name Kinsey is liked for its royal connection.

  1. Leighton

Yet another title for a nature lover. Leighton is an English name that means ‘from a meadow farm.’ It is often linked to upper-class or affluent families.

  1. Lemon

Fruity and fresh, the name Lemon comes from an Old English surname meaning ‘dear person.’ In Scottish, the name means ‘a man of law.’ It is a favorite with old-money families.

  1. Linda

In German, Linda means ‘soft’ or ‘flexible,’ while its Spanish meaning is ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty.’ The name carries connotations of grace and elegance, qualities often associated with affluent or upper-class lifestyles.

  1. Lindsay

The Old English name Lindsay means ‘island of linden trees.’ Lindsay may evoke images of lush landscapes connected to traditional Scottish heritage and lavish estates often belonging to old-money families.

  1. Lorraine

Lorraine is a French habitational name that means ‘Kingdom of Lothar.’ The name is associated with European nobility and is loved for its sophisticated and cosmopolitan vibe.

  1. Louisa

The German name Louisa means ‘great warrior.’ Filled with a sense of heritage, the name is also liked by old-money families for its connection to European nobility.

  1. Louise

The French name Louise means ‘famous warrior.’ This classic name has been around for centuries and carries a sense of nobility and elegance.

  1. Lucinda

Having Latin roots, Lucinda means ‘light.’ The name could be preferred by old-money families for its elegance and radiance. It could also be linked to qualities often associated with upper-class families.

  1. Lucy

Rooted in the Latin language, Lucy means ‘light.’ Short and sweet, this name could be loved for its warmth and simplicity. It might be considered a symbol of radiance by affluent or high-born families as the name is also connected to the masculine name Lucius meaning ‘king.’

  1. Luna

The celestial name Luna was the name of the Roman Goddess of the Moon. Its mythological connection makes it an ethereal name pick for old-money families looking for a regal name.

  1. Mabel

Mabel carries a sense of refinement and it means ‘lovable.’ It is a vintage name that has been in use for several decades. It is a royal name belonging to Princess Mabel of Orange-Nassau.

  1. Mackenna

Derived from the Scottish surname Mac Cionaodha, the name means ‘born from fire.’ It is often connected to noble or high-born lineages.

  1. Mallory

In Irish, Mallory means ‘an unhappy person,’ while in German it means ‘army counselor.’ Linked to responsibility and tradition, it possesses a regal aura that makes it stand out.

  1. Margaret

The elegant name Margaret means ‘pearl.’ This Greek name has been in use for several years and is still loved for its refined and noble qualities. Margaret Taylor is a popular namesake as she was the First Lady of the United States married to  Zachary Taylor, the then President of the United States.

  1. Margaux

The Greek name Margaux means ‘pearl.’ Connected to a precious gemstone, this name holds elegance and opulence often related to old money family names.

  1. Margot

Another derivative of Margaret, Margot also means ‘pearl.’ It is a preferred choice for parents because of its sophisticated sound. The French princess Margaret of Valois was popularly known as La Reine Margot, as she became the Queen of France in the 16th century.

  1. Maria

Maria has Latin origins and it means ‘of the sea.’ It is a classic title with a charm that never fades. It may be a preferred choice for upper-class families who appreciate classic names with a refined aura. Dona Maria I or Maria the Pious is a popular namesake as she was the Queen of Portugal in the 18th century.

  1. Marilyn

The Latin name Marilyn means ‘star of the sea.’ Carrying a sense of heritage and tradition, this could have been a hit with old-money families.

  1. Marion

Marion means ‘wished for a child.’ A symbol of strength and resilience this name has been a preferred choice for its regal and distinguished sound.

  1. Martha

The name is special as it is mentioned in the Gospels of Luke and John. It may also be associated with noble or high-born lineages.

  1. Mary

The Hebrew name Mary means ‘beloved.’ Its connection to the Old Testament is probably what makes it a preferred name for old-money families. Several royal figures throughout history have borne this name adding to its royal vibe. This includes Mary, the Queen of Hungary and Croatia.

  1. Mathilda
Old-money names, Mathilda

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Derived from Matilda, the name Mathilda means ‘strength in battle.’ The Germanic name bears a sense of lineage that makes it an attractive choice for old-money families.

  1. Mavis

The French name Mavis means ‘song thrush.’ In Greek, it refers to the color ‘purple.’ The name stands out for its refined aura.

  1. Maxine

Maxine has Latin roots and it means ‘the greatest.’ Having a vintage touch, the name appeals to parents looking for a traditional name. Also, it is associated with achievement and prestige making it alluring for old-money families.

  1. Meredith

Meredith is an Old Welsh name that means ‘great ruler.’ This noble name exudes authority and strength making it a good choice for a posh family.

  1. Mildred

Meaning ‘gentle strength,’ Mildred is an English name possessing a vintage charm as it has been in use for several centuries and is also the name of multiple regions across America.

  1. Miranda

The Latin name Miranda means ‘worthy of admiration.’ This romantic and elegant name would be preferred by fans of Shakespeare or noble lineages.

  1. Miriam

The biblical name Miriam means ‘star of the sea.’ This religious name has been in use for centuries and is still liked by high-born families because of its celestial connection.

  1. Natalie

Derived from the Latin Natalis, the name Natalie means ‘birthday.’ Liked by old-money families, the name represents happiness and celebration. Natalija Obrenović was popularly known as Natalie of Serbia as she was the Queen of Serbia.

  1. Naya

Naya is a Swahili name that means ‘purpose’ or ‘aim.’ Old-money families looking for an exotic name find Naya appealing because of its elegance and sophistication.

  1. Nora

The Irish name Nora is derived from Eleanor, which means ‘light.’ It is a timeless name with an old-world charm. It also has a royal connection as Princess Nora of Liechtenstein is a famous name bearer.

  1. Octavia

Derived from a masculine name, Octavia means ‘eighth.’ The name has been in use for over centuries and two noble women Octavia the Younger and Octavia the Elder were known personalities in Rome.

  1. Olive

Olive is an English name referring to the olive tree. Like the tree, the name too represents peace and wisdom. This symbol of peace and prosperity may be liked by old-money families for its refined sound. Also, this blue-blood name was a chosen name by many princesses in the past.

  1. Ophelia

The name Ophelia means ‘help’ or ‘benefit.’ The name gained popularity after it was used in William Shakespeare’s Hamlet and must have become a favored name amongst the rich class too.

  1. Ottilie

Sounds like a nickname, Ottilie is a French name that means ‘prosperous in battle.’  Its meaning links it to a victorious and potentially wealthy ancestry.

  1. Pearl

Precious and elegant, the name Pearl refers to a gemstone. It also has a Latin origin that means ‘precious.’ Its derived connection to luxury and refinement makes it a liked choice for affluent families

  1. Penelope

Penelope is a Greek name that means ‘weaver.’ It is considered a royal name since it was borne by the queen of Ithaca who was married to the Greek King Odysseus.

  1. Poppy

The Old English name Poppy refers to the red-flowering plant known as the corn poppy. It exudes a playful charm associated with respectable and rich families.

  1. Prudence

The Middle English name Prudence means ‘skilled’ or ‘wise.’ This name holds a timeless quality that old-money families find most alluring.

  1. River

River is an English name that refers to the ‘naturally flowing water body.’ It stands for peace and tranquility, reflecting a lifestyle of leisure and relaxation often enjoyed by the wealthy.

  1. Rory

The Gaelic name Rory means ‘red king.’ In some countries, it is a masculine name while some cultures use it as a feminine name.

  1. Rose

Rose is a Latin name referring to the beautiful flower. This romantic name represents beauty and fragrance. Its regal connotations could make it an ideal choice for blue-blood families.

  1. Rosemarie

Rosemarie has Latin origin and it means ‘dew of the sea.’ A classic title best suited for a family that loves flowers. Its floral imagery makes it a liked name for families with a love for tradition and refinement. Lady Rosemary Spencer-Churchill is a notable namesake who was a maid of honor to Elizabeth II at her coronation.

  1. Sadie

Sadie is a Hebrew name that means ‘noblewoman’ or ‘princess.’ This charming name has made a place for itself in the hearts of wealthy families with its rich meaning and natural beauty.

  1. Selena

The celestial name Selena means ‘moon’ in Greek. It is known for holding a mystical and ethereal quality that wealthy families could find attractive.

  1. Seraphina

Spiritual and mystical, Seraphina means ‘fiery ones’ in Hebrew. It is connected to a biblical name Serafina, which was popular because of the Italian Christian saint Fina.

  1. Sofia

The Greek name Sophia means ‘wisdom.’ It is a classic and traditional name that is suited for old-money families. Connected to royalty, Infanta Sofía of Spain is a part of the Spanish royal family.

  1. Sophia

Sophia is a Greek name that means ‘wisdom.’ The name became more popular in the Eastern countries after Saint Sophia of Rome was venerated as a Christian martyr.

  1. Sophie

Meaning ‘wisdom,’ Sophie is a Greek name that has been in use for over centuries. It could also be indicative of a wealthy family that values education and intellectual pursuits.

  1. Susan

Susan is a Hebrew name that means ‘lily of the valley.’ Representing beauty and fragrance, the name is a symbol of happiness, which is a desirable option for rich families. It is also connected to royalty through the Crown Princess of Albania, Susan, who was married to the Crown Prince of Albania, Leka.

  1. Tillie

Sweet as a nickname, Tillie is considered a short version of Matilda and means ‘strength in battle.’ This name suggests valor and achievement, which are valued by wealthy families.

  1. Tilly

Having German origins, Tilly means ‘battle maiden.’ The name has a sweet playful charm while also being a name associated with battle and pride making it appealing to old-money families.

  1. Veronica

Blame it on Archies comics but Veronica has a posh sound that makes it a gorgeous name. The Greek name means ‘she who brings victory.’

  1. Victoria

Evoking a sense of power and authority, the name possesses qualities that are valued by rich families. Victoria has Latin roots and it means ‘victory.’ The name is a favorite with royal families as there has been more than one Queen Victoria in England.

  1. Violet

Violet has Latin and English origins and it refers to the color ‘purple.’ It is a preferred choice for old-money families looking for a floral name for their daughter.

  1. Violette

Old-money families like feminine names like Violette as they are considered a symbol of beauty and grace. Violette is the French variant of Violet and refers to the ‘purple flower.’

  1. Virginia

Linked to the Latin word Virgo, Virginia means ‘maiden.’ It has a dignified sound that sets it apart from its contemporaries and makes it a preferred option for rich families.

  1. Willamina

Willamina is the feminine variant of the English name William. It means ‘will-helmet.’ Associated with royalty, the name is bound to be loved by wealthy families.

  1. Winnie

Winnie is an English name that means ‘fair one.’ The name possesses the simplicity and charm of a nickname that has appealed to rich families.

  1. Zoe

The Greek name Zoe means ‘life.’ Old-money families love this name for its vibrant and lively quality. It is a royal name as it has been borne by numerous princesses and empresses across different countries including the Byzantine empress Zoe Karbonopsina.

  1. Zoey

Coming from ancient Greece, Zoey means ‘life’ or ‘to live.’ Wealthy families love this name for its elegance.

Old Money Names Boy Names

From religious to strong, intense titles, old money boy names hold diverse meanings and significance.

  1. Absalom

Derived from the biblical name Absalom, the name means ‘my father is peace.’ The name is religious as well as royal. As per the Old Testament, Absalom is the name of a son of King David.

  1. Adalberto

Adalberto could be inspired by the Germanic name Adalbert, which means ‘noble and bright.’ The name appeals to old-money families because it bears a meaning that hints at lineage and heritage,

  1. Adrian

The Latin name Adrian means ‘son of Adria.’ It could be considered a symbol of lineage and family history, making it a preferred choice for rich families.

  1. Alastor

The Greek name Alastor means ‘avenger.’ The name is strong in meaning as well as history. It was the name of a prince in Greek mythology. Its connection to mythology further adds to its appeal.

  1. Alex

Alex is a diminutive of the Greek Alexander and it means ‘to defend.’ Connection to a Greek King and a regal aura makes it a favored name by rich families. Alexx, Aleks, Alyx, and Alix, are some of its variant spellings.

  1. Alexander

Exuding a strong and regal vibe, Alexander means ‘defender of the people.’ Its association with a Greek hero adds to its allure.

  1. Alfred

Alfred is an English name that means ‘wise counselor.’ It was initially used as a surname before being accepted as a given name. It is a blue-blood name as it was borne by the  King of the West Saxons, Alfred the Great.

  1. Aloysius

Rooted in Latin language, Aloysius is a masculine name that means ‘famous battle.’ It exudes strength and valor, making it a liked name by wealthy families. Italian aristocrat and member of the Society of Jesus, Aloysius Gonzaga is a notable namesake.

  1. Andrew

Possessing admirable qualities, the name Andrew has Scottish and Greek roots and it means ‘manly’ or ‘strength.’ It is a royal title as there have been numerous princes and kings having this name. Prince Andrew, Duke of York is one of the popular namesakes.

  1. Ansel

The Germanic name Ansel means ‘follower of a nobleman’ or ‘a person who has divine protection.’ The name hints at an aristocratic connection and a sense of security.

  1. Anthony

Of Latin origin, the timeless title Anthony means ‘priceless one.’ It holds a regal aura that helps it capture the hearts of parents everywhere. Anthony of Saxony was an 18th-century king and was one of the many royal name-bearers.

  1. Archibald

Archibald is a Germanic name that means ‘pure and bold.’ Scottish nobleman Archibald I, Lord of Douglas was one of the prominent name-bearers.

  1. Arthur
Old money names, Arthur

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Arthur is a Celtic name that means ‘powerful as a bear.’ Associated with a legendary figure King Arthur the name exudes a regal vibe that makes it a desirable name for rich families.

  1. Asher

Asher is a Jewish name that means ‘happy.’ The name has a biblical connection and has been passed down through generations. As per the Book of Genesis, Asher was the name of the son of Jacob and Zilpah. Its religious connection and positive connotation have made it a loved name for families across generations.

  1. Astor

Having German and French roots, Aster means ‘hawk.’ Its aristocratic sound makes it have made it suitable for old-money families. The name is associated with the Astor family who gained tremendous fame and fortune in American politics and business through the 19th and 20th centuries.

  1. Augustus

The Latin name Augustus means ‘exalted’ or ‘great.’ It may be a dated title but is still considered relevant amongst the rich class as it is associated with great power and fortune. Augustus is the name of the first emperor of Rome and is called the founder of the Roman Empire.

  1. Bailey

From surname to a given name, Bailey sure has earned the love of old money families and has sustained it through the years. It means ‘manager’ or ‘administrator.’

  1. Bastian

In Greek, Bastian is a toponymic name that means ‘from Sebastia.’ In Latin, the name means ‘venerable.’ It is a title loved by rich families for its refined meaning.

  1. Benedict

The Latin name Benedict means ‘blessed.’ The name holds a special religious connection as there have been numerous saints and popes having this name. Old-money families like this name because of the positive association with religion and tradition.

  1. Benjamin

Benjamin is a Hebrew name that means ‘the right hand’ or ‘the right side.’ This classic name is quite popular with old-money families. It also has a royal connection. Benjamin was the name of a Khazar ruler who ruled throughout the late ninth and early tenth centuries.

  1. Bennett

The Latin name Bennett means ‘well-spoken’ or ‘blessed.’ It is also a traditional family name with a sophisticated charm well-suited for an old-money family.

  1. Bernard

The German name Bernard means ‘strong’ or ‘brave bear.’ In the medieval period, several saints across Europe held this name. In modern times, numerous politicians across the world are its prominent namesakes. This indicates the name’s long association with power and prosperity.

  1. Bert

Short but meaningful, the German name Bert means ‘bright.’ It also has Yakut roots, which means ‘valiant.’ A name with diverse origins and a regal aura make it a suitable old-money name.

  1. Bertram

Rooted in Old German and English, Bertram means ‘bright raven.’ Its connection to nature may have added to its appeal and made it a favored choice by rich people.

  1. Bill

Bill is an English name that means ‘desire’ or ‘will.’ It is also considered a diminutive of the name William. This short name holds a carefree vibe that may have made it appealing to old-money families.

  1. Blair

The Scottish name Blaire means ‘battlefield.’ or ‘meadow.’ It has been associated with the rich and powerful people, which includes British politician, Tony Blair and American actress Selma Blair.

  1. Blaize

Blaize is a name with multiple origins and meanings. It is inspired by the Latin term blaesus meaning ‘stammer.’ In English it is considered a variant of Blaze meaning ‘hot, glowing fire.’ Its strong and dynamic quality may appeal to wealthy parents.

  1. Bradford

Bradford is an English surname that came to be used as a given name. It means ‘wide river crossing.’ Evoking images of grandeur and prosperity, the name reflects the affluent lifestyle of the rich people.

  1. Brent

Brent is an Old English name that does not have any known meaning. However, it is believed to have Celtic roots that mean ‘holy one.’ Wealthy families love the title for its noble aura.

  1. Briggs

Briggs is yet another surname that came to be used as a given name over time. It is a Middle English name that means ‘bridge.’ Linked to stability and strength, the name represents qualities admired by the rich.

  1. Brooks

The English name Brooks means ‘stream.’ The name is loved by old-money families for its peaceful and tranquil quality.

  1. Bruno

The Old German name Bruno means ‘brown’ or ‘armor.’ It carries a sense of nobility that makes it an appealing title for the rich.

  1. Byron

Byron is an Old English surname that means ‘barn.’ Bearing a rustic and earthy charm, Byron has been in use for several decades, especially amongst the rich class.

  1. Cameron

Having Scottish and English roots, Cameron means ‘one with a crooked nose.’ Its dignified sound can be the reason why the rich like the name.

  1. Carlos

Carlos is inspired by the Germanic name Karl, which means ‘free man.’ The name exudes a regal vibe as it has been a royal name for several centuries. Kings in Spain, Portugal, and Rome are some of its noteworthy name-bearers.

  1. Carmichael

Rooted in Scottish, the name Carmichael means ‘fort of Michael.’ It was a surname of several influential politicians and personalities in the past. Its connection to Scottish lineage and tradition makes it a perfect title for old-money families.

  1. Carter

Exuding a sense of nobility, Carter has diverse origins and it means ‘tourist’ or ‘son of Carter.’ Former US president, Jimmy Carter is a notable namesake.

  1. Chadwick

The English name Chadwick means ‘settlement belonging to Chad.’ Being associated with a place of habitation, it name carries a sense of heritage that is valued by old-money families.

  1. Chandler

The Old French name Chandler means ‘candle maker.’ It seems like a symbol of craftsmanship or trade, which makes it a cool choice for old-money families.

  1. Charles

Charles is an Old Germanic name that means ‘free man.’ Its connection to royalty and nobility makes it a popular choice for old-money families. The King of the United Kingdom, Charles III is a popular namesake.

  1. Chase

Just as it may seem, Chase means ‘hunt.’ Initially, it was used as a nickname but gradually it grew on parents and came to be used as a given name. Since hunting is an expensive sport, it may have been associated with the rich.

  1. Christopher

Created from the Greek words Christos and phoros, the name Christopher means ‘one who carries Christ.’ It’s a royal title and three Danish Kings have borne this name in the past.

  1. Claude

Having French and Latin origins, Claude means ‘strong-willed.’ Representing a desirable trait, the name is loved for its positive meaning. It is also associated with royal and noble personalities, which include Claude II de Lorraine, duc d’Aumale, the son of the first Duke of Guise.

  1. Colin

Colin is an Old French name that means ‘people’s victory.’ It also has Scottish links with the meaning ‘young dog.’ The name stands for youth and strength that makes it a desirable choice for rich parents. It is also associated with noble families as multiple Scottish noblemen have held this name in the past.

  1. Damien

The Greek name Damien means ‘to overcome’ or ‘conquer.’ The name’s allure lies in the sense of authority and leadership that is favored by the rich.

  1. Daniel

A name steeped in spirituality, Daniel has Hebrew roots and it means ‘God is my judge.’ It is mentioned in the Old Testament and hence is a significant name for the Jews and is liked by rich families for the sense of heritage attached to it.

  1. Edmond

Having French and Albanian origins, the name Edmond refers to ‘rich protection.’ A symbol of wealth, this name may be deemed suitable for old-money families.

  1. Edward

Having an undeniable regal aura, Edward is an Old English name that means ‘fortune.’ This name has been associated with the rich for several centuries. The King of England, Edward III is a famous name bearer.

  1. Eli

Eli is a Hebrew name that means ‘elevate’ or ‘high.’ The name is significant as it is mentioned in the Holy Bible and holds a noble aura that makes it an attractive title for the rich.

  1. Elias

Exhibiting complete surrender and faith in the Almighty, the Hebrew name Elias means ‘the Lord is my God.’ Generations of old-money families have opted for this name.

  1. Elijah

Elijah is a spiritual name that means ‘Yahweh is my God.’ Religious old-money families who value traditions have picked this name for their son.

  1. Elliot

The Hebrew name Elliot means ‘my God is Yahweh.’ Elliott, Eliott, Elliotte, and Elyot are some of its most popular variant spellings. Wealthy parents looking for a religious name for their son have chosen to go with this title for its rich history.

  1. Ellison

Ellison is an English name that means ‘nobleness.’ A symbol of aristocracy, the name is also spelled as Elison, Elisson, and Elysson, in different languages and is favored by several rich families.

  1. Elmer

Short and sweet, Elmer is a Germanic-English name that means ‘noble famous.’ With a connotation of greatness and destiny, it is well-suited for an old money family.

  1. Ernest

The Old German name Ernest means ‘battle to the death.’ It bear a noble aura as it has been been a royal favorite for many years. Archduke Ernest of Austria is one of the many blue-blood name bearers.

  1. Eugene

Representing a sense of prestige, the Greek name Eugene means ‘noble’ or ‘well-born.’ The name suggests aristocratic lineage making it a favored choice amongst the rich families.

  1. Everett

Everett is a German name that means ‘strong boar.’ It is a popular name in American politics with several name bearers holding position of importance.

  1. Felix

The Latin name Felix means ‘being lucky’ or ‘fortunate.’ A cheerful name, Felix stands for prosperity and well-being, that is always welcome by the rich.

  1. Finley

The Irish name Finley means ‘fair hero.’ It stands for good looks and bravery, making it a popular choice amongst rich families with Scottish heritage.

  1. Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is relatively more popular as an Irish surname meaning ‘son of Gerald. However, in some cultures it is also used as a given name. It implies a long family line, which makes it a preferred choice for old money families.

  1. Francis

Having Latin roots, the name Francis refers to a ‘Frenchman’ or ‘free man.’ A associated with numerous princes and aristocrats across Europe, this name surely is a loved by old-money families.

  1. Frederick

Frederick finds its roots in Old German and it means ‘peaceful ruler.’ The name evokes a sense of authority as numerous European kings have borne this name in the past. This includes Frederick I of Denmark and Frederick I of Prussia.

  1. George
Old money names, George

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The Greek name George means ‘farmer.’ It is a name borne by several historical figures including America’s first president George Washington.

  1. Gerald

The German name Gerald means ‘rule of the spear.’ Bearing a sense of dominance, Gerald is a prominent name in American politics with numerous namesakes in the field. This includes politician Gerald Ford who was the President of the United States.

  1. Gordon

Evoking images of vast estates and lush landscapes, the nature-related title connected to the ownership of fertile land, which suits rich families. Gordon is an Old English name that means ‘fertilized pasture.’

  1. Hansel

Meaning ‘God is gracious,’ Hansel has German roots and is derived from the name Hänsel. The name reflects faith and cultural heritage, which suits old-money families.

  1. Hardy

Hardy finds its roots in German and it means ‘bold’ or ‘brave.’ The name is often associated with adventure and ruggedness. It is also a Norman surname that has been in use since the 11th century.

  1. Harold

The Old Germanic name Harold means ‘army king.’ The name is linked to a sense of duty and honor symbolizing strength and leadership within the lineage of wealthy families.

  1. Henry

Yet another Germanic name, Henry means ‘home ruler.’ Carrying a sense of heritage and lineage, Henry has been a preferred royal title for over several centuries as numerous Kings across Europe have borne this name.

  1. Hugh

Hugh is an English name that means ‘mind’ or ‘spirit.’ The title has been borne by saintly figures and numerous royal figures, which makes it rich in history and loved by wealthy families.

  1. Huxley

With a unique sound and strong meaning, Huxley has captured parent’s hearts for years. It is a habitational name with English roots and it means ‘inhospitable place.’ It bears a unique sound that holds an air of sophistication.

  1. Ian

Of Scottish origin and derived from the English name John, Ian means ‘God is merciful.’ Its compassionate connotation makes it a symbol of benevolence for wealthy families.

  1. Ingram

Ingram has German roots and it means ‘angel raven.’ It symbolizes protection and guidance. It is also a surname associated with the Viscount of Irvine making it an old-money title.

  1. Jack

Jack is considered a diminutive of various other longer names. It is mostly linked to the Hebrew name Yochanan, which means ‘God is gracious.’ This classic surname is liked by rich families for its simplicity.

  1. Jacob

Jacob is a Hebrew name that means ‘supplanter.’ Since Jacob is the name of a biblical figure, it is considered an important name by religious old-money families.

  1. James

James is a biblical name that means ‘supplanter.’ In the Old Testament, there are multiple personalities bearing this last name, which makes it a favored name for wealthy families looking for a name rich in history.

  1. Jasper

Jasper is a Persian name that means ‘bringer of treasure.’ Evoking a sense of wealth and opulence, Jasper is a name suitable for an old-money family.

  1. Jeremiah

The Hebrew name Jeremiah means ‘the Lord exalts.’ A prominent name in American politics, Jeremiah is preferred by old-money families for the power the name exudes.

  1. John

The classic name John has been in use for centuries. It is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘God is gracious.’ Wealthy families like this name because of its long history.

  1. Kai

The Welsh name Kai means ‘keeper of the keys.’ It is also considered a Hawaiian name that means ‘sea.’ The name holds a noble aura that makes it a popular choice with rich families.

  1. Keaton

In Old English, Keaton means ‘place of hawks.’ A name close to nature, it symbolizes strength and freedom. It is a regal title that clicks with old-money families.

  1. Kingsley

Kingsley has English roots and it means ‘King’s meadow,’ which gives it a noble and royal aura that suits the rich.

  1. Larry

Larry came into existence as a diminutive of longer names but eventually, it started to be used as an individual name. It is considered a derivative of the Latin Laurentius meaning ‘from Laurentium.’ It possesses the adorability that makes it appealing to the upper class.

  1. Lawrence

A variant of Laurence, the name Lawrence is a habitational name that means ‘from Laurentum.’ Having an aristocratic vibe, the name is popular with the rich class.

  1. Lennox

Coming from Scotland, Lennox could be inspired by the Old Gaelic name Leamhnachd meaning ‘place of elms’ or ‘elm grove.’ It is a sophisticated name that the rich appreciate for its Scottish lineage.

  1. Leo

Leo is a Greek name that means ‘lion.’ The name carries a sense of might and authority, which appeals to old-money families.

  1. Leonardo

Having Italian roots, Leonardo means ‘brave lion.’ A noble and dignified title, Leonardo also bears a unique sound that adds to its charm. Legendary artist and scientist Leonardo da Vinci is a famous namesake.

  1. Lewis

Lewis is an English name that means ‘famous in battle.’ It finds its inspiration from different names in different languages. Since it is a name of honor, old money families associate it with heritage.

  1. Lincoln

The Old English name Lincoln means ‘lake’ or ‘pool.’ Lincoln finds a place in American history through its President Abraham Lincoln and hence is considered an important name by the rich.

  1. Ludwig

Ludwig is a German name that means ‘famous war.’ It represents a sense of prestige and heritage. Having numerous German nobles to its credit, Ludwig is a name favored by the rich.

  1. Luther

Having German roots, Luther means ‘army of people.’ The name is associated with leadership, a quality that old-money families value a lot.

  1. Lyle

Lyle is a French habitational title referring to a person who lived on an island. It is an appealing name for an old-money family that loves the outdoors or enjoys coastal living.

  1. Magnus

Magnus has Latin and Old Norse roots and it means ‘large’ or ‘great.’ A symbol of power and influence, Magnus is often associated with authority that wealthy families find crucial to possess.

  1. Marcus

The Latin name Marcus means ‘of Mars’ or ‘dedicated to Mars.’ Its connection to Roman mythology makes it a special title as it evokes images of ancient aristocracy and valor that is valued by the rich.

  1. Martin

Having Latin roots, Martin refers to the Roman God of war and fertility, Mars. Its association with a powerful God makes it a favored title for affluent families. It is a popular title in several European nations. American activist Martin Luther King Jr. is a noteworthy namesake.

  1. Massimo

Massimo is inspired by Maximus, which means ‘the greatest.’ A powerful name like this is favored by old-money families for its regal and commanding presence.

  1. Maximilian

Maximilian comes from Maximus, which means ‘the greatest.’ Associated with numerous Roman kings, the name exudes a royal and noble vibe the rich look for in a name for their sons.

  1. Michael

Michael is a Hebrew name that means ‘who is like God.’ The name has a long association with rulers and emperors across Europe and other nations. Additionally, it is also linked to archangels the Holy Bible, which makes it an alluring choice for wealthy parents.

  1. Midas

Popularized by a Greek mythological story, Midas does not have any known meaning. But its association with gold and wealth makes it a fitting name for a boy from an old-money family.

  1. Mohammed

Mohammed has Arabic roots and it means ‘to praise.’ Associated with the Islamic prophet, the name holds special religious significance and it is a name rich in history and legacy.

  1. Morgan

The Welsh name Morgan holds the meaning ‘sea-born.’ It’s a strong name that evokes images of rugged landscapes and ancient heritage making it a viable option for old-money families.

  1. Nathaniel

Nathaniel comes from the Hebrew Netan’el meaning ‘gift of God.’ Being linked to faith and reverence, the name holds religious importance for old money families who are strongly connected to their roots.

  1. Nolan

Nolan is an Old Irish name that means ‘champion.’ It is also used as a surname that means ‘descendant of Nuallán.’ Its noble and heroic connotations make it a favored choice for old-money families.

  1. Oliver

Oliver could be rooted in Old French and Medieval English. As evident from its spelling, it means ‘olive tree planter’ or ‘olive branch bearer.’ Its elegant and sophisticated sound makes it popular with rich families.

  1. Oswald

Oswald means ‘mighty God.’ Exhibiting the strength of the Almighty, the name is a symbol of spirituality and faith most suited for old-money families looking for a religious name for their sons.

  1. Otis

Steeped in prosperity and legacy, Otis is inspired by the English surname, which means ‘son of Ode’ or ‘wealth.’ The name is liked by old-money families as it represents heritage and success.

  1. Palmer

Palmer is an English name that means ‘palm bearer.’ Alternatively, it also means ‘pilgrim.’ Rich parents choose it for their son because of its noble and distinguished sound.

  1. Peter

The Greek name Peter means ‘rock.’ Associated with biblical figures and saints, this name holds a legacy of its own and hence is liked by old-money families.

  1. Philip

Philip is a Greek name that means ‘lover of horses.’ For a rich family who breeds horses, this masculine name is most suited for their son. The name is also considered royal because it was borne by numerous Macedonian kings.

  1. Piper

Piper is an English occupational name that gradually came to be used as a given name. It refers to a ‘flute player’ or ‘pipe player.’ Piper carries a sense of artistry and refinement that makes it an elegant choice for rich parents.

  1. Preston

Referring to a town or community of priests, the English name Preston has been in use since the Medieval times. It holds a sense of heritage that is valued  by old-money families.

  1. Ptolemy

Derived from the Greek Ptolemaios, the name Ptolemy means ‘aggressive’ or ‘warlike.’ Old money families may consider this name for their sons because of its historical significance and connection to noble warriors.

  1. Quincey

Inspired by the Latin Quintus, the name Quincey refers to ‘fifth.’ It was mostly given to a child born fifth in a family. Affluent families may pick this name for their child because of its distinguished and aristocratic sound.

  1. Quincy

Having French origins, Quincy means ‘estate belonging to the fifth son.’ It also has Spanish roots which means ‘fifteenth child.’ The name carries a sense of privilege and status, which may appeal to rich families.

  1. Quinn

Quinn is a surname-turned-given name. It is a patronym that means ‘descendant of Conn.’ The name carries a sense of lineage and heritage that attracts rich families.

  1. Radcliff

Radcliff is mostly used as a surname and rarely as a given name. It is a topographic title that means ‘red cliff.’ The name exudes a sense of grandeur and strength, which appeals the most to rich parents.

  1. Raphael

For old-money families that are religious, the name Raphael holds special significance as it means ‘God heals.’ It holds a sense of divine protection that wealthy parents may want for their son.

  1. Reginald

A title that commands respect, Reginald comes from the Germanic Raginald meaning ‘power of counsel.’ The name commands respect and authority, which makes it a favored title for old-money families.

  1. Remi

Remi is a French name that refers to ‘rower’ or ‘oarsman.’ The short and cute name is a symbol of strength and vitality, making it appealing for old money families.

  1. Rex

The Latin name Rex means ‘king.’ The name holds a sense of nobility that makes it so alluring for old-money families.

  1. Rhys

Rhys means ‘ardor’ or ‘enthusiasm.’ Rhys is a historical name as it is associated with several Welsh rulers and noblemen, which makes it a popular choice for old-money families.

  1. Richard

The Old German name Richard means ‘brave ruler.’ The name is associated with historical figures that includes former American President Richard Nixon, making it an alluring name choice for the rich.

  1. Robert

Of Germanic origin, Robert means ‘bright fame.’ The name has historical importance as it is associated with numerous Kings who have ruled different countries across Europe making it a favored title with old-money families.

  1. Ronan
Old money names, Ronan

Image: Momjunction Design Team

Ronan is an Irish name that means ‘little seal.’ In the past there have been several Irish saints who have helped popularize this name hence old-money families associate it with Irish heritage and culture.

  1. Royce

An English name, Royce means ‘of a renowned king.’ Since the name is associated with power and authority, it is a preferred title for old-money families.

  1. Rupert

Rupert is an Old High German name that means ‘fame bright.’ English actor Rupert Grint, who featured in the famous Harry Potter series, is a popular namesake. Rich parents probably like the name for its distinguished and elegant sound.

  1. Sampson

Bright and shining, the masculine name Sampson is of Hebrew origin and it means ‘the sun.’ Associated with brightness and prosperity Sampson is a loved name for old-money families.

  1. Saxe

Saxe is a variant of the Old Norse name Saxi, which is a term for a ‘member of the Germanic tribe of Saxons’ or ‘dagger.’ This sharp name is liked by rich families for its distinctive and noble sound.

  1. Sebastian

Having Greek and Latin roots, Sebastian is a toponymic name that refers to a person coming from the city of Sebaste, which is currently located in modern-day Turkiye. Its elegant sound is what attracts old-money families to it.

  1. Simon

Simon is a Hebrew name that means ‘to listen.’ It also has Greek roots in which it means ‘flat-nosed.’ Old-money families like the name for its biblical connection and the virtues it represents.

  1. Spencer

Rooted in English and French languages, Spencer means ‘dispenser of goods or provisions.’ Its aristocratic sound is what makes it alluring to the rich.

  1. Stanley

Stanley is an Old English name that means ‘stone clearing.’ It is a family name that is also used as a given name. It is a symbol of legacy for old-money families.

  1. Theodore

The Greek name Theodore means ‘gift of God.’ Associated with faith and reverence, the name is a beacon of spirituality liked by rich families. The first emperor of Nicaea Theodore I Laskaris is a known name bearer.

  1. Thomas

Thomas finds its origins in the ancient Aramaic language and it means ‘twin.’ This timeless name connects old-money families to their culture and tradition.

  1. Tinsley

Tinsley is a habitational title that is linked to ancestral estates and lineage. The Old English name means ‘Tynni’s hill’ or ‘Tynni’s mound.’ Alternatively, it also means ‘field of council.’

  1. Tucker

More popular as a surname, Tucker finds its roots in the Old English term tucian meaning ‘torment’ or ‘offend.’ A symbol of strength and resilience, the name may appeal to rich families for its rugged sound.

  1. Tyson

The French name Tyson means ‘high-spirited.’ Tysen, Tyssen, Tysun, Tison, and Tiesen are some of its most popular variants. Carrying a sense of vitality and energy, affluent families like the name for its dynamic sound.

  1. Valentin

A symbol of love and romance, Valentin is a Latin name that means ‘strong’ or ‘healthy.’ The name holds a sense of heritage and tradition that makes it favored by the rich.

  1. Vance

Vance is an Old English name that means ‘fen’ or ‘marshland.’ It could also be a habitational title denoting a person living near a marshland. It evokes an imagery of vast and rich estate related to old-money families.

  1. Vincenzo

Vincenzo is a traditional Italian name of Latin origin that means ‘to win’ or ‘to conquer.’ The name is connected to royalty through the 16th Century ruler of the Duchy of Mantua and the Duchy of Montferrat, Vincenzo I Gonzaga.

  1. Vladimir

The Russian name means ‘great ruler.’ Russian President Vladimir Putin is a popular namesake. The name represents leadership and influence, which are qualities highly valued by the rich.

  1. Wallace

Wallace comes from the Anglo-Norman French term waleis, which means ‘foreigner,’ ‘Celt,’ or Welshman.’ Its noble sound is what makes old-money families gravitate towards it.

  1. Walton

Walton is a habitational name that finds its roots in Old English and means ‘wood town’ or ‘stream town.’ The name indicates land ownership and prosperity, which appeals to rich families.

  1. Warren

Warren is an English name with Irish roots. It means to ‘guard’ or ‘watchman,’ ‘one who protects.’ Evoking a sense of protection, the name holds a noble sound that attracts old-money families.

  1. William

Exuding a royal vibe, William means ‘protector.’ Old-money families considered the name special for its timeless and noble appeal. Prince of Wales, William is a blue-blood namesake.

  1. Willoughby

A rare masculine name, Willoughby is an Old English name that comes from a surname meaning ‘willow town.’ Rich parents select this name for their son because of its distinctive and elegant sound.

  1. Wilmer

Derived from a surname, the masculine title Wilmer means ‘famous desire.’ Its unique and sophisticated sound is what appeals the most to old-money families.

  1. Winston

The Old English name Winston means ‘joyful stone.’ A cheerful name that is also an old surname carrying a rich history of its own making it a cherished name for old-money families.

  1. Yates

Inspired by a surname, Yates is a masculine name with English roots. It means ‘gate.’ It connotes access and opportunity that make it an appealing choice for rich parents.

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When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

Steeped in tradition and heritage, old-money names hold distinguished significance. They reflect the lineage and history of old money families. From the royal charm of names such as Elizabeth and William to the timeless charm of Victoria and Reginald, these names are symbols of various cultures and legacies. Whether it is the earthy Byron or the peaceful River, these names are also connected to life and nature. These names may be dated but they continue to hold the timeless beauty of tradition.

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