90+ Common Georgian Surnames Or Last Names, With Meanings

Georgia, a beautiful country in the Caucasus region, is known for its stunning landscapes and long history. Georgian surnames reflect this history and tradition. In the past, Georgian surnames were often based on where a family came from. But as time went on, they started to include parts of the father’s name too. This tradition became more common from the 13th century. These surnames might also show what a person did for a living, their social status, or any titles they inherited. This post explores Georgian last names that are well-known, common, interesting, and unique. Each surname has its own story and connection to Georgia’s rich heritage. Join us as we uncover the fascinating world of Georgian last names.

90+ Common Georgian Surnames Or Last Names, With Meanings

These names reflect Georgia’s landscape, history, and customs. While some names are linked to the history and geography of Georgia, meanings for some remain uncertain. In such cases, notable individuals bearing the name are highlighted.

Popular Georgian Last Names

From Beridze to Tsiklauri, explore surnames that have stood the test of time and are widely recognized across Georgia.

1. Beridze

Meaning ‘son of the monk,’ this occupational last name comes from the Georgian term ‘beri,’ meaning ‘monk.’ Giorgi Beridze, a Georgian professional soccer player, is a well-known individual with this surname.

2. Bolkvadze

Derived from a nickname, this surname is from the Georgian word ‘bolkvi’ meaning ‘bulb or tuber.’ A famous bearer of this surname is Rusudan Bolkvadze, a Georgian actress.

3. Gelashvili

Made famous by Tamaz Gelashvili, a Georgian chess grandmaster, this surname means ‘son of Gela.’ Gela is a given name that is speculated to be of Georgian origin coming from the term ‘ mgeli,’ meaning ‘wolf.’

4. Giorgadze

A surname derived from a given name, this last name means ‘ son of Giorgi.’ Girogi is a Georgian version of the name George, derived from the Greek name Georgios meaning ‘ farmer or earth worker.’ Giorgi Giorgadze, a Georgian chess Grandmaster is a notable personality with this surname.

5. Kapanadze

Originating from the Armenian word ‘kapel, meaning ‘to fasten or to tie,’ this surname means ‘son of the one from Kapan.’ It was used to indicate a person from the city of Kapan in modern Armenia. A Georgian army personnel named Vakhtang Kapanadze is a notable bearer of this surname.

6. Lomidze

Derived from the Georgian term ‘lomi,’ meaning ‘lion,’ this surname means ‘son of the lion.’ Lasha Lomidze, a rugby player from Georgia is a famous bearer of this name.

7. Maisuradze

An occupational name indicating someone involved in making or selling shirts, this surname originates from the Georgian ‘maisura,’ which translates to ‘shirt.’Nodari Maisuradze, a skater from Georgia is a prominent figure with this surname.

8. Nozadze

With variants such as Nazadze, Nosadze, and Nozatze, this surname is notably represented by Ramaz Nozadze, a Georgian wrestler.

9. Tsiklauri

Pronounced as TSEE-KLAH-OO-REE, the meaning of this surname is uncertain. Beka Tsiklauri, a rugby player from Georgia is a notable bearer.

Common Last Names In Georgia

Delve into the everyday surnames that are frequently encountered in Georgian society. These names embody a sense of shared identity and belonging.

10. Abuladze

Ilia Abuladze, a Georgian language expert, and Tengiz Abuladze, a renowned filmmaker from Georgia, were notable individuals who shared this family name.

11. Chikhladze

Shalva Konstantinovich Chikhladze, a light-heavyweight wrestler from Georgia is a notable bearer of this surname.

12. Davitadze

This surname means ‘son of Davit,’ where Davit is an Armenian and Georgian version of David. David meaning ‘uncle or beloved,’ is a name of Hebrew origin.

13. Diasamidze

Meaning ‘son of Diasami,’ this surname originates from a Georgian name whose exact meaning isn’t clear. It may mean ‘master’ or may be linked to the Abkhaz term ‘dwaʒa,’ which refers to untouched land or soil suitable for cultivation, sometimes used to denote someone who plowed land. This name belonged to a noble Georgian family.

14. Dolidze

Grigol Dolidze, a former Georgian footballer, is associated with this surname.

15. Dumbadze

A notable bearer of this surname is Gela Dumbadze, a Georgian government official.

16. Dzneladze

Roman Mikhaylovich Dzeneladze, a Georgian Greco-Roman wrestler, is a notable bearer of this surname.

17. Gogoladze

A boxer from Georgia, Koba Gogoladze, who competed in the 1996 Summer Olympics is a famous namesake.

18. Guramishvili

The surname Guramishvili indicates ‘son of Guram,’ with Guram potentially stemming from the Hebrew term ‘gur,’ meaning ‘lion cub,’ or the term Turkish ‘gür,’ meaning ‘sturdy or strong,’ or it might also be from the Mingrelian term ‘guri,’ signifying ‘heart.’

Georgian Surnames Guramishvili

Image: Momjunction Design Team

19. Gurgenidze

This surname denotes ‘son of Gurgen,’ where Gurgen derives from Middle Persian, translating to ‘wolf,’ coupled with a diminutive suffix.

20. Iagorashvili

Meaning ‘son of Iagor,’ this name finds its root in Igor, an Old Norse name denoting ‘warrior or army.’

21. Iakobashvili

Referring to ‘son of Iakob,’ this name is linked to Jacob, a Hebrew name signifying ‘supplanter or holder of the heel.’

22. Iosebashvili

Conveying ‘son of Ioseb,’ where Ioseb is the Georgian version of Joseph, a Hebrew name meaning ‘he will add.’

23. Ivanishvili

Signifying ‘son of Ivane,’ this surname relates to Ivane, a Georgian form of John, which means ‘Yahweh is gracious’ in Hebrew.

24. Japaridze

The Japaridze family, hailing from Georgia, is known to have been noble since 1400. A Georgian singer, born Liza Japaridze, popularly known as Lizy Pop, is a well-known individual linked to this surname.

25. Kublashvili

This surname has its roots in the Imereti region of Georgia.


Georgian footballers Givi Kvaratskhelia, Juma Kvaratskhelia, and Khvicha Kvaratskhelia are notable bearers of this name.

27. Lomishvili

Derived from the Georgian word ‘lomi’ meaning ‘lion’ and the suffix –shvili, this last name translates to ‘child of a lion.’

28. Lukashvili

The meaning of this surname is ‘son of Luka,’ with Luka being a variant of Lucas, a name of Greek origin meaning ‘from Lucania.’

29. Makharadze

Ozurgeti, the main city of Guria in western Georgia, used to be called Macharadze or Makharadze, after Filipp Makharadze, a Georgian Bolshevik revolutionary and government figure.

30. Mamukashvili

Interpreted as ‘son of Mamuka,’ this name stems from the Georgian word Mamuka, which means ‘little father.’

31. Maruashvili

Levan Iosifovich Maruashvili, a Georgian geographer, is a well-known individual with this surname.

32. Mchedlishvili

This surname signifies ‘son of the blacksmith,’ with ‘mchedeli’ being the Georgian word for ‘blacksmith.’

33. Megrelishvili

Translating to ‘son of the Mingrelian,’ this name is derived from the Georgian term ‘megreli,’ which means ‘Mingrelian,’ a member of an ethnic subgroup of Georgians.

34. Merabishvili

Meaning ‘son of Merab,’ this surname traces back to Merab, the Georgian version of Mehrab. Mehrab comes from Persian origins, combining ‘mehr’ for ‘friendship’ or ‘sun,’ and ‘ab’ for ‘water.’

35. Metreveli

Aleksandre Metreveli, a tennis player from Georgia, is linked to this surname.

36. Mikeladze

Evgeni Mikeladze, a Georgian orchestra conductor, was a notable personality who bore this surname. Additionally, the Mikeladze family was a respected noble lineage in Georgia, with their roots tracing back to the 14th century.

37. Mikhelashvili

This name translates to ‘son of Mikheil,’ with Mikheil being the Georgian form of Michael, a Hebrew name meaning ‘who is like God?.’

38. Nikolaishvili

In Georgian, Nikolaishvili means ‘son of Nikoloz.’ The name Nikoloz is the Georgian version of Nicholas, a Greek name signifying ‘victory of the people.’

39. Nikolozishvili

Nikolozishvili is another Georgian surname that translates to ‘son of Nikoloz.’

40. Otarashvili

This surname means ‘son of Otar.’ The name Otar is derived from the Turkic word ‘otar,’ which means ‘meadow’ or ‘pasture.’

Georgian Surnames Otarashvili

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41. Paikashvili

The surname Paikashvili likely means ‘child of Paik.’ It combines the archaic masculine given name Paik, which has Arabic roots, with the Georgian word ‘shvili,’ meaning ‘child.’

42. Paikidze

Paikidze is another surname that probably means ‘son of Paik.’ It combines Paik with the Georgian ‘dze,’ which means ‘son.’

43. Pavliashvili

Pavliashvili translates to ‘son of Pavle.’ Pavle is the Georgian form of Paul, derived from the Roman name Paulus, which meant ‘humble’ or ‘small’ in Latin.

44. Petriashvili

The surname Petriashvili means ‘son of Petre.’ Petre is the Georgian form of Peter, a name of Greek origin that means ‘stone.’

45. Ramazashvili

This surname translates to ‘son of Ramaz.’ The name Ramaz is likely a Georgian variant of Ramadan, which means ‘scorchedness or parchedness.’

46. Revazishvili

The meaning of this name is ‘son of Revaz,’ with Revaz potentially originating from Persian and signifying ‘successful or wealthy.’

47. Rostomashvili

Interpreted as ‘son of Rostom,’ this Georgian surname traces back to the name Rostam. Its exact meaning is uncertain, but it may stem from the Iranian terms ‘rautas’ meaning ‘river’ and ‘taxma’ meaning ‘strong.’

48. Sabashvili

This surname means ‘son of Saba,’ a Georgian version of Sabas. The name is ultimately derived from the Aramaic ‘sava,’ which means ‘grandfather or old man.’

49. Shalvashvili

Denoting ‘son of Shalva,’ this name’s root, Shalva, has an unknown meaning.

50. Shamailov

A Georgian variant of Shmuel, which is the modern Hebrew version of Samuel. Samuel is a Hebrew name meaning ‘name of God.’ Shmailov is another common variant used as a surname.

51. Shengelia

One famous person with this last name is Tornike Shengelia, who is a professional basketball player from Georgia. As per a source, this name means ‘waiting for someone,’ and is considered one of the most common Mingrelian-Georgian surnames.

52. Shevardnadze

This surname means ‘son of the falcon,’ derived from the Georgian ‘shavardeni,’ which means ‘falcon or hawk.’ A notable bearer was the Georgian president Eduard Shevardnadze.

53. Shotadze

Meaning ‘son of Shota,’ the name Shota possibly originates from the Middle Persian word ‘šādīh,’ meaning ‘joy or happiness.’

54. Shotashvili

Another surname that translates to ‘son of Shota.’

55. Tamazashvili

This name means ‘son of Tamaz,’ with Tamaz being the Georgian form of Tahmasp, derived from the Persian ‘tahm’ meaning ‘valiant or brave’ and ‘asb’ signifying ‘horse.’

56. Tarielashvili

This surname translates to ‘son of Darius,’ where Darius is a Persian name meaning ‘possessing goodness.’

57. Tsertsvadze

A Georgian wrestler named Aleksandr Tsertsvadze sports this surname.

58. Vakhtangadze

The surname Vakhtangadze signifies ‘son of Vakhtang.’ The name Vakhtang might originate from the Old Persian term ‘varka tanu,’ which translates to ‘wolf-bodied.’

59. Vakhtangishvili

Vakhtangishvili is a surname that means ‘son of Vakhtang.’

60. Yakobashvili

The name Yakobashvili is an alternate transcription of Iakobashvili, predominantly used by Georgian Jews.

61. Zaalishvili

Zaalishvili translates to ‘son of Zaal.’ The name Zaal is the Georgian version of Zal, which in Persian means ‘albino.’

62. Zurabashvili

Zurabashvili means ‘son of Zurab.’ The name Zurab is the Georgian form of Sohrab, which comes from the Persian ‘sohr’ meaning ‘red’ and ‘ab’ meaning ‘water.’ A variant of this surname is Zurabishvili.

Georgian Surnames Zurabashvili

Image: Momjunction Design Team

63. Zviadadze

The surname Zviadadze means ‘son of Zviad.’ The name Zviad is derived from the Georgian word ‘zviadi,’ which means ‘arrogant’ or ‘proud.’

64. Zviadauri

Zviadauri is another surname that originates from the given name Zviad.

Cool Georgian Last Names

Here are a few surnames that exude style and flair. Whether rooted in tradition or inspired by contemporary influences, these names add a touch of sophistication to any family tree.

65. Abakelia

Tamar Abakelia, an illustrator and theater designer, and Ioseb Abakelia, a medical scholar and physician were two notable bearers of this surname.

66. Abashidze

The surname Abashidze has an unknown meaning. The Abashidze family is from Georgia and used to be a princely household. Levan Abashidze, a Georgian actor, was a well-known bearer of this name.

67. Abazasdze

Name of another noble lineage from Georgia, this surname’s meaning is also uncertain.

68. Abkhazava

The name is probably derived from the Georgian term ‘apkhazi,’ which means Abkhaz,’ a language in Transcaucasia. Another theory suggests that it comes from Abkhas, a Muslim given name, that comes from Arabic, and is associated with meanings such as ‘father, particular, or special.’

69. Abkhazi

Meaning ‘Abkhaz person,’ this surname is used to refer to someone belonging to the Abkhaz ethnic community, situated along the Black Sea coast. The Abkhazi were a family that held noble status in Georgia.

70. Adamadze

Meaning ‘son of Adam,’ this name has a catchy ring to it. Adam, a Hebrew name, is associated with meanings such as ‘man, to be red, or to make.’

71. Adamashvili

Another Georgian surname that means ‘son of Adam.’ The suffix ‘-shvili’ means ‘child.’

72. Ambrosishvili

This Georgian surname means ‘son of Ambrosi,’ where Ambrosi is a Georgian version of Ambrosios, a Greek name meaning ‘immortal.’ Hinting at immortality, this name indeed is a cool surname.

73. Andriashvili

Derived from the Georgian form of Andrew, this surname means ‘son of Andria,’ with Andria translating to ‘masculine or manly’ in Greek.

74. Andronikashvili

Originating from the Greek name Andronikos, this surname signifies ‘son of Andronikos,’ which itself means ‘victory of a man.’ It belonged to a noble Georgian family tracing its lineage to Andronikos I, the Byzantine emperor.

75. Arabuli

Reflecting its Georgian roots, this surname translates to ‘Arabic’ or ‘Arab,’ denoting the historical presence of Arabs in the Khevsureti region of Georgia.

76. Arsenadze

Meaning ‘son of Arsen,’ this surname derives from the Greek name Arsenios, signifying ‘virile.’

77. Arsenishvili

Similar to Arsenadze, this surname also means ‘son of Arsen’ in Georgian. Notable figures like Giorgi Arsenishvili, a politician and mathematician, have carried this surname.

78. Aslanishvili

Rooted in the Turkic term ‘arslan,’ meaning ‘lion,’ this surname signifies ‘son of Aslan’ in Georgian.

79. Bagrationi

The surname Bagrationi denotes lineage, signifying ‘son of Bagrat’ in Georgian. Bagrat, originating from the Old Persian name Bagadata, combines ‘baga’ for ‘god’ and ‘data’ for ‘given.’ This lineage belonged to a royal dynasty governing Georgia for centuries, up until the 1800s.

80. Bombi

Derived from the word ‘bomba’ or Latin ‘bombus,’ this surname means ‘bomb,’ Bombi is a patronymic surname.

81. Davitashvili

This surname signifies ‘son of Davit,’ with Davit being the Georgian rendition of David.

82. Gabriadze

This surname indicates ‘son of Gabriel,’ with Gabriel being a Hebrew name signifying ‘God is my strong man.’

83. Giorgashvili

A surname that represents ‘son of Giorgi,’ Giorgi being the Georgian form of George, meaning ‘earthworker or farmer.’

Georgian Surnames Giorgashvili

Image: Momjunction Design Team

84. Gochadze

Gochadze translates to ‘son of Gocha,’ with the meaning of Gocha possibly stemming from a Georgian dialectal term for ‘old man.’

85. Gogishvili

This surname means ‘son of Gogi,’ where Gogi is a diminutive of Giorgi, the Georgian rendition of George.

86. Gruzinsky

Gruzinsky denotes ‘Georgian or of Georgia’ in Russian, initially a title and later adopted as the surname for two distinct princely lines within the Bagrationi dynasty of Georgia.

87. Murtov

The surname Murtov translates to ‘son of Murtaz.’ Murtaz is the Georgian equivalent of Murtada, an Arabic name meaning ‘chosen.’

Unique Georgian Surnames

From Barbareshvili to Megvinetukhutsesi, these one-of-a-kind surnames set individuals apart and tell a story of their own.

88. Barbareshvili

The surname Barbareshvili might indicate ‘son of Barbare,’ with Barbare being the Georgian version of Barbara, a Greek name denoting ‘foreign.’

89. Dzhugashvili

Dzhugashvili, a Russified variation of Jughashvili, is associated with Joseph Stalin, a prominent Soviet politician. Dzhugashvili was his birth surname.

90. Megvinetukhutsesi

Otar Megvinetukhutsesi, a Georgian theater and film actor, was a famous bearer of this rare surname.

91. Jughashvili

A rare surname the exact meaning of which is unclear. As per a theory, it comes from the Ossetian term ‘dzug’ meaning ‘troop, herd or flock’ and signifies ‘son of the herder.’ Another suggestion is that it might be from the name of a village located in Eastern Georgia called Jughaani.

92. Kalashnikova

Kalashnikova is an uncommon surname, which is the feminine version of Kalashnikov. It signifies ‘son of the kalach-maker,’ with kalach referring to a type of bread.

93. Zosimovi

The surname Zosimovi possibly derives from the given name Zosim, a variant of the Greek name Zosimos, meaning ‘likely to survive’ or ‘viable.’

Discover More Names

When you have to choose a name for your baby, a few hundreds of names may not be just enough. Keep digging our mine of baby names until you find that one precious gem.

In summary, Georgian surnames hold a long history dating back to the seventh and eighth centuries. This heritage brings forth a variety of well-known, everyday, interesting, and special names. For those intrigued by genealogy or cultural history, checking out these names can reveal interesting tales. From common names like Japaridze to uncommon ones like Barbareshvili, each surname tells a special story in Georgia’s cultural history. Exploring these names reveals the varied tales and traditions that passed down through generations, adding depth to our knowledge.

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