Two skincare products that have made my family’s skin feel its best

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I’ve always had quite the journey feeling good in my skin, having to manage both sensitive and dry skin throughout my entire life. And now I have a mini me who has been on a similar skincare journey: Think itchy, irritated skin and dry patches that if left untreated leads to inflammation (family, friends and my naturopath saw this firsthand). That means skincare in my family is taken seriously—especially nourishing ourselves both inside and out. Drinking plenty of water is a must, but so is finding the right products for the fam. We heard that Bioderma Atoderm’s cleansing oil and ultra-soothing balm were great for dry, atopic skin for anyone older than six months, and I knew we wanted to give a try.

Bioderma Atoderm Cleansing Oil

Since I have very sensitive and dry skin, I’ve been primarily using shower oils my whole adult life. The first thing I noticed with the Cleansing Oil is that after rinsing it off, there was no greasy feeling and moisture was locked in even after towelling off! While the product is described as an oil, it did not leave a thick layer of oil, which I’ve experienced with other products, and I didn’t have to worry about myself or my kids slipping because of any leftover residue in the tub. Though the oil is not scent-free, it does have a mild fragrance that my son Maxwell likes—and because it’s a cleansing oil, it doesn’t lather and foam like a regular body wash or soap would. An extra bonus for me is the bottle comes in family size, meaning it’s huge and will last us for months.

Bioderma Atoderm Ultra-Soothing Balm

The Ultra-Soothing Balm is now Maxwell’s go-to product and his review is, “It’s super thick, super good and it makes my skin feel super smooth.” When Maxwell was a baby, he had bouts of inflammation and over the years, we have had such a frustrating journey searching for the right product to soothe his skin. They were either too oily, left oil stains on clothes and bedsheets or the scent was too strong, and when we finally found a few products that hydrated, we still needed to reapply the product the next morning. This is the first balm that within 24 hours we noticed a difference. Immediately there was no scratching during his sleep and he’s been waking up to healthy-looking skin and no dry patches. These were my struggles as a kid, and now, as a parent, to see Maxwell less self-conscious and seeing him wake up happy in his skin is a true joy.

I know that there are endless amounts of skincare options out there, which can be overwhelming both as a consumer and as a parent. Trust me, I’ve been there and done that. Some have worked temporarily while other products were tossed out and money went down the drain. Bioderma Atoderm is a must-try, in my opinion. It is dermatologist tested, the whole family can use the products, and the price point is affordable. And another great thing is it’s available at Shoppers Drug Mart, so I don’t even have to work very hard to get it.

Click here for more information—and more Parents of Influence blog posts—on how to keep your baby’s skin moisturized with Atoderm.

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