These are the baby names you’ll be seeing everywhere in 2023

Can’t decide on a name for your baby? The experts at Nameberry have finally released their annual report and there are definitely some surprises.

Bringing a new baby into the family is so exciting—but picking their name can be stressful! Not only do you and your partner have to agree on a moniker, but you want that name to feel natural and have longevity (you might find yourself yelling that name a lot in the coming years). Baby name trends come and go, and it’s always fun and helpful to see predictions for the top names in any given year. Luckily, the experts at popular baby-name site Nameberry have compiled 10 trends they predict will gain some serious traction in 2023. Here’s our breakdown of their top 10 picks.

1. Maximalist names

With shows like The Witcher and The Sandman exploding in popularity, Nameberry suggests that the maximalist aesthetic is the next big thing—meaning parents will be looking to high fantasy, gothic and regencycore vibes when naming their babies. While you might think that these influences are limited to our stylistic choices, like clothes and furnishings, you can absolutely apply these aesthetics when considering your baby’s name.

Names like Amadeus, Casimir and Mazikeen are among the fastest-rising names this year so far, says Nameberry. Lavish names like these originate from a wide array of fantasy literature and legends, and they tend to exude confidence with a touch of royalty.

2. Gilded names

The future is bright, but your baby’s name will be brighter! Luxurious, bright and optimistic names will be big in 2023—think Lux, Marigold, Orian and Goldie.

3. Neo-cowboy names

Yee-haw! Rugged, outdoorsy monikers are on the rise. Examples include Hawkins, Rhett, Boone, Rhodes and Huck.

4. Traveling lite names

Many parents look for names that will be instantly recognizable and pronounceable in many different languages, such as Anna or Leo. But the coolest new cross-cultural names are fresh, funky and light, says Nameberry. “Chameleon-like, they travel seamlessly between languages and cultures without feeling too strongly tied to any in particular.”

A and O endings are still big, but the trend for 2023 is names that follow this formula: four letters, two syllables, ends in I. Examples include Tavi, Indi, Ravi, Zuri, Ezri and Kali.

5. Names so out, they’re in

Picture it: You’re driving around Miami at midnight, neon signs are shining all around you and the newest A-ha track is on the radio. People are wearing leather jackets with rolled-up sleeves, padded-shoulder dresses and mullets. That’s right: the ’80s called, and it has some baby names for you.

Nameberry suggests that, because of their nostalgic and retro appeal, names like Billy, Ferris and Marty from ’80s pop culture classics could see a revival. There’s also Penny, Chrissy and Jeanie.

6. X-tra names

Names that contain an X are trending across multiple styles and sources. Drawing influences from historical entities such as Xerxes to gemstones like Onyx, there are a handful of names to pick from, like Ajax, Huxley, Nyx or Pax. Or you could always go back to basics with options like Felix, Rex and Xavier.

7. Adjective names

Celeb and father-of-nine Nick Cannon brought adjective names to the forefront with Powerful, Legendary and Golden. While going this route is definitely unorthodox, the names do seem to radiate an aura of positivity and optimism. If you want an adjective name that packs a bit more punch, consider something like Stellar or Valiant.

8. Grandpa names for girls

We love this one! The trend feels like it’s subverting expectations and we are all in for it. The names are usually short and casual, while also exhibiting a touch of a vintage feel, like Joey, Billie, Georgie or Miller. According to Nameberry, the name Max for girls is what started this trend.

9. Blue-green names

Yes, we love our energetic little babies, but we’re also tired—so trying to imbue a bit of calm by way of their name can’t hurt. A lot of these bluish-green names are taken from nature, representing tranquility and peace and lending a sense of serenity. Think Ivy, Marina and Rivers.

10. Mix-and-match names

It isn’t new that parents sometimes make up their own names, but Nameberry says that in 2023, we’ll move away from “overexposed -lynn, -leigh and -syn style endings that characterized Millennial baby names.” New “it” endings they’re watching include -aire, -ett, -iel, -lani, -land and -wyn.

For Nameberry’s full trend report, with the full list of names, click here.

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